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"Man, it's about time..." With hands clasped behind his head and lithe legs taking leisurely strides in a rather slow manner, the (h/c) haired boy was the picture definition of relaxed. (E/c) orbs roved his surroundings lazily, his lips pursed around a strawberry-flavored sucker as he strolled down the column of lockers, in search of the number indicating which one belonged to him. "That intro ceremony dragged on forever." Uncaring of the odd looks talking to himself seemed to garner, he came to a stop in front of his appointed locker, lip curling in distaste considering it was on the lowest possible row. "This is gonna get old real quick." Heaving a dissatisfied sigh he drops to a crouch in order to switch out his shoes, grumbling to himself about the injustice of giving a bottom locker to someone of his height, a glance off to the side revealing someone having similar difficulties though on the opposite spectrum, a tiny guy straining on the tips of his toes to reach his cubicle which was at the altitude of (F/N)'s desires. Snorting at the sight the male returns his attention to his own problem. "Who's dick do I gotta suck to get something on the top row?..." Morosely he slams the door and rises to his full height of 180 cm, further startling the girl who'd been standing beside him and had given him the most stricken expression at his words. "Ah.." A finger comes up to sheepishly scratch at his cheek as he blinks at her then uneasily shifts his eyes away, cheeks flushing pink. Dealing with girls was never his strong suit, they were always quick to offend and be driven off by his explicit speech and somewhat difficult attitude, coupling that with a severe lack of interest in them led to the tall male always fumbling with how to interact with them. So he simply fell back to his usual go to plan when confronted with the fairer sex-walk away and otherwise ignore her. Rotating on his heel, he attempted to finally make his way out the school, eager to escape this hellhole of boredom though the group of boys huddled in the middle of the hall was proving to be an obstacle of increasing proportions.


Sucking intently on his fruity candy, the male swung his bag over a shoulder and regards the commotion in front of him with mild irritation and the slightest of amusement- tiny guy from earlier enacting his righteous midget fury on what seemed to be some dumbass punks whom were painting upperclassmen in a bad light. (E/c) eyes dart between Tiny, the idiots who were feeling the brunt of his anger, and the blonde fucking giant who stood off to the side shivering in his spot, looking on the verge of either passing out or bursting into tears. Poor kid.

Regardless how semi-entertaining watching Tiny give what-for to some annoying jerks was, (F/N) had plans involving him, his couch, and prime cuddle time with his cat while watching the new episode of his favorite soap opera. He opens his mouth, prepared to deliver a scathing remark of some kind when the gigantic blonde seems to spring into motion, snatching up Tiny and running off with a tearful yell of "I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYY!!"

Huh. What a couple of oddballs.

The moronic upperclassmen are left in a state of shock, one of them still on the ground from when Tiny had kicked him down, so the (h/c) haired male takes this chance to leave at long last; and if he took care to shove past them while mercilessly stepping on the fallen guy with an unapologetic coo of "Whoops~", well that was his business and his alone. Ignoring their shouts was easy as he blew a kiss then gracefully strode out the door tittering a cheery farewell.

Upon reaching the outdoors (F/N) stretches, releasing a relieved huff. Leaving that building was much more of an endeavor than it should've been. Though...he turns his head the way the dynamic duo had ran off to (or were carted off to in the case of Tiny). He supposed he could spare a few extra minutes to follow them. At the very least, they were fellow first-years and he needed to befriend somebody; if anything he could take this as a test ride to see whether they were worth the trouble of socializing with or were people he would need to avoid in the coming future.

With a determined nod as a decision was made, he set off to follow their footsteps, not managing to refrain from smirking when he'd eventually caught up and found them on the ground, Tiny releasing even more pent up anger at the blonde giant. Honestly, how could such a small stature could contain such a high concentration of rage.

"I'm... Iwashimizu Sumiaki! I'm in class 1-2!"

As Tiny picks himself up off the ground the blonde gia-no, Iwashimizu, stutters out an introduction much to the (h/c) haired male's surprise. He figured the guy would flee from being on the receiving end of Tiny's harsh words, yet here he was making friends. How cute.

"1-5. Gion."

"And I'm (L/N) (F/N), also in class 1-2. I'm a (starsign), love candy and teriyaki burgers, and enjoy long walks on the beach. My height is 180 cm, weight is classified and if you really wanted to know the length and girth of my dick I'd be more than happy to show you instead of simply telling you~"

Eyes shut as the outspoken male beamed at them with a legit flowery fucking aura, Gion and Iwashimizu were left to gaze at this interloper with varying levels of reactions. Gion attempting to send the boy into the void from the intensity of his glare whereas Iwashimizu resembled a ripe tomato with a gaping mouth.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Pulling the sucker out, (F/N) taps it against his lips as he tuts in disappointment. "Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you, eh Gi-chan? And I just introduced myself too. You can refer to me as 'darling', 'my dear', 'the love of my life', or 'daddy'~ Though if you wanted to be boring, I suppose (F/N)-chan would do." Biting down on the candy with a crunch, he winks at the unamused shorter male and abandons the newly freed stick over his shoulder. fuckinglitterbug. "And I'm your brand spanking new best friend," he remembers then that the timid blonde was still on the ground and reaches out a hand to help the other up, though not without difficulty because fuck despite his height the (h/c) haired boy was all sinewy and rather delicate, slender noodle arms straining as they heave Iwashimizu up, "Yikes, you're heavy Iwashi-chan." The faint questioning "Iwashi-chan?" goes unanswered as (F/N) brushes off any dirt from the taller male and then pats his arm with a more subdued smile. "You too Iwashi-chan, if we're going to be classmates then we should get to know each other anyways, ne? So why not kick it up into high drive and be besties~?" (F/N)'s shy counterpart seems to flounder with how to respond before slowly nodding, sparing a hesitant smile and quiet "Sure, (L/N)-kun. It's nice to meet you too" as (F/N) cheers and pat his arm several more times, "It's (F/N), Iwashi-chan! (F/N)!"

"Good, you can be his friend and leave me alone, creep." Gion scoffs as he begins walking off. Together (F/N) and Iwashimizu make eye contact and exchange shrugs, one's blasé and the other's uncertain, before following the small brunette.

The two trail a few steps behind Gion until he turns back, thick brows furrowed as he snarls "Stop following me you overgrown weirdos!!"

"Th-The front gate is this way!"

"Ne ne, I'm just trying to go home so I can watch my soaps Gi-chan, don't be so egotistical and think my life revolves around you~"


"By the way...Gi-chan, will you switch lockers with me? Mine sucks."