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Shots Fired

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"How many times do I gotta fucking tell you-"



"Can you at least wait 'til your guys have finished writing up the damn report before you start holler-"



From a distance, two men clad in contrasting uniforms watch on.



"Are they really going at it again?"



Jimin hums, leant against the vehicle with a crooked smile as he attempts to charm the pants out of the other.



"When do they not?" 



Hoseok makes a face before nodding in acquiescence. "Fair enough."



"You'd think," Jimin starts, kissing his teeth in contemplation. "With three layers of tension between them, they'd at least have fucked it out of their systems by now."



Hoseok chokes on a laugh, unable to help himself at the prospect of the two currently at each other's throats moving past anything beyond sworn enemies.



The thought nearly has him in a fit.



"Is that all you think about?" He quirks a brow lazily, turning to face him.



Jimin eyes him through his peripheral, lips curling into a smirk.



"I don't know, officer Jung." He says, brazen. "You make it pretty hard to think about anything else when you're around."



Hoseok snorts, wondering which shitcom he had to have picked that one from.



"You know, every time I think you're about to say something remotely charming, you don't."



Jimin beams, eyes disappearing into slits and it's vaguely distracting. The tinkling laughter reminds him of the chimes at his Ma's place and that's a pretty nauseating comparison, he admits, but it's not like he has free rein to his mind most especially when the other works that half grin, sleepy eyes duo.



"Who needs to shoot for charm when you naturally exude it," he gestures to himself, teasing lilt to his voice. "But I mean, you could just put me out of my misery and finally agree on that date. How much longer are you going to make me pine after your ass? Not that I'm complaining– it's a nice ass." He gives Hoseok a once-over, eyes lingering on his backside without an ounce of shame. "Definitely a nice ass."



Hoseok fights a grin, shaking his head as he pushes himself from the cruiser and resolves to save his captain and friend from a potential homicide arrest.



"Always a pleasure, Park."



"Is that a 'yes'?"



Hoseok peers over his shoulder, making an effort not to let his eyes rake appraisingly over his build, that fire jacket and those suspenders doing one too many favors for him.



"Maybe when PD and FD can all sit together for a jerk off session and some nice afternoon tea," he pauses, shooting a playful grin his way. "Or better yet– the day Min and Kim finally have it out and go for a romp in the sheets."



He doesn't wait for Jimin's reply, far too amused at the ludicrousness of it all.









Yoongi understands the law like the back of his hand.



It's his job. He kinda has to.



The academy drilled every possible wayward rule into his mind he practically recites it in his sleep so he knows there are most certainly some things considered criminal by decree and which you absolutely cannot and should not partake in.



Like first-degree murder, for one.



Yeah, that's a big no-no and he's pretty sure he'd not only be fucking sacked for that one, he'd be kissing the floors of those grimy jail cells before he could even consider pleading the Fifth.



But Taehyung has an absolute gift of wearing out his patience- that, he certainly does.



He inhales deeply, nostrils flaring as he attempts to focus more on everything they fed him in training rather than how close he is to being cuffed for an aggravated battery charge.



"Are you done?" He tries for calm, he really does, because he has a team to lead and a reputation to maintain and he's not about to jeopardize that for some dick rag who exists to get on every last one of his nerves.



"Sweetheart, who's the one who barged in here before going on a tirade?" The way he cocks his brow, smug and infuriating, makes Yoongi want to throw his baton at his face.



Nick those stupid, aesthetically pleasing features- not that he's admitting to his attractiveness or anything like that, he just has a keen eye for art in an entirely objective, impartial way and–



Point being.



Yoongi is a man of refined tastes. Which, by association, means someone as brutish as Taehyung would never even register in the scope of what he finds appealing.



This is why personal ground rules exist.



Yoongi laughs, full of derision, before turning on him with a skeptical gaze.



"Barged in?" He runs his tongue along the inside of his cheek to keep himself from spewing something undignified. "Look, Kim. I know this might be a bit of a reach for your understanding, but unlike you, we actually spend most hours on the clock working. And when shit goes down it's only natural that we get called in to- what do you know, do our fucking job." He folds his arms across his chest, smiling at him with only a pinch of condescension and for that he's proud. "Groundbreaking concept, isn't it?"



Taehyung leans in, eyes thinning but expression blasé and it's aggravating to the tenth power.



"Don't play that game with me, Min." It's faux-saccharinity and Yoongi has to bite his tongue to stay quiet. "This is our turf and you and I both know when shit really hits the fan, FD is the one stepping in to save everyone's asses. The only reason NYPD exists is for you guys to feel special and occasionally play hero when we get our asses in deep shit." He laughs, smirk intact and it ruffles his feathers more than he cares to admit. "Well, that and to soothe any bruised egos for you guys that couldn't make it past conditioning at the academy."



Yoongi thinks that battery charge is starting to look less and less daunting.



"That coming from FD?" He poses, smile pleasant enough but hardly reaching his eyes. "The poster child of someone needing their ego stroked constantly so they continue to feel relevant." He meets Taehyung's gaze challengingly. "Your jokes are getting sharper, Kim."



"Babe, why don't you and your men make yourselves useful and go direct traffic or something while you let the real heroes handle the job."



"The only place I'll be directing traffic is through your a-"






Yoongi turns, meeting Hoseok's stolid expression with an aggrieved one of his own. He makes out the faint disapproval in his eyes and is tempted to go off on him as well but as he's stated, he's more dignified than that.



Hoseok clears his throat, corners of his mouth twitching slightly and Yoongi is tempted to hurl something at his face because on what planet is any of this amusing.



He's going to pop a fucking blood vessel, given that he hasn't already.



"Lieutenant Kim is looking for you." He recites calmly, trying not to crack at the noticeable smear of crimson coloring his cheeks. He wonders how many seconds it took Taehyung to piss him off this time. "Something about review for potential arson charges."



Yoongi stares, torn between wanting to give Taehyung a piece of his mind and thankful that it gives him an excuse to distance himself from the actual bane of his existence. He sighs, adjusting his hat before meeting the other's gaze defiantly.



"Fine," he mutters, directing his words at Hoseok and ignoring the way Taehyung's eyes follow their interaction closely. It rests uncomfortably against his skin. "Finish questioning our guy over there and see if you can find any other witnesses."



"Yes, sir."



Yoongi has to refrain from rolling his eyes, still finding this entire power hierarchy odd considering how informal they are off the job. His eyes flit towards Taehyung's reluctantly, feeling his irritation return tenfold with just a glimpse of that haughty smirk. He tries not to scowl.



"Kim." He mutters, gruff.



"Min." It's needling, but it's not as though he expected anything less from the likes of someone like Taehyung.



He withholds a sneer before turning, seeking Namjoon out in the clusterfuck of a site.



Hoseok sighs, watching Yoongi stalk off before turning back to Taehyung with a critical look.






Taehyung is legitimately impressed that Hoseok is able to pack as much judgment as he does into that one stare. A legend.



Taehyung's attitude shifts, Hoseok notices, the hauteur dropping almost immediately as he seems to lax in his stance, assuming a mellower demeanor.



The quirk of his lips is reflective of the boyish charm exuded around everyone but one particular captain in the division. "You know I can't resist giving him a hard time, Seok." 



Hoseok rolls his eyes, resolutely avoiding his gaze because past history has indicated that he tends to go a little soft on the other when he flashes that mega-watt smile which reminds him of Jimin in many ways but that's besides the point.






Work. Right.



"Just stop trying to piss each other off all the time, yeah?" He tries, doubting it'll carry much weight but it's worth a shot. "You know FD and PD already butt heads enough over which department belongs on which turf, the least we can do is act civil and get shit done when we're on the job together."



Taehyung puts his hands up in surrender but Hoseok catches the way his gaze lingers in Yoongi's direction.






He chooses not to think much of it however because Yoongi and Taehyung have a peculiar enough relationship as it is- almost as though they thrive on making each other's lives as difficult as possible but hey, he supposes you do what you can to pass the time in this line of work.



"Tell that to your captain, he seems to have a knack for biting my head off before I can even get a breath in." He defends, staring distantly over his shoulder and Hoseok turns, following his line of vision. 






Odd, indeed.



Not that Yoongi and Namjoon are absorbed in conversation, bodies hunched close together against one of the department vehicles, but that Taehyung seems to be strangely fixated on the two. He's getting some weird vibes that he can't quite shake off but even the notion of it is outrageous so he dismisses it.



There's no way–



He snorts.



Yeah, definitely not.



"Just-" he sighs, realizing he's beating a dead horse. "Try not to kill each other just yet?" He adjusts his belt, pulling out a notepad and heading towards their potential witnesses. He glances over his shoulder, "I'm pretty sure you guys are supposed to lead by example yet you both turn into toddlers whenever you're in the same vicinity." He shakes his head, disapproval evident. "You'd be surprised how much you have in common if only you'd just get past your damn egos."



He huffs to himself as he walks away, finding it uproarious that he entertained the thought of Taehyung and Yoongi together even for a second. 



That'd be the tale of the century.







He wouldn't exactly call it a rivalry.



Maybe more like friendly discord.



If you remove the friendly aspect from it.



Reality is—



It's well-established that NYPD and FDNY kind of have it out for each other, a bit of an ongoing strife rooted in poor judgment calls and egos clashing. Pair that with two knuckleheads who seem to excel at pushing each other's buttons and it's a catastrophe whenever they're called onto the same scene.



Like now, for instance.



Hoseok resigns himself to another night of back-and-forth jibes and excess testosterone.



He needs a damn pay raise.



"What's a pretty thing like yourself doing out here? You sure you're not in the wrong area, sweetheart?"



Here we go again.



"You're funny, Kim." Yoongi's monotone cuts through the background noise and Hoseok can't tell if the chill up his spine is from the passing breeze or the ominous undertone to his words. "If ever you decide standing around and looking pretty no longer cuts it, I'm sure there's a special place for you in stand-up comedy." He adds sweetly, which– Hoseok would like to add, could use some work.



He sighs at their attempts at civility.



What are they– 5?



He senses rather than sees Jimin sidle up to him and it's a little disconcerting that he's as aware of his presence as he is but that's inconsequential.



"Aw, you think I'm pretty?"



Jimin bumps his hip lightly against Hoseok's and he startles at their proximity.



"Min and Tae having verbal hate sex again?"



Hoseok chortles, turning to look at Jimin as peals of laughter fall from his lips. Jimin watches him closely, something softening in his mien and he tries not to dwell on it.



"What is it with you and your fixation on them fucking?"



Jimin shrugs just as Yoongi's voice carries over from a distance.



"Stop fishing for compliments, you know your looks are the only thing you've got going for you."



Hoseok groans, realizing that they've stepped into one tier below petty. 



Jimin laughs, picking up on his distress and nudging him gently with his elbow.



"It's not my fault they've got that sexual tension thing down to a tee. I wouldn't be surprised if they were fucking like rabbits to release some of that steam."



Hoseok barks out a laugh, shaking his head in dissent. "No way," he could keel over at the suggestion. Ridiculous. "There is absolutely no way Yoongi and Tae are sleeping together. Unless it involves one of them asphyxiating the other."



"And you're certain of this because?"



Hoseok side eyes him, "Because they can hardly stand being around each other for two minutes let alone twenty in bed."



Jimin studies him carefully. "You really think their stamina is that impressive?"



"Jimin, that's not-"



"I mean, my money was on 10 minutes max. I know Tae looks like he could go for awhile, but really, he'd probably blow his load within a few-"



"Good to know, thanks." Hoseok interrupts, trying to rid his mind of the images of Yoongi and Taehyung doing anything remotely risqué together. He grimaces.



Jimin titters, head thrown back and a blinding grin stretching across his lips and Hoseok clears his throat, uncomfortable that he details it as much as he does.



"You're cute, officer Jung."



Hoseok eyes him flatly. "Thanks for that validation, Park. What ever would I have done without it?"



Jimin chuckles, eyes reminding him of crescents and constellations and-






The gay just got real for a second there.



In all fairness, he's pretty sure everything is daubed with a splash of homoeroticism with Jimin around because the dude's actually somewhat of a catch and unfairly commendable in the looks department but that doesn't really mean anything, except that he knows how to appreciate what's generally considered flattering to the human eye and-



He was going somewhere with that train of thought.



"This isn't your domain so why don't you take your shit elsewhere and let us do our jobs."



Oh, and there's the convenient distraction he was looking for.



"Oh really?" Taehyung's sharp laugh is nothing short of mocking. "Because last I checked, this was a rescue call and I'm pretty sure FD has authority over PD on that."



"It's a fucking crime scene, you-"



"See what I mean?" Jimin chimes in, smug grin making Hoseok feel some type of way. "It's like the best set up for hate sex. All that unresolved tension's gotta transfer somewhere- I'm pretty sure that follows some law of physics."



"Chemistry, actually- but that's beside the point. There's no way in hell they're fucking, Yoongi doesn't even like Taehyung."



"Blair hated Chuck and they were still endgame."



"Did you just-"



"The fact that you even got that makes you just as guilty as I. Moving on."



Hoseok shakes his head. "Incredible."



"What can I say? You haven't even seen me in my final form." A quick wink and Hoseok decides he's met his daily quota of Jimin.



"Right, well, I'm pretty sure we've got work to do so-"



"Hey, Jung, how do you feel about lobster?"









"You know, I'm just trying to gauge what kind of place I should take you to for our first date."



"Jimin, I haven't-"



"I was thinking- fancy dinner, some ridiculously expensive and pretentious ass wine." He ignores him, but there's something coy to that boyish grin and Hoseok is at a bit of a loss. "Take you out for a ride on one of the engines, and then maybe afterwards we could hit up my place and you could take a ride on my co-"



"Goodbye, Park."



Jimin's laughter echoes behind him, the sound boisterous, and Hoseok would be hard-pressed to remain angry. He sighs, considering how he ended up having to deal not only with Taehyung and Yoongi's shit, but his own as well. He bemoans his luck.



He definitely doesn't get paid enough for this.









"Holy shit- what the fuck happened to you?"



Taehyung spares a glance over his shoulder, unaffected as he chucks his sweaty tee inside his locker before reaching for the spare he keeps inside.



"What are you on about?"



Jimin eyeballs the welts along his skin, starting from his shoulder blades and extending down the dip of his back.



"Did you get mauled by a fucking bear or something?"



Taehyung snorts, fitting his arms through his tee and pulling it over his head, rolling the material down his torso. "I'm pretty sure there are no bears this side of Brooklyn, Chim."



"It looks like a fucking war zone back there."



Taehyung hums noncommittally, "It was my cat."



Jimin makes a face, pulling his suspenders over his shoulders before snapping them in place. "When the fuck did you get a cat and why the fuck am I only hearing about it now?"



Taehyung smiles, allusive, before retrieving his jacket and helmet. "Picked him up a few months back. And I didn't know it was my job to report back to you, sweetheart."



Jimin launches a dirty towel at his face. "Fuck outta here." He laughs, Taehyung joining in. "Also, that's some place for your cat to be scratching you up. What the fuck were you doing- giving him a ride back there?"



Taehyung smirks, shrugging his uniform on casually, and Jimin finds it all very suspicious. His spidey-senses are tingling.



"Something of the sort."



He doesn't trust that tone, recognizing it as his I'm hiding something but doing a shit job at it voice. Shady stuff. "I don't know, man. You've got some questionable habits."



Taehyung whips him with the towel, fitting his helmet on before heading out the locker room.



"Just finish getting dressed and move your ass out, we have drills and equipment check-ups downstairs."



Jimin watches his retreating figure with careful consideration.



Suspicious indeed.









Hoseok is starting to think they spend more time bickering than they do working.



He also thinks he's on the brink of losing it, attempting to play mediator between the two but unfortunately. Duty calls.



It was a response call to an accident on Kings, a vehicular rollover and street blockage and Hoseok figured that would be busying enough for the two.



Turns out, he spoke too soon.



At least they had waited until they cleared up the scene and ensured the victim was secure and properly looked over before bringing out the big guns. They may be idiots, but at least they're professional idiots.



And now he watches from the side as they tear into each other once more. 



"Maybe you oughta buy yourself a fucking donut and calm down, Min."



Yoongi looks like he's two seconds flat from pistol-whipping him in the face.



"Maybe I'll start on that when you and your guys learn how to park a fucking engine." He seethes, not budging even with Taehyung towering over him. "You got eyes? The intersection was already jammed, how the fuck was parking in the middle of the street going to help?"



Hoseok must admit, he's vaguely impressed. Yoongi may be a bit of a hothead occasionally, most especially where it concerns Taehyung, but at least he's never been one to step down from a fight.



Taehyung barks out a laugh, stepping close so he's invading Yoongi's space and Hoseok holds his breath from afar.



Please don't make me arrest either of them tonight.



"Oh, I'm sorry," he offers, derisive. "I guess we should have taken a little drive around the block first, see if there was any room to park before dealing with the actual situation at hand. Because God knows that's where our priorities fucking lie."



"Wow, they could start a fire with all that sexual tension." Jimin suddenly whistles from beside him and Hoseok startles because the fuck- when did he fucking get here. "Not too sure we'd be able to put that one out though."



Funny how Jimin always seems to pop up whenever the dipshits are in the midst of a quarrel. 



"Sexual tension?" Hoseok repeats, tone skeptical and expression even more so. "More like homicidal proclivities."



"Hoseok, babe," Jimin laughs, leaning subtly into his space, helmet unbuckled but uniform intact. Hoseok does not check him out, admiring how nicely he fills it up- no, that's not his style. "All this pessimism, ya gotta give young love a chance."



"There's a way to be efficient and smart about how you arrive at a scene, it's not my fault if you haven't figured that out just yet." Hoseok winces a bit at the venom underlying Yoongi's tone. 



They are really holding nothing back tonight.



Taehyung laughs in his face, leaning against the engine as he stares down at Yoongi hotly. "Babe, I know you're not trying to make digs at my intelligence now."



Hoseok groans, planting his ass against the hood of the cruiser. "Still think there's anything remotely sexual about that right there?" He gestures to them.



Jimin turns, whispering into his ear and leaving his skin prickling. "Absolutely."



Thankfully- or maybe not- Yoongi saves him from having to come up with a response.



"Oh wow, you picked up on that?" 



Hoseok recognizes the patronization in his tone easily, letting out another groan. He can't believe this level of pettiness- or maybe he can. Nothing's impossible with them. 



"Amazing," Yoongi continues, awed, and Hoseok braces himself. "I guess there's more activity going on upstairs than I thought."



Jimin snickers, knocking slightly into Hoseok's side and he stiffens, unsure what to do with an armful of one giddy firefighter. He clears his throat, distracted by the sheer delight exuding from the other.



"Classic." He manages between a fit of giggles and Hoseok finds himself drawn to the sound. Not that Jimin needs to be made aware of this fact, given how much of a hassle he is already. "Man, they're like a married couple with the libidos of college frat boys."



"Oh, you're cute, Min." Taehyung's eyes slit, a tick to his jaw as he regards him intently. 



"And we all know your approval's the only one that really matters, Kim."



Jimin's laughter dies down somewhat but a smile lingers as he observes them alongside Hoseok. "I bet they have the wildest make-up sex."



"Are you done speculating about their sex lives yet?" He huffs, twitching at the thought of Yoongi and Taehyung doing the horizontal cha-cha. "Their non-existent sex lives, might I add. With each other, at least–" he shudders. "God, that's disturbing."



"I don't know why the possibility is so far-fetched to you," Jimin proffers, eyeing Hoseok amusedly. "They'd actually be a pretty decent pair if you get past all the– what was it, homicidal proclivities?" His lips pull into a smirk.



Has Hoseok mentioned that he hates that? Because he does, it's fucking smug and attractive and- no.



He snorts, ready to head over and separate the two overgrown infants when Namjoon suddenly beats him to it, interrupting them as he settles by Yoongi's side.



"Well shit." Jimin suddenly perks up, attuned to the new addition. "Third party love interest. Sign me the fuck up."



Hoseok rolls his eyes, studying the three of them carefully. "This isn't a soap opera, Park. And it's just Lieutenant Kim."



Jimin hums, cryptic, before refocusing on the way Yoongi relaxes somewhat at Namjoon's arrival and by comparison, how Taehyung's hackles seem to raise at his presence, stance shifting but it's only due to how long he's known him that he actually picks up on it.



"He's also Min's ex." Jimin adds as an afterthought, watching as Namjoon whispers something in Yoongi's ear and how Taehyung looks like he's a few seconds away from inserting himself between the two.



He rolls his eyes.



The sly bastard.



Hoseok reels, staring at Jimin accusingly.



"How do you know that?" He probes, eyes narrowing in suspicion. "And what does that have to do with anything?"



He shrugs. "Tae told me."



"How the fuck does Tae know?" Hoseok sputters, alarmed, formalities dropping immediately. His eyes dart back to the front, noting how unusually stiff Taehyung appears, something stormy brewing in his countenance the longer Yoongi and Namjoon lean into each other.



What the fuck is going on.



"Maybe Min told him." Jimin answers with a mischievous grin and Hoseok snorts because that's outrageous.



"Tch, as if. Why the hell would Yoongi tell him anything, let alone that?"



Jimin arches a brow and it doesn't make sense that he makes that look good as well but he supposes some people just luck out in life.



"It's a smart move. I mean-" He starts, thoughtful, meeting Hoseok's gaze unflinchingly. "If my boyfriend tried to piss me off through his ex, I'd fuck him six ways to Sunday too."



Hoseok chokes, thwacking his chest with a fist.






