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[podfic] A Precise Geometry

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Title: A Precise Geometry

Author: thistle_verse

Reader: fandomfan

Fandom: Skyfall (James Bond, Daniel Craig version)

Pairing: 00Q (James Bond/Q)

Rating: Mature

Length: 35 minutes

Format: m4b / mp3

Size: 33.7MB (m4b) / 25MB (mp3)

Author's Summary: It's different; beyond the giving and receiving of an orgasm, it shouldn't work, and yet he finds himself coming back again and again, folding himself into the impossibility of Q's limbs and breathing in the ever present scene of bergamot and ozone that clings to the surprising warmth of Q's body. It isn't the same, but it suits him, and he craves it, this more precise geometry.

Reader's note: This is one of the more beautifully written Skyfall fics I've yet to read. thistle_verse has a wonderfully fluid, evocative way with language and I've tried my best to do that language justice.

Music: Michael Nyman's "History of the Insipid".

Links: Fic | m4b download | mp3 download