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Hot Russian daddy fucks a horny Japanese slut [AKA Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki REAL sex tape leaked]

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It started with a lost phone.

Viktor managed without it for a good portion of the day. He spent it overseeing Yuuri’s training, very soon switching to a hands-on approach, and laughing at Yurio’s screams of ‘GET OFF THE ICE YOU OLD FROG’ when they eventually ended up having fun with lifts and pair figures.

He started missing it when he wanted to take a video of Yuuri chasing Yurio around the rink to lift him so he ‘wouldn’t feel left out’.

He secretly called his number from Yuuri’s phone, going around the locker rooms with pointed ears. Did the same thing at home, with no results. Viktor kept dialing himself all afternoon whenever Yuuri left to the bathroom, kitchen, or to walk Makkachin. The phone was ringing, but no one answered. He hoped it was just put on mute. Even though he knew he never did that.

In the evening he stealthily took Yuuri’s laptop into the bedroom while his husband cooked dinner. He checked his social media for any possible mentions of suspicious photos that had no business being uploaded. Just to be sure. Thankfully, nothing out of ordinary.

A sudden bloop of a skype call from Chris made him flinch in surprise.

‘Viktor, you absolute traitor, I’ve been calling you for ages,’ Chris declared dramatically, lounging on his bed with no shirt on. His cat peered into the frame, trying to pat the Viktor on the screen. ‘I know you’re living your happy married life, but that’s no reason to make me use Skype like a barbarian.’

‘Chris, I think I lost my phone,’ Viktor whined equally dramatically. ‘I can’t find it anywhere.’

‘Get a new one, you’re rich.’

‘You don’t understand…’ He nervously.glanced off screen, and moved closer to the microphone. ‘There might be some…private stuff in there. I might have forgotten to relocate and delete some photos…’

‘Of your adorable husband?’ Chris winked at him suggestively, grinning ear to ear.

‘Mostly, yeah.’ He looked over his shoulder again. ‘What am I gonna do, what if the person who finds my phone puts something on the internet? Yuuri will kill me and then himself.’

Chris rolled his eyes.

‘That won’t happen. They couldn’t possibly get through your lock screen. Don’t worry.’


‘Don’t even tell me you don’t keep your phone locked.’

Viktor just sighed, and Chris’ head fell into his hands.

‘Are you an actual idiot?’

‘It’s annoying having to unlock it everytime, okay? I use my phone a lot, I always have it on my person, and I don’t mind Yuuri going through it at home, not that he ever does. So I didn’t need it’

‘Well you don’t have it on your person anymore. You moron.’ Chris added for emphasis. ‘Go contact your service provider now. Also I think there should be a way to lock it remotely, so hurry up.’

Viktor nodded fervently, and ended the call, thankful to Chris’ wisdom. That went exceptionally well.

Asking Yuuri to borrow his phone did earn him a suspicious side glance though.

‘Where is yours?’ he asked while tasting the soup he was cooking.

‘I think I left it at the rink,’ Viktor lied smoothly, sweating in his skin. Yuuri said nothing else, and handed his phone over.

One phone call later, his phone was locked, his number blocked, his Twitter quiet, and everything was fine again.

The bomb dropped two days later.

Hot Russian daddy fucks a horny Japanese slut [AKA Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki REAL sex tape leaked]
by feppe_le_frog

Holy shieeeeeeeeeeet.

Are you fucking serious???

Hold on to your dicks, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s fake.

Judgding by the timestamp, when he said competition in two days, did he mean Worlds 2018? how did katsuki win that gold after such a pounding??

He has trained on that dick enough

Being cummed inside by Viktor Nikiforov grants you S rank skating skills

Now we know how he got so good that year

Im not even gay i cliked this bc it’s the most viewed and it was the best fap of my life what is happening

They cursed your dick

Congrats youre gay now

I love how katsuki isn’t a twink I mean look at all the meat on dat ass


I wanna fuck them both

I want to watch them fuck while I masturbate in the corner because im not worthy to touch both of them

I cummed three times already and cannt stop help me

This is a violation of privacy. Whoever put this here should be locked up.

Shut up.

Katsuki needs to do JAVs after he retires, he’s a fucking porn star.

Idk who they are but dats a quality vid, downloaded

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Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:46:47 No. 2938475690 >>2938457756 >>2938473950 >>293848007 >>293848119 >>293848199 >>293848276 >>293848289 >>293848290 >>293848310 >>293848303 >>293848308 >>293848312 >>293848324 >>293848325 >>293848343 >>293848348 >>293848355
Hey /fs/ where were you when the fapocalypse happened

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:49:45 No. 2938457756
>>2938475690 (OP)
At work. I think my boss saw my gigantic erection

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:49:57 No. 2938473950
>>2938475690 (OP)
Spoiler that holy shit

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:50:27 No. 2938479456 >>2938479586 >>2938479599 >>2938479677
How many times have you fapped to that vid already?