"Just look," Jimin points, and Hoseok has no choice but to glance over. "Tae's totally going for that fake bravado thing over there, the whole dog-pissing, staking my claim dance." He crosses his arms over his chest and Hoseok is still trying to wrap his mind around the prospect. "It's actually pretty pathetic when you think about it." He muses, amused smile apparent.



"He's not-" Hoseok cuts off, words dwindling when he notices Taehyung's expression turn stony as Namjoon slings an arm over Yoongi's shoulder, pulling him away for reports probably and that's–



That's not—



It doesn't mean anything, Jimin's just trying to plant bizarre ideas in his mind. That's– no.



"You were saying?" Jimin gibes, shit-eating grin in place and Hoseok feels like he should possibly be concerned that he seems to be deriving great satisfaction at the expense of his friend's angst.



"Why are you so happy about this?" Hoseok asks instead, avoiding the question. "Isn't Kim your friend?"



Jimin laughs, shoulders lifting in a casual shrug. "Well, sure, but that doesn't mean I don't get a kick out of seeing him act with his dick around Min. Quality entertainment is entertainment, Jung."



"You're a terrible friend." His words lack the necessary bite to offend him. Jimin grins up at him.



"Without a doubt." He answers unblinkingly. "Bet I'd make a much better boyfriend though." He winks, salacious, and Hoseok makes a disgusted noise in his throat.



"They're not fucking," He responds, defensive. "Let alone dating, just, stop twisting everything around."



Jimin's laughter rings in his ears, the sound lingering long after it's died down. 



"Why are you so threatened, hmm?" Hoseok can detect a hint of sardonicism and it leaves him feeling antsy, eager to scoot farther away from the other. "Let me guess, is it because that would mean I finally get to score that hot date with you?"



Hoseok peers at him blandly. "You mean the one I never agreed to?"



"I believe your exact words were, the day Min and Kim finally have it out and go for a romp in the sheets." 



He blanches.



Jimin pushes himself from the car, needling smirk in place as he calls over his shoulder.



"I hope you're thinking of some decent spots for dinner around here, babe."



Hoseok did not ask for this kind of mistreatment.







Yoongi's trying not to crack a smile, he really is-



But Hoseok's fidgeting and general agitated state is making it a task.



"Something on your mind, Seok?" 



Hoseok startles in the seat beside him, whipping around to stare at him with that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look and Yoongi coughs to cover up a laugh.



"No, nothing on my mind. Why would there be something on my mind, what are you trying to say."



Yoongi side eyes him, slightly amused and slightly concerned.



"Why are you so jumpy?"



Hoseok huffs, fiddling with his seatbelt.



"What are you talking about?"



Yoongi keeps his eyes on the road, but his smile persists.



"I mean, why do you look like you're two seconds away from shitting yourself on that seat." He comments offhandedly, "you better not, by the way. Department's going to have your head."



"I am not going to shit myself." He proclaims in a snit, nose wrinkling in distaste.



"If you say so." Yoongi mutters beneath his breath but Hoseok's sharp ears pick up on it and he frowns.



There's a moment of silence and Yoongi thinks Hoseok's just about said his piece until-






He sighs. This can't be good.



"You and Namjoon," he starts, watching Yoongi's side profile closely. "Are you guys a thing again, or something?"



Yoongi snorts, finding the suggestion laughable.



"You're kidding."



"I'm just saying, you guys have been looking awfully cozy lately. Could have rekindled an old flame, if you catch my drift. Besides, he's always looking for you."



Yoongi steals a glance, expression flat. 



"You mean, like, on the job, where we're expected to communicate?"



Hoseok's gaze sharpens, recognizing Yoongi's evasion tactic.



"You know what I mean. You're practically joined at the hip these days."



"He's the lieutenant, it's his responsibility to report to me. That'd be kind of hard to do if we're not, you know, physically together." 



Hoseok hums, fighting that niggling sensation that refuses to leave but which he can't quite bring himself to fully confront just yet.



"So, you and Namjoon aren't fucking then?"



Yoongi chokes, swerving a little out of his lane before quickly regaining control of the wheel.






"I wouldn't judge you or anything if you were, you know."



Yoongi feels a headache coming. And they haven't even finished the first round of patrols for the night yet.



"Are you even listening to yourself right now?"



"I'm just saying," Hoseok's pitch does this little riff, ending on a bit of a high point. "I get that this is a demanding lifestyle and you know, if you gotta find some way to let off steam, I mean-" he fishes blindly for words, sensing Yoongi's blank stare directed his way. "You do you, alright."



Yoongi has learned by now that's it's best not to question Hoseok's thought processes.



"Namjoon and I are not fucking, but thanks for the approval, Dad."



Hoseok chortles, relaxing somewhat at the teasing lilt to Yoongi's tone.



"Shut up." He breathes, sitting up when he detects the crackle of the radio before dismissing it when it turns out to be for another cruiser. "So you're not seeing anyone then?"



Yoongi makes this face- 



This weird grimace thing and Hoseok watches with a keen eye.



"What's it to you?"



"So you are seeing someone?"



"Mmm, how about- it's none of your damn business?"



Hoseok frowns. "You know, I thought our friendship was built on a solid foundation of trust and mutual understanding. I want my money back."



Yoongi's lips twitch. "You're a fucking drama king."



"I think not. We're best friends, I'm pretty sure it violates some clause of the friendship code not to tell your number one bro about who you may or may not be coloring with."



Yoongi chooses to focus on the road rather than the escalating desire to push Hoseok out of a moving vehicle. He gives him a flat look.






"Hello- Sex and the City?" He deadpans, disbelieving. "Jesus, how uncultured are you?"



He removes one hand from the wheel to rub at his temples, channeling his inner chakra or something to cope with Hoseok's nonsense.



"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response."



"Don't get uppity with me, you tellin' me you never had a guilt show?"



"Not once."



"Must be nice, lying to yourself like that."



Yoongi chuckles, exhausted but strangely appreciative of Hoseok's presence even if all he wants to do is check out for the night. 



"Just shut up and keep your eyes peeled."



Hoseok stews in his discontent, opting to switch strategies. He thinks of a way to phrase it in the most dignified and eloquent manner.



"How do you explain that fat ass bruise between your neck and shoulder blade then?"



Nailed it.



The car swerves again and Hoseok bangs against the side of the door with a loud curse. "Jesus. Are you trying to kill us?"



"The fuck are you talking about?" Yoongi's voice runs low, in that carefully controlled way that Hoseok pinpoints whenever he's trying to play it off and that's the first indication he's onto something.



Hoseok tamps down on his eagerness.



"Nice try hiding it but I ain't fuckin' blind, Yoong." He answers slowly, eyes scrutinizing. "Saw it when I passed by you earlier. The person who left it trying to eat you alive or something?"



Hoseok prides himself on his attention to details, a byproduct of his occupation, which is how he catches the subtle bob of Yoongi's Adam's apple as he fishes for an explanation.



"Ain't no bruise."



Hoseok snorts, wondering if Yoongi even realizes how full of shit he sounds right now.



"Really?" He'll entertain him. "What's your excuse then, got into a fight with your vacuum cleaner and lost?"



Yoongi pauses, glancing sidelong before his averting his gaze.



"Banged up my shoulder last week around the house." He answers, gruff. "It's still healing."



Hoseok's eyes narrow.



Lying through his goddamn teeth.



"You really expect me to believe that?"



The only thing he gets in return in a dismissive hum and it grates on his nerves but what's a guy to do.



"Doesn't matter what you believe. That's all you're getting."



Hoseok is entirely unsatisfied with the product of this conversation. He needs to consider rescinding the past four years of their friendship. Jimin's words echo in his head again, a non-stop mantra all week that's getting harder to quell.



NoDefinitely not. It's just another hookuphe's sure. He doesn't have anything to do with it.



"So you and Kim."



Yoongi lets out an exasperated groan, amazed at Hoseok's capacity to keep going.



"Sweet mother of Jesus- what now."



He thinks Yoongi is being a tad overreactive, but life gives you lemons and you whip up a fucking cocktail, heavy on the vodka.



"I'm just wondering how you two manage to go at it every time." He sniffs, tampering with the badge pinned to his front pocket. "You got a crush on him or something? Reverting to elementary school pigtail pulling to get his attention?"



Yoongi is oddly silent and Hoseok sits up straighter in his seat, eyeing him interestedly.



"Kim and I, nothing." He answers, face giving little away. The quintessential image of indifference. "The shit could breathe and my nerves would be through the fucking ceiling. He's always looking for ways to piss me off."



Hoseok doesn't buy it but before he can interject, Yoongi continues.



"You really think I'd get involved with someone who exists to make my job hell?"



Jimin's words echo louder than ever.



"I don't know," says Hoseok in lieu of answering. "Seems like the best set-up for hate sex."



Yoongi scoffs, but it sounds a touch contrived to Hoseok's sensitive ears.



"Not a chance in hell." He says it with enough conviction that Hoseok starts to second guess himself. Maybe Jimin really was screwing with him.






It seems unlikely that Yoongi and Taehyung would actually be doing anything on the side. The mutual aversion feels so tangible.






Something doesn't quite settle in his gut. He opens his mouth to ask but Yoongi beats him to it.



"So you and Park." He mimics with a sly smile and his defenses flourish.



"What about Park?" Hoseok asks stiffly, staring ahead while his eyes scan the local streets.



This time, it's Yoongi's turn to look smug.



"I don't know," he murmurs, teasing. "What about Park? You done stringing him along yet?"



"I- what," splutters Hoseok, baffled. "I don't know what you're talking about."



"Mmm, sure you don't." Yoongi's grin widens and it makes Hoseok want to punch him but he knows that he'd probably punch him back and the strength from that fun-sized entity is not to be underestimated. "Don't make him wait too long, the poor guy looks like he's gonna wither away if he doesn't get a decent meal soon."



It takes a moment, Hoseok processing his words, and then–



"You're disgusting." He snaps, grimace deepening through Yoongi's laughter.



"I'm just sayin'," he chuckles, beguiling grin in view. "A man's gotta feast at some point, you serving your perky little ass on the table ye–"



"Great chat!" Hoseok cuts him off, lips thinned. "The best kinda productivity is maintained through silence, don't you think?"



Yoongi smiles, basking in his victory.



"Great idea."



At Hoseok's aggrieved huff, his grin widens. He embraces the newfound peace while they cruise through the still neighborhood, feeling just a little more than thankful for dodging that bullet.









Nobody ever enjoys nights like these.



Nights where black smoke permeates the air and lives- families, are at stake.



They haven't seen a house fire this destructive in months and it has everyone on edge, from both sides of the department. 



Hoseok also hasn't seen Yoongi this stoic in years, and he doesn't blame him because he's certain his expression is a mirror image of his own.



FD had beaten them to it, four engines already lined up along the street and the hose directed at the blazing roof. 



They'd taken one look at the state of it and felt the dread settle in heavily. The interior structure of the old home already weakened and falling apart with firefighters and officials running amok, keeping the neighbors and spectators a safe distance away.



The rest had been a bit of a blur after that, Yoongi immediately jumping on the scene to control the crowd and help usher people away. 



Hoseok watches as FD rushes in and out of the burning home, removing as many assets as they can from inside and his eyes automatically seek out Jimin, Jeongguk and Taehyung.



Something unpleasant stirs in his gut when he's unable to spot them but he tries to remain levelheaded, reasoning with himself. The first place his mind wants to jump to is a morbid place, but he knows that'd be counterproductive in this situation. 



He needs to trust that they can do their jobs and prioritize the victims' safety along with their own.



Yoongi's busy managing the growing crowd when he approaches, easing people a good distance behind the engines to clear up space for the firemen and EMTs rushing by.



"Back it up– sir, I need you to stay behind this yellow tape here."



It's hectic and his body thrums with adrenaline but it's his duty to keep it in check and he will.






Yoongi turns, expression solemn but shoulders tense and he knows he's not the only one trying to power through an awful situation.



"Where are Kim and Park? Jeon?"



Hoseok swallows, unsure if it's better to feign ignorance or tell the truth. He doubts Yoongi needs any more on his plate right now.



Because despite whatever differences they may have, at the end of the day they're all fighting for the same cause and any kind of loss from the other side is just as crippling as one from their own.



"I don't know." He's regretful that's the best he can come up with, and even more so when he notices Yoongi's expression turn grave, shadowed with his disquiet. "I tried looking, couldn't find 'em."



Conflict plagues his features, eyes hard but Hoseok knows he's doing what he can to remain calm in the midst of it all.



"Take over for me," he instructs after a moment, meeting Hoseok's concerned gaze with resolution. "I'm gonna go check on the family."



Hoseok nods, worry still prevalent but trusting Yoongi enough to know he'll find a way to handle the situation.



"Hey, Yoong," he calls as Yoongi starts to walk off, heading towards the EMS vehicle. 



Yoongi turns, staring at him expectantly.



"Be careful, yeah?"



Something flits across his features, gone as quick as it came. "Yeah. You too." He says, subdued but no less sincere and Hoseok gives him a weak smile, redirecting his attention towards the crowd.



Yoongi tries not to let the burgeoning trepidation consume him, knowing it'd be ineffectual at a time like this. He has a job to do, a responsibility to the people he swore to protect and he's going to do it.



He makes his way towards the EMS, sirens blaring in the background but it fades to white noise with every proceeding step.



He steals glances in every wayward direction, trying to spot the distinguishing numbers and feeling his stomach churn uncomfortably when he can't.



Now isn't the time to jump to conclusions.



He needs to reel it in, he has a job to do. Personal affairs are never to trickle into professional ones.



FD are traveling in and out of the burning home, fire dying down somewhat with the hose aimed at the roof but still not entirely contained. Every step feels heavier.



Keep it in check.



He stops the nearest firefighter, grabbing him by the front of his jacket and feeling him bristle at the perceived threat but Yoongi can't be bothered.



So much for keeping it in check.



"The lieutenant," he starts, a hitch to his voice he wishes were better masked. "Where is he?"



The other seems to relax in his stance and Yoongi can hardly make out his face through the mask, oxygen tank strapped to his back, but still he keeps his eyes fixed.



"He was still in the house, last I saw of him." It's muffled but Yoongi can pick it apart. "Was helping to clear out some of the family's possessions. Whatever we could salvage."



Yoongi swallows, nodding before his grip loosens. "Thank you."



The other nods back, moving past Yoongi probably to get back to work but he doesn't quite pay attention, catapulted into a bit of a haze.



He trudges towards the emergency vehicle, eyes flitting around and trying to catch a glimpse of the other somewhere, anywhere, but he can't. It's a mess, too many members from both departments bustling about, trying to get their jobs done. 



Which is something Yoongi needs to do too, he reminds himself.



He knows the victims are usually ushered towards EMS first thing to check for any injuries sustained. He hadn't been able to locate the family and hopes they came out unscathed, but he trusts FD would do whatever it takes to ensure everyone's safety to the best of their abilities- never once doubted that.



There's just that niggling voice in the back of his mind that hopes they would do the same for themselves.



He breathes out a sigh of relief when he spots Jimin and Jeongguk's numbers amongst the crowd, dropping what looks like some of the family's valuables into the growing pile on the lawn. He rushes over quickly, catching their attention.



"Jeon, Park–" he expels in one breath, allayed that they appear to be unharmed.



"Min." They nod, staring down at him through their masks. 



God, is he relieved.



"You guys alright?" 



They nod again, Jimin adjusting the straps for his tank while Jeongguk pulls off his mask. "Yeah, we're good. You ok?"



Yoongi nods, eyes flickering past their shoulders. "Kim- is he with you?" He tries to ease the tumultuous feeling in his chest. 



Jeongguk shakes his head, glancing behind. "Was still inside, said he had to make a final check for something and make sure everyone was out."



Yoongi stares at the state of the house, feeling his stomach drop because it doesn't look like there's much to keep it from collapsing in on itself even as the flames wither away. 



"And he hasn't come out yet?"



The fuck is he doing in there.



Jimin cuts in, "Nah, Guk and I were some of the last guys out but Tae said he had to double check and make sure it was clear. Should be out soon." As though sensing his disquiet, he claps him assuringly on the shoulder and somehow that's more comforting than he would have anticipated. "Don't worry about him, Min. He knows what he's doing." The way they look at him, as though they somehow understand the breadth of his unease, should put him off but he can't even be bothered at this time to refute their assumptions.



"Yeah." He answers instead, trying to ignore the festering uncertainty. "Sorry, go ahead and do whatever you guys need to. I'm glad you're alright." He means it too, he's thankful they're fine- that the rest of the fire department seem to be out and safe. "You guys need anything?"



They shake their heads, waving him off. "We got it under control, you go do whatever you have to."



He shoots them a small smile before heading back towards the EMS vehicle, seeing one of the EMTs haul out a stretcher. Concern weighs in his gut as he approaches, finding Seokjin, the lead paramedic, strapping an oxygen mask to one of the victims.



"How are they doing?" He watches Jin work, deft and focused. 



Seokjin peers up, managing to look oddly composed despite everything but Yoongi can't say he's surprised. The elder's always had a knack for working under pressure. 



"They're fine," he assures, sitting the victim up gently before wrapping a band around their arm. "A bit of smoke inhalation but luckily we got them out in time. They're going to be alright."



Yoongi exhales, feeling some of the weight leave his chest. "Good, that's good."



Seokjin nods assent, instructing the victim to inhale deeply through the mask. "Thankfully, the lieutenant got to the girl first. She would've been our primary concern."



He tries not to let that deter his reasoning again. "Yeah," he murmurs, distant. So there was a kid. "Where is she?"



Seokjin points to the EMS vehicle on the other side. "Kim brought her over there before heading back inside. Should still be there. Think I saw some of your guys talking to her earlier."



He thanks him before heading in that direction, spotting Namjoon crowded around the vehicle as he stalks up to him. He's talking to a girl, maybe 7 or 8 at most, and there's a gentle smile on his face, prominent dimple on his face showing.



Yoongi feels a bit more settled when he sees her nodding back at him, eyes wide but appearing overall at ease. Namjoon tends to have that effect on people and he's thankful for that in this moment. Incidents like these, they're never easy on anyone let alone a kid. It can be hard to wrap your mind around the prospect of losing your home- a point of stability- and any measure they can take to give people that sense of normality again even for a moment, that's what they aim for.



Namjoon glances over, shooting him a smile before turning back to the girl. "This officer here is going to keep you company for now, is that alright?"



She nods, blinking up at him before her gaze shifts to Yoongi and he gives her a small smile, hoping it's reassuring enough.



"Ok." She whispers softly, and Yoongi is only now noticing how small she looks swathed in a blanket.  



They exchange a quick nod before Namjoon is walking away, heading back towards the crowd.



"Hey," Yoongi whispers gently, crouching down so he's eye level with the girl. There's traces of soot on her face, eyes averted, and his gaze softens. "Can I ask you what your name is?" He keeps his tone soft, not wanting to spook her anymore than she's already been. 



She peeks up at him almost shyly before nodding her head. 



"Kaia." She answers, so hushed he nearly misses it but it pulls a smile from him all the same. 



"What a pretty name, Kaia." His heart warms when he notices a hint of a smile making it's way onto her face, eyes flitting downwards again.



"Thank you." It's mumbled but Yoongi catches it and he's grateful that in spite of tonight's events, she seems to be ok. A little shaken, most understandably, but alright for the most part. He thanks his lucky stars.



She chews on her lip, peering up at Yoongi again. "Are mommy and daddy going to be ok?" It's whispered in a tone so uncertain he feels a pang in his chest.



He smiles at her, gentle, before nodding slowly. "Yeah," he whispers, resting his hand gently over hers, hoping it can provide some form of solace. "They are. And it's all thanks to you."



"It most certainly is."



Yoongi's head snaps around, a plethora of emotions barreling into him in that moment but of it all, the most prominent is relief.



The tension trickles out with his next breath.



Taehyung is gazing down at them, mask still in place and cradling what appears to be a small porcelain doll in his arms, blackened slightly by smoke but overall intact and it's somehow clicks into place when her eyes light up in the most spectacular way.



He watches Taehyung crouch down, removing his mask before offering her the doll, his eyes sparkling.



Some of the weight leaves Yoongi's chest.



"Promised I'd get it back for you, didn't I?" There's a gentle smile on his face as she takes it from him, her eyes wide with awe- gratitude- and something about that settles deep in his chest, a palpable warmth ensconcing him.



She hugs the doll tightly to her chest and for a moment, Yoongi thinks she might start crying, if the way those pretty green eyes well up is any indication but then she seems to rein it in before an equally beautiful smile graces her features.



Yoongi is helplessly charmed and he can tell Taehyung is too, if the softness in his gaze is anything to go by.



"Thank you."



Yoongi thinks it's easy to forget sometimes, the importance that even the most simple things can have for someone. He thinks that's something Taehyung's never really lost sight of, because he looks at her like he understands- like he knows when it feels like you've just lost everything, you find a way to hold onto something.



"Anything for you, sweetheart." He winks, greasy and overdone, before gently ruffling her hair and she giggles.



It's moments like these where he considers whether FDNY fully understand just how fortunate they are to have people like Taehyung, Jimin and Jeongguk on their team, people who would lay their lives on the line because they genuinely care.



It's also moments like these where Yoongi is reminded of how soft Taehyung's heart is, how much he truly wishes to do good in this world.



He and Taehyung may not always see eye to eye, but one thing he admires about him is his ability to reach out to people with an open hand and hold on. He doesn't think he's ever really met anyone who makes an effort to connect with, to understand, people like Taehyung does.



