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Nobody but Jew - a Hitler x Kim Jong Un x Putin x Queen of England x Nuke x Anne Frank x Donald Trump x Keemstar x Leafyishere Oneshot

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Anne frank was in her attic and leaned against the window as Hitler strolled down the street. She stared at him longingly. Hitler looked up.
“Hey underage girl, nice flat chest you have there.”
Then, Donald Trump materialized in the attic and grabbed her by the pussy. She moaned as she rubbed up against his tiny tyrannosaurus rex hands. Then, Hitler and his nazis broke the door down and teleported donald to a gas chamber. Putin hacked into Hitler’s brain and made him rip off Anne’s star of David necklace. He then proceeded to hang himself with it.
“Just sticking to traditional orthodox values,” Putin said.
Anne and Daddymir Putin suddenly found themselves in North Korea. Kim Jong Un was standing menacingly in front of them. Kim smacked Anne with his stomach rolls, instantly killing her. Putin inched closer and Kim started passionately making out with him. Things soon got heated. Kim shoved a nuke up Vlad’s ass and Putin let out a moan when Keemstar suddenly appeared along with the Queen of England. Keemstar’s hat got knocked off by a bird with laser eyes, revealing the swastika he had tattooed on his bald head.
“Let’s get rooiiigghht into the news,” the capitalist boiled egg with AIDs said seductively.
The queen suddenly pulled an AK-47 out of her rectum and shot Keemstar in the head, splattering his lack of brains all over the office. She pressed up against Kim and he gently caressed her old, wrinkly skin.
“Wake me up inside,” she cooed as she stroked Putin’s balding head.
Anne Frank came back to life and pulled a grenade out of her pocket.
“Wear THIS sweatshirt,” she yelled as the bomb blew the politicians to bits.
Leafyishere suddenly rose from the guts of the people splattered before her. He looked at the gruesome scene and turned to her. Anne jumped on top of him and they passionately made out. Then, they fucked happily ever after.