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:52:17 No. 2938479586
way too many

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:50:27 No. 2938479599
Im fapping right now

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:50:27 No. 2938479677
Im never gonna stop

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:54:23 No. 2938479897
Stop reposting this. Its not fair to them.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:56:28 No. 2938479997

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:54:23 No. 293848007
>>2938475690 (OP)
This is fcking disgusting male skating is already homo enough i dont wanna see this shit here

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:55:12 No. 293848045
>not wanting to see two hot men fuck
are you gay or something?

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:55:13 No. 293848097 >293848117
Seriously stop this.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:56:43 No. 293848117
[image of Mufasa in the clouds]
Remember where you are, anon. Also fuck off back to tumblr.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:56:44 No. 293848119
>>2938475690 (OP)
I wanted to see their sex tape since they got together. God is real.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:56:59 No. 293848123 >>293848159
>>2938475690 (OP)
I can’t believe I saw Viktor Nikiforov’s dick, god and jesus have blessed me I can now ascend.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:57:30 No. 293848159
And Katsuki rode that dick like a pro.

Anonymous 02/27/19(Tue)23:57:33 No. 293848199
>>2938475690 (OP)
Viktor is the most beautiful man ive seen in my life.

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Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:05:28 No. 293848509 >>293848522 >>293848532 >>293848544 >>293848648 >>293848687 >>293848796 293849012 >>293849065 >>293849188 >>293849149 >>293849172 >>293849243 >>293849257 >>293849265 >>293849279 >>293849298 >>293849299 >>293849303 >>2938493878 >>293849398 >>293849399 >>293849411
What is your favorite part of the katsukiforov sex tape?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:05:59 No. 293848522 >>293848535
>>293848509 (OP)
For fucks sake how many threads are you homos gonna make, stop shitting up the board

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:06:01 No. 293848532
>>293848509 (OP)
The maximum eros bj

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:06:59 No. 293848535
Fuck you I’m posting in all of them

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:06:33 No. 293848544 >>293848559
>>293848509 (OP)
The way viktor flips him over and mounts him

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:07:11 No. 293848559 >>293848579
Seconded, my dick exploded right then

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:07:11 No. 293848579 >>293848675
Well it's his signature move.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:08:15 No. 293848675
>you will never quad flip Yuuri Katsuki on your dick

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:10:05 No. 293848890 >>293848899
You’re all unsophisticated savages, the best part was the seduction dance. Pure art.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:11:04 No. 293848899 >>293848979
Yeah I wanna see him do that on the ice.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:11:59 No. 293848985 >>293848997
He already did, its called Eros.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:12:47 No. 293848997
But he didn’t take his clothes of back then.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:12:51 No. 293849001 >293849004
Yall keep yapping about Katsuki, how about some Victor appreciation. That man is literally perfect.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:14:01 No. 293849004
Hes also a man of iron will. How did he manage to hold in his jizz until the end after all the lewd shit Katsuki did there?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:14:01 No. 293849012 >>293849042
>>293848509 (OP)
Disgusting. This sport is already gay enough.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:15:21 No. 293849042
Its not their fault some asshole got into their files and leaked that. Theyre married ffs, what do you think they do at night, play scrabble?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:16:41 No. 293849053
Fags shouldn’t get married.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:17:21 No. 293849063

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:17:23 No. 293849065
>>293848509 (OP)
Do you think Yuuri’s mother saw this? What would she say?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:18:43 No. 293849085
>I can’t believe my son gets nailed by a glorious Russian cock while I’m stuck wth this tiny shriveled Japanese one

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:19:33 No. 293849099
[image of two laughing women]

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:19:35 No. 293849102 >>293849115 >>293849118
No mention of the ‘do it inside me’ complete with a leglock? Anyone?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:19:59 No. 293849115
[image of a sweating man wiping his forehead]

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:20:19 No. 293849118
Yup, Viktor sure put all his babies in there.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:20:20 No. 293849120 >>293849131
your all faggots

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)00:21:00 No. 293849131
>a faggot calling us faggots
Shut up and keep jerking, m8

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Posted by Katsuki_fc:
Please stop reposting gifs, screenshots, or edits of the unfortunate footage of Yuuri and Viktor. You know well what I’m talking about. Imagine how they must feel about it. It would be incredibly humiliating for ANYONE to have their most intimate moments on public display for everyone to see, so please PLEASE don’t encourage it further. Report every inappropriate post you see. Then stop talking about it. I beg you as not only the mod of Yuuri’s fanpage, but also as a regular humane person who understands how wrong this is. Please have a heart and stop posting about it.