FD (this world) is lucky to have someone like Taehyung in it.



"I have something else for you as well." Taehyung's voice disturbs his thoughts, attention reverting back to the exchange. He watches as Taehyung disappears for a moment, walking towards the front of the engine and shuffling around the seats for a while before eventually reappearing with a red, plastic hat. The words fire chief are labeled at the top and Yoongi softens, watching them with something like appreciation in his eyes.



Taehyung kneels back down, peering up at her with a smile so radiant he's momentarily bereft of words. 



"I was saving this for the day I'd be worthy enough to wear it, but I think it's in much better hands now."



She stares up at him with wide eyes, mouth parting as she shakes her head firmly and Yoongi, his heart–






"But Mister–"



"Just call me Tae," he cuts in, endeared. "Mister's for my Dad."



Those pretty green eyes are large as she nods, uncertain.



"But," she whispers, still clutching onto her doll. "I can't take this. It's TaeTae's."



Yoongi actually has to rub at his chest a bit, certain it's going to be in critical condition if she keeps going. Taehyung looks to be in a similar predicament, gaze fond as he indulges her.



He places the hat atop her head, adjusting it when it slides down to cover her eyes. He laughs, pinching her cheek lightly before regarding her with a bright smile.



"Trust me," whispers Taehyung conspiratorially, as though divulging a secret for their ears alone. "I can think of no one here who deserves it more. You were very, very brave tonight."



She bites her lip, brows furrowed like she's trying to understand.



Yoongi might as well be putty at this point.



"It was thanks to you for waking everyone up that they were able to stay safe until we could come find you." Taehyung takes both of her hands in his own, features smoothed over with affection. "So you wear this hat proudly, and you let everyone know that you're Mommy and Daddy's little hero."



Yoongi's not sure what it is but he's overcome with something, maybe it's fondness. That feeling is only heightened when he sees her drop the doll so she can wrap her arms tightly around Taehyung's neck, hat sliding down and a teary smile in place. Watches as Taehyung returns it, hugging her just as tightly and he–



He's thankful. Thankful that through it all, Taehyung was the one that could be here for her. 



Quite honestly, he can think of no one better.










Jeongguk remembers now why he fucking hates drills.



If the ache in his joints or the burn in his muscles is anything to go by, he'd say they had a pretty toilsome day.



Taehyung secretly has a sadistic streak, he has to.



Inducing pain, his specialty.



He groans, trying to sooth out the crick in his neck as he and Taehyung trudge towards the lockers. 



"Tired?" There's a knowing smirk on his face.



Definitely a sadistic fuck.



"What do you think, asshole." Jeongguk mutters acerbically but his lips curl when Taehyung breaks into laughter, smacking his arm and he winces at the tenderness.



He's sweaty and exhausted, tee soaked through and just about ready to knock out for the night. Taehyung hardly fares better, fringe soaked and sticking to his forehead and shirt clinging to his frame. 



Taehyung may be a bit of a tyrant when he reams their asses with drills but at least he has the decency to power through hell with them. It makes his suffering slightly more endurable.



He glances over when Taehyung pulls his shirt up to wipe at the perspiration on his face, silently admiring his build because while he might be a little leaner (he loves giving him shit for that), he exceeds him in stamina by far.



"You showering here?" He asks, glancing sidelong as they step into the locker room.



Taehyung runs his fingers through his hair, unkempt and sticking to his face. There's sweat trickling from his temples, trailing down his neck before dipping into the jut of his collarbones, and Jeongguk has to wonder–



How often does that shit work on the ladies. The gentlemen—



"Nah, gotta head back."



On Yoongi.



Jeongguk smirks.



Subtle, they are not.



He peels his shirt off, wiping his face with a towel before reaching for a clean spare and slipping it over his head. He turns to Taehyung, waggling his brows.



"Hot date?"



Sweaty fuck is probably more accurate but he's content feigning ignorance.



Taehyung chuckles, grabbing his jacket before slipping it on, tee still molded to his flushed skin. "You know that's not my style."



Jeongguk makes a sound of disbelief, shrugging on his own hoodie. "Bullshit. You're a fucking romantic at heart."



He grins, clocking him upside the head playfully and Jeongguk hisses, leveling a glare.



"The fuck do you know, brat."



Jeongguk's mouth curves upwards.



More than you think, he smiles cryptically.



They're about to head out before a foreign pair of voices resonates near the entrance of the locker room and they still, catching the tail end of their conversation before Jeongguk tenses.



"—don't know why they even bother showing up anyways. Everyone knows they're just there to intimidate and bark orders, not like they actually do anything productive."



Taehyung's expression is eerily devoid of affect and he thinks it might not be too far off from his own.



Laughter resounds from the unidentifiable voice and Jeongguk's mouth twists into a frown, his hackles rising.






It grates on his nerves and he feels his hands ball into fists at his sides. 



"I guess someone has to help direct traffic when we're busy. Not like the public really holds favorable opinions of them anyways. Might as well look into a different career option at this point."



His jaw ticks, knowing exactly who they're referring to and feeling an uncanny urge to set them in their rightful places.



They don't know a goddamn thing, running their mouths like fucking punks.



He's just about ready to confront them but Taehyung halts him, shaking his head warningly, eyes hard. He huffs, a little ticked off but trailing grudgingly after him when he turns.



That obnoxious laughter echoing through the locker room tapers off when the other two spot him and Taehyung rounding the corner, likely unaware there was anyone else around. Their postures suddenly straighten, flustered expressions in sight and it's more satisfying to Jeongguk than he can put into words.



Should've figured they were fucking probies, yet to shed the ignorance and internalized prejudice carried into the field– the polarizing mindset cultivated, based on faulty reasoning and misguided assumptions about who they view as the other.



Jeongguk gets it.



He was regrettably guilty of some of that when he was a rookie, not yet understanding that amidst the clashing and altercations, they ultimately shared a common purpose– the same desire to hopefully make this world a safer place for the next person.



So he gets it.



But that doesn't temper his anger in the slightest because that's Yoongi and Hoseok and Namjoon they're talking about. That's every other cop out there that puts their life on the line so they can protect and make these streets a better place than it was the day before, expecting little in return.



And for them to belittle and devalue the work, the sacrifices, they make– it makes his blood boil.



"Carter and Hayes, right?" Taehyung's voice cuts through the stillness, momentarily stemming his anger. 



They nod, the guilt transparent as they answer, "Yes, lieutenant."



Taehyung's expression is carefully composed, a stark contrast to the chaos of their own and it's always fascinating for Jeongguk, witnessing how easily he can oscillate between expression and reservation. How quick he is to reel in his emotions when he's angry and he can tell by the tightness of his jaw, the way the veins in his neck slightly protrude from tension, that he's at least some level of angry.



He's just proficient at keeping it at bay.



"You guys been on the job long?"



They shake their heads, glancing around uncomfortably, appearing strangely caught and perhaps it's a little vindictive of him but Jeongguk certainly enjoys watching them squirm.



Better now than never, he thinks.



It'll do them no good in the long run to hold onto that presumptuousness, the air of cockiness.



"Figured." Taehyung drawls, and it's blunt– cutting. So fitting of his personality despite his easygoing nature. He's never really been one to skirt around a subject– none of that sugar coating nonsense– and he appreciates it. "You guys interact with any fuzzes yet? Seen them at work?"



Jeongguk notices how they swallow, his arms folding across his chest as he regards them with an impassive stare. 



They shake their heads again, subdued.



"Interesting," his voice remains level but Jeongguk detects the underlying emotion, the slight dip in his pitch whenever he's displeased and he knows he's trying to rein in his temper for the sake of being patient with the newbies. "Those are some pretty bold assumptions to be making about people you really know nothing about then, huh?"






Their gazes flit downwards, properly chastised.



"Look," his tone softens somewhat, but still carrying an admonition. "I get jokes, alright. We're always gonna shit talk at least to some degree around here, I get that." He brushes his sweaty bangs back, forehead revealed as he sighs, arms crossing to keep his temper in check. "But the next time you wanna discredit PD and everything they stand for, everything they do for this community— I just want you to think about whether or not you'd come back every single day to a job where, no matter what you do, it'll never be the right thing in someone's eyes."



He leaves them with that, moving past them and Jeongguk follows, not bothering to spare another glance because he knows Taehyung's left them with something heavy to sit with.



His eyes follow Taehyung's figure, noting the rigid lines in his back but feeling proud nonetheless. Proud to work under someone like him because despite the shit they hurl at each other, amongst FD and PD, he knows there's probably no one who understands nor appreciates each department's contributions like Taehyung does.



He looks up to– is friends with– the right people.









"Hey, you coming tonight?"



Yoongi turns, pulling his jacket on.



"Nah," he shakes his head, reaching for his keys. "Plans."



Hoseok rolls his eyes, clicking his tongue.



"That's your excuse for the night?"



Yoongi hums, evasive.



Hoseok sighs, shaking his head in disapproval. "One of these days, you actually need to come out with us. Jimin and Jeongguk are convinced you're secretly getting roped into illicit activities, won't shut up about it."



He grins, picturing that easily in his head– the fucking brats they are.



"One day."



Hoseok relents with an eye roll before smacking him lightly on the ass. "Holding you to it, asshole."



He laughs, retrieving his phone when he feels it vibrate in his pocket. He peers at the screen, feeling Hoseok's gaze on him. He reads the message, expression revealing nothing, before pocketing his device again.



The gleam in Hoseok's eyes is slightly unnerving but he's accepted it as part of the package by now.



"Is it 'water fairy'?"



Yoongi scoffs, batting his hand away. "Night, Seok."



"Use plenty of lube!"



He delivers a crude gesture before heading out, chuckling quietly.




See you soon.










He knocks.



Once, twice- like clockwork, only a few seconds pass before he hears the telltale click of a lock and the door reveals the other in sweatpants and a casual tee, hair damp and looking fresh out of a shower.



He bites the inside of his cheek to refrain from blurting out something incriminating like can I get you out of those clothes and in these pants.



Instead, he goes with, "What- were you sitting at the fucking door or something?"



Taehyung laughs, shaking his head. "Shut up."



A knowing smile and the subtle tilt of his head as he asks, "You gonna make me?"



He supposes he deserves it when Taehyung suddenly seizes the hem of his jacket, dragging him inside before he feels his back collide with the other side of the door and alright, he thinks he can get on board with this.



The sound of the lock sliding into place is deafening as Taehyung leans in, a quirk to his lips that Yoongi can't help but to be drawn to.



"Min." His eyes linger on the subtle curve of that mouth, a little boyish and a lot playful. His own automatically pulls into a smile, despite best efforts to resist it.






"Took you long enough." Taehyung's nose grazes the side of his cheek and some of the tension from the day is alleviated with his next breath. He lets out a quiet scoff but his body instinctively molds into the other's as he crowds in close, lips teasing his skin.



"Not all of us can afford to clock off early, hotshot." He shoots back but it's weak to his own ears, the vehemence lacking as Taehyung follows the dip of his throat.



He feels Taehyung hum, voice low and causing his stomach to heat. "Is that so?"






"Mmm," he feigns disinterest, tilting his head when Taehyung's lips brush his neck. "I guess it's just a testament to the fact that PD work their asses off more than FD."



There's a noncommittal sound, teeth nipping the spot behind his ear and Yoongi emits a pleased hum.



"Untrue," he breathes, unbothered as he drags his tongue over his throat. "I'm 200% sure I work your ass harder than PD and FD combined."



Yoongi laughs, nudging him away. "Fuck off." 



Taehyung grins, hands falling to his hips as he plants one on him and Yoongi lets out a surprised grunt but opens up nonetheless, mouth pliant. He sucks on his lip, bodies flush before Yoongi's hand comes up to wrap around his nape, tugging him down as he slips his tongue in. 



Taehyung has a thing for biting, rough and deliberate, always leaving his lips a touch raw. Yoongi doesn't really mind though, because he enjoys scratching him up, nails wreaking havoc on his back and leaving traces of his presence behind.



It's a nice trade off.



Taehyung backs him against the door, hips knocking before his hand comes up to stroke lightly over his neck, thumb brushing purposefully along the side. His mouth is hot, wet, and he hardly gives Yoongi the chance to come up for air but it's not like he's really objecting, fingers toying with damp hair.



Taehyung's hand furls around his hip, the other applying pressure over his carotid and he exhales shakily into his mouth. He hisses at the sudden prick along his lower lip, teeth breaking flesh and his head instinctively jerks back. 



He sweeps his tongue across his lip, tasting blood, before narrowing his eyes. 



"Predictable, aren't you?"



Taehyung smirks, crowding him until their mouths brush and his fingers still wrapped carefully around his throat, a gentle squeeze and release that perseverates the headiness. "You complaining?"



Yoongi peers at him through his bangs, eyes hooded and smile goading. "Did I say I was?"



Taehyung's fingers flex around his neck and Yoongi ekes out a laugh, finding his intimidation tactics cute.



"Always so easy to rile up," teases Yoongi, lapping up the traces of blood, metallic tang lingering on his tongue. "Like an open book." He rasps, voice rough as his airway narrows.



"You'd know, wouldn't you?" He presses his lips below his ear, tracing over it with his tongue and Yoongi's neck lolls, breathing strained.



"Like I said," he murmurs, turning his head so he's whispering directly into Taehyung's ear, only able to shift so much with the way that hand is curled around his throat. "Predictable."



The pressure intensifies just before letting up and his breath stutters, stomach flaring with arousal while Taehyung watches on with something dark pervading his irises. His mouth finds his again, desperation bleeding into it and Yoongi swallows a noise of approval when a wandering hand slips beneath his shirt, tracing patterns over his skin.



Not that it's a competition or anything like that, but yeah it fucking is.



And if Taehyung is going to try that wishy-washy shit on him then he needs to step up his game.



Which is how he justifies going for his dick, hand dipping beneath the band of his sweatpants- and fuck, if he doesn't love the way they pool low at his hips- before sliding down and wrapping around his cock.



Taehyung hisses, tensing as his hand automatically closes around his throat, groan breathy against his lips. "You shit."



Yoongi smirks, stroking him slowly before sliding down to fondle his balls, fingers deft and teasing.



"You kiss your Ma with that mouth, Kim?" He purrs, digging the heel of his palm into him and Taehyung jerks, head craning to rest against the crook of his neck. 






And because Yoongi is opportunistic and just a smidgen vindictive, he squeezes the base of his cock lightly before withdrawing. It's amusing how instinctively Taehyung chases after his touch, hips bucking when it recedes.






"Keep it in your fucking pants." He jeers, slipping his hand out of those sweats and regarding Taehyung with a needling grin. "So goddamn uncivilized."



"You fucking-" 



Yoongi laughs, the sound worn as Taehyung squeezes the sides of his neck with more force, a delectable rush overcoming him.



His hand comes up to encompass Taehyung's as he mutters raspily, "y'know, I think I'm gonna go for a shower."



Taehyung's jaw sets, frustration evident and Yoongi has to admit- that shit gets him going. 



"You did that on purpose." His tone is menacing and he hums, not bothering to deny it. 



"Maybe." He pushes lightly at his chest, indicating for him to let go and Taehyung does so immediately. He hovers though, expression tight and pupils blown but he doubts he's much better off, rubbing absentmindedly at his neck as he takes in a shallow breath.



Taehyung watches keenly, eyes flitting towards his throat and he preens. 



"Shouldn't have interfered tonight." Yoongi wears a look of complacency as he ducks beneath Taehyung's arm, skirting around him. 



Taehyung stares at him incredulously, eyes flaring and teeth gritted, "You're fucking kidding me, you're leaving me hanging because you're still pissy about a-"



"It was our fucking scene, you shit." Yoongi snaps, indignant, and Taehyung groans, dick half hard as he rubs his hand over his face in irritation. 



"Jesus Christ, you're fucking petty."



Yoongi smiles, self-assured.



"What's new." He shrugs, heading for a rinse because he actually does feel grimy as shit and he's not about that filthy copulation.



He snorts.



Ok, that might not be entirely true.



Not like it's going to make much of a difference by the time they're done but at least this way he can prolong Taehyung's suffering. He can't pass up on such a glorious opportunity after all. He whistles cheerfully, ignoring Taehyung's colorful language as he makes his way towards his bedroom.



And they said revenge could never taste this sweet.












It was to be expected but it still catches him off guard when Taehyung cages him against the doorframe the moment he steps out of the bathroom.



He laughs, wet fringe matted to his forehead as he cocks a brow lazily.



"Wow, you really were waiting at the door." He jokes, playful glint to his eyes. "Talk about devotion."



"Funny," mutters Taehyung drily. "You're an awful shit." He says this even as he bends down, mouth connecting with the spot between his neck and shoulder blade. He laps up the lingering dew, tongue hot as he traces it over his pulse point.



Yoongi sighs, head tilting to the side as he leans against the frame, fingers gripping it tightly.






"My shirt," Taehyung cuts in, distracted as he toys with the hem of his Brooklyn FDNY tee, exhaling shakily when he lifts it only to find Yoongi wearing nothing underneath. "Christ Yoong, where are your fucking pants."



Yoongi peers at him through his lashes, purposeful, and Taehyung remembers just how diabolical he can be.



"Didn't think I'd need them."



Taehyung nearly staggers from the weight of his words, fingers curling and enthralled by the way it slips slightly off his shoulders. "Fuck, I- shit."



Yoongi chuckles, intrigued by how a simple article of clothing- or, lack thereof really- can have Taehyung this out of sorts.



He'd detested it at first, to be entirely honest.



It was bad enough he was fraternizing with the enemy, but to have to touch anything from said rival department was even more heinous a crime.



Until Taehyung had resorted to more persuasive measures.



And persuasive he was-



On just about every surface of his apartment, against the wall and over the couch and Yoongi may have grown slightly more welcoming to the idea afterwards.



"You really have a way with words, Kim." He teases, laughter quiet. 



Taehyung glares but the effect is dampened by the subtle pull of his lips.



He huffs, burrowing his nose into Yoongi's neck while his hands drift south, gliding over the exposed flesh of his thighs. "You're a menace."



Yoongi's lips twitch, shifting his head so his nose brushes the crown of his hair. "I don't know what you're talking about." He returns, dismissive. "I'm an upstanding citizen, a true upholder of the law."



There's a noncommittal grunt and Yoongi laughs, fingers threading in damp hair. He takes a whiff as he cards his fingers through his locks, detecting a hint of spice which he's generally impartial to but somehow he makes it work. 



"You're a pain in the ass, is what you are." Taehyung grouses, but his hands are warm as they cup his ass and Yoongi settles into the touch. He kneads his cheeks gently, pulling him closer so their hips are flush and Yoongi sighs.



"Speak for yourself." He tries to keep his voice level but it comes off a little breathy. "The only pain in the ass here is you."



Taehyung pulls back to eye him slyly, patting him lightly on the butt. "Yeah, I guess that's true huh."



Yoongi deadpans. "Fuckin' comic, you are."



The only thing he receives is a short hum before Taehyung's leaning down to capture his lips again, hands squeezing his ass hard enough to draw soft moans. He stiffens when he grinds deliberately against him, cock pressed between Taehyung's thigh and his shirt and he tugs at his lip in need. 



He stutters when Taehyung suddenly spreads his cheeks, perching him against his thigh just as he blurts, "Fuck– want your cock in my mouth."



Taehyung's fingers bite his flesh as he groans into the kiss. "Jesus, can you not say shit like that." 



Yoongi laughs, breathless. "As if I'd ever take orders from you." Which is half true, he thinks as he grips wet locks, chasing his mouth.



Taehyung sinks his teeth into his lip in retaliation, already bruised from earlier and he hisses at the renewed pain.   



"The fuck is with you and biting." He shoots him a glare which Taehyung easily deflects. His cock is nestled between his thigh and he tries not to rut against him like he's tempted to.



"Quit whining and get on your knees." 



Yoongi arches a brow, humored that he thinks he can tell him what to do.



"Maybe you should get on the fucking bed." He doesn't believe in handouts, he'd rather Taehyung work for it.



Taehyung's expression darkens, fingers pressing hard enough to leave marks. "Stop playing around."



This startles a laugh and his eyes drop to his challengingly, glinting with amusement.



"How could I not when you make it this easy, hmm?" He toys with his hair, curling a strand between his fingertips before he meets his gaze, steely and bearing a hint of a threat. He leans in, voice dropping to a low whisper. "You want it?" 



He's trying his patience, Taehyung can tell.



"Wanna hold my head down and fuck my face?" He rubs himself against Taehyung, brazen and enjoying the way the fabric clings to his skin- his hardening cock. "Make me choke again?"



Nails dig into smooth flesh, feeling him grind against his thigh. "Your fucking mouth."



"Yeah, that's the idea."



Taehyung watches Yoongi's tongue peek out to wet his lips, brief but with a touch of intent and he knows he's doing it on purpose. He can't help the way his hand reaches out, thumb sliding across his lip, glistening with spit. Yoongi peers up at him slyly, eyes dark and even more beckoning in this angle. The wind is knocked right out of him when he curls his tongue around his thumb, sucking softly and his throat dries.



"Fuck–" he groans, pushing his thumb further into his mouth and jarring when he moans lewdly around it, "–suck me off baby."



Yoongi releases his thumb with a pop, lips slick but curling into a smirk all the same.



"Beg me."



Taehyung bristles, expression hardening but Yoongi is unfazed.



"I ain't begging you for nothing."



Yoongi grins, expecting as much. He shrugs before pulling away but Taehyung's hand reaches out to stop him, a flash of panic flitting through those eyes. He tries not to let it get to his head.



