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Escaping the SOULess [Being rewritten]

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One final push of the syringe, and the injection was finished. Leveling a glare at the human child, Gaster sighed and said: "[That wasn't so hard, was it now.]"

The only answer to the question was quiet, choked sobbing, and he simply shook his head. Pulling up a pad and pencil, the doctor waited for a sign of anything out of the ordinary to happen. Soon, five minutes had passed, and Gaster was getting tired of the human's whimpers. Turning around to begin making his way to it's cell, the doctor heard its coughing grow stronger, but paid it no mind. Only when a retching sound, and an accompanying splash was heard, did he turn to look at the human. Grimacing, Gaster waved a hand to turn it's SOUL blue, and picked it out of the puddle of vomit.

"[Disgusting, you couldn't have not?]" He grumbled, looking at the still vomiting child.

Taking a closer look, he was curious to see that rather than the usual red, the vomit seem to be stained a strange purple color. A quick check of its SOUL stats revealed new information. That magic statistic certainly wasn't there before.

"[It seems there's more promise in this than I thought...]" Gaster mumbled, a summoned hand grabbing a waste basket so no more vomit hit the floor.

Soon enough, the vomiting stopped, leaving the human simply retching once more. Sending the vomit-filled basket further into the lab for testing, Gaster frowned at it. It was absolutely filthy, vomit having ruined its medical gown.

"[That won't do whatsoever. You must be cleaned.]" The doctor said, ignoring the way the child stiffened.

He made his way to the sanitation area, human in tow. Turning on the water with a small hum, the doctor waited for it to rise high enough. After a moment, he was satisfied, and stripped the human before releasing it's SOUL, dropping it in into the water. Ignoring it's spluttering, Gaster quickly cleaned and dried the human, before taking a blow drier to make sure it's hair was fully dried. There was no need to accidentally get the human sick, more materials than needed were wasted the first time it happened.

Clean to his standards, Gaster re-dressed the human, and began the walk back to its cell. This new development was exciting for the doctor! The only thing he had gotten out the injections so far were migraines, and the occasional broken syringe.

'[Still,]' Gaster thought, glancing at the human child following him sedately, '[Much better than all the loud screaming it first did.]'

Lost in thought, he deactivated the cell lasers and ushered the human in. Reactivating them, the doctor swept away, thinking of all the possibilities that tomorrow could bring. A deeper SOUL check was definitely in order.

Back at the cell, the human stared curiously at two strange beings that hadn't been there before, and they stared back in turn.