Good luck trying to stop this, it will never stop.

@Porkbowleater Youre everything that’s wrong with this community

Hey I don’t mean it like that. Its gonna get reposted anyway. It’s the most watched video on Phub, about everyone has it downloaded by now.

I cant believe it hasn’t been taken down yet. Poor victor and yuuri.

@Porkbowleater That doesn’t matter. The less we all talk about it the sooner it will get forgotten. The damage is done but we don’t need to pour more oil into the fire.

They haven’t posted anything on twitter or Instagram since it got leaked.

It must be horrible for them, geez.

The views doubled since yesterday. Tbh it’s a pretty damn good video.

@Monkeybussiness Reported.

Report this one too guys, it’s the worst offender:

Also this one keeps posting about it over and over:

@Yuri-Puri-Angel No please not that one its my favorite blog

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Figure skating golden medalists involved in a sex scandal

By Selena Wilde

Five times Grand Prix gold medal winner and figure skating legend, Viktor Nikiforov, and his protégé and husband, the reigning world champion of male figure skating, Yuuri Katsuki, have been involved in a sex scandal when a home video of their passionate tryst appeared on the PornHub domain.
The video caused an enormous uproar, becoming the trending topic on Twitter and other social media sites within hours of being uploaded. The figure skating community has been very vocal with their outrage over the privacy breach, defending Nikiforov and Katsuki, and calling for prosecution of the uploader. Either of the pair has yet to make a statement on the matter, remaining silent.
Nikiforov and Katsuki married this year after a two year engagement, and are currently living in Sankt Petersburg. With Nikiforov as his coach, Katsuki currently trains at the local rink with the Russian skating team, a peculiar, and to some, controversial arrangement, as…
(Read more)

Related articles:
Another celebrity sex tape leak sparks massive internet storm
Figure skaters’ reaction to the Katsuki-Nikiforov sex scandal on Twitter
20 celebrities who had their intimate photos and videos leaked on the internet

Comments [127]

Anonymous 18:32
Fucking clickbait

Anonymous 18:33
I saw that on P-hub, but it got taken down.

Anonymous 18:40
Go check, its been reuploaded.

Leah Stan 18:49
Who uses the word ‘tryst’ anymore lol [eye-roll emoji]

George Laramie 18:51
I feel sorry for them both.

Yun Park 18:53
Hardly a ‘sex scandal’ when theyre married. Spouses fuck. Deal with it.

Anonymous 18:55
And I am grateful for the opportunity to witness that. [praying emoji]

Anonymous 18:56
They weren’t married back then.

Ivan Krasinski 18:58
I wonder how it got leaked tho.

Anonymous 19:00
The same way the celeb nudes during the fappening got leaked I suppose.

Anonymous 19:00
Fuck that title, I expected some female skater nudes or something.

Anonymous 19:03
Mmm, like Medo-chan.

Jorge Rodriguez 19:05

Alfred Robertson 19:05
You leave Medo alone motherfucker I WILL FIGHT YOU.

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/fs/ - Figure skating

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Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:46:51 No. 2938481245 >>2938481256 >>2938481354 >>2938481387 >>2938481389 >>2938481398 >>2938481478 >>2938481498 >>2938481499 >>2938481500 >>2938481501 >>2938481504 >>2938481513 >>2938481523 >>2938481564
[image of Viktor Nikiforov pressing a finger to his lips]
Shhh, MODS are asleep, let’s party. What was the moment you blew your load watching THAT VID?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:47:02 No. 2938481256 >>2938481267 >>2938481278 >>2938481289 >>2938481290 >>2938481293 >>2938481300
When Katsuki did the split.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:47:59 No. 2938481267 >>2938481300

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:48:42 No. 2938481278 >>2938481300

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:49:12 No. 2938481289 >>2938481300
Must be heaven to fuck someone so flexible.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:49:13 No. 2938481290
I want him to do splits on my cock.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:49:20 No. 2938481293 >>2938481296 >>2938481312
But the split is at 0:34 minute mark?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:49:59 No. 2938481296
[image of a cartoon man with a moustache saying ‘Yes, and?’]

