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Soul Bound

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It is said that one moment in time can change ones life forever.  That when all seems lost that hope can be found if one is willing to look for it. For Severus and Remus that day was September 19, 1979.  That was the day that one ~ Hermione Jean Granger was born to Robin, Roland and Jean Granger.  They would however not realize it until a time much later in their futures.  Let's begin our adventure to true love starting at this point in time.


September 19, 1979 - 3:26 am

Location: Worthing Hospital - Worthing


Mrs. Jean Granger was pushing through her latest contraction with the support of her husbands, Robin and Roland.  Even with having done this seven times before it never seems to prepared them as each time leads to a new experience that is much different then the time before.  Jean had already been in hard labor for several hours and was reaching her breaking point.

"I thought they said it gets easier with each child.  I think this is the worse labor yet!"  Jean yelled as another contraction hit.

"Hang in there it won't be much longer - she's almost here" Robin reassured her.

"That's what you said a half hour ago"  Jean was not impressed and was slowly losing what ever small amount of patience she had left.  She just wanted this to be over and done with so they could enjoy their new baby girl.  

Robin and Roland just looked at her knowing at this point it was quite pointless to argue and silently waved the surrender flag between them.

They thought they had been done with baby #7 - Kathleen born 10 years ago in June.  So imagine the shock they all had when they learned that Jean was indeed pregnant and expecting baby #8.  They had long ago given up trying to predict what their soul bond would do.  Just when they thought that it would do one thing it did something totally opposite.  Ah the life of the soul bonded mate.  Robin and Roland not in their wildest dreams had pictured this kind of life but neither of them would have trade it for anything.  They both had grown up with Jean and had known there was something very special about her from an early age.  It wasn't until they were a little older that they realized why they had always been close.

 Jean had sat them down and explained to them when they were 16 that everyone in her family on her mother's side had a soul bond with two mates.  They had always wondered about that as all of Jean's siblings (and there were many) all had two husbands or in the case of her brothers each shared a wife with their best friend.  At first they thought it was strange but as Jean continued to explain what the bond was both boys were intrigue with the bond and then how it was formed.  They learned that for the last 700 recorded years everyone in Jean's family had two spouses.  To their further amazement they learned that in all those years that the soul bond had never been wrong.  The bond choose the mates that would be a perfect fit - Robin and Roland couldn't have agreed more when Jean turned 17 and their soul marks had come in.  For them Jean was the perfect girl and they had often thought how they would feel if Jean had to choose between them. The thought of both of them not being able to love her had tortured their hearts. Knowing now that Jean would have two husbands thus allowing each of them to be her mate soothe their souls. They had never been so sure of anything as they knew that they were her soul mates. So when their soul marks came in they were both so overjoyed knowing that they would be able to love her for all eternity. The soul marks appeared on their left wrists and it sealed their fates to be forever intertwined as one.  

According to custom they were to be married only a few days after Jean turned 18.  It was a bit of a trying time for all of them as the closer they got to Jean's 18th birthday the stronger the bond had become as it called for the three to become one and seal the bond to each other completely.  They made it four days after her birthday and on a beautiful summer day they sealed their souls in a forever bond and had never looked back.  Not to say that they didn't have problems that needed to be dealt with but because of the deep bond that the three of them shared disagreements or misunderstandings didn't have a chance to stay unresolved for long. They had always been thankful for that as their deep love for Jean would not have allowed it.  The first set of babies had come 9 months later - twins Michael and Mataline and they thought life was truly a blessing and it was.  It is a common known fact in Jean's family that once the consummation of the bond is complete that twins are conceived at the completion of the bonding.   Life had blessed the Granger family and over the last 20 years they would be blessed with 6 more children with this one taking her good old sweet time to meet the world.

Their thoughts were interrupted by the nurse telling Jean to push because she could see the head and it was time.  They had all of 36 seconds before Miss Hermione Jean Granger made her debut into this world.  Mum and dads were hypnotized by this small bundle of love with a full head of brown hair and a rather good set of lungs if one could go by the way that she was screaming.  Yes ~ for the Granger family life was truly blessed.  

As with all their children at the moment that Hermione made her way into the world - two small soul "sparks" took off.  The first time it had happened they didn't understand what it was but Jean's mum - Martha had explained that when a child is born the two "sparks" leave to search and find its soul mates.  It was a beautiful moment to watch as a small piece of Hermione's soul divided into the two pieces that would search out and find the two boys that were destined to be her soul mates.  As Jean rested quietly and all of them enjoyed the peaceful moment with baby Hermione her fathers both turned to look out the window and wondered just who would the 'sparks' choose to be worthy of their precious daughter.


At Spinner's End in Cokeworth


Severus Snape and his best friend Remus Lupin (both 19) had retired to their bedrooms to sleep after a very long day.  The war against Lord Voldemort was gaining steam and it would take all the strength they and the others had to conqueror this great evil that was attempting to take over their world.  As the boys slept - the tiny blue sparks of Hermione's soul came to hover over both boys as if to judge them worthy of this great gift.  After a brief moment both sparks descended into the boys very souls changing their destinies forever and setting them on a path that would in time lead them to Hermione and form a bond so powerful it would change the world as they knew it.