"Then I ain't suckin' you off, sweetheart."



His stance is imposing. "Yoongi-"



"I wouldn't think any less of you, y'know," he cuts him off, sensing the irritation roiling off Taehyung in waves and he bites his cheek to temper a grin. "All you have to do is ask nicely and I'll be on my knees in a jiffy."



Taehyung's face darkens, grabbing him lightly by the chin. "Are you trying to piss me off?"



Yoongi laughs, head cocked as he feigns coyness.



"That depends. Is it working?"



Something flashes in his eyes. "Cut it out."



Yoongi smiles, pulse skittering when his grip turns bruising. "The day I start listening to you... that'll be a fuckin' day."



Taehyung scowls but some of the hardness leaves his eyes as he leans in, covering his mouth with his own. It's slow and a little messy, but Yoongi would be hard pressed to complain. He worries gently at his lip and Yoongi has to beat down on the soft noises threatening to surface. When Taehyung pulls away, it's with careful consideration but a sated gleam in his eyes. "You're a fucking brat, you know that?"



Yoongi grins, nipping lightly at his jaw and enjoying the soft grunt it evokes. "Just your cup of tea, isn't it?"



Taehyung hums, thoughtful, before dragging his lower lip down with his thumb and watching it jiggle back in place. 



"Think I like you best with your mouth occupied," he speculates offhandedly, rubbing his thumb over his lip carefully and watching it grow slick with spit. "About the only time I can ever get you to shut up."



Yoongi resents that but there's regrettably some validity to that claim so he settles for a pointed look instead.



"Should I suck more cocks then," he wheedles, intent on matching Taehyung's crassness. "Get on my knees for the rest of FD? That'd solve your issue."



Taehyung's jaw ticks, the only perceivable nuance in his expression and Yoongi laps it all up, body leaning subtly into his. The grip around his chin roughens and Yoongi has to bite his lip to stunt the moan of approval, a breathy exhale the only sound escaping.



"Cute." Relays Taehyung coolly, satisfaction peaking.



"So I've been told." He answers with a smarmy grin as Taehyung's fingers flex around his jaw. 



"You get on your knees for no one but me." His tone is impassive and maybe a bit reproachful but Yoongi's long since shed any layers of shame when it comes to Taehyung.



He lifts a brow, eyes glazed with amusement. "Really?" There's a taunt somewhere but he plays it off craftily enough. "Because last I checked, I had no obligations to your dick and your dick only."






"Wearing my name out and we haven't even started yet, pretty boy." His grin is just on the side of cheeky and he knows it irks Taehyung but he can hardly be bothered. "You want me to suck your dick then you better start packing on the flattery."



Taehyung looks like he's two seconds away from making him hurt but that's just the tip of the iceberg and Yoongi is in the mood for some reckless fuckery tonight.



Taehyung's expression goes from incensed to controlled in the span of a few seconds and he can't deny how appealing he finds it. 



He leans in, grazing his nose carefully over the spot behind his ear and Yoongi's fingers find purchase along the front of his shirt, furling and unfurling reflexively.



"You're really asking for it tonight, aren't you?"



Yoongi thinks it'd be a little tasteless to flat out admit yes, yes indeed. But it's been a rough week and he's just looking to have the stress fucked right out of him. Besides, sex with Taehyung is ace when they're agitated so who is he to deny either of them a fantastic lay. He hums in acknowledgement just as Taehyung catches his lobe between his teeth, nibbling lightly and making his mouth run dry.



"Fine," he continues, baritone soothing. "Get on your fucking knees and let me see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock. Please." He drawls, emphasizing the last bit.



Yoongi bites back a laugh because even when he's not being a dick, he's somehow still being a dick. His mouth twitches when he glances back at him.



"I'll take it." He murmurs, eyes brimming with mischief as he presses a kiss to his jaw before slowly sinking to his knees.



Taehyung's fingers immediately slither in his locks as he slinks down, peeking up at him through his lashes and it makes his gut wrench because hell, if Yoongi doesn't make the prettiest sight below him. 



He spares a moment to indulge himself-



Yoongi staring up at him with half-lidded eyes and his shirt draped over broad shoulders. He feels his cock strain against his briefs, damp at the front and his chest rumbles when Yoongi's fingers suddenly slip beneath the elastic of his sweats, tugging them down unhurriedly.



The fucking shit.



He clutches the edge of the doorframe, head canting backwards to lean against it. He feels his sweats pool at his feet, frame tensing as deft fingers skim teasingly across the back of his thighs before settling at his hips. When he glances down, his stomach drops because Yoongi is eyeing him provocatively, tongue darting out to wet his lips and everything about it- about him- is mesmerizing.



Yoongi leans in to nuzzle his cock, nose pressing against the front of his briefs and he intakes sharply. His fingers tighten around dark tresses, body going stiff as the elder darts his tongue out to give a kittenish lick. He groans throatily, head thunking against the frame as Yoongi suddenly starts mouthing at him wetly through the cloth, underwear already a mess.






Yoongi hums when Taehyung tugs at his hair, cock stirring. He runs his lips over him, enjoying the way he goes rigid in his arms. He presses a wet kiss before his fingers creep beneath the hem of his briefs, teasing him as he slides it down strong thighs. 



Taehyung makes a pleased noise in his throat when his cock slips out, hips bucking into Yoongi's touch as those fingers curl around the base. He licks his lips, hissing when the other circles his tongue over the slit, body strung tight at the sensation. 



Yoongi moans at the taste, mouth wrapping around the head of his cock before sucking lightly. Those fingers tighten around his hair as he laps up the pre-cum, tongue swirling over the tip and letting it gather in his mouth. 



Taehyung's chest heaves, hips jerking when Yoongi hollows his cheeks and eases down. 






Yoongi takes as much as he can, sinking down until his lips brush his fingers wrapped around him. He lets out a content noise, enjoying the hard press of Taehyung's cock against his tongue as he begins to move his head steadily.



A winded groan comes from above but he pays it little heed, focused on breathing as his mouth slides up and down. He curls his tongue, pressing against the underside of his dick and making Taehyung stutter as he struggles to catch his breath.



Yoongi glances up, lips wrapped tightly around him and looking like sin with his mouth stuffed. Taehyung inhales shakily, clutching that bed of hair as he moves further down, lips stretching around his cock obscenely.



"Fuck," he groans, heart pounding. "your mouth, s'fucking pretty."



Yoongi's chest swells, fingers slipping from his cock to caress his thighs and he forces his head down, eager to fit as much as he can into his mouth.



Taehyung moans, guttural, before tilting his head back in bliss.



Yoongi takes it as a sign of encouragement, slowly sinking down until he feels the head nudge the back of his throat. His eyes flutter shut, reining in a whine when his nose brushes against skin and somehow, it's still not enough. 



Taehyung's hips jerk when Yoongi engulfs him, fingers seizing his hair without care and thighs trembling because shit, is the heat wicked good. "Christ, you- fuck." He rocks up lazily, stomach burning with want when Yoongi continues blowing him, muscles tight as he fastens his lips around his cock. 



"Baby." He groans, sounding wrecked as Yoongi continues bobbing his head, sucking him down greedily and tongue doing something lewd. "Fuck, open up." He pulls at his tresses, fucking up shallowly when Yoongi suddenly swallows him whole.



Yoongi moans around a mouthful, drool collecting at the sides of his lips as he holds the other close, choking when he rams the back of his throat but keeping his head still while his mouth stretches around his cock.



Taehyung stiffens, head thrown back as a shudder rolls through him, voice hoarse and a litany of praises falling from his lips. "Yeah, Yoongi, that's- fuck." He holds his head in place, fingers running messily through mussed strands as his throat closes around him. 



He can feel his eyes sting from Taehyung's cock continuously prodding the back of his throat, breathing harshly through his nose as he keeps his head leveled. It's starting to sting, the urge to cough arising but he takes it, soft gagging noises muffled as Taehyung fists his hair and rocks his hips upwards with control.



"So good," mumbles Taehyung, the hard lines in his neck exposed as he begins pushing into his mouth, fingers clenching and unclenching each time the muscles around him contract. "The fucking best."



Yoongi preens, quashing a moan at the discernible approval and hollowing his cheeks, strained while Taehyung slides his cock further down his throat. His lashes are wet when he suddenly pulls off, coughing at the faint burn.



Even with his eyes hooded and mouth parted, Taehyung still manages to look infuriatingly smug as he stares at him, chest rising unsteadily.



"Too much?" He smirks and Yoongi glares, lips feeling slightly raw but refusing to let that deter him.



"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you." Yoongi retorts, voice scratchy. 



"You don't have to think hard about facts." Taehyung laughs when Yoongi makes a face.



His head shakes. "FD and their titanic egos." He mutters underneath his breath, but Taehyung catches it, pulling his hair reproachfully.



"Just shut up and put your mouth back to use." He murmurs lazily, head leant against the doorframe.



Yoongi's eyes narrow. "I'm going to shoot you."



Taehyung hums. "Like I've never heard that before. Recycled material."



"One day, when I actually pop a cap in your ass you're gonna be eating shit."



"I wager that'd be inconvenient with a bullet up there."



Yoongi frowns, annoyance simmering but more impatient to feel Taehyung in his mouth again. He runs his tongue over his lip, catching the other's attention and allowing himself that tinge of satisfaction.



"Just shut up and get your dick back in my mouth."



Taehyung laughs but it comes off a little hoarse. "Gladly." He cards his fingers through his hair almost appraisingly before guiding his cock forward with a gruff open your mouth.



Yoongi compliesallowing the other to pull him in before rubbing the tip over his lips, smearing them with pre-cum. Taehyung cradles his head as he continues teasing him and it pisses him off because every time he opens up to take him in his mouth he pulls back. After a while he growls in frustration, his impatience getting the better of him before he grips his thighs to guide him forward, sliding his mouth back over his cock and suctioning his lips to keep him still.



Taehyung jars, groaning roughly at the heat, the other hardly letting up as his lips slide down until he's hitting the back of his throat. "Shit."



Yoongi hums, bobbing his head quickly and overlooking the slight discomfort as his lips brush the base of his cock. He whimpers at the feeling of Taehyung filling his mouth so nicely, throat raw and a growing ache to his jaw but that's always the best part and he loves how the other slowly comes undone, fingers tight around his hair and fucking his mouth until his eyes sting.



"Jesus–" he can feel Taehyung shiver beneath him and it urges him to move faster, spit dribbling down his chin when he suddenly deepthroats him, lips flush with his skin and head bowed. Taehyung jerks but Yoongi pins his hips against the support, eyes sliding shut as he tries not to choke, cock prodding uncomfortably inside. He's so wet but he resolves not to touch himself, moaning around Taehyung's length instead and causing the other's grip to tighten painfully around his head. "Oh fuck, baby."



Taehyung is doing a number on his hair, still damp and unkempt from the shower but he figured it wouldn't stay prim for long. He can feel his hips twitch beneath his palms and he shoves him harder against the frame, slurping sounds filling the air as he alternates between tonguing his balls and his length. 



Yoongi feels Taehyung suddenly still beneath him, muscles tensing and grip turning brutal. He chokes when Taehyung pushes his head down just as he thrusts up, need pervading. His lips are swollen and he inhales deeply through his nose when the other starts gyrating his hips.



There's saliva smeared across his face but that doesn't stop him, cheeks sunken in as he lets Taehyung fuck his mouth, thrusts turning messy and he takes it all eagerly. His nails sink into his thighs, unsurprisingly toned and it's no secret how Yoongi feels about them.



"Yoongi," he murmurs reverently, lips parted and chest falling rapidly as he guides the elder's head up and down, groaning every time he slides further inside that wet heat. He stiffens, wrenching his hair callously as his nose brushes against him, the tightness of his throat distracting. "Fuck, your mouth."



He hums, taking a deep breath before easing down, hands clutching the back of Taehyung's thighs and cheek bumping his hip. He holds his head in place, enjoying the weight of his cock along his tongue and simmering in pride when it wrests something guttural from his chest. He runs his nose along shaven skin, whining at the increased burn in his scalp. 



"Yeah, like that– Jesus." His legs quiver even as Yoongi pins him in place, groaning when Yoongi sucks his cock desperately, the warmth and tightness magnifying everything and he can't think- only acts as he grabs his head with both handsthrusting into his mouthHe glances down, catching sight of those pretty lips wrapped around him, swollen and wet with spit but it has his head lolling from the pleasure. 



Yoongi swallows him down, dick snug as he continues rubbing his throat before it's suddenly coming down on him all at once. He arches against the frame, skin flushed and glistening with sweat as a broken sound leaves him.



"Fuck-" He gasps, stomach tightening as he tries to tear him away but Yoongi keeps his mouth flush, cock crammed down his throat and gagging around it. "-gonna come. Baby, get off."



Those fingers yank at his hair, attempting to pull him off but he fastens his lips, holding his cock in his mouth as Taehyung writhes above him.



"Y-Yoong– oh God." His voice cracks, breaking into a whine when the other's throat spasms around him and suddenly he's stiffening, muscles in his back tense as he comes hard inside his mouth with a cry. He shudders, lips parting in an and nearly tearing his strands out. His head is thrown, face contorted in bliss as his cock pulses inside Yoongi's mouth, twitching in sensitivity when he continues sucking him gently through it. "F-fuck, stop."



Yoongi moans as his cum coats his tongue, warm and sticky and he reaches for his own cock to stave off his orgasm. He whimpers, feeling some of it slide from the corners of his lips but enjoying the way Taehyung is pressed against his cheek. He flits his gaze upwards, staring at him through his lashes- taking in his heaving chest and the enticing curve of his neck.



Taehyung exhales, head tilted and trembling as Yoongi continues running his tongue over him, yanking his hair when it becomes too much. His growl dies on a whimper, sensitive from the way he keeps mouthing at his cock, suckling gently. 



Yoongi feels Taehyung shiver beneath his touch, abdomen tight and he makes a sound of protest when the other tugs warningly, silently urging him to pull off. He relents with a final flick of his tongue, cock smeared with cum and spit as he slides his mouth off. He sucks lightly at the tip and Taehyung groans, fingers quivering around his head.



"Babe, s-stop." He breathes harshly, fingers still wound tight in Yoongi's tresses as he laps at the head of his cock, tongue grazing the slit before rubbing his lips gently over it.



Yoongi pulls away, pleased, before staring up at Taehyung smugly.



Taehyung leans against the frame, head flat as he struggles to catch his breath. He wets his lips, eyes shut while he recovers and letting out a tired chuckle when he eventually glances down only to find Yoongi watching him with a wicked glint to his eyes.



"Fuck," he laughs, carding his fingers through his hair lazily. "You- damn." It sounds ragged to his own ears but he embraces it. He runs his thumb across Yoongi's lips, glossy beneath the light, before instructing softly, "Open your mouth." 



Yoongi's eyes are sultry as he accedes, parting his lips and letting everything pool on his tongue so Taehyung can see. He tips his head back, opening his mouth and feeling his thumb dig harder into his lip, the other staring down at him hotly.



 "Jesus," whispers Taehyung, awed. "You're killin' me."



Yoongi hums, tongue peeking out with a line of cum connecting his lips before it trickles down the side of his face. Taehyung swallows, fingers trembling around his jaw. He looks up, gaze smoldering as he runs his tongue over his thumb, wetting it. 



He exhales, throat tight at the sight of Yoongi on his knees, mouth filled and trails of white sliding down his chin. 



If possible, the gleam in his eyes intensifies as he curls his tongue, coated in semen and spreading it over his lips indecently.



Taehyung can feel his cock stir again, bothered by the display.



Yoongi grins, knowing, before slipping his tongue back in. He shuts his mouth, holding Taehyung's gaze as he tilts his head and swallows, moaning quietly as his cum slides down his throat.



Taehyung feels like he's been sucker-punched in the gut, breath shaky as he suddenly leans down to crash their lips, back bowed from the positioning. Yoongi surges upward to meet him, whining when Taehyung licks hungrily at his mouth, lapping up the stickiness on his lips.



"Shit, get up." Taehyung pants, tugging at his lower lip and Yoongi groans.



He allows himself to be manhandled, ushered onto his feet and he's sore from kneeling for so long but then Taehyung is sliding his mouth over his, tongue probing and fingers tangling in his locks and he forgets.



Taehyung alternates between sucking on his lip and stroking his tongue over his as Yoongi matches his fervor, tugging him close. There's a lingering tang as he licks into his mouth, groaning quietly.



When they break apart, it's with Taehyung's forehead resting against his own and his breaths fanning his lips. His eyes drift to Yoongi's mouth, noting the spit lingering before he sweeps it with his thumb, bringing it to his mouth and sucking lightly.



Yoongi watches, riveted, and Taehyung looks at him like he knows exactly what's running through his mind. The things he'd like to do.



The things he'd like done to him.



He leers, bringing his thumb back to stroke Yoongi's lip. His voice seems to come from his throat when he mutters, "Anyone ever tell you what a sloppy blower you are?"



Yoongi almost feels offended before he recovers, smirking. "I don't know, you should ask Namjoon."



At that, Taehyung's smile slips off before he groans, "God, don't remind me." He tries to stave off the burgeoning irritation, suppressing all thoughts of the two together. "I've been trying to wipe that from my memory."



Yoongi laughs at the sheer dissatisfaction on Taehyung's face. He shrugs. "You asked."



"Yeah, well," he pulls him close, hands settling across his waist possessively. "I don't fucking want to hear it."



Yoongi grins, a little more pleased at that than he probably should be. "Your loss." He says, playing it off, but his hands are gentle as they come up to caress the back of his neck.



Taehyung's annoyance festers, brows pinched as he leans in to mouth wetly at his neck, grazing the skin with his teeth. "Doesn't matter." He tries hard to dismiss the stab of envy in his gut. "Pretty sure he never fucked you as hard as I do."



Yoongi's eyes crinkle. Now this, he likes.



"Oh, I don't know about that," he drawls, goading. "Used to have to shove my face into a pillow to keep me quiet."



He knows he's struck a nerve when Taehyung tenses, and he laps it up.



"Made it pretty hard to get through rounds the next day when my ass was still burning."



The thing about Taehyung is—



He's so good-natured about everything. Despite Yoongi resolving to give him hell, he tends to take it in stride, hardly ever taking true offense over trivial matters. But underneath that easygoing attitude he knows lies a bit of a temper, volatile and eerie when stoked and Yoongi–



He's here for exactly that kind of shit.



Because contrary to his claims, Taehyung is actually a pretty decent guy– considerate and sensitive to his preferences and he appreciates it, he does.



Probably nearly as much as he appreciates getting his ass properly plowed when he's pissed Taehyung off enough. He rather enjoys those times too. 



Which is why when opportunities such as these arise, Yoongi figures the most logical course of action is to optimize them.



"You're doing this on purpose." His voice is clipped, cautionary, but Yoongi's entire career is built off of placing himself in high-risk situations. He thinks he's well equipped to handle one of Taehyung's foul moods. 



"And why would I do that?" It's rhetorical at this point but he has full intentions of milking this for all it's worth.



"Aside from being a conniving little shit, you mean?" The agitation is apparent and Yoongi is somewhat ashamed to admit that he's enjoying it as much as he is.



Yoongi laughs, throat still raw from earlier. "Someone's touchy tonight. What's the matter- I hurt your feelings, sweetheart?"



The way Taehyung's face turns stoic, gaze hard, makes him stand a little straighter. That thumb sweeps across his lip again, eyes following his mouth and Yoongi feels the excitement bubble in his stomach.



"No," the indifference is unnerving, emotion kept carefully in check as words are uttered solemnly against his lips. "But I'm going to make you hurt." Yoongi grins, that thumb pressing down hard. "You'll be lucky to be sitting straight tomorrow."



That sounds like quite the promise. He supposes Taehyung is nothing if not bold, erring on the side of presumptuous, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little partial to the prospect. 



His eyes flit to Taehyung's, challenging.



"All talk until you show up." Anticipation simmers beneath his veins. "So what are you gonna do?"



There's little room for argument when he utters in a manner rather unyielding, "Get on the bed."



And really, who is Yoongi to desist.



He throws one last glance, coy, before acquiescing. He can practically feel Taehyung's eyes tracking the length of his legs, the subtle peek of flesh beneath his shirt, as he makes his way towards the bed.



He perches himself on the edge, supporting himself on his arms as he stares at Taehyung brazenly, shirt barely covering his thighs or the outline of his cock. Stare any harder and he thinks the other might burn a hole through it.



"Am I gonna have to do all the work here?" It's teasing, but seems to snap Taehyung out of his daze and he catches the way his throat bobs as he swallows. 



All in all, Yoongi's getting a kick out of it but it'd be a lot nicer if Taehyung could get over here and bend him in half.



He'd appreciate that.



"Fuck," Taehyung runs a hand haphazardly through his hair before making his way over. "Lie down."



There's that part of him that's itching to resist but he tamps down on it, sensing his patience waning the longer they drag this out. He'll set aside his ego for now if it means that'll get Taehyung inside him faster.



Taehyung reaches inside his bedside drawer, feeling around impatiently until he finds what he needs. He crouches over Yoongi, fitting himself between his legs before ordering him to spread them.



Yoongi complies with a lopsided grin, leg curling around Taehyung's waist as he does so. The other uncaps the lid, squirting a fair amount into his hand before lathering his cock, groaning softly at the chill. Yoongi watches, transfixed, before his fingers curl around the hem of Taehyung's shirt, tugging lightly.