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:51:09 No. 2938481300
Im not gonna judge fast shooter anons I fully understand. That got me diamonds.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:51:40 No. 2938481312 >>2938481321
I also did a split when I came with the force of a thousand quad flips.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:52:09 No. 2938481321
[image of Pitchit Chulanont giggling with his hand on his mouth]
Anon, you’re gross.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:52:11 No. 2938481354 >>2938481364
When Victor started fingering Katsuki, and he was already lubed up, jesus maria.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:52:49 No. 2938481364
[image of a manga character with a clothed erection]
And how we went ‘oh yuuuuuuri’ when he realized his slut is ready for him.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:52:59 No. 2938481376 >>2938481377 >>2938481466
Who else didn’t really care about Katsuki but now can’t even watch him skate without a boner?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:53:32 No. 2938481377
I didn’t even care about figure skating until a few hours ago.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:53:33 No. 2938481387
I edged until katsuki got creampied, then I lost all control. Best orgasm of my life.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:53:40 No. 2938481389
When they both starting moaning. They sound so good together. Symphony to my ears.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:53:53 No. 2938481398 >>2938481399
You bastards, delet this.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:54:20 No. 2938481399
You again?

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:54:39 No. 2938481412 >>2938481423 >>2938481445 >>2938481446 >>>>2938481465 >>>>2938481456 >>2938481458 >>2938481467 >>2938481468 >>2938481478 >>2938481489 >>2938481490 >>2938481493 >>2938481495 >>2938481497 >>2938481499
It got deleted.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:55:00 No. 2938481423 >>2938481435

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:55:49 No. 2938481435
[image of an old man licking his lips]
I did and Im keeping it forever.

Anonymous 02/28/19(Wed)07:56:00 No. 2938481455
Go to hell. I hope you all get banned for life.

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The climax of Russo-Japanese political relations [REUPLOAD]

by feppe_le_frog_2


You got banned for posting the first one.

that stealth title won’t save you.

They’ll never get me.

You scum.

Kill yourself.

^^^^ Did you come here to fap or moralfag? Shut the fuck up.

Please stop reuploading this.

If they don’t want to be seen, they shouldn’t have taken that vid, it’s their fault.

Whats with all these whiteknights on FUCKIGN PORNHUB??? Go bck to reddit or wherever your homebase is.

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Viktor Nikiforov ✓
I sincerely apologize for the incident. The video wasn’t posted on purpose. My phone was stolen, its contents were leaked against our will. (1/3)
8 203 retweets

Viktor Nikiforov: ✓
I would also like to ask you, please, stop messaging either of us about it. It’s a very sensitive situation for us to deal with. Thank you. (2/2)
8 932 retweets

Evgenia Medvedeva @JannyMedvedeva 1m

Samantha Love @Sammylove 1m
I love you both.

Mila Babicheva @lyudmila_baby 1m
We’re standing with you guys, Im so sorry this happened to you

YoruSanada @monkey_bussiness 1m
Hey Viktor, your wife is hot. [eggplant emoji]

Maly Krtecek @malykrtek 2m
^^Kill him.

Angela-s @salsahips 3m
I reported you

Mika @bloodboy 3m
How dare you @monkey_bussiness.

Christophe Giacometti @c-g 4m
You have nothing to apologize for Viktor. Say hi to Yuuri for me.

Leo de la Iglesia @iglesia_leo 5m
I’m with you guys, stay positive, keep smiling. [praying emoji] [hug emoji]

Georgi Popovich @popo-witc 6m
I’ll do everything in my power to help you out. This will pass, just hold on.

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri_p 7m
@ v-nikiforov: I will find that asshole and kill him. How’s katsudon, he’s not answering me.

Viktor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov 8m
@ yuri_p: Hes not taking it well.

Philip Stevens @phil-lips 8m
@v-nikiforov I think it was very clear in that vid he knows how to take it well. ;)))

YuriPlisetsky @yuri_p 8m


I have compiled a masterpost of all important links and articles related to the infamous sex tape scandal. Hopefully, it will provide a bigger picture to those, who STILL refuse to realize, how horrible they’re being by supporting all this.

Here, here, here, and here are Viktor’s tweets and comments about the issue, where he’s downright pleading us all to just let it pass. He also apologized several times, despite this NOT BEING HIS FAULT at all. HIS PHONE GOT STOLEN AND DATAMINED. Also notice how there are no emojis, none of his usual writing style. He just sounds tired and devastated.

Several popular skaters, male, female, and ice dancers, have also offered their support, standing by them. Most notably Yuri Plisetsky, Christophe Giacometti, Pitchit Chulanont, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Emil Nekola, Sara Crispino, Leo de la Iglesia, even freaking JJ leRoy (!), Evgenia Medvedeva, Johnny Weir (who is very VERY angry), Stephane Lambiel, Adam Rippon, Joe Johnson and many many more.

Here is a video of some asshole reporter trying to corner Yuuri when he was leaving the Sankt Petersburg rink, harassing him, and asking over and over about the video. You can clearly see how uncomfortable Yuuri is, and how the man pursues him despite not getting consent for an interview. The ‘Please, just leave us alone,’ from Yuuri sounded so desperate and sad my heart almost burst into pieces. He’s never coped up well with media attention, and this is the absolutely worst kind he can get. He’s fucking suffering. No wonder he doesn’t go on social media. There are more videos and photos of him and Viktor trying to escape reporters and paparazzis here, here, here, and here.

One can only imagine what is going on between them behind closed doors too. There already are several posts about their ‘impending’ divorce, based on nothing but specularions, so PLEASE, keep your conpiracies to yourself, and don’t spread unnecessary rumours. Their love is not that weak, but they still need our help. Drawn out scandals HAVE ruined relationships and marriages of many celebrities before.

Here are photos of Viktor and Yuuri in leaving their home rink together this Friday, and here is a shot of them doing so in December. Notice any difference? They’re not smiling or laughing with each other in ANY of the new photos, no handholding, there’s like a one meter distance between them, like they’re afraid to get close because someone might photograph them again.

OR maybe they’ve read this and this, or saw this video. Russia has come a long way, cancelling their ridiculous anti-gay laws, but that doesn’t mean everyone there is suddenly on board with it. I’m not badmouthing Russia in general, or the Russian people, just building on what I’ve seen in the aforementioned articles and videos. Here is another video, a talkshow, where the host is very vocal about his distaste for Viktor’s and Yuuri’s marriage. The worst video is the first news coverage of the scandal, where even the damn anchors, who are supposed to be neutral, drop some really nasty comments. This popular Russian blogger says that he ‘didn’t mind the faggotry until they put it on display’. Of course, this isn’t just exclusive to Russia. Here, here, and here are various gossip shows making fun of the matter, and having a ton of inappropriate comments about the content of the video, and even their bodies.

Okay, this got long, and lot more aggressive than I intended. I have strong feelings about this whole ordeal, and hate the fact, that there are people so spiteful, that they would just go ahead and ruin lives and reputations for literally nothing in return.

Please, if you truly are fans of Viktor and Yuuri, let’s come together and help them. They did not deserve it.

Posted by Katsuki_fc tagged #Viktor Nikiforov #Katsuki Yuuri #Yuuri Katsuki #sex tape #the katsukiforov scandal #masterpost
99 211 notes

Iced-sploosh reblogged this and added
I’m both so angry and so sad about this. They’ve only been married for a year, and this is one hell of a curveball.

Emilyonice reblogged this

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Niktor_vikiforov reblogged this and added
Good post.

Viktorfans reblogged this and added
Thank you, @Katsuki_fc, this proves you’re a great mod. Let us all stand together.

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Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:26:33 No. 29384974857 >>29384974859
Post best sextape caps!

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:29:34 No. 29384974859

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:27:13 No. 29384974862 >>29384974864
You know, I don’t much like this censorship. This is the internet. Shit gets leaked all the time, why does this deserve such extensive cleansing, while other nudes are a-okay?

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:27:56 No. 29384974864 >>29384974867
If youre talking about Fappening and Fappening 2, all those nudes only lasted for little over a week.

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:28:00 No. 29384974867 >>29384974868
But posting them didn’t result in an immediate ban like this shit does.

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:28:40 No. 29384974868
You remember it wrong son.

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)20:28:41 No. 29384974869
MODS sure are giving this their all.
[This thread has been deleted, you cannot reply]

/gif/ - Adult gif

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Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:18:01 No. 493884533459 >>493884533462

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:19:02 No. 493884533462 >>493884533464 >>493884533469
Someone doesn’t know posting Katsukiforov sextape gets them a lifetime baaan~

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:19:59 No. 493884533464
You type like a little girl or a total faggot

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:20:01 No. 493884533469
I hate this witchhunt btw, let us fap in peace

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:20:48 No. 493884533473 >>493884533474
Srsly tho Im kinda over this already

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:21:11 No. 493884533474 >>493884533477
Yeah after like 100+ consecutive threads it feels stale already

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:21:58 No. 493884533477
Not for me, this vid cured my erectile dysfunction.

Anonymous 03/02/19(Fri)23:21:59 No. 493884533481
Im glad I saved all the webms when it wasn’t illegal to post about this.

[This thread has been deleted, you cannot reply]