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Your Love, Inside and Out

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Victor and Yuri took the weekend off of practicing to enjoy a little down time before the Grand Prix Final that was coming up in a few short days. Yuri was mentally trying to prepare himself for he and his coach to part ways after the final but was miserably failing. The man was fretting all through dinner and even now as they walked into the hotel lobby. His coach made no hints or outright suggestions about them splitting up after the final, but Yuri was Yuri and continued to worry. Victor was obviously pained in seeing all the other skaters compete and the other just couldn’t bear to take that all away from him much longer.

Yuri went over scenarios in his head again and again as Victor was taking a shower. The ever forward coach tried to urge his nervous pupil to shower with him, but the other would have none of it since he took his shower previously and made the excuse of dry skin if he bathed for a second time that day. The truth was, Yuri couldn’t think with Victor so close to him. It was time to let Victor go and end their coach/student partnership. The skater was hoping to keep their budding romantic relationship intact afterward, but he also tried to prepare himself for that loss as well. The pair’s love for each other grew as their kisses, caresses, and time together became more frequent. They became an official couple after the public kiss at the Cup of China. Yuri sighed as he heard the bathroom door open since he still hadn’t been able to come up with the right words to say to his coach.

“Yuri? You look like you were deep in thought just now. Are you alright?” Victor asked as he walked in the main room, drying his hair with a fluffy towel.

“Hmm?” Yuri turned to look at the freshly showered man, and his heart about skipped a beat. His coach was still very damp with his cotton terry robe loosely fastened at the waist, so loose his entire rippled chest was on display.

“Umm, no, I mean yeah… I mean, I was just thinking about things.” Yuri stuttered after shaking his head quickly to make his brain and mouth cooperate with actual words.

“Come here.” With a gentle smile on his face, Victor held out his hand for the other to take.

Yuri seemed confused but got up and took the offering.

If the younger man weren't scatterbrained moments ago, he definitely would be now, as Victor yanked him forward as soon as their hands touched and pushed him against the far wall; pinning him. “Victor, what are you do…?” he began to ask but a luscious pair of lips sealed off his speech.

A wet pop sounded throughout the room as Victor released the other’s mouth. “No thinking tonight. The GPF is almost here. I think you need a little more encouragement from your coach, let me do the thinking okay?”

Yuri was starstruck staring into the eyes of his idol and only could grunt a response and nod his head yes.

Victor gave a quick kiss to Yuri’s forehead. “Come to bed with me, yes?” Again the other could only nod. He had a feeling what would be coming next, and he was ready, even though he needed to let the man he loved go his own way soon. Yuri didn’t dare ruin the moment now.

The athletic coach picked his student up with ease, carrying him like a child across the hotel room.

Every so gently he laid his student and lover down on the bed like a beautiful delicate flower, a flower that was about to bloom for his eyes only.

Yuri’s t-shirt was the first garment to go followed by the Mizuno warm-up pants. Victor took great care to seductively slide the pants along with the underwear off each curvy hip bone and down the expanse of the other’s legs. Whisper light kisses trailed down each muscled thigh, across each hardened calf, and ended at the tips of the skater’s toes. Yuri covered his face to hide his embarrassment as moans broke free against his will, making his coach grin with delight between each little kiss.

Victor shrugged off his loose robe and tossed it as he rose from placing the last few kisses on his love’s feet. “Yuri…let me see your face. Don’t be shy.”

The beet-red skater was so nervous and embarrassed, but he still managed to peek out from the safety of his hands and glanced down to see his lover’s smiling face.

“Good,” is what Yuri heard before his head slammed back into the bed and hands fisted into the duvet. Victor had engulfed the other’s cock as soon those beautiful brown eyes were visible. His pupil was not prepared and let out the cutest little squeak mixed with a screech.

Yuri was breathless at the incredible sensation of being encased in the warm wet heat that was Victor’s heart shaped mouth. Shaky hands intertwined themselves with the silver head of hair directly above his groin. The skater tried so hard not to pull too hard on the delicate strands but knew he accidentally yanked a few times after a sudden deep throat. As good as the mouth felt on his rock hard erection, Yuri was shocked when he felt the heat disappear from his member and then reappear right over his quivering hole.

Victor gave his skater no time to object to the lewd act of opening the virgin territory this way and quickly curled his tongue; slowly inserting the tip into the pink rosebud in front of him.

“Ah, Victor! Oh my god! That feels amazing! I can’t believe you’re doing that, but wow is it incredible.” Victor responded by plunging his tongue deeper into the loosening entrance.

Slowly Yuri’s hole was stretched with sloppy tongue kisses and kneading fingers. The younger man was on cloud nine, having never experienced such exquisite pleasure before. He was ready for the main event, or at least he thought so until he saw Victor move and grab something from the floor. The sheer girth of his coach’s cock at full erection was frightening. The poor student was shaking when the other slid back to rest on top of him.

Yuri tried to ignore the fear at first, reaching up to lovingly kiss down Victor’s throat while he held the man close. When the slight tremors didn’t cease, the skater decided that he should be honest and allow Victor to ease his fears.

"Vic—tor. I'm...I'm scared." Yuri looked into his coach’s beautiful blue eyes as he bared his virgin fears to his lover.

A loving and gentle smirk spread across Victor’s flawless face.

"Shhh, don’t worry...I know. I know you're scared. We can stop an anytime alright?"

Victor's thin hands wrapped around Yuri’s blushing cheeks, cupping them. The hands were so warm and comforting; not an ounce of dishonesty in them. The caress told Yuri that he would be safe; it made him feel that he wouldn’t regret what they were about to do. The piercing yet calm blue eyes told him that his coach loved him enough to cease his affections the moment the inexperienced skater felt it was too much.

One of the hands cupping Yuri's innocent looking face moved to glide reassuringly through the dark locks atop the skater’s head, massaging the sensitive scalp.

"I love you, Yuri Katsuki. You can trust me."

"I love you too Victor…and I know.”

Victor reached over to pick up what he took off the floor earlier. It was a silver clad condom wrapper. The coach balanced himself on his knees and made sure the condom was in Yuri’s field of view and motioned to tear the top off the wrapper.

Just as the reflective package was split, a jerky hand stopped the man from opening it further.

"Wait…Victor..if...if it's okay with you; I want to feel your love flowing inside me. I—don't need protection from you."

The Russian was silent, which made the other's eyes dart back in forth in worry that he'd been too presumptuous that his coach would want to take such a risk with him.

In all honestly, Yuri knew he should be the one worried since Victor was not a virgin and he didn't know how many partners he'd had, but his love overshadowed any possible risks. Little did Yuri know, Victor had only had one previous partner when he was younger, and it was safe every time. Victor didn't have time for lovers as his career blossomed, skating was more important than human connection, or so he thought at the time.

The younger man couldn't take the silence that seemed to go on forever and started to apologize.

"Never mind. I'm sorry I th..."

Before Yuri could continue, a hot tongue was down his throat. The kiss was bruising as Victor attacked the unsuspecting man.

A string of saliva trailed and broke as Victor rose and leaned on his elbows to look down at his confused lover below.

"Oh Yuri, always surprising me in new ways. I am honored you would entrust me with not only taking your innocence but also allowing my Eros to erupt inside you, unbidden so it can seep into your very being."

The condom on the bed was tossed across the room. Another kiss was placed on Yuri's swollen lips; hands trailed down his sides. "You better watch out. I may pump you so full of my love that you, a man, would get pregnant." Victor said will a laugh.

Yuri sucked in a breath and eyes got big. The skater suddenly remembered a comment from long ago when his coach first arrived in Japan.

"Victor! Did Yuko say something to you about…"

Victor just grinned, putting an index finger to his mouth before answering. "She may have mentioned in passing a comment you made about my skating being...what was it? Sex on ice and getting you, a man, pregnant."

"Oh my God." Yuri covered his face with his hands in embarrassment.

Victor leaned in and whispered seductively in the other’s red-tipped ear. "Don't be embarrassed. Believe me, if I could get you pregnant one day, I would."

"Now, hold on to me and relax," Victor instructed, getting right back to the goal at hand. “Ready?”

“Yes, I need you inside me. Please, I want to feel you.” Yuri begged.

“Alright, wrap your legs around me tight. Here we go…”