Taehyung takes the hint, pulling away so he can peel his shirt over his head, chucking it to the side before he's hovering above him again, hand fisting his cock and hair in disarray. "M'gonna fuck you."



Yoongi arches, bucking into him before he's grinding down sensually. "Yeah, shit- hurry up." He reaches down, meaning to slip his shirt off but Taehyung's hand is suddenly encircling his wrist, halting him. He looks up, confused and a little irritated. "What?"



Taehyung eyes him intently, expression serious. "Leave it on."



Yoongi stops. "What?"



He leans in, breath fanning his lips. "My shirt. Leave it on."



It takes a moment. He blinks before a knowing smirk creeps onto his lips. He chuckles, shaking his head softly. 



"So that's what does it for you, huh?" 



Taehyung nips at his lip, neither confirming nor denying.



"Stop talking."



Yoongi snorts, accepting that as the closest thing to an affirmation he's going to get. "Yeah, yeah, hotshot."



Taehyung lets go when he's sure Yoongi's not going to budge, gripping his cock and positioning himself at his entrance. He lines himself up before pressing the head against him but hardly inching further.



Yoongi scowls, heel digging into his back as he pushes his hips up, rubbing against Taehyung and drawing a low groan.



"Stop fucking around and fuck this."



Taehyung huffs, pressing a kiss to his lips that's a little desperate and a little messy. "You need my fingers?"



Yoongi shakes his head, answering between kisses. "Mn- no, already- in the shower earlier, fuck. C'mon."



"Ok, ok," he breathes, stroking his cock lazily, excess lube sliding down his fingers. "Fuck, c'mere." 



He grabs him by the thighs, tugging him close until their hips are flush and he's directly above him. Everything's nice, hot, and he wants to feel him closer. He guides the tip of his cock towards his hole, teasing, and it has Yoongi's eyes slipping shut as he grits his teeth.



"Just–" It dies on a moan, his back curving off the bed when Taehyung slowly pushes in, muscles stretching around his cock and it's exquisite, so nice– Yoongi loves it. "Ah, shit."



Taehyung buries a groan against his neck, flushed and sweaty, and he knows it's only going to get worse- or better- from here. "Baby– fuck." Yoongi is tight, always so warm and tight around him, and his vision flashes only for a moment before he's bottoming out. "God."



"Yeah, that. Oh." Yoongi stammers, fidgeting restlessly on his cock and Taehyung presses a hand firmly against his abdomen to keep him still.  



"Stop moving, shit." His breath comes out in rasps, heart racing as Yoongi pulses around him.



Yoongi makes a displeased sound in his throat, wriggling his hips and Taehyung breathes out harshly. 



His shirt is bunched halfway up his torso, lips parted and a crease between his brows because he won't fucking move. His thighs cage his waist, keeping him close, as his hands slide down to clutch his assHe pulls him close- wanting to feel him deeper, and Taehyung's chest rumbles.



"Fuck, Yoong."



Yoongi bites his lip, reining in a moan when Taehyung rolls his hips in a fluid motion, cock sinking deep and making it hurt. The good kind of hurt, absolute fucking best.



"Yeah, you, that- fuck, your cock."



Taehyung's jaw is locked, forehead sticking to his skin and mind heady from the way Yoongi feels around him, muscles fluttering when he shifts. 



Yoongi's eyes snap shut as he growls quietly, "Move."



Taehyung noses his neck, panting as he nods frantically. "Yeah, fuck- ok." He licks the sweat coating his skin before rocking his hips, coaxing strangled moans from them both. 



Yoongi's legs wrap around his waist, forcing his hips down while he pushes against his cock. Taehyung grabs his thighs, yanking him close just as he ruts forward and his head cants. 



"H-Harder." His arms come out to grip his forearms, hair splayed messily across the mattress. "Yeah, fuck me."



Taehyung's back is stiff as he suddenly pulls back and fucks into him hard, the sound of skin slapping deafening as Yoongi's nails bite into his flesh. Those muscles clench around him and his head dips, leaning in and sliding his cock deeper, balls flush with his ass.



Yoongi's neck arches, leaving a patch of skin for Taehyung to map with his tongue with as he moves roughly inside him. It's good- real good, he won't lie, but he knows he can do it harder. Can make him take it until he squirms.



His hands slide up broad shoulders, clawing at that expanse of tanned flesh as Taehyung picks it up, making him stumble for a moment on his words. "Th- fuck, s'that the best you got?"



He knows shit like that annoys Taehyung. All the more reason to do it.



Taehyung's jaw ticks, scowl deepening. His expression is stiff as Yoongi squeezes around him. He grabs ahold of his chin, crouching down before gritting between his teeth, "You know it's not."



Yoongi's nails dig into his back when Taehyung suddenly nudges the area that makes his vision spot, thighs clamping fierce around him. "Ha," his spine lifts slightly off the bed as he pants, "Think it is."



He's egging him on, he totally is but he's only looking for the best and a riled up Taehyung is arguably the best.



"Sad," continues Yoongi, skin flushed as Taehyung's hips slam into his ass, the slide easy but brutal. "A firefighter who can't fuck hard enough," he bites his lip to stay quiet, unwilling to give him the satisfaction. "Guess those drills do you no favors, next time I'll ask Jeon– shit."



He forgets what he was going to say because Taehyung's arms are suddenly sliding behind his back, pulling him upright before seating him fully on his cock and it's so good, so fucking deep he bites down on his shoulder to smother a groan. Taehyung thrusts up while he's in his lap, clutching his shoulders and shivering from how stretched he feels. 






"Shut the fuck up." Oh. That certainly does something for Yoongi, ire bridled in every word and it's terrible but Taehyung's temper is delicious like this. "I swear to God, if you say another word."



And really.



Taehyung should know better than that. Should understand by now that threats like those only serve to incentivize him.



He leans in, tracing his lobe with his tongue before rolling it between his teeth, voice hushed. "Gonna hurt me?" It dwindles when Taehyung circles his hips, thorough. "Do it 'til I can't walk straight?" He rides him slow, breath hitching every time he grazes that spot inside. 



Taehyung fingers are bruising against his skin.



"Want it–" Yoongi rasps into his ear, desperation trickling in as he grinds on him with need. "Want you to make it hurt with your big fucking cock."



The mouth on Yoongi never ceases to amaze him. He runs his tongue across his neck, lapping up beads of sweat and feeling Yoongi grab ahold of his hair at a particularly rough thrust. "That hard enough?"



Yoongi laughs, breathless, head canted. Taehyung sucks a bruise into his throat and his chest rumbles, fingers messing up his locks as he pants, "You call that fucking?"



The next second however Yoongi is eating his words because Taehyung's suddenly hitching him up, strong arms perched beneath his ass while he guides them towards the bathroom, dick still buried inside.



His back hits the wall before Taehyung is on him, one hand seizing his jaw while he crushes their mouths together and Yoongi isn't one for seeming needy but he finds himself roping him in. He keens when Taehyung goes hard, back sliding up the wall from his thrusts. 



"S-shit," he growls, accidentally breaking skin when he feels a jolt of pleasure. "Yeah, like that."



Taehyung catches his lower lip as he continues fucking into him, the sound of Yoongi's back thudding against the wall resounding in the space of his apartment. He has one arm still supporting him, inching closer until they're both pressed right against the wall and Yoongi grunts in pain when he slams his hips with more force than he means to.



"Fuck, sorry," pants Taehyung, foreheads touching while he slides inside, swallowing his groans. 



Yoongi's neck curves, head flat against the wall as Taehyung fucks him into it, movements rough and he scratches at his back. "No, you're not asshole." His legs coil around his waist, face scrunched up in pain.



Taehyung lets out a strained laugh, hands moving to grip his thighs as he rolls his hips faster, intent on watching him fall apart in his arms. "You're right," he mutters against his neck, breathy. "I'm not." Yoongi's hips bang against the wall as he drives in hard.



"Fuck," Yoongi curses, eyes rolling into his head. Taehyung is getting deep, fucking him so hard like this and it's starting to hurt but that's exactly what he wanted. "I-"



Taehyung's hips stutter, rhythm faltering when Yoongi suddenly tightens around him. He thrusts up, watching the other's face contort in a mix of bliss and agony and he's riveted. 



Nails sink into his back and he hisses, stilling. 



Yoongi makes a noise of protest, fucking down on him in his discontent. "Why the fuck are you stopping."



"Why the fuck is your ass suffocating my dick?" He snaps back testily.



Yoongi chokes on a laugh, the column of his throat exposed. "Like that's ever been grounds for complaint before. Suck it up, you little bitch."



He must have struck a nerve because Taehyung snaps his hips so fiercely he snarls at the pain, ass slamming noisily against the wall.



"God, fuck you," he spits, fingers digging into Taehyung's sweaty back as he lets out a garbled noise.



Taehyung is relentless, plowing into him with enough force to have Yoongi writhing, body wound up from the mix of pleasure and pain. His hand leaves Yoongi's hip to grab his arm, pinning it roughly above his head as he continues fucking that tight hole. He grates between clenched teeth, "I'll pass."



Yoongi winces when Taehyung slides in at a different angle, grazing his prostate and he remembers his cock is still trapped between them, smearing the other's stomach with precum. "Mnhh, more. Don't st- oh."



Yoongi feels like he's on the verge of sliding down when Taehyung's hand moves from his ass but then he's being shoved upright again and that thought quickly disintegrates. There's that familiar clenching and unclenching in his belly, a sign of his impending release, but Taehyung doesn't seem to care. He only ruts into him harder while interlacing their fingers, keeping him in place with his thrusts.



Ok. Yoongi may or may not take back what he said about Taehyung being the runt of the litter within the fire department. 



He may look a little ganglier next to Park or Jeon but lacking in stamina he certainly is not.



Yoongi's head falls back, breathing heavily as the other shoves his cock in, making him feel full every time he buries himself to the hilt. He attempts to move his wrists with little success, trying to ground himself and it's fucking stifling with Taehyung's shirt rolled up to his chest but that doesn't stop him from arching into the heat of his body.



"You, harder- do it harder."



Taehyung licks a wet stripe along his throat before complying, squeezing their laced fingers tightly as he rolls his hips with controlled movements, reaching deep. Yoongi's starting to see spots behind his lids and it's great, Taehyung's dick is great- he could wax lyrical about it given the circumstances.



His legs clamp harder around his waist when he suddenly feels the tip of his cock hit the fucking jackpot and kudos, really. Taehyung can certainly navigate his way around someone's asshole. Good on him, a medal is in order- that's no easy feat.



And this is why he comes back, he thinks. At least, that's the theory. Sex with Taehyung is therapeutic, fucking ace. Highly recommended.



"Can you fucking relax," mutters Taehyung, toiled. Not like he really takes it any easier on him though, moving his hips with enough power to send him harder into the wall each time. 



"Wow, sorry I can't control my fucking asshole." Yoongi grits out, embracing the pettiness and purposely clenching around him, eliciting a growl. Spite is a marvelous thing, everyone should try their hand at it sometime.



Not that bickering is anything new to them, but it still gets both their bloods boiling each time they lash out, trying to outdo the other in some form. It's instinctual with them, hard-wired into their systems or some jargon like that.



"Jesus," Taehyung rumbles dangerously low in his ears and Yoongi is all for it. "Do you have to be a vindictive shit every time?" He punctuates it with a punch of his hips and Yoongi's cheeks are starting to feel raw.



His lips furl, brows pinched in discomfort before a growl slips. 



"Look who's talking."



They could just fuck in silence but why do that when they can give each other hell instead.



"I swear-"



"Maybe you should stop swearing." Yoongi cuts him off, throwing it all out there.



Taehyung reams him hard, and he means really hard, jarring as he seizes up in pain. He lets out a gasp, wrists twisting but the other keeps them hostage, forehead pressed into the dip of his neck as he sinks in.



Yoongi chokes, throwing his head back. "Fuck, m'gonna-"



And then he stops, stilling completely inside him with a labored breath against his ear, keeping him up with their hips leveled.



"You're fucking kidding me."



Yoongi is honestly going to shoot him, charges be damned.



Taehyung chuckles, the sound ragged. "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?" He noses at his neck, unmoving, and Yoongi is so hard he might actually blow his load between them. He's fucking pissed.



"I swear-"



"Maybe you should stop swearing." Taehyung mimics in a poor imitation of his drawl, smug and twice as infuriating and Yoongi wants to grind him to a fucking pulp.



"You son of a-"



"The mouth on you, Min." He cuts him off with a steady undulation of his hips, making Yoongi's head cant as he itches for more. His hands fidget above his head, bruising beneath Taehyung's grip. "You've been terrible all night. It's my turn to make you sweat a bit, hmm?" 



Yoongi's toes curl when he rocks his hips, so achingly slow that it has his gaze unfocused. His back bows when Taehyung releases his wrists, head falling against his shoulder. He clutches his biceps, groaning softly when those arms come down to support his thighs again, holding him close and sliding him further onto his cock and he shudders.



He stiffens when Taehyung turns and carefully walks them back towards the bed, gnawing at his lip every time his cock sinks deeper inside. Because the other is a bit of an asshat, he's literally tossed onto the bed, feeling his cock slip out before he bounces against the mattress. He scowls, unimpressed and even more disgruntled because he suddenly feels emptier than he cares to.



"Done throwing your fit yet, your highness?" He grates, staring up at Taehyung hotly, legs spread and shirt bunched up. "If so, you mind getting your cock back in here?"



Taehyung grins, vain, but says nothing. 



Yoongi groans, close to ripping his strands out because Taehyung is honestly a miserable shit and his dick is wet— pre-cum sliding down his length, and he didn't think it would be this grueling to get his ass tended to tonight.



He watches as Taehyung reaches for the bottle he'd discarded earlier and lets out a peeved growl because he will never understand the other's fixation with prepping him. No one needs that much lube, Jesus fucking Christ. It's not like he's looking to operate a water park back there.



"You realize my asshole isn't actually going to shrivel up in the 20 seconds that your cock isn't in it?"



So he's a little snappy, but that can be accredited to the literal obstruction between his legs. Leave him alone. Plus, he's extra miffed because Taehyung is being a pain in the fucking ass, and not even in the way he'd like at the moment.



Taehyung ignores him as he squeezes more lube into his palm, spreading it over his already slick cock as he strokes himself lazily. His chest rumbles as he does so, neck craned with his tongue darting out to wet his lips and Yoongi admittedly finds it appealing. Not that he's feeling impatient, but he's definitely impatient. 



Because fuck, does he hold fond recollections of Taehyung's dick. 



"Turn around."



Yoongi snorts before rolling over so he's positioned on his hands, back curved and ass up. "Doggy style again? You really are predictable."



He stiffens, letting out a soft moan when Taehyung's palm suddenly comes down hard on his ass.



"For once, Captain, just shut up."



Yoongi glares over his shoulder but keeps quiet, still somewhat convinced Taehyung's going to leave him high and dry and he would really prefer not to suffer from blue balls tonight. 



Taehyung's hands come back to cup his cheeks, kneading them in an almost consolatory manner and he sighs, pushing back instinctively. His breath catches when those large palms are suddenly spreading him wide, thumb grazing his hole and he jerks.



Taehyung laughs behind him, crouching down until his chest covers his back. "Settle down." He whispers into his ear, teasing.



Yoongi is ashamed to admit that something like a whine escapes when Taehyung continues rubbing at his entrance, dipping inside teasingly but not enough for him to feel satisfied. "Fuck- just, quit fucking around." He hadn't realized how hard he was clutching the sheets, cotton twisted between his fingertips.



Taehyung makes a noncommittal sound, shifting behind him and Yoongi feels the hard press of his cock along his ass. He tries to inch back subtly but Taehyung keeps his hips still, fingers squeezing reproachfully and he groans, dissatisfied.



"You are the actual work of the devil." Yoongi relays bitterly, packing on the contempt. 



Taehyung leans in, voice sultry and sending a pang of lust through his gut. "Are you calling me a sinner?"



He fidgets, trying to pass it off. "That would be too gracious a descriptor."



"What's the matter, getting antsy?"



Yoongi wonders if being a part of FD automatically makes you about three times more exasperating than the general public. 



"Look, I know you might be hard for that foreplay shit but I'm more of a bomb-the-hole-and-barrel-roll kind of guy so if you would kindly get your dick through the backdoor, we can get on with the fucking program."



Taehyung is vaguely impressed that Yoongi manages to get that all in one breath.



However, he also knows Yoongi is a lying sack of shit because he loves being worked up almost as much as Taehyung loves getting him there.



"Did you really-" There's a hint of a laugh because even when Yoongi's not actively trying to be funny, Taehyung still thinks he's a riot. 



"I can keep going. Ejaculate and evacuate, smash and dash, nail and bail. Take your pick."



Taehyung buries his laughter against his neck, feeling a strange sort of affinity for him. "You're something alright, Min."



"I could also be stuffed. That could be a very viable option if you stop yammering and cork it." It's a little difficult trying to maintain the sternness when there's a twitch to his lips that he can't exactly rein in.



"A fucking brat, too." Taehyung adds, nipping lightly at his neck, fingers toying with the front of his shirt and silently appreciating the way it hugs his frame.



"Ma always said I never outgrew that one." Yoongi replies, coy. "Can you get this shirt off now, fucking sweatin' balls up here."



Taehyung snorts, hand gliding up his abdomen before pausing at his chest, flicking his thumb over his nipple and drawing a hiss. He smiles, appeased. "Sensitive?"



"Gee, I wonder why." Yoongi snaps, eyeing him dirtily.



"Relax. You brought this upon yourself."



"Like hell I did, you hose dragger."



Taehyung tries to curb his amusement. "How long did you wait to use that one?"



"Longer than I should have."



He laughs, palming his ass again and Yoongi is on board with that. "Seriously a brat."



Yoongi waggles his brows. "You gonna punish me, lieutenant? Work my ass off with drills?"



Taehyung smacks him again, chuckling when he winces, pale flesh blooming red. "Not the kind you're thinking of."



Yoongi smirks. "Or maybe exactly the kind I'm thinking of."



"You're a fucking headache, jeez." Taehyung says between laughter, eyes twinkling.



Yoongi is inclined to agree but it's not like he'd ever give Taehyung the advantage. He settles for a quaint smile, almost sighing in relief when the other begins peeling his shirt off for him. Yoongi finishes the rest of the way, tugging it over his head and quickly slinging it to the side before getting back on his hands and knees, peering back at Taehyung expectantly.



"Fuck me good, baby." It comes out low, eyes smoldering and Taehyung swallows around the lump in his throat. "Wanna feel it tomorrow."



"Right." He murmurs distractedly, words a little strained to his ears. He massages Yoongi's cheeks, gripping them in his palms and making him protest softly. "God, your ass." 



The appraisal is what Yoongi thrives on even if he refuses to admit it. 



Taehyung spreads his cheeks, watching that tight ring of muscle flex. He wants to put his mouth on him, ease his tongue inside and eat him out until he's grinding onto his face in desperation. His cock aches just thinking about the noises Yoongi would make for him.



"You want it?"



Is that even a legitimate question. Yoongi is going to cuff him if he says yes. 



"No, I'm just in my fucking birthday suit and serving my ass on a platter for shits and giggles."



He jars this time at the stinging slap against his cheeks, cock twitching because that one fucking hurt and he's trying to recover from the brunt of it.



"Don't get smart with me." He scoots up the bed, rubbing his cock along the cleft of his ass and making Yoongi bury his face in his hands.



Too late, he growls beneath his breath but Taehyung catches it, striking his ass roughly and causing his arms to wobble. "Nn- Oh."



Taehyung stares, enthralled by the flush of bright red across his flesh, hands caressing the area he struck and grinning when Yoongi wriggles beneath him.



"Can you just-" Yoongi's spine arches when he feels the head of Taehyung's cock nudge his entrance, trying to ease back but those hands stop him. "Fuck, c'mon."



Taehyung bites his lip, gripping his cock as he barely pushes inside before pulling out. He basks in the sounds coming from below, a rasp to his voice as he utters, "Beg me."



Yoongi groans. Should've fucking expected it.



Well-played, asshole.



"You're a fucking shit, y'know that." He complains, glowering. "M'not begging you."



Taehyung goads him again, pushing the tip of his cock past his rim with a grunt only to draw back, watching those muscles stretch around him only to tighten up again when he slips out.



"Then I'm not fucking you."



"Yeah, right," he calls bullshit. "If there's anyone more impatient than me when it comes to this, it's you."



"Hmm, maybe." It sounds thoughtful enough but something about it sets him on edge. "But you've been downright awful tonight," he murmurs impassively and Yoongi's stomach drops. "Who says you even deserve it?"



His fingers sink into the sheets.



"Tae-" It's not a threat per se but it's likened to it, voice lowering.



"I'd watch it if I were you," the way he phrases it seems nonchalant enough but it still has Yoongi shifting in anticipation. "I have half a mind to leave you here like this, all strung out and writhing on the bed."



Yoongi's breath hitches.



"Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you?" Taehyung chuckles, leaning in so he can trace his tongue over the shell of his ear, pleased when he feels Yoongi shiver. "Rubbing one off on the sheets until they're soaked and you're dripping everywhere. Is that what you want?"



Yoongi fidgets, cock hardening at his words- at the way Taehyung's voice seems to stir from the pit of his belly. "No- fuck, Tae–"



"I said beg me."



"I'm not-" he staggers from the harsh slap to his cheeks, words garbled and ass stinging. "Sh-"



He feels those hands soothing over the sensitive skin immediately and he hiccups, head bowed with a moan buried against the sheets.



"You really don't learn, do you?" He palms his ass carefully, dragging his cheek to the side before sliding two digits into his hole, slippery with lube.



Yoongi groans, teeth sinking into his knuckles when Taehyung crooks his fingers, easing them inside while rubbing steadily at his walls.



"Any day now."



He truly wants to hurt him, do some serious damage. 



"Fuck- I," he keens, arms breaking his fall when Taehyung reaches deep and feels around for that small gland, massaging it gently between his fingertips and causing his vision to swim. "Mnnh- ah."



Taehyung laughs, deep. "Not making a lot of sense here, babe."






"You-" he tenses when Taehyung nudges hard, thighs clamping around his hand as he gasps. "Tae, c'mon please, wanna-"



"Better." He murmurs, assuaged, but there's still a trace of something jeering. "Now amp it up a bit. Pack on the flattery, won't you?"



Yoongi is going to jail. He's fucking gonna go to jail before the night is over.



"You asshole– God."



Taehyung hums before withdrawing his fingers, wiping the excess lube across Yoongi's back and educing a sound of protestHe situates himself behind him, slapping his dick lightly over his twitching hole before positioning himself. He breaches that tight entrance with controlled ease, building a steady rhythm and pushing further each time. He smiles, smug, when Yoongi whines. 



"Getting cold. Let's try again, hmm?" 



Yoongi's head dips, muscles spasming around his cock as he teases him so bad his arms feel like they might give out. 



"Ah, just–" he cries out when Taehyung delivers another hard blow to his ass, the sound jarring and his skin is starting to feel raw. Fingers curl around his hips just as his head falls against his arm. "Please- your cock, fuck, want it.



"Is that how you ask?"



He's so frustrated, it's fucking awful. Tension simmers beneath the surface and he can sense hot tears spring to his eyes, he's so wound up. Taehyung knows what he's doing and still he's not relenting, intent on watching him surpass the threshold before breaking apart in his hands but maybe that was his design all along. Wouldn't put it past him, the opportunistic bastard.



Taehyung sinks a little deeper, still not enough to make him thrash but enough to pull a strangled sound from his lips and suddenly, Yoongi's mouth is looser than ever.



"Please, just fuck me," he prattles, fingers twisting around the sheets as he wriggles his hips and Taehyung rumbles behind him. "Need your cock, need it so bad, Tae please–"



"Alright, fuck," Taehyung whispers tightly against his ear, suddenly grabbing ahold of his hips before slowly guiding his cock in, watching the way those muscles stretch to accommodate him as he buries himself inside that tight heat. "Gonna fuck you baby," he groans, head glued to his nape. "God, m'gonna fuck you real hard."



Yoongi nods, whine bubbling in his throat as Taehyung's dick settles deep, balls rubbing against the sides of his hole and the burn wicked enough to have his eyes snapping shut. "Yeah, that– oh." 



His dick is hard, it's so hard and he feels himself dripping with pre-cum, wetness sliding messily down his length and pooling at his scrotum. He'd be ashamed but he currently has no idea what that is.



"This fucking ass, baby." The upside is that Taehyung seems to be approaching the same level of incoherency. Equal opportunities.



He pushes back, feeling Taehyung against his belly and making them both tremble when they're flush. He breathes shakily, ass stuffed and tremors gripping his frame but he tries to stave them off, growling at Taehyung to move.



This time, Taehyung does. Feels him pull nearly all the way out before slamming back inside. Yoongi bites down on his fist, back ramrod straight as Taehyung holds his hips in place and sinks all the way in. 



It's messy, it hurts, and still Yoongi wants it– knows he's likely going to regret it in the morning but not right now, definitely not right now as he pleads with Taehyung to go faster, to get his dick a little deeper.



He mewls, cheeks flushed as Taehyung rams into him, swearing quietly against his neck.



"Fuck, that's good," he slurs, teeth sinking into his arm when Taehyung speeds up, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room. Taehyung drives forward and he pushes back, really feeling him as his face twists in pain.



Taehyung groans, the sound throaty as his hips collide with his ass each time he moves. "Tight– Jesusyou're so tight around my cock, Yoong."



His arms waver when his thrusts turn rough, cock nudging his prostate and causing him to emit these breathy sighs. Taehyung rolls his hips in a way that's so good, his head lolling as he takes it.



"Y-Yeah, like that–" his voice cracks, gripping the bedsheets and ass throbbing from Taehyung's thrusts. "Harder, yeahstretch it out."



"Shit–" Taehyung mutters, dragging his ass back which causes him to sink deeper from the new angle. "Taking this cock so good, so fucking good."



He squirms when Taehyung begins fucking into him fast, gritting through the pain as he's shoved further up the bed. "Right there–" he wails, stiffening when he hammers into him, splaying his hand right against his abdomen to hold him there and the friction makes his toes curl.



Taehyung pants harshly, sucking dark bruises into his neck. He jerks his hips, fucking into Yoongi and mind scattered at the warmth of those muscles wrapped tightly around him. He molds himself to his back, rutting harder while his fingers find purchase in his hair.



Yoongi can feel his cock slap against his belly every time Taehyung slides deeper, abdomen smeared with pre-cum and sticky all over. Those fingers become entangled in his hair and he stutters, reeling in the noise that nearly surfaces. 



"S'good, yeah, fuck it—"



He moans when Taehyung shoves his face into the pillow, ass sticking up as he suddenly starts angling his hips so he's fucking him into the mattress, pushing his weight down and pinning him in place while he makes him take his cock.



"O-Oh Jesus, like that–" he whines, rubbing his face against the sheets. "Cock's so fucking big, love it." He reaches between his legs, fingers wet as he traces the base of his cock. He plays with his balls, squeezing lightly and wresting a keen before his fingers slide down to rub at Taehyung's, making him stutter just as the profanities pour into his neck.



"Shit, Yoongi–" he groans, tugging his lip between his teeth as he tries to build up a rhythm again, rolling his hips steadily.



It's good, feels real good, even when it starts to hurts. Taehyung's working his ass hard, fucking him open and he whimpers, trying to quash the noises amidst the ache. He whines at one particularly callous thrust, hands scrambling for the sheets and forehead sinking into the pillow.



"Ha– there," there's spit pooling from the sides of his lips, wetting the pillowcase, but he doesn't care. Only pushes back shamelessly, fingers reaching behind to clutch Taehyung's ass as he holds him in place and blubbers for him to go harder, deeper



Taehyung acquiesces, squeezing his hips as he rocks into him, noting how prettily his back curves when he's flush with his ass. He watches his cock disappear inside that tight hole, fingers flexing around his hips as Yoongi takes it eagerly.



"You're so fucking pretty around my cock, baby," his voice dips as he slows only to snap his hips roughly, smacking hard against his ass and making Yoongi babble into the bed.  



It feels like there's a fire stirring beneath his veins, burgeoned in his stomach and he shudders every time Taehyung moves, grazing the spot that makes his vision spin. He's gripping the sheets so hard they bunch up in his fists, ass tender from Taehyung repeatedly slamming into him and strangled moans wrested. He feels his muscles clench whenever he gets balls deep, pulsing hard around him as a trail of pre-cum drips from the tip of his cock to the bed. He's so close it's making him squirm.



"God, your dick— feels so good, keep– ah." Taehyung pushes roughly into him, forcing his head down and his voice breaks.



"Fuck, m'getting close," grunts Taehyung, buried inside and movements turning sloppy. His nails bite into Yoongi's skin, keeping him in place as he drives his dick in hard– going until he hears Yoongi muffle a cry against the pillow. His hand glides down to rub soothingly at his lower back, palming his ass as he sinks in. "Come for me, baby." His words slur together, head lolling with every thrust. "Make a mess all over the fucking sheets and let me feel how tight this pretty ass can get for me." He finishes it with a hard smack to his cheeks, making Yoongi tremble from the pain, corners of his eyes dampening.



"Yeah, yeahyeah— Tae, j-just like that, fucking this so good, ngh– ah."



Taehyung groanssounding wrecked as he cranes his neck only to jerk his hips wildly."Shit, I wanna come in your ass baby," his voice pulls so deep it has Yoongi leaking at the tip, trying to grind back on him. "Wanna make you wet in there, make you take my fucking cum until your little hole can't hold it– fuck."



Yoongi keens, eyes stinging. He feels that familiar heat, that burn between his legs that starts in his balls and pulls all the way to his cock, trails of pre-cum dripping messily from his slit. He cries, eyes rolling back when Taehyung sinks in deep, ballsack slapping against his rim.



"Do i-it," he chokes, stomach taut as he feels Taehyung continue sliding wetly in and out of his hole, the echo of skin slapping against skin deafening while he writhes desperately in his grasp. He tips his head back, Taehyung pinning his arms painfully behind his sides. "Nng, Tae, o-oh."



"What do you want?" He rasps, voice strained as Yoongi tightens around him, causing his hips to stutter. The muffled shriek that's pushed out of those pretty lips has him reaming him with more force, eager to feel him fall apart in his arms– around his cock.



"Cum, f-fuck– put that cum in my ass." He pleads, cheeks damp as he's eased closer to the edge. His stomach is slick, wet, and he wants to run his fingers all over it. "Fuck, Taehyung, I- please." His words turn into a garbled mess, cock hard and dribbling with pre-cum but he's trying to hold on, waiting for Taehyung, waiting–



"Y-Yeah, Jesus Christ," Taehyung groans, snapping his hips so abruptly they both jostle forward and Yoongi chokes on a cry before he's coming–



Coming so hard his back arches and he jerks in Taehyung's arms. Taehyung holds him down, keeping him on his cock while strangled moans pour from his lips. He feels his vision burst as his eyes flutter shut, movements restricted and unable to do anything but take it.



"Oh," he keens, tremors wracking his frame as he comes all over the sheets. "Tae-"



Yoongi pulses around him and profanities flow into his neck, rhythm thrown off but still fucking into him tirelessly, circling his hips so they're flush with his ass and muttering praises senselessly into his ear.



"That's it, baby- fuck," he mutters hoarsely, one hand splayed possessively over his belly to keep him still as he drives in deep. Another wave of aftershocks travel through Yoongi and he groans, muscles squeezing around him as he struggles to push past that tightness. "Keep coming on my cock."



Yoongi squirms in Taehyung's lap, whimper bubbling and arms sore. His thighs shake, growing increasingly sensitive as he continues fucking him and choking on a broken murmur of "Taehyung."



"Fuck." Taehyung pants, grip tightening around Yoongi's wrists as he feels the burn in his limbs. He wrestles Yoongi onto his front, cock trapped against the bed and arms locked behind his back before he suddenly thrusts into him with renewed vigor.



"H-ha, shit, Taehyu–"



"Take it, baby," His voice drops to something animalistic as he cages Yoongi against the bed and pounds him until it hurts, cheeks flushed red. "Take my fucking cock."



"Tae-" Yoongi gasps, biting down hard on the pillow, drool gathering around the sides of his mouth and all over the cushion but it doesn't matter when Taehyung is getting this deep. "Ngh, ah– fuck, l-love it."  



"Yeah?" Taehyung sweeps his tongue over the curve of Yoongi's neck, teeth lingering on a spot above the juncture of his throat as he whispers into it. "How much?"



He growls when Taehyung holds his hips down and sinks in, rim stretching around his cock and the squelching of lube as he pushes in making his toes curl.



"Mnh-" his teeth dig into the sheets and he can feel his back stiffen, the pressure overwhelming but he knows he'd kill him if he stopped. "Ho-" he lets out a choked whimper, Taehyung's thrusts turning callous and he knows he's close.



"Tell me." He spits, speeding up and ignoring Yoongi's cries while he chases after his release. He's close, movements getting erratic with every pulse around his cock and it has his head pounding, eyes hardly seeing straight as he focuses on filling Yoongi up.



Yoongi buries his face against the pillow to smother a whine, barely able to string two words together. "Ngh, s-so much." His cheek is mashed against the cushion, pillowcase abused between his teeth. "Oh, Go-"



The fire builds in his belly and his arms strain from holding Yoongi right against him, chest glued to his back as he buries himself to the hilt, making sure Yoongi feels him every time his hips snap forward. He's wrought with tension, back lined in sweat and arms trembling as he loses his flow, movements jerky and breaths coming out in staccato moans. 



Yoongi presses his face down harder, cheeks flushed as he pleads wetly, tears clinging to his lashes, "Come in my– hnph."



Taehyung lets out a tortured groan, forehead damp against his nape while he sinks his teeth in, causing Yoongi to stiffen in his arms.






"You feel that, baby?" He punctuates each word with a thrust, delighting in the way Yoongi squirms beneath him, frame sliding up the bed and pained groans falling from his lips. "Want me to stuff you 'til you're shaking-" his fingers circle his wrists, walls stretching around his cock obscenely and making them both groan as he clenches around him. "Breed your ass like the pretty little cum slut you are?"



Yoongi whines around a mouthful, fucking back onto his cock and Taehyung loves it because he still can't believe how insatiable he is. How his pride and reservations fly straight out the window the moment he wrestles him down and slides home.



He doesn't want to give it up. 



Taehyung swears hotly, abdomen clenching and balls tight as he leans in to fuck him deeper, thrusting so hard the bed frame bangs into the wall. Yoongi writhes while he reams him with intent, driving his cock in rapidly as he traipses over the edge and he senses it from the distance before it crashes into him all at once, leaving him choking on his breath. 



"Fuck– coming." His voice is wrecked, grip bruising as he fucks Yoongi blindly through his orgasm, muffling his curses against his skin. His muscles tauten while he rams into him without any sort of restriction, carnal sounds ripped from his chest as he feels his cock jerk inside his ass. "God." Taehyung stutters, the sound of his balls slapping against him positively lewd. His jaw is tight while he fucks him through it, ignoring the way his abdomen tenses and relaxes as he empties his load inside him. He holds Yoongi close, resolving to make him feel every bit of it.



Yoongi is so worked up he hardly registers anything but the sudden warmth filling his ass, groaning at the flood of Taehyung's cum inside him and it's obscene- a mess, but that's the only way he'd have it.



"F-fuck, baby– you take it so well," Taehyung praises, fingers digging into his wrists as he continues rutting into him, Yoongi's back arching at the sensitivity. "Keep it there, yeah- my fucking cumbucket."



Yoongi whines as Taehyung rocks his hips, shaking his head deliriously as he clamps down on his cock. "Mmnh– Tae, n-no more."



Tae's hand slides up his chest to wrap around his neck, pressing around it experimentally before a quiet command is sung into his ear.



"One more," he urges, fucking into him with hurried rolls of his hips. Slim fingers press in, forcing his head back and simultaneously pushing him harder onto his cock. "Take it like a good boy." 



Yoongi chokes, tears in his eyes and legs trembling unsteadily beneath him. Taehyung is relentless, keeping his ass perched as he stuffs him with his cock, hand flexing around his neck.



If he were any more lucid, he'd rail at him for leaving marks that are likely to show come tomorrow but he's not so, shit happens.



He trembles every time Taehyung presses balls deep, eyes slipping shut as his dick is caught uncomfortably between his stomach and the bed. The slide inside feels increasingly smooth, the sides of his rim stretching apart and trails of something viscous seeping down the insides of his thighs. It hits him so hard his back bows, breaking down into an incoherent mess as Taehyung continues to fuck him- fucking his cum back inside him and making a mess as it splatters all over his cheeks. The sound is profane and has his face heating up but he pays it little heed, focused on the way Taehyung is crammed perfectly inside him.



"Tae- can't," he begs, fingers curling in Taehyung's grasp and breath hitching with every forceful shove of his cock, stroking over the spot that makes him burn.



"Almost there," he soothes, trailing his nose gently over his nape before planting a wet kiss. He accompanies it with a sharp thrust, guiding Yoongi's head to the side and swallowing his moans. "Keep fucking back on my cock, baby." He whispers into his mouth, breathless.



Yoongi gasps when Taehyung suddenly releases him, wrists aching and arms coming out to break his fall, wobbling but Taehyung refuses to let up in the slightest.



"Fuck, I-"



Taehyung is on him again, one hand still wrapped around his throat and the other gliding down his hip, nails biting into his skin as he grinds against his ass. Yoongi stammers, spine arched and stomach burning with something so titillating it's nearly uncomfortable.



"Shit," His voice cracks, gravel bleeding into his syllables and cock hurting as he pushes back to feel him deeper. His dick is wet at the tip and he's so close to coming. "Tae– just, f-fuck"



His thighs are a wreck, cum and excess lube sliding down them and every time Taehyung pushes forward, he feels their skin stick closer together. It should be off-putting, the amount of filth clinging to their bodies, but that's currently the farthest thing from his mind.



"Ho-" Pinned underneath Taehyung's weight, he only feels it more heavily as the other leans right in, fingers applying pressure carefully against the sides of his neck and making breathing a feat.



"Let me feel it- c'mon." He grunts, hand sliding from his hip to weave through his his hair and Yoongi's eyes roll into his head when he tugs so fiercely, the veins lining his throat protrude. "Come hard on my cock, fuck, do it."



Taehyung fucks into him deep, hips flush with his ass as his cock rubs against his prostate and Yoongi stiffens, vision going white.



"Com-" He breaks off on a whine, joints locking up and dick twitching before he comes all over the sheets, collapsing into a shuddering heap beneath him. A gasp is wrested from his throat, fingers clutching the bedding as his orgasm barrels into him, body convulsing beneath Taehyung's and words dying on a whimper when he opens his mouth to speak. "Nnh, o-oh."



Yoongi tightens so much around him he chokes, hips jerking as he stifles his groans against the damp patch of his neck, patches of red marring once unblemished flesh. 



"Goddamn, baby," he mutters in a guttural tone just as his arms give out and Yoongi is crushed beneath his weight, shivering frame blanketed with his own. He delivers a few more thrusts, cock wet before he finally relents with a stuttered curse, chest heaving as he fights to recover from the brunt of his own release.



Yoongi's fingers twist around the sheets, tremors wracking his frame as he lies in a patch of his own cum, disgusting as that may be. He struggles to regain his breath, whining softly when Taehyung suddenly shifts above him, cock lodging deeper inside and making his eyes water at the sensitivity.



Taehyung pants heavily against his neck, nose grazing his skin. He peppers kisses along his throat, holding him closely through the aftershocks. His cock is snug inside Yoongi's ass and his skin sticky and spattered with god knows what but it's the greatest fucking way to come down and he wouldn't exchange it for anything. He exhales tiredly, basking in the afterglow.



"Fuck," their breathing grows collective as the beat of their hearts sync up. Yoongi slotted this closely to his chest as he remains inside him is one of his favorite things.



Yoongi is still shifting somewhat restlessly beneath him, pleasant aftershocks gripping his frame and making him jar ocassionally but the tension between his legs gradually recedes, replaced by a delightful headrush.



His lids grow heavy and just about every inch of his body is sore but the aftermath of it keeps him sated, cocooned in Taehyung's warmth and the pressure against his back strangely grounding.



"Wow," he manages when the tremors eventually subside, pulse deafening in his ears and breaths shaky. His words slur, voice rough with use. "That-"



Taehyung lets out a tired laugh, chest falling steadily against his back and Yoongi welcomes it. "Yeah."



He attempts to stretch out, shoulders aching nearly as much as his ass and muscles contracting around Taehyung's cock when he moves, earning a deep groan from behind. "Heavy," he complains, sounding fucked out but too tired and wrapped up in post-coital bliss to care. "Off."



Taehyung tuts but complies, dragging his lips across his shoulder before gripping the base of his cock and slowly pulling out.



Yoongi swallows a protest when he slips out, biting his tongue to keep it at bay.



"I knew you only wanted me for my dick." He teases, voice huskier than usual and arms perched on either side of him as he trails kisses lazily down his spine. Yoongi unwittingly arches into the touch and his lips flit upwards.



"Mmm, that's your only redeeming factor."



Taehyung grins, nipping gently at his back in retaliation.



"I thought you said my looks were the only thing I had going for me."



Yoongi's lips twitch, eyes hooded as he rests his head tiredly against the pillow, movements lethargic.



"I'm feeling generous," mumbles Yoongi drowsily, rubbing his cheek absentmindedly against the pillowcase. "It's a buy one, get one free deal tonight."



This startles a deep laugh from Taehyung, the sound wrapping so nicely around his ears. Soothing.



"I'm flattered." Yoongi jerks when large palms gently knead his ass, still raw from earlier. "Jesus, you're a mess." He quashes a sound of approval when Taehyung pulls his cheek to the side, hole twitching as those fingers play with the viscid mess coating his skin.



"Whose fault is that?" Yoongi intakes sharply, burying his face against the sheets as the other trails his fingers over his backside, smearing it with remnants of lube and cum and it's pretty gross but they make it work.



Taehyung smirks, rubbing it across the swell of his cheeks and if there was a way to leave a trace of himself on Yoongi's skin indefinitely, he'd do it. "I'll take credit for that."



Yoongi snorts. "Of course you would." He tenses when he feels Taehyung's hot breath against him, muscles clenching around the heat. He shivers when sturdy hands spread his cheeks further apart, thumb brushing teasingly over his swollen rim. "F-fuck."



"You're so sensitive." His tone is goading, dropping to a deep murmur which puts him on edge. Yoongi's cheeks flare when Taehyung utters, "hold 'em open for me."



"I'm not-"



"Just indulge me."



Yoongi huffs, peeved but also wound up at the same time so he bats Taehyung's hand away before replacing it with his own, grumbling about his dubious tendencies. His skin still stings from how hard Taehyung had been slamming into him earlier and he winces at the contact, groaning softly as he spreads his cheeks and feeling his ass clench at the stretch.



"Happy now?" He grouses, face dipped in warmth because something about this makes him feel strangely exposed.



"More than happy." If possible, his voice dips lower and Yoongi shifts uneasily, waiting for Taehyung to do something- anything.



"Ok, well if you're done staring at my- shit." Apparently he's still pretty damn sensitive because he nearly lurches off the bed when Taehyung rubs a finger over his hole, stuttering on a broken moan. "Ah, f-fuck."



"Fuck, Yoongi," The awe is prevalent in his voice and it causes Yoongi to burrow his face deeper to overlook the burning in his cheeks. "Spread yourself wider." He whispers with just a touch of rapture and a noise of protest rises in his throat because this is so fucking ridiculous. 



"You're a fucking pervert," he mumbles but pulls his cheeks further apart, ass up and face flat against the cushion. His fingers are sticky and it's weird to be on display like this, but he's learned by now that Taehyung's intentions are at best questionable as fuck.



Taehyung breathes out a laugh, hands fitting over Yoongi's as he guides his cheeks to the side. "Tell me something I don't know, sweetheart."



Yoongi's in the midst of formulating of a comeback when he hears Taehyung mutter behind him, "fuck, keep 'em spreadlike that."



"God, shut up." It's so wayward. He doesn't know why he even sleeps with a sexual deviant.



Yes, he does. It's because the sexual deviant incidentally has a nice dick, that's why. 



"Should I do that in your ass," there's a teasing note to his query. "Like maybe shove my face between your cheeks to muffle the noises."



Yoongi groans, desire waning.



"Your mouth is a turn-off."



Taehyung laughs lightly, hands holding him open while he watches his hole flex, rim slippery with cum and lube and the sight has him riveted. "Don't lie to me." He murmurs distractedly, voice rough as he swallows hard. "My mouth drives you wild."



Yoongi grunts, too distracted to come up with a proper response as Taehyung continues rubbing the sides of his entrance. He tenses, trying to ignore how nice those fingers feel as they tease him, sinking inside with a soft squelching sound and slick with cum as he pulls them back out. His chest rumbles at the sensation.






"This is so hot, fuck Yoong." He eases two fingers inside this time, reveling in the lewd noises as he pumps them in slowly, drinking in Yoongi's mewls and groaning softly as his walls clench tightly around his digits. "Shit, you're fucking wet baby," his words come out strained, voice worn as he curls his fingers and feels how easy of a slide it is. "You like being a mess down here?" 



Yoongi's breath scatters, choking on a whine when the pads of his fingertips rub against his walls, making his vision cross.



"You like when I come inside you so you can feel how dirty you are when it drips down your thighs?" His voice is suddenly against his ear, frame tensing as he arches into the line of his chest. Those fingers are still moving slowly inside him, wriggling around and making the sides of his rim feel even sloppier as they play around with his cum inside.






"You know, I was just kidding about your ass being a fire hydrant but Jesus."



"God, I fucking hate you." Yoongi grouses, jarring when Taehyung scissors his fingers, stretching him out and making him jolt at the sensitivity but refusing to let up.



Taehyung breathes out a laugh, pressing a kiss to his shoulder just as he crams his fingers inside, holding them knuckle deep and enjoying the high pitched moan it elicits. 



"Nah, you just hate that you love my cock this much." He relays smugly just before his fingers slip out, a dripping mess.



Yoongi groans in protest, caught between relief and dismay. But then Taehyung is slinking back down, dragging his fingers tantalizingly across his skin, smearing it with his cum and it's grody as hell but he can't really complain. There's an admonition on the tip of his tongue which quickly dissolves when he feels Taehyung's hands back on his ass, palming him with a strange amount of care before spreading him wide again. Those fingers run teasingly over his entrance, thumb grazing his hole and he jerks. 






The simplest touch has him arcing wildly, and he knows the motherfucker is drinking it all up like the vainglorious prick he is.



"Easy there." The humor makes him want to punch him in the gut, but it's mildly distracting with Taehyung stroking the sensitive area unrelentingly.



He's on the verge of kicking him when Taehyung pries his cheeks apart, muscles twitching and he senses how wet it's gotten back there. His head dips, fringe plastered to his forehead and chest heaving with exertion.



"Fucking hell," he protests weakly, feeling boneless as his elbows threaten to give out. "What are y- hngh."



His arms shake, caught off guard when Taehyung tugs at the sides of his rim, spasming around his fingers. 



"Keep your ass up." Taehyung commands when he moves to lie down and he groans in dissatisfaction.



Yoongi's heart runs rampant in his chest, breath held as Taehyung eases him open. His eyes fall shut and he swallows around the lump in his throat.



"Anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?"  



Yoongi's face heats up.



"Do you have to talk all the time?"



Taehyung chuckles, stretching him wider as he keeps his gaze fixed on that tight ring of muscle fluttering around his thumbs. He steadily ignores the flare of arousal in his gut, trying to focus on something other than the budding desire to flatten his tongue over him.



"As if you don't get off on hearing me talk when you're writhing on my cock."



He can envision the scathing look Yoongi sends him but he's unperturbed, fixated instead on the thin trail of white that slowly begins to seep from his hole. He lets out a groan, fingers flexing around those reddened cheeks as he watches his cum dribble from his rim. "Fuck, baby."



Yoongi tenses, exhaling shakily when he feels something wet sliding down his balls, trickling down the back of his thighs and making him shift uncomfortably. He swallows hard, muscles clenching as Taehyung skims the pads of his fingertips over his entrance.



"T-Taehyung, sto–"



"Jeez, you really are sensitive tonight." Taehyung whispers in awe, dragging his thumb across his messy rim in circles, spreading it over his perineum and making him jar as his arms buckle beneath him.



Yoongi intakes sharply, tense from the way those fingers continuously rub at him, brushing over his hole while the stickiness trails down his thighs.



Taehyung presses his thumb flat against his entrance, teasing him and Yoongi jerks, exhale catching on a gasp.



"No more." He urges, hand reaching back to seize Taehyung's wrist. 



Taehyung breathes out a soft laugh, fingers stilling within Yoongi's death grip and he murmurs his assent. "Alright, alright." 



Yoongi lets out an audible sigh when the pressure recedes, Taehyung scooting up the bed so he can cage his frame. He feels the other nuzzling his nape, skin flushed and sticking to his chest but the proximity brings a wave of comfort. It's chaotic the way his breaths come but his body is ensconced in warmth and it's nice, even with the vileness caking to his skin. 



Taehyung's arms wind around his waist, pulling him close against his chest and Yoongi permits it as the exhaustion starts to kick in, limbs spent but strangely malleable as Taehyung shifts them so they're lying on their sides. His ass feels like it's been set on fire and daubed with some nasty shit simultaneously, which is not entirely inaccurate but those lips running over his nape are just as distracting so it's a bit of a mind trip. He feels Taehyung's cock nestled between his cheeks, slick and sliding between the crease of his ass and he elbows him roughly.



"Cut it out, asshole." His voice is hoarse, strained around the edges and Taehyung's hardly sounds much better off as rough laughter fills his ears. He feels him swipe sticky fingers across his chest and he grunts, peeved. "You sack of shit."



Taehyung titters, muffling it against his neck and Yoongi means to stay annoyed but something about his laughter is strangely infectious and he can't help the way his own lips curl into a private smile.



"Guess you shouldn't have taken that shower earlier, huh."



Yoongi chortles, but somehow finds himself curling further into the other's chest, breathing still staggered.



"And you call me petty." 






He has to admit. It's nice, being coddled like this after an orgasm. Taehyung, though he'd deny it, gets even touchier- short of clingy- and Yoongi is usually too out of it to resist.



It's an excuse that works in both their favors.



Taehyung lays kisses along his back, arm snug around him and though he'd never be caught admitting it, it's maybe one of the few things he likes about this arrangement.



Besides the sex itself, of course.



That's pretty decent too.



He waits until his breathing evens out, feeling the rise of Taehyung's chest settle into a steady rhythm before he runs his fingers through his damp fringe, chuckling as the exhaustion kicks in. His lips are dry and he licks them, inhaling evenly and basking in the pleasant aftermath as he unwinds in Taehyung's arms.



"I can personally attest to department equipment being up to par, Kim." He drawls, a little more honest after sex. He feels Taehyung's chest rumble with laughter, nosing gently at his neck.



"Yeah?" He detects the amusement in his voice.






"Appreciate the inspection."



Yoongi smiles, drowsy. 



It's quiet until Taehyung shifts closer, skin sticking and he briefly considers a shower but he's also comfortable like this.



"Sleep here tonight."



He pauses, enjoying the heat along his back.



"My bed is comfier." Yoongi answers, putting up a fight for the sake of putting up a fight. They've been doing this more often but he still needs to put up some resistance, if only for appearances' sake. Image is crucial after all.



"Mmm, maybe. But not as comfy as this." He hooks his chin over his shoulder, arms winding tighter around his waist. Yoongi's mouth flits, fingers toying with his.



"Don't have clothes," he murmurs but his resolve slowly starts to waver. "And I'm not wearing yours." He cuts in before Taehyung can pose the suggestion.



"I'll drop you off in the morning then." 



He could go home. Probably should. It would be a lot easier when he has to get up at ass-o-clock in the morning. But Taehyung drives a hard bargain and he possibly enjoys lying here more than he lets on. 



He feigns contemplation, pretending to think it over because he's not used to being forward, especially not with Taehyung wherein everything began on shaky terms.



It feels like minutes before he finally speaks again, voice gruff but strangely soft around the edges. "Set your alarm for 5. If we oversleep, I'm kicking you off the bed."



He doesn't need to look behind to know there's a smile spreading from one side of  his lips to the next, envisioning it rather vividly in his head. 



"You realize there's joint responsibility in that right?"



"Suddenly, I can't hear."



"Sure." He chuckles, reaching behind for his phone, unlocking it to set his alarm. "God, that's like five hours away."



Yoongi hums, turning around to face him. "Maybe you should work on finishing faster next time."



"Shut up," he laughs, setting his phone back on the drawer before rolling towards him again. He perches his head against his hand, staring down at Yoongi with a pensive look in his eyes. "Hey, Min."






His hand finds it's way around him again, a steady weight, and he stares. There's something almost hesitant in his actions and Yoongi's interest is piqued, eyes fixed on him.



"Have dinner with me."



He stills.






Not what he was expecting.



He worries the inside of his lip, ears suddenly tinged with warmth. 



"What are we, in high school?" He deflects, eyes flitting to his chest as he averts his gaze. If he can sense the quickening of his pulse in his ears, he doesn't acknowledge it. Taehyung's fingers slip beneath his chin, lifting it so he can look at him.



"You're avoiding the question."



Technically, it wasn't a question.



Yoongi swallows, distracted by the intensity of his gaze as he answers gruffly, "I'm pretty sure you're supposed to wine and dine a guy first before taking him home."



Taehyung grins, a spark to his eyes. "When has anything we've done ever been conventional?"



Fair enough.



Yoongi opens his mouth, a new excuse on the tip of his tongue but Taehyung is quick to cut him off, murmuring gently between them. 



"Just say yes." He seems to backtrack a bit, as though only now realizing he might be coming off a bit strong. "I mean, it's not like we have to be exclusive or anything–" he amends quickly, clearing his throat. "We could just, y'know," he pauses, glancing up at him almost shyly. "See each other exclusively. Go out exclusively. Sleep with each other exclusively." His fingers dance across Yoongi's side, expression uncertain.



Yoongi's mouth quirks, finding it strangely endearing.



"Yeah?" He breathes, shifting to face him. There's a playful smile on his lips. "And why would I wanna do that?"



Taehyung moves, their noses grazing. 



"I mean, not to toot my own horn, but I've heard from a third party source that my bedroom technique is pretty solid. These hips definitely don't lie."



Yoongi breathes out a laugh, head shaking. "Bold statement to be making there." 



Taehyung grins, arm settling across his waist. "It's a highly credible source."



He feels his lips twitch, trying to suppress it but not doing a very good job at that. He hums, leaning into Taehyung's touch when he cards his fingers gently through his sweaty hair. 



"I like Italian." He murmurs after a prolonged moment, breaking the silence.



The smile that slowly lights up Taehyung's face, reaching those pretty brown eyes, convinces him he's made the right choice.



"Noted," he chuckles, bumping his nose gently against his. "Lilia's is just around the corner." 



Yoongi arcs a brow, amused. "Good luck getting reservations. That place is always packed."



Taehyung's smile is sly, a teasing lilt to his voice. "Well, I mean, you always say I've only got my looks going for me. I could just go over there and work my charm, tell that cute hostess I'm from FD. Bet she'd eat it right up."



Yoongi frowns, feeling something unpleasant fester inside as he pinches Taehyung's side vindictively. "Do it and see if I touch your dick for a week." He mutters gruffly, feeling his irritation wane as Taehyung's laughter fills the space between them.



"Relax," he titters, eyes bright. "You know I've only got eyes for you, babe."



Yoongi scoffs but his face heats up. "Don't be gross." He rolls back around, fitting into his chest and he winces when a jolt of pain runs through him. Taehyung drapes his arm around his waist again, the other laid across the pillow and running gently through his locks. He tries not to do something compromising like purr but it feels pretty nice.



He's comfortable, this is comfortable. He still feels a little gross but it's endurable, he thinks, with Taehyung gently massaging his scalp. His lids grow heavy, sleep creeping up on him but then he practically jerks in place when those fingers drift down to part his cheeks. He shifts, uncomfortable because his ass is still raw from earlier, but Taehyung doesn't give him much space to move.






"Baby, just let me," it's crooned into his ear, a hint of a plea there and Yoongi's mouth closes. "Wanna touch you here," he rubs at his sloppy hole, fingers slick from the excess. "Love feeling how wet you are, how fucking wet I make you– please let me touch you." The friction against his rim as Taehyung works the pads of his fingertips around him makes him choke, squirming from the oversensitivity.



Yoongi whimpers, the sound high-pitched, before his lips part in a silent O. Taehyung runs his fingers back and forth, spreading the mess around his entrance- smearing it all over his perineum and down to his balls. He fidgets, restless, but Taehyung's hand tightens around his hair, holding him in place.



His head falls back to rest against Taehyung's shoulder, a whine building in his throat with every brush across his sensitive rim. He shakes his head, a chorus of breathy no's tumbling from his lips as Taehyung presses harder.



"Too much." He chokes out, muscles fluttering at the touch.



Taehyung's lips brush across his shoulder blade, fingers slowing before he finally breathes a sigh of relief. He exhales, head spinning as he attempts to regain his breath and feeling the other kiss up his neck. He hums, lethargic.






The rich laughter against his ear is soothing.



"You alright?"



Yoongi throws a half-hearted glare over his shoulder, still trying to get his eyes to refocus. "No thanks to you, shithead." His voice is rough with use, guttural but cracking around the end.



Taehyung smirks, bringing his fingers up to his lips, running his tongue over them with a pleased groan.



Yoongi's breath hitches.



"Shit– made a fucking mess." Taehyung rumbles, rubbing them across his lips in a manner that he finds obscene. His tongue wraps around his digits, licking his cum off before bringing his hand to Yoongi's mouth. He presses his fingers close, ordering softly, "Suck."



Yoongi grimaces, finding the idea off putting but then Taehyung is dragging them across his lips, getting them slick and his tongue darts out to lap it up. He licks, frowning at the taste, before Taehyung is shoving his fingers inside his mouth and making him choke. He moans, sucking lewdly at his fingers and hearing Taehyung swear quietly behind him.



"Fuck, your mouth was made to be stuffed," he whispers in awe. "My fingers, cock– you'd take whatever I give you and still ask for more, wouldn't you baby?"



Yoongi whines, lapping up all traces from his fingertips, sucking them clean before letting go with a pop. He runs his tongue over his lips, glistening with spit.



Taehyung turns the side of his face, hovering over him so he can slot their mouths together. He slips his tongue in, tracing the roof of his mouth before pressing their lips harder together. Yoongi groans, kissing him back just as eagerly while his fingers tangle in his hair. Taehyung makes a content sound from his chest when he tugs gently, pulling him closer.



When they finally break apart, it's with Taehyung's forehead against his and the other panting softly into his mouth. He huffs, tracing Yoongi's lip with his thumb as he mutters lowly, "You're filthy, baby."



Yoongi laughs, the irony not lost on him as he nips gently at Taehyung's thumb. "Learned from the best."



That earns him a smile, a little boyish and which he returns. He sighs, really feeling the drowsiness kicking in as Taehyung nuzzles his neck.



"Seriously though, no more." He drawls, words jumbled. "M'tired."



Taehyung grins, fond, as he reaches up to stroke his cheek gently with a thumb. "Sleep." He brushes their lips softly before silently urging him to turn around.



Yoongi complies, sleepy and allowing Taehyung to roll them onto their sides. It's warm, nice really, with his chest pressed close. He melts into it, feeling him pepper kisses along his nape. He's quickly cocooned in warmth, lids drooping and sleep trickling in from all sides. He nearly gives in to it but Taehyung's voice cuts in before he can, gravelly yet lulling.



"Wait– can I fall asleep inside you?"



Yoongi's eyes flutter open, aggrieved but cheeks dipped in warmth.



"You're ridiculous."



Taehyung grins, not denying it because he supposes it's true. Where it concerns Yoongi at least, and that doesn't bother him nearly as much as it probably should. 



"Is that a yes?"



Yoongi's face is hot but he grumbles something like an assent. Taehyung smiles, pleased, before molding himself to his back. He fists his cock, still slick from earlier and spreads Yoongi's cheek to the side, rubbing the tip along his entrance before guiding it inside.



Yoongi arches when Taehyung slides home, arm wrapped closely around his waist to prevent him from wriggling too much. He chokes, breathing out a content sigh as he feels him buried to the hilt. Taehyung groans quietly against his neck and he stretches, grinding his ass subtly on his cock before a firm hand stops him.



"Cut it out." Taehyung warns, voice tight and Yoongi chuckles, deciding to take pity this once.



"Too much?" He taunts, peering coyly over his shoulder, smirk growing when he notices the pained look on his face.



"You're the fucking worst, God."



Yoongi smiles, feeling those arms curl tighter around him as he involuntarily leans into his chest, fingers absentmindedly twining with his.



"Mmm, if you say so." A yawn escapes, lids heavy and he winces at the jolt of pain when he shifts, knowing he's going to feel it in the morning. He sighs, "Sleep now, talk tomorrow."



He faintly registers the sound of Taehyung's deep laughter in his ears, the steady rumble of his chest lulling as he eases into slumber. 



"Whatever you say."



Yoongi's lips twitch and the last thing he recalls before surrendering completely is the weight of that arm resting securely over his waist and the warmth emanating beneath joint fingertips.








"Wow, you look like shit."



Yoongi pauses, cup midway to his lips.



"Thanks, Seok. That's exactly what I wanted to hear." He deadpans, but he's exhausted and actually does feel like a bag of shit warmed over so it's probably nowhere near as threatening as he'd like.



Hoseok beams, that damn megawatt variation, and Yoongi wonders if he got an enema full of vitamin D first thing this morning.



"You don't pay me to sugarcoat the truth, darling."



Yoongi huffs, taking a sip and nearly burning his tongue in the process. "I don't pay you, period. I was hustled into this fucking friendship."



"Hmm, someone woke up the wrong side of the bed this morning." He waggles his brows, predatory smile forming and Yoongi knows he's not going to like whatever's coming out of that mouth. "Or maybe the right one. Seem to be walkin' a little funny this morning, Min."



He's going to bury Hoseok. And then he's coming after Taehyung.



Remind him to never agree on a shower with him again. Evidently, they have very different conceptions of what a shower is.






"Lemme guess," he dismisses with a wave of his hand and Yoongi scowls. "You knocked your hip against the table and that's why you're walking around like the aftermath of that Ariana Grande song."



Yoongi's cheeks flush. "Do I even wanna know how you know these kinds of things?"



"Do I?" Hoseok shoots back, virulent and lecherous and every other negative descriptor in the books.



He massages his temples, resolving to take another drink. He needs all the caffeine he can get. "It's way too fucking early for this."



Hoseok leers, wrestling the cup out of his hands before stealing a sip. "I imagine it must be when you're getting your ass plowed into the first hours of dawn."



Yoongi glowers, snatching his coffee back. "Literally, go fuck yourself."



"Pretty sure you covered that enough for the both of us last night." 



He needs a new partner, a new friend– something.



"Just–" he sighs, intent on changing the subject. "The paperwork for finances come in yet?"



Hoseok grins knowingly, before nodding. "Yup. But we just got a call in. Some microwave fire broke out on one of the floors of a company building this morning. Apparently everyone's fine but it set off the sprinkler system and they had to evacuate. We're heading over now, FD's already there."



Yoongi sighs again. What a start to the morning.



"Alright," he mumbles, tired and aching just about everywhere but trying to restore some of that vitality all around. "Let's go."



"After you, m'lady."



He flips him off, cradling his coffee like it's his lifeline. He tries not to wince as he moves, jolts of pain shooting up his backside. The discomfort settles heavily between his legs and he resolves to take a warm bath, maybe pamper himself tonight. He just knows Hoseok is behind him, secretly busting a gut like the asshole he is.






And there he goes.



"Seok, please stop talking."



"You can't silence me, Captain. I have the right to exercise my freedom of speech."   



"Doesn't mean you should." He grumbles beneath his breath, bitter. Ok, as someone who works in law enforcement he probably shouldn't be saying that but it's true, he thinks sulkily. What contribution can Hoseok's mouth make? None, nada, zilch.



Jimin would probably argue otherwise but that's another story for another time.



"Anyways–" Hoseok huffs, smacking him on the ass and feeling awfully vain when Yoongi practically leaps out of his skin, hissing in pain. "Lookie here," he singsongs, sidling up to him before slinging an arm around his shoulder. "I can't believe you're actually doing the limp of shame. Haven't seen that since the Joon era. Man, this is gold."



"Do you want me to tase you?"



Hoseok snorts. "Nice try, I'm practically immune to that by now. Time to update the threats."



Yoongi groans, trying to shrug Hoseok off but the asswipe clings to him and he–



Well, he's too tired to fight him off. Yeah.



"No, but really. Who can I thank for this wonderful breakthrough?" He ribs, annoying him as he steers them through the building. "Literally, because it looks like they might have actually broken through your ass. Bulldozed their way into what is left of your rectum."



Yoongi didn't sign up for this. He's not equipped to handle Hoseok in this form. Or any form. Someone save him.






"Was it 'water fairy'?"



"Shut up."



"I'm feeling the love this morning."








Hoseok should have expected it.



It's not even a surprise anymore, he thinks, as he watches Yoongi and Taehyung tear into each other. He sighs, running his fingers across his temple.



"The fuck do you need eyes for if you never use them?"



"Wow, Min, it's not even 8 yet and already you've got your fuckin' panties in a twist–"



He can't believe this is his life.



"Ha, you're a real fucking riot, Kim." He hears Yoongi spit out, voice escalating. "Maybe swap some of that humor out for some common sense, you know FD doesn't have the authority–"



"Don't lecture me on what we can or can't do at the scene of a fire, Min. Stick to your stuffy reports and–"



Cue Jimin.



"Y'know, I'm starting to think they rile each other up just for the purpose of riling each other up." He plops his ass next to Hoseok's on the hood of the cruiser. "I wonder if it's one of their kinks, makes the sex nastier ya know?"



Hoseok groans, wanting to dissipate because there are still people watching them and he's lowkey ashamed that this is how PD and FD are showcasing themselves in the public eye. Both departments need to consider the kind of people they're promoting.



"How are you taking this so lightly?" He wants to slide down somewhere and maybe hide forever. "God, they're embarrassing."



Jimin throws his head back in laughter, bumping into Hoseok. "Ya gotta learn to block it out, man. That right there is the strangest mating call I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing, but you just accept it."



He scoffs, ducking his head apologetically at a passerby gawking in Yoongi and Taehyung's direction when the former starts raising his voice.



Professional, my ass. 



"You still going off on that." He mutters bitterly after they scurry away. "How long are you gonna continue spouting that shit?"



Jimin glances at him, amused. "So long as they continue fucking. Which, they still are by the way."



Hoseok turns to him, feeling strangely smug. "Hate to break it to ya, TaeGi fanatic, but Captain Min got laid last night."



Jimin's brow quirks but his expression remains unmoved. 



Hoseok frowns. Why is he not bothered. 



"TaeGi?" There's a smile on his face. "You gave 'em a couple name?" He chuckles. "And I'm the sap."



"Zip it."



"Second, that part I pretty much figured out. Your boy's not doing much to hide those bruises on his neck or that Jack Sparrow stride he's got going on. Must've been a good night."



Hoseok is unamused. "Unfortunately, that means your poor little dreams have been shattered. Looks like they're not fucking, after all."



Jimin turns to him, brow still arched. "How are you so sure Taehyung wasn't the one he met up with last night?"



"Nice try." He folds his arms across his chest, wearing a haughty grin. "But the person Yoongi fucked last night is someone he's apparently been talking to for a while now. Caught him texting the dude a few days ago. Water fairy." 



Jimin looks at him oddly, a flurry of emotions flitting across his features before what is possibly the most self-satisfied grin he's ever seen settles across his lips. Hoseok is picking up on some bad mojo.



"Really now?" That sounds way too predatory. Hoseok doesn't like it one bit.



"Yup." He stares at Jimin, evaluative. Taehyung and Yoongi's voices have practically drowned into the background by now. 



Jimin hums, smirking to himself.



"Hey, Jung." He starts, peering at him with that same needling grin and glint to his eyes. "You wanna know what one of the best tip-offs is for people who are sleeping together?" 



Hoseok stares, frowning. "What?"



Jimin gestures in Yoongi and Taehyung's direction, voice leveled. "Body language. You can monitor the shit that comes outta your mouth but your body," he pauses, staring at Hoseok meaningfully. "It doesn't lie."



Hoseok follows in that direction and really, nothing about it strikes him as odd. 



Yeah, Min and Kim are practically jumping down each other's throats again but what's new. 



Taehyung is towering over him with his hips cocked and a stoic expression and Yoongi–



He's glowering at Taehyung like he's contemplating how far he can shove his baton down his throat without officially killing him.



Like he said, nothing out of the ordinary.



So what if they're perhaps a little deep in each other's space, body orientation strangely in sync as one turns to crowd in when the other shifts, lower bodies a shorter distance away than he initially suspected.



It doesn't mean anything.



He's about to interject with an explanation but then Taehyung is taking a step in and he's momentarily distracted, watching as Yoongi–



What the fuck. 



Did he just arch his back. Like a fucking feline.



Suddenly, he can't tear his gaze away. He observes closely and though Yoongi still seems wound up, he catches the way his stance changes minutely as Taehyung leans in, shoulders lax and hips subtly shifting towards the other's and–



Ok, that's a little weird.



Taehyung is still going off, chastisements spilling from his lips before Yoongi cuts him off with a biting remark but their hips remain level, never fully turning away even as they continue railing at each other and Hoseok—



Despite spitting insults at each other, their stances seem oddly... open, receptive. So unlike the walls he erects whenever he's personally caught in an argument.



He's got a bad feeling in his gut.



"Hey, Seok," Jimin's voice breaks through the silence again but he's only half attending. "You wanna know what we call cops that show up at the scene before we do?" He pauses and Hoseok glances over. "Glory hunters, it's kind of an ongoing joke we have within FD."



Hoseok swallows, that infuriating smile growing on Jimin's face as he leans in, crooning into his ear.



"What kinda names do you think PD reserves just for us?" He pulls away with a smirk, winking before turning to head where Yoongi and Taehyung are.



Hoseok blinks.



Blinks again.






He pauses.






His breath stills.



Water fairy.



Holy motherfucking hell.



"They're fucking." Hoseok breathes, eyes wide as he stares after Jimin– stares at Taehyung and Yoongi, the way they're still arguing but bodies arcing complementarily and the pieces slowly begin to fall into place like the worst kind of fucking jigsaw nightmare. His jaw drops. "Holy shit, they're fucking."



And before logic can fully kick in and alert him that it's probably not the best course of action, he finds himself stalking towards them, lips parted in disbelief and a burgeoning resolve in his mind.






Yoongi startles, slightly alarmed when he sees Hoseok stomping in their direction with a feral look in his eyes. His brows furrow, wondering what on Earth has gotten into him.



"Seok, what–"



But that's as far as he gets because Hoseok is suddenly wrestling him around, pinning his arms behind his back and knocking him against the side of the EMS vehicle and he's bewildered and pissed, but mainly bewildered.



"Hoseok, what the fuck–" he blinks, speechless when he hears the distinct click of cuffs against his wrists and he stares, dumbfounded. "Did you just–"



"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law." He sniffs, glowering at Yoongi's back. "As well as the trials of our friendship, you deceitful snake."



Yoongi is gobsmacked, glancing over for help and scowling when he sees Jimin keeled over with laughter, collapsing into a heap against the engine. Even Taehyung, who was previously wearing a dire expression, is biting down hard on his lip to contain his giggles. He glares harder, turning to face Hoseok and growling when the other's restraints prevent him from budging.



"Seok, you fucking prick, get this off of me right now." He utters dangerously, mortified. Both his team and members from FD glance over curiously at the commotion and his cheeks burn with embarrassment. He's going to fucking skin Hoseok alive later.



Hoseok grits between his teeth, seething, "Not until you admit to the truth you scoundrel."



"The fuck are you even on about, Jesus Christ– uncuff me or I swear to God."



"Taehyung's the one you've been fucking all along!" He hisses and Yoongi is thankful it was low enough for their ears only otherwise they'd be escorting Hoseok out in a body bag by the end of the morning. "This entire time, and you didn't think to tell me–" he lets out a derisive laugh, voice raising. "Not only that, you lied to my face you dirty cheat!"



Yoongi wrestles himself out of Hoseok's hold, purposefully ignoring the laughter coming from both sides before he turns on him with a withering look. "Uncuff me right now."



Hoseok scoffs, nose turned up in a snit but he begrudgingly complies. He's not actually looking to die and he know Yoongi certainly has the capacity to put him six feet under. He reaches into his back pocket for the key, turning Yoongi back around so he can undo the cuffs and feeling strangely accomplished to find Jimin and Taehyung still cackling at his friend's expense.



Yoongi smacks him upside the head the moment he uncuffs him and ow, ok he should have expected that but still.



Fucking rude.



"The fuck is wrong with you," he hisses, an underlying threat there but Hoseok is still somewhat indignant.



"Don't turn this on me you two-timing shit." He jabs his fingers against his chest before rounding on Taehyung, a minacious glint in his eyes. "And you–"



Taehyung's laughter promptly ceases.



"You traitorous fiend." He socks Taehyung hard on the arm, pulling a hiss as he rubs over the spot. "Played me like a fucking fiddle, the both of you. A fucking hose jerker is nailing my best friend!"



He winces, realizing how much worse it sounds out loud.



"God," he whines, cringing. "That's fucking foul, I can't believe you're the one who stuck his dick up Yoongi's ass last night." He wants to curl into a confined space and shrivel up. "You're 'water fairy.'" He wails.



Taehyung looks vaguely amused, still clutching his arm as he regards them with a raised brow, smile teasing his lips. "Water fairy?"



Yoongi ignores him, grabbing Hoseok's arm in lieu of answering. It causes him to wince a bit and man, does he forget how much strength is packed in that tiny human being at times. "Lower your voice." Doesn't sound like a request but whatever.



He scowls, rubbing over the sore spot when Yoongi releases him. 



"Fine." He's not being petulant, he just has a lot of unresolved pettiness building inside him right now. "Fucking rat. And to think, this entire time I thought it was Namjoon."



Taehyung bristles at that, standing a little straighter and Jimin sniggers.



"Why would you think it's Namjoon?" He mutters in a brusque tone, his eyes sharp.



Hoseok snorts, dismissing him with a wave. "Cause Yoongletov here hasn't had this much trouble walking since he and Joon broke up. Should've seen him before, could hardly even sit straight the next day on a few occasions. I thought for sure he'd gone back to get his ass properly taken apart." He prattles off, oblivious to the growing displeasure on Taehyung's face and Jimin is too busy trying to muffle his laughter to comment. 



Yoongi steadfastly avoids Taehyung's gaze, feeling it burn into his skin but trying not to think about it even as his face starts to warm up the longer Hoseok runs his mouth.



"But it turns out it was you all along!" He points accusingly, glancing between them with distrustful eyes. "Fucking assholes, fornicating behind my back without any heads up whatsoever."



"Oh, I don't know– it was pretty obvious to everyone else, you were just balls deep in denial." Jimin chimes in, and Hoseok is certain he didn't ask for his opinion. He shoots him a glare, but it's buffered by the sheer intensity of that blinding smile and just. Ugh.



"Seok," Yoongi starts, reining in his temper. "Kim and I aren't fu–"



"Oh, we're definitely fucking." Taehyung cuts in, jaw ticking as he crosses his arms and the look Yoongi gives him is lethal.



"They're definitely fucking." Jimin adds cheekily, and Yoongi looks like he's a heartbeat away from pummeling them both to the ground.



"We're not—"



"It's not Namjoon who's been making him walk like that, that's for sure." Taehyung interrupts again, a little subdued but words still laced with tension. Yoongi whips around to snap at him.



"Will you shut up."



Taehyung shrugs, smirking. "I'm just sayin'."



Yoongi deigns not to respond, turning back to face Hoseok with an aggrieved expression. "Look, it's nobody's fucking business what I do in my free time alright?"



Hoseok opens his mouth to retort but Yoongi silences him with a glare.



"No," he says, stern. "My personal life has nothing to do with work. We're here to do a fucking job, not to air our dirty laundry in public so fucking let it go."



Hoseok rolls his tongue against his cheek, dissatisfied. 



"But as a friend–"



"Technically, all the times you asked, we were on the job." Yoongi supplies helpfully, read: not helpful.



His eyes narrow. "Look at you, ya sleazy hustler."



Yoongi smirks, shaking his head at Hoseok's antics. He feels a tad guilty, in all honesty. It was never his intention to deceive him but he reckons he'll buy him dinner and hope it glosses over soon.  



"At least now you've seen the light." Jimin quips, lips curled in a smirk and Hoseok wants to punch it off. With his mouth. What.



He grumbles, still feeling awfully sore about the whole thing. He doesn't appreciate being left out and this feels like a ginormous slap in the face from all sides, most of all his best friend. It's not a very nice feeling.



But at least now he has a name and face to put to the person who's been making Yoongi smile a little more easily these days, even if he'd never freely admit it. He supposes he can find a way to get over it if only for that reason alone. He sighs. He hates being soft.



"Yeah, and how the fuck did you figure it out." He's trying not to come off too grouchy, but he's allowed a bit of his touchiness. 



Jimin laughs. "Easy. Started to make the connection when I saw him texting a Chief Wiggum's on his phone. Not hard to put two and two together." 



Yoongi turns to Taehyung, expression flat. "Chief Wiggum?"



Taehyung offers his hands up in surrender, leaning into him with a playful gleam in his eyes. "What. It's funny babe, c'mon." He grins, sidling up to him cutely and Hoseok turns queasy at the metaphorical heart eyes and how Yoongi visibly caves in response.



"Oh God," he starts, nauseous. "I feel faint. Where's Jin, do you guys have extra space on the EMS right now, I need him to look me over. I think I'm gonna throw up."



Jimin chortles, endeared by Hoseok's reaction. "You're ridiculous. Also, if it makes you feel any better, TaeTae here is also a lying sack of shit."



Taehyung turns, barely able to peel his eyes away from Yoongi, a rather taken look on his face and Hoseok's really starting to feel his breakfast come back up. 



Now he's starting to feel a little foolish because were the signs here all this time? Was he really that blind?



"I never lied." Taehyung states simply and Jimin snorts, eying him skeptically.



"Right. And I suppose those scratches all over your back are from this cat of yours?"



Yoongi reddens and Taehyung grins, something pleased settling in his visage and Hoseok already predicts it's going to be bad.



"I did say I picked myself up a kitten a few months back, didn't I?" He shifts, watching Yoongi with something dark pervading his gaze and it takes a moment for it to settle in before Hoseok's eyes widen in horror at the implication.



"Nope, fuck that– nope," he shakes his head, scrubbing away at the imaginary filth he can feel clinging to his skin. The goosebumps. God, he's got goosebumps. "Stopping you right there, don't wanna know about any of your nasty kinks. Keep 'em."



Taehyung laughs, eyes fixed on Yoongi even as he hisses at him to shut up. He leans in, whispering something in his ear that seems to make him fidget and Hoseok gags.



"Honestly, get the fuck out." The disgust is strong in him. "Me coming to this horrendous revelation does not suddenly give you free rein to be gross in front of me. Fucking save it for off-hours you hormonal teenagers."



Yoongi rolls his eyes, looking a little flustered as he pushes Taehyung away. "Quit fuckin' around. Go do your job." 



Hoseok hears him mutter beneath his breath but it's nowhere near as acrimonious as it typically is, something almost abashed coloring his tone and he wonders if he just stepped foot in the fucking twilight zone.



Taehyung just flashes him a small smile, coy but strangely soft, and Hoseok's stomach turns.



"Alright, Romeo," he steadfastly cuts in, separating the two before shoving Taehyung in the opposite direction because he can only take so much of this before he actually hurls. "Isn't it time for you to go inspect the building. Fuck right outta here, I can't handle this right now."



Yoongi's mouth twists, controlling his laugh at the almost pained note in Hoseok's voice. He steals a glance at Taehyung over his shoulder, sharing a knowing look.



"Seriously. Cut it out with the fucking bedroom eyes, do you not see people around you–" he waves his hand wildly in front of Taehyung's face, whipping around to glare at Yoongi when he catches him smirking. "We're in fucking public, Captain. Control yourself."



Jimin is giggling at his side and he's so distressed, he doesn't understand how this could possibly be funny. It feels like his entire world is collapsing around him, and maybe that's a little heavy on the melodrama but still.



They're so gross.



Why can't they go back to hating and attempting to rip each other's guts out. He thinks he prefers that over this. Yep. Most definitely, he thinks, as Taehyung's eyes brighten and curve into that adorable little shape.






He didn't ask for this. No one should have to endure this kind of suffering. He's a good person, he doesn't deserve this.



"Go." Yoongi ushers, amusement transparent, because maybe he should take pity on Hoseok. Poor guy looks like he's going to burst at the seams if he doesn't catch a break soon.



Taehyung grins, turning to leave but not before sparing him one final glance. "Thursday, 8pm. I'll pick you up after your shift." There's a light to his eyes. "Told you I'd get us reservations." He tries not to make his satisfaction apparent but he's not sure he's doing that great of a job, if the way Yoongi bites at his lip to temper a smile is any indication. 



"Oh my God." Hoseok whines, kicking Taehyung away. "Seriously, fuck right off." He turns to Jimin, seeking his support but the backstabber only laughs at his misery. "Not only are you shameless, you're nauseating. God, why couldn't I have stayed oblivious. I regret so much right now."



Taehyung laughs as he walks off and Hoseok glares holes into his back until he feels Yoongi conk him on the head again, laughing at his small grunt of pain. "You're being dramatic, relax."



Hoseok sniffs. "You're only saying that because you're too caught up in your little boyfriend to notice it." Yoongi doesn't say anything and he gawks when he notices the tint of scarlet in his cheeks because is he–



"Are you fucking blushing right now?"



Yoongi's eyes narrow, grumbling at him to shut up and get back to work before he's turning on his heel and heading towards the small crowd, movements stiff and it's suddenly so much more agonizing now that he knows the source of it.



"Did he–" he points after Yoongi's retreating back, disoriented. "He fucking— just from calling Tae his boyfriend." He groans, running his hand over his face. "God, that's like new-level, elementary shit. Gross."



Jimin caves, bursting into giggles and the way he covers his mouth with the back of his hand is kind of cute, kind of demonic, because he's laughing at Hoseok's pain and that's pretty sadistic.



"I tried telling you." He manages between his laughter, eyes disappearing into crescents and Hoseok groans. What the hell.



"Yeah, but I thought you were just fucking with me. Jesus, this is so disturbing." He wants to disintegrate into a puddle of toxic waste right about now. It's almost too much to process. "It's like the day you walk in on your parents doing the missionary. Nothing is ever the same afterwards."



Jimin snorts. "Yeah, no. It's definitely nowhere near as bad as that, you're exaggerating." He glances at Hoseok, taking in the sheer dismay on his face. God, he's cute. 



Hoseok shakes his head, determined. "No, there's gotta be something I can do. Relationships in the workplace, doesn't that go against some policy?" He turns to Jimin, desperate. "Canoodling on the job, jeopardizing the psychological well-being of your workmates. That's reportable, isn't it?"



Jimin titters, covering it up with a cough. "They're consenting adults. Plus, they're not under the same department so they're technically not violating any rules." The smile on his face is genial, expression indulgent as he peers at Hoseok. "They're good together, give 'em a break."



Hoseok makes a sound not unlike a dying whale. 



Damn it.



He hates to admit it, but Jimin's right. Why couldn't they actually be grossly incompatible, like fruit on pizza. Instead, they're fucking s'mores. Fluffy and sweet and perpetually sticky on the inside. He shudders.



"What are you— CEO of the TaeGi fan club?" He gripes instead, feeling like he's stuck between a hard place and a rock. He can't even bring himself to be that bitter because they are admittedly cute in a stomach-churning kind of way and do seem to make each other happy.






Jimin's smiles widens, body inclined towards Hoseok.



"Just admit it, you're happy for them."



Hoseok scrunches his nose.



"My old man raised me to speak the truth."



Jimin chuckles, craning his head. "You act as though anything's really going to change. It's not like they're suddenly gonna drop their pants and have a go at it on the cruiser." He pauses, rescinding his statement. "Well, actually, Tae did say he was into exhibitionism so maybe I take that back."



Hoseok looks pained. "Can you not."



He laughs, tossing his head back because he's perhaps having a little too much fun messing with Hoseok.



Hoseok is still a little peeved, mainly over feeling like he's just been conned this entire time but he'll get over it, he admits begrudgingly. He glances over at Yoongi, watching him speak to some of the people from the company, he's assuming, before his gaze flits up when Taehyung passes and they share a private look.



It makes him want to curl up into a fetal position all over again.



It's like they've developed some sort of sixth sense when they're in nearby proximity, attuned to each other's presence or some shit like that.



That's so–



Grossly domestic.



He can't handle.



He buries his face in his hands, wondering how on Earth it came to this. How on Earth he possibly missed it. It's not even noon, yet. He's going to bawl.






Jimin pipes up after a moment and Hoseok pales, not liking his tone one bit.



"About that date."