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A Persian's Tale: Scarred for Life

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A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life

1/30/2008 - 566 words

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing / Bandai or Harry Potter / JK Rowling and this was inspired in part by the story "Raimei" on FFN.

AN: AbeoUmbra, I have no idea if I'll ever actually get those damn one-shots I owe you done; however, I would like to present to you (and everyone else who reads this) with the start of A Persian's Tale. I am willing to bet you didn't think I would actually do it, did you? Well I have one thing to say to you- "HA!" -raspberry-

And with that, on with the show!


He knew from the start that something was wrong. The Dursley’s had given him 50 pounds with only cursory grumblings. He should have taken that for the sign it was to abandon his request to go into London for his school supplies but he hadn’t – probably too shocked at the time at being almost given the money. Now look at where he was, stranded on the muggle side of the Leaky Cauldron at night with no true desire to re-enter the establishment.

He didn’t fault Tom, it was an inn and pub after all, but the patrons this night looked particularly Dark – not just shady but truly Dark, and considering most Dark witches and wizards wanted him very, very dead his reticence over returning was completely understandable. Being assaulted, raped, or killed in his sleep was not on his to-do list.

Since the Dursley’s had rather obviously abandoned him and he wouldn’t return to the Leaky, he did the only next logical thing in his mind, try to find a motel to spend the night. The fact that it was night in a big city left him wary but really, he didn’t have any other do-able options. So, mind set, the Boy-Who-Lived started to walk.


London had plenty of hotels, Harry just seemed skilled in finding all of the ones over his price range. Plus, he hardly looked the most reputable with his overly large hand me downs wandering in at almost 10 at night. He finally gave up hope of finding something and decided to return to the Leaky when he realized something very important. He was lost.

Not just lost but completely without a clue. It wasn’t like he had ever visited London just for the heck of it before, much less during the night. It was coming on 10:30 in the evening, it was dark, and he successfully found himself someplace that Dung would feel right at home. Then the hairs on the back of his neck started crawling.


Go figure, all those times he had run from Dudley and his friends during childhood would come in handy during his teens in an unfortunately life-or-death version of the infamous “Harry Hunting”. A bruise had swollen his left eye shut, his glasses had been lost two blocks back, and his ribs were screaming at him to stop. The blood running from the slice in his arm, busted nose, split lip, and thigh wound were disturbingly warm considering just how cold he felt.

An alleyway appeared on his left and without thought he ducked inside, hiding behind an over full and very ripe dumpster. Evidently he ran into the alley between a Chinese restaurant and an Indian one. Amazing what things the mind will latch onto when the body is on an adrenaline high and in extreme pain. Really, and the Cruciatus was supposed to be the most painful sensation possible. It overwhelmed the senses rendering the victim into a state of mild shock and ended immediately after the wand was lifted. Not even close to the throb shaking his entire form.

Noise at the mouth of his hideaway startled him, sucking a large breath in his screaming lungs he was reduced to mentally praying to a figure he wasn’t even sure existed. “Please don’t let them find me, please don’t let them find me, pleasedon’tletthemfindme!”

And with that everything went dark.


Harry is wandering alone in the middle of the night in the bad side of a big city. If this was set in New York City he'd probably be dead but as this is London, I'll leave him as the victim of assault, mugging, and attempted murder. If the authorities find him anyway.

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Author's notes: HP/GundamWing

Abandoned in London by the Dursely's with fifty pounds to his name and no desire to lodge in a Leaky filled to the brim with Light hostile patrons, who would've thought running from a mugging would find him living in luxury as a cat...

A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life 2

1/31/2008 - 591 words

AN: Chapter 2, don't get used to this. And yes, I know it is short. Live with it.

AN2: Someone asked if they needed to know anything concerning GW-verse. The only knowledge you'll need is being able to recognize the main characters and their general backgrounds. I have no real intention of going hardcore Gundam Wing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or Harry Potter and this was inspired in part by the story "Raimei". You should look it up on FFN.


The dark was good and surprisingly comforting. No pain, no worries, nothing. So it was understandable his complete lack of desire to awaken. His body was sore but in a heavy, deadened way like he had taken a strong pain reliever and his memories were prompt in informing him why strong painkillers were necessary. Really, the Boy Who Lived, dead from a mugging – no one would believe it.

Opening his eyes, slowly, made one thing perfectly clear – something was very, very wrong. He rather distinctly remembered his glasses falling off during his mugging and the subsequent crunch when they were trod upon during his escape. So, there was no reason for him to be seeing clearly, as in better than 20 / 20 clearly. His eyes were never that good, even with his glasses; like the Dursley’s would cough up for eye exams and new prescriptions.

Plus, he should not be able to smell the fact that two cats and a dog had been in this room within the past 24 hours. The heart monitor was too big, the ceiling too high, and the bed way too big. Ergo, something really, really bad had happened resulting in his shrinkage. While pondering just how he managed to get here, footsteps echoed from outside the room and playing possum was suddenly very appealing. He closed his eyes and relaxed his too heavy body just as the door opened.


“Your friend is right in here. He was in pretty bad shape but nothing life threatening. The amount of blood was deceiving. Where did you find him?”

“I was heading into the office, I had an early summons, and he was lying at the mouth of an alleyway between two restaurants. My first thought was to bring him here. It’s not like Lady Une would do more than reprimand me.”

“Ah, I understand. So strange though, you don’t often see this type wandering the alleys. Actually, he was well taken care under the grime. I think he’s a new stray.”


“A few stitches near the left eye and back right leg, plus extensively bruised ribs indicative of being kicked or stomped on a few times but, surprisingly no broken bones. As long as you give him these medicines at the times indicated and keep him from strenuous activity, you can take him home immediately after this.”

“Thank you Trowa.”

“Not a problem Heero. But, how is Duo going to react to you bringing home a cat?”

“Heero Yuy bringing home a beaten stray?”

“True, Duo will be too stunned to comment for a while. Take pictures for me?”



He was a cat. He was a cat. He was a cat.

Never pray to figures you aren’t sure exist or that you don’t have full faith in to begin with for those are the ones who are evil PMS-ing bitches out to spite you. Why else would he be a cat? And not just a cat, oh no, he was a fluffy cat. A Persian, evidently purebred according to the veterinarian, but still he was a PERSIAN! Someone hated him, that was all there was to it.

He was a relatively large, fluffy, calico colored Persian with a long fluffy tail, two triangular ears, four paws, whiskers, and retractable claws. If that wasn’t bad enough, he couldn’t change back. He was stuck. As a cat. And he was just adopted by a man with short brown hair, dark blue eyes, and smelled heavily of gun powder.

Life officially sucked.


AN: Yes, Harry was mugged by muggles and almost killed. In his desperation to escape and live, his magic turned him into a cat. A big, fluffy, black and brown Persian. And Heero Yuy just adopted him. As for the PMS part - my name is Lynn ergo, I am female, ergo I can get away with such comments since I happen to know from personal experience that PMS has the wonderful ability to leave you cranky, sore, and out for blood.

Abs - Here is your kitty!Harry. And no, think of a different blond haired, blue eyed man with hair to rival Duo. Don't ask, I have this running in my head and suddenly I traded the small blond for the big one.

As always, leave a review!

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Author's notes: HP/GundamWing Abandoned in London by the Dursely's with fifty pounds to his name and no desire to lodge in a Leaky filled to the brim with Light hostile patrons, who would've thought running from a mugging would find him living in luxury as a cat...

A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life 3

2/1/2008 -- 708 words

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing (Bandai) or Harry Potter (Rowling). This was partially inspired by "Raimei" so look it up.

AN: This seems to be getting progressively longer and I am posting it today because no one seems to post on a frickin' Saturday. Don't get used to the regularity, just revel in what you have. And Steven Kodaly, tell me if you recognize something yes?

Oh yeah, and if you haven't figured this out yet, this will eventually be slash between Harry and a GW character. 1x2, 3x4, 5xSally, and HPx6. Eventually. But I remind you that the slash will be in action and words, not in sex. I rated this T and I'm keeping it.


Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell – his new owners. One was a Preventer that constantly smelled of gun powder and seemed almost surgically attached to his laptop. The other had long brown hair that reminded him strangely of his own tail and absolutely reeked of explosives. He didn’t know what Duo did and he was certain he didn’t want to know.

As for him, the vet prescribed some wonderful drugs that didn’t react with his currently kitty-fied magical core. If anything, he was healing like he had visited Madam Pomphrey and her wonder potions instead of a muggle veterinarian. Which was a very good thing considering Duo was bloody certifiable. If being a Persian wasn’t bad enough he was, quoting verbatim, “Absolutely adorable, like one of those 10 dollar cat plushies, only real.” Completely mental that one.

His current abode was a nice sized flat with a kitchen, one and a half bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a spacious living room. Windows lined one of the living room walls giving a breath taking view of the London skyline, but, much more importantly, provided perfect conditions for a little cat nap. Curl up under the dark leather wingback in an invading sunbeam, safely away from the braided menace, and sleep.


“Hee-chan he’s sleeping again.”

“You do recall the list of injuries he’s recovering from right? Leave him be.”

“I guess, but he’s so boring. I mean, I know cats aren’t renowned for being active people persons but really. He’s almost as bad as you were during the war.”

“Ah, so you preferred it when he was clinging to your braid like a five pound hair accessory?”

“We agreed to never speak of that.”


“It wasn’t funny! That beast almost cost me two inches!”

“If we didn’t share the same bed at night, I’d question whether or not you were a woman.”



Of course, cat naps require peace and quiet to be effective. How did he always wind up with the loud ones? Huh, Heero kept a stash of chocolate hidden in his spare laptop case and he was certain he saw some Midol in the guest bathroom medicine cabinet. Maybe a sacrifice was in order.

“Ya know, we really should call him something. We can’t keep referring to him as ‘the cat’ or ‘beast’ or ‘he’. What do you think?”

“I thought we agreed he was going to be Quatre’s gift in two weeks? It would be inconvenient if he was trained to respond to a name before hand.”

“Inconvenient? So what, we just tell Quat to whistle and call for Kitty?”

Oh, they were so not going there. If that insane menace to society had his way he would wind up being called something like Goggles, or Specs. The requisite mirror examination two weeks ago had revealed a pair of round tan markings around his eyes, reminiscent of his normal glasses. Surprisingly enough, the blasted scar of his was missing so no dead give away for searching wizards and witches.


He hated being right. Really, he did. Thankfully Heero was a man of reason and that scowl was truly impressive. Not that the kitty cat wannabe noticed.


That braid was going down. If two inches made him scream then two feet would kill him. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.



“Patches, then?”

He was slinking out from under the wingback with malice sparking in his little yellow kitty eyes. Thankfully, GSR-man was paying attention and promptly shut his violet eyed lover up. Hm, eye full of two hot guys kissing or his rudely interrupted nap? Perving or napping? Perving or napping?


And just because he was so prompt in shutting Duo up, he wouldn’t claw the leather while he climbed up to the top of the backrest. The delicious sunbeam from earlier had moved but the backrest still had a good three hours of sunlight left. He curled up, fluffy tail curled over fluffy ears, and went back to his nap.

If he had just stayed awake for another minute he would have heard the braided bane of his existence.

“Calico. His name is Calico.”

Then everything dissipated in a happy cloud nine, the wizard-turned-cat asleep on the back of Hee-chan’s favorite chair.


So, Duo has been gifted with many nicknames centering around 'insane menace' while Heero is officially Mr. Level Headed. And Harry is going to be Calico until such time as Quatre puts him out of his misery by picking a vaguely better name. Yes, you read that right, Calico the purebred persian is a last minute gift for the little blond who has everything. Except a pet.

I really do read your reviews, just ask Steven Kodaly on FFN!

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Author's notes: First page

A Persian’s Tale 4

2/5/2008 - 657 words

Disclaimer: I don't own either of them or the story that spawned this bunny.

AN: Things to know for this story -- 1) The pilots are as follows: Heero Yuy is Pilot 01, Duo Maxwell is Pilot 02, Trowa Barton is Pilot 03, Quatre Raberba Winner is Pilot 04, and Wufei Chang is Pilot 05. 2) This is set after Year 5 and a few years after Endless Waltz. 3) Yes, this will contain both SLASH and HET but NOT HARDCORE! Words and actions people, not sex. 3a) Harry will be in a SLASH relationship with a character of the GW-verse. I already gave you a rather blatant hint who it is. 4) If you aren't familiar with Gundam Wing, I won't be going hardcore into the specifics of the plot, just Wikipedia "Gundam Wing" and read the plot summary of the show and Endless Waltz. Life will be good.


There was a reason that Duo Maxwell smelled so strongly of explosives and it scared his fur stiff. The bloody fool kept plastiques and charges inside his braid. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, Heero didn’t seem to care that his brown haired lover was doing so. He had seemed mildly upset when he found something that looked suspiciously like a partially completed pipe bomb near his precious laptop but, aside from having to share the couch for three days, there was no reaction. They were bloody insane and barely 20!

However, ignoring the lethally insane menace, his life was looking up. The vet, Dr. Barton, had removed the stitches from his face and leg that morning which was a relief. There was a problem when scratching your eye out or biting your leg off came off as appealing. His bandages were also removed and he was given a clean bill of health. Life was good.

Then, the purple eyed hell spawn had asked about shots. Harry never had any and Dr. Barton wasn’t going to take the chance that he might have had previous shots anyways.

They hurt. Very much.

And so did Dr. Barton and the hell spawn when he was done. There was something extremely satisfying about watching the nurse give the vet a total of 23 stitches. Yes, he counted. As for dear, sweet Duo? That was another two inches off the bottom and a rather spectacular impression of his left paw claws raking across his eye.

He then curled up in the lap of the very pretty nurse who turned out to be a cat person and smugly watched his prey. The fact that he could feel the brunette nurse shaking with laughter left him feeling vindicated.


“It’s evil!”

“I thought you name him Calico?”

“Hah! No way, that thing is officially an ‘it’!”

“Why are you feeling so hostile? Hair grows back and you were contemplating trimming the end.”

“Trimming, not getting two inches hacked off, and that was because it already took two inches off before!”

“Duo. Calm down. Your hair will re-grow and Calico will be out of the apartment in a week.”

“Gah! Fine! I’ll calm down but only because he’s leaving soon.”


“You’re welcome.”

“No napalm.”



He would be a present to some stranger in a week and he still couldn’t change back. His magic categorically refused to cooperate with him, refusing to budge whenever he prodded it trying to switch forms. But, he could make it move when he tried for something else, like levitation, bigger jumps, or softer landing. Plus, there was usually some sign he was actually doing those things, nothing big but definitely something. Actually, the passive uses worked best – they worked all the time to various degrees and didn’t drain his reserves down to almost nothing like levitation did.

However, getting back to the subject, he was going to be a present in a week. He didn’t know this person, he didn’t know where he lived, and he didn’t know his political affiliation. All of which was very important considering his effin’ Boy Who Lived status. Not that he had much choice, actually they would probably be a blessed relief in comparison to the hellion and his blue eyed love. He didn’t have a problem with Heero, definite potential for becoming a cat person, but Duo was a whole other story. The sadist had him flea dipped in retaliation for the incident at the vet’s office.

Speaking of blue eyes, Heero was calling for him. His tail swayed back and forth, attracting GSR-man’s attention.

“Come down Calico. I need to take you to the groomer’s before the party at Quatre’s next week.”

Ah, he did know one thing about his soon-to-be new owner; his name was Quatre Raberba Winner, brother-in-all-but-blood to Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell.


Okay, so Harry has something of a love/hate relationship going on with Duo. Go figure. A reviewer mentioned being disconcerted with the slash content present in this story but I am taking it as a statement of fact since the review wasn't hostile. Sorry for the lack of warning but I have done nothing to hide the slash in this story, I like slash stories personally. I am going with the standard slash pairings where GW is concerned in fanfiction -- HeeroxDuo, QuatrexTrowa, and WufeixSally. Although cute, I actually prefer the pairing of Sally Po and Chang Wufei over slash variants, just a quirk I guess. As you can (or will) see, Harry is Bi-Curious. He likes girls but is curious about boys (not that he is ready to admit he might be interested).

For those in the know concerning Gundam Wing -- I am going to take Milliardo Peacecraft, Relena Peacecraft, and the Sanc Kingdom and I am going to play with them. Sanc was short for Sanctuary and there is a reason the Peacecrafts were called the Peacecrafts. That is the only hint I'm dropping right now.

Timeline (because I'm surprised no one has asked yet) -- I am not going to touch it. AC and AD are just too big a pain in my happy little arse to bother with. I sucked at math. Just know that the happenings of GW were going on in the muggle world while Voldemort was going on in the magical world. Yes, the two are merged, yes there are colonies in space, yes, I am leaving it to you (the reader) to design your own explanation for the timeline. The calendar is standard January to December, 7 days a week, 4 weeks per month, 365 days a year.

Hopefully that has answered anything you might be thinking so be kind and leave a review. If I missed something, say so and I'll try to address it. OH! And look at Treize Khushrenada, he'll be important to the story in his posthumous way.

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Author's notes: First page

A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life 5

2/9/2008 -- 1510 words

Disclaimer: I don't own either Gundam Wing or Harry Potter, I'm merely a poor college student.

AN: Someone mentioned that they didn't think Persian cats came in calico colors. Look up "Calico Persian Cat" on google and then check the images that it pulls up. Calico Persians are black and tan usually with white-ish grey belly fur. You will also note I say Calico has yellow eyes -- I am not mistyping. Unless people have too much time on their hands to alter the photos of their cats, some of those pictures from the above named search had very yellow eyes. Black and tan fur with such striking yellow eyes peering out from twin tan circles where Harry's glasses would sit just struck me as the creepy, almost too perceptive feel I was aiming for.

The bold italic is Wufei Chang speaking in Chinese. Throughout the story the bold italics will denote non-English dialogue. Plain 'italics' caught in single quotes denote thoughts.


Quatre Winner was the shorter, nicer version of Lucius Malfoy. Blond hair, blue eyes, obscenely rich, politically powerful, and had all the high society bints throwing themselves, some discretely and most not, at his feet. And he was now Harry’s owner.

However, unlike the Malfoys, Quatre exuded kindness and generosity. No matter how shy or persistent the woman, he never said a harsh word to them. He’d gently steer them away, either to a more eligible match or discussion partner. He danced with grace and fluidity and was honestly pleased to have the guests in attendance. The polar opposite of the Malfoy men.

They had arrived a half hour early, Harry in a nice cat carrier, but there were still over twenty people in attendance. Their host was caught up in a discussion with a few of his early guests, so Duo passed Harry on to a rather large Arabic man with a strange beard before wading into the fray with Heero. Mr. Beard put Harry in a side room already starting to fill with gifts, placed a dish of water in his carrier, and left.

He would not dispute the fact that the Dursleys were far from kind when he was growing up. Little food – sometimes going days without –, a cupboard for a room, and all the household chores that Petunia didn’t feel the need to soil her hands with. Now, he wasn’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t take him much past being introduced to primary school to realize that things weren’t right, but he was smart enough not to fight the Dursleys over their treatment. Head down, mouth shut, and keep moving.

Starting at eleven he was allowed to shed their training for nine months out of twelve but some things just stick, including a rather strong aversion to being locked up. After his rescue summer prior to second year he had, on the sly, gotten Fred and George Weasley to teach him the time honored art of lock picking. Thankfully the twins were perceptive enough to not question why he was so desperate for the knowledge, staying up past midnight for days on end practicing until it came as easily to him as breathing or seeking. A fine eye, nimble fingers, and a single minded determination to learn put him in good stead and he was frightfully proficient by the end of the summer.

‘Thank you Fred and George.’ Although he had calmly entered the carrier of his own free will at the apartment, he was eager to leave and promptly put his hard learned skills to work. In but a moment he was free and streaking out the door.


Voluminous red drapes that felt a bit like velvet covered large floor to ceiling windows and support beams crisscrossed high over head. Besides being the youngest seeker in a century he was also a cat; the three story drop waiting two inches on both sides didn’t faze him. Even if it was a straight drop into the middle of the blond host’s guest filled ballroom. People were dancing; waiters wandered serving food and drink, tasteful music softly drifted through the crowd. All in all a very well done party.

Or it was.


The security for such a high society party was amazing but when you want to kill the best, you hire the best. Undoubtedly it was his perch that let him see the oddball waiter inconspicuously make his way through the partiers on the second floor balcony overlooking the ballroom. Nothing jumped out and screamed ‘suspicious’ though his gut wouldn’t be ignored and he focused on the waiter. It took but moments to realize that the inconspicuous waiter was too inconspicuous and nondescript. He instinctively followed the infiltrator with his eyes and his body quickly followed suit, stalking his prey from the crossbeams ten feet overhead.

When the waiter ducked into a unpopulated shadowy corner and drew a gun instinct he didn’t know he had took over. The large Persian was all teeth and claws and screaming fury as he dropped onto the assassin, hell fire burning in his yellow eyes. Mr. Assassin shouted, waving his arm to rid himself of the possessed cat and accidentally discharged into the air. If the screaming cat or shouting man didn’t attract attention the gunshot certainly did and the people filling the ballroom screamed and scattered, fleeing the ballroom with help from the prompt guards.

He ignored the panicking guests, focused only on the man before him threatening the lives of his new friends and their brother-in-all-but-blood. No one threatened the braided menace or his blue eyed lover but him. His paw snapped forward, claws out, and racked across the assassin’s eyes while his back claws were sunk deep into the flesh of the gun wielding hand wrenching and tearing from the rapid movement of the waving arms. The gun discharged a second time, this time pointing down into the ballroom, and something very deep snapped.

Calico twisted his body, sunk all four sets of claws deep into the gunman’s hand and wrist and bit down, aiming for bone and veins. Mr. Assassin screamed again and dropped the gun from the unexpected spike in pain and the warm, slick feeling of his blood pouring from the wounds in his wrist. His prey flung out his arm one more time, pumped on pain and adrenaline; between the blood and the power behind the throw Calico was sent flying over the railing out towards the middle of the dance floor. However, he didn’t got alone and took the gun with him in an unnatural display of strength and flexibility of his prehensile tail. Dead or not, Calico took grim satisfaction that his prey would be lucky to live from the pulpy mess that was his wrist.


“Calico! Dammit, Heero get that bastard!”

“Hn.” Heero’s gun was in his hand at the first disturbance from Calico and he was already bounding up the grand staircase before Duo spoke. Quatre was crouched behind one of the large roman columns holding up the second floor balcony, gun trained on the flailing target and attached hellcat. Trowa crouched behind the column before Quatre’s with his own pistol in hand.

By the second accidental discharge Heero was two yards down from the infiltrator with his gun trained on the man’s heart and just waiting for an opening. The assassin flung out his arm sending Calico flying over the balcony along with his gun. At the same time that Calico cleared the railing Duo tackled him from behind, smashing the assassin’s head against the marble railing struts. However, the assassin was too high on pain and adrenaline to give in and he threw his weight to the right, slamming Duo hard against the same struts. Heero moved forward over his lover, waiting for an opening and immediately slammed his fist into the assailant’s temple. No mere assassin could stand up to the fist of a pissed off Perfect Soldier and he immediately fell unconscious from the vicious hit. Heero got a visceral type of satisfaction feeling the thin bone cracking under his fist.

Duo, feeling the assailant fall limp, jumped up and craned as far over the railing as he could, trying to locate the bravely stupid Calico that he would never, ever make fun of again as long as the evil fluffball was safe. Looking down, he broke out into raucous laughter – if it was tinged with hysteria no one mentioned it.


He wasn’t dead. How the hell was he not dead?

“What is going on?!”

He could feel arms tightening around his shaking body, hugging him tight to a lithely muscled chest. The arms held him securely and he could even feel strong fingers expertly running along his back going a long way to soothe his frazzled nerves. Whatever had snapped earlier was lying dormant again and all he could do was frantically scream in his mind, ‘What the hell possessed him to do that?!’

Something odd managed to penetrate the shocked fog shrouding his mind besides his own heartbeat; Duo was laughing, this side of mad, and no one seemed able to stop him. He might not necessarily like the evil kitty wannabe but that sounded a bit too familiar for comfort and promptly wriggled out of his rescuer’s arms. Ignoring the confused Asian man yelling in his native tongue, the amazed blond, or the worried Dr. Barton, he scampered up the staircase, used Heero as a climbing post, and jumped onto the shoulders of the laughing man. Purring loudly, his entire body shaking – whether it was the shock or purring was up for debate – he wrapped himself like a stole around Duo’s neck. He wasn’t surprised to feel a desperate hand almost immediately bury itself into the ruff of his neck and just purred harder, nuzzling the grasping appendage.

“You are a crazy, evil, suicidal little hellion and I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful. Thanks kitty.”


I hit this idea and flowed with it. How's this for a birthday party? Just wait until Quatre realizes that little hellcat that saved his life is in fact his birthday gift from Heero and Duo. If you noticed at one point I had Harry being referred to as Calico, you may or may not want to pay attention to that little fact. Yeah, Harry does still have a love/hate relationship with Duo but living with Duo for a month and seeing him at his most relaxed and intimate moments left a very strong bond between them. No, Harry won't be Duo's cat ultimately -- his love and loyalty will be directed at Quatre.

Huh, almost twice the number of words of my previous longest chapter. Don't expect this often. This was an important chapter and I wasn't going to skimp on it. Leave a review, especially about the action scene. I'm not completely happen with the action from the G-boys POV but for some reason I loved the action from Calico's POV. So, which do you prefer?

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Author's notes: What's happening in the wizarding world while Harry is away?

A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life 6

2/20/2008 -- 1247 words

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter (Rowlings) or Gundam Wing (Bandai)

AN: This is in response to Alorkin's question about what the Wizards were doing about Harry being gone. Overall I think it turned out pretty well. HET and some light language warnings.


-- Time skip -- September 1 --

-- Hogwarts Express --

“Oh Ron I’m so worried. I haven’t heard from Harry since early summer.”

“It’s strange Hermione. I haven’t either and neither have the twins. Even the Order is getting worried. You don’t think those relatives of his did anything to him do you?”

“Knowing how those people think of Harry, I wouldn’t put it past them. Maybe we should tell the Headmaster?”

“Look, we’ll wait until tomorrow morning. If Harry isn’t here by breakfast then we’ll go tell Dumbledore our suspicious. I’m not sure how much good it’ll do though. I know Dumbledore means well but he sure seems to turn a blind eye where Harry’s relatives are concerned.”

“True but if we haven’t heard from Harry in two months I think he’ll at least investigate. Alright, tomorrow breakfast time. If Harry isn’t there we go immediately to the Headmaster and make him listen one way or the other.”

“Blimey Hermione, you look scary when you frown like that.”

“Shut it Ron.”

-- Grimmauld Place --

“I don’t like this Tonks. No contact from Harry in two months and no word where he could be. I could understand his not contacting Albus after last semester, definite trust issues after Si-Sirius left. But no word to his friends either.”

“I know what you mean Remy. Severus says Vol-Voldemort has no idea where Harry is either which may or may not be a blessing. Just think what’ll happen when the Dark Lord finds out we’ve lost the Boy Who Lived.”

“Chaos will be the least of our worries. You know he wouldn’t keep that information from reaching the population for long. Any will they might have to resist, which isn’t much to begin with, would be destroyed. And just think what the backlash against Harry will be!”


“I’m sorry Tonks but first Sirius and now Harry just a few months later?”

“He’s not dead Remus.”

The werewolf snorted contemptuously.

“I promise Remus; we’d find out real quick if something like that happened. However, we have no body, no ransom, and no dark celebrations in the streets. Just keep up the hope Rem. The worst thing you could do to Harry would be giving up on him.”

“You’re right, you’re right Tonks. But it’s just so hard…”

Nymphadora Tