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stars in the sun

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There are some things in life that people are simply aware of- like your nose in the corner of your vision. It's always been there, and you never really acknowledge it being there unless you have a reason to.

Another one of those things are the Sky-People. That's what everyone calls them, anyway. The Sky-People were rare(almost extinct, there were only a few handfuls of living Sky-People remaining) celestial beings that harnessed the heavenly elements in the sky.

Sky-People almost never retired(or died), but when they did, it went almost-unnoticeable to the citizens of Earth. The Sky-Person that retired would pass on his element to an ordinary Earth citizen, though the chosen person had no choice.

When the Sun and the Moon retired within mere hours of each other, a sparse few number of people caught on, and fewer believed them.


Cotton-candy-colored hair and all, Park Jimin spun around in his new office-chair. It was one of those fun ones that had the height adjustments and the spinning feature and the cushions.

A head poked through the open doorway- a smiley boy who had introduced himself as Jung Hoseok the day before. Hoseok was the Sky-Person who had controlled the Sun, and he had told Jimin that he was retiring.

And Jimin was taking his place.

Hoseok smiled. "So, Jimin, the job is simple- you just have to always have the sun in the back of your mind, willing it to move. Over time, it gets easier, but for the first years, it'll be all you can think about. Then at sunset, the moon will take over."

"T-Thanks, Hoseok."

Said boy flashed another bedazzling grin at Jimin. "Good luck, job starts tomorrow!"



Centuries passed, and Jimin loved his job. His smile got brighter every day, and he never lost his bubbly, innocent personality. The other Sky-People loved him, but he had not met the Moon-boy. They only had an hour or so of time when neither of them were working.


Jimin whined, trying to get someone's- anyone's - attention; he was bored to tears. He had just finished his day's work, and he had nothing to do. He reached onto his desk and grasped another(he had only had one, okay, ten before that one) chocolate truffle in between his tiny fingers and shoved it in his mouth, moaning at the rich flavor.

A knock on his door made him jump, and the door opened a second later. Jimin quickly lifted his feet off of his desk and gulped the truffle as a boy around his age entered the room.

The unidentified boy gently closed the door behind him and smiled shakily. "H-Hi, are you Park Jimin?"

For an embarrassingly long second, Jimin stared. This boy was gorgeous. His hair was a glossy, midnight black, and he was Korean, not unlike Jimin himself. His skin was strikingly pale for someone of his nationality, and his eyes were big and dark. He smiled, and Jimin almost melted.

"Yeah, I-I'm Jimin."

The boy nodded and held out his hand. "I'm Jeon Jeongguk, and I've heard a lot about you. May I have the honor of taking you out?"

Normally, the answer would be an automatic no. But Jeongguk was different. Somehow, though Jimin couldn't put his finger on the reason why. He seemed nice and trustworthy, for starters. Not to mention adorably perfect. And Jimin found himself so charmed he couldn't stop himself from agreeing and entwining hands with Jeongguk.


The pair ended up getting ice cream from a cute shop and walking around in the humid summer evening, hands still laced together.

"So," Jimin sighed in content, taking another lick from his double-chocolate ice cream cone, topped with sprinkles and hot syrup. The frozen dairy treat slowly dripped down the sides of the waffle cone and made Jimin's left hand sticky, but his other small hand stayed comfortable in Jeongguk's grasp. "What star do you control?"

The building that Jimin's office-and his bedroom- was located in was for Sky-People only(it was basically an office building and housing)(Only Sky-People allowed in), so he was fairly certain that Jeongguk was a Sky-Person.

Jeongguk smiled slightly. "The moon, but that isn't a star."

Realization dawned on Jimin, and he panicked. His lips formed a small 'o' and his eyes widened. Jeongguk was supposed to be working, it was past sunset. "Oh my gosh, it's so late, are yo-"

"Don't worry, I got someone to cover for me." Jeongguk chuckled.

The two then walked in a comfortable silence, the light, warm breeze sweeping across their skin. They finished their ice cream, quickly rinsing their sticky hands at a public hose.

They then continued walking, hands swinging slightly and talking aimlessly.


Three hours later, the streets were practically deserted, except the occasional car zooming by and the two Sky-People.


"Jimin," Jeongguk halted to a stop, and Jimin turned to face him. They were nose-to-nose, chests pressed flush against each other. Jeongguk took the older boy's small, cute hands in his own. "Thank you for joining me tonight."


The pink-haired boy's eyes flitted from their entwined fingers to his shoes, a blush dusting his cheeks. His gaze eventually settled on Jeongguk's lips, and the two of them leaned in.

The kiss was chaste and sweet with absolutely nothing lustful about it. Jeongguk's lips tasted like the chocolate ice cream he had eaten earlier that evening, and they were cloud-soft. And Jimin hoped(he truly did) that they could keep kissing like this forever.

He opened his mouth mid-kiss, not wanting to break the liplock, to silently gulp a breath of the air that Jeongguk had breathed out seconds ago(not that Jimin minded).

Jeongguk walked Jimin back to his room in the office building, and Jimin knew he would spend the next few hours giggling and gushing to Hoseok about it.

"Thank you for the fun night, Jeongguk." Jimin tilted his head up and pressed a short kiss to the younger boy's lips.

The pale boy smiled. "We should do this again sometime?"

"Of course."


Over the course of the next few decades, Jeongguk and Jimin's relationship grew more serious. It had started out with innocent coffee dates and hand-holding and flower exchanging, but it was beginning to be something more meaningful than a crush.

One particular rainy day(when the sun wasn't out, and Jimin didn't have to do his job), Jeongguk entered the elder's room to find him sprawled out on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Jimin," Jeongguk sat on the bed and carded his fingers through Jimin's baby pink hair. "What are we?"

Hearing the seriousness of the question, Jimin sat up and situated himself so that he faced Jeongguk. "I think we can be whatever you're comfortable being. Whether that means friends, enemies..." Jimin paused, blushing and taking a sudden interest in his socks. "Or boyfriends." Jimin shrugged, his entire face a scarlet red.

Jeongguk nodded, his heart racing and voice shaking. You can do this, Jeongguk. "If so, then will you, Jimin, be my boyfriend?"

Judging by the 'yesyesyes' that was muffled by Jimin's lips on Jeongguk's, it was safe to say that they liked each other.


It was only a few years later when Jeongguk had revealed how much he missed fast food, but hadn't gotten around to buying any. Jimin had decided to surprise his boyfriend with french fries and probably-artificial milkshakes as a treat.

Presently, he was walking through the slight flurry of powdery snowflakes. He was cold and lonely without Jeongguk's large fingers swallowing up his tiny hands. Nevertheless, he strolled down the street, keeping an eye out for any dessert shops, as the fast food was already being held in a paper bag at his side.

Even though he wasn't with him, Jimin was wrapped in Jeongguk's cozy, warm scent. He was drowning in his winter clothing, which the younger had forced him to take after he had came in one day after playing in the snow, teeth chattering and shaking violently.

His mouth was covered by a thick, furry scarf, though his breath still managed to make visible puffs of air. The top of his head was covered by a black beanie, though his bubblegum bangs still laid flat against his forehead, occasionally shifting in the biting breeze. His nose and cheeks were flushed with cold, and he occasionally shivered. His torso was covered in a baby blue sweater, and he used the extra-long sleeves as makeshift mittens to keep his hands warm.

A neon orange sign caught Jimin's eye. Candy and Cakes. Jimin's eyes widened; his favorite thing to do as a child was to browse candy shops, wistfully gazing upon the glass jars of colorful taffy and creamy chocolates.


His legs moved for him, and he entered the shop, taking a second to look at the posters and banners that were plastered on the exterior. Curious, he stepped into the shop, and a wave of artificial warmth hit his face. He sighed in relief. Cold weather had never been a favorite of his. The sweet scent of the sugary treats wafted through the air, and Jimin felt his mouth water just a teensy bit.

Three bags of truffles and two boxes of random sweets later, he swiftly walks towards the exit, placing the receipt in one of the paper bags he was clutching. Before he can walk five steps, though, he feels a sharp pain in his gut and his eyes prickle with tears. 'Ow, ow ow ow, my head hurts!'

He glances up to see the source- a woman who had elbowed him(more like she socked him, it hurt that bad).

Wordlessly, he runs out of the shop and tears through the streets.

Somehow, he is able to hail a taxi and go the entire ten-minute ride to the office without crying. It felt like nails were being driven into his throbbing abdomen, and damn, did it hurt!


As soon as he got out of the taxi, he let a tear slip down his cheek. He ran to his room and kicked off his shoes, launching himself onto his bed.

A few moments later, the door opened, and Jimin looked up with watery eyes. Jeongguk walks over. "Jimin, love, are you alright?"

Jimin sniffles. "I-I-"


The two of them end up sharing the french fries and the sweets, cuddling onto Jimin's bed and watching a random chick-flick, which Jimin finds extremely charming and romantic and sweet and- well, if Hoseok heard his thoughts, he would scold the pink-haired boy for 'gushing'.

Jimin really hopes they get married soon, and so does Jeongguk, because he proposes the next year. And, of course, Jimin doesn't hesitate to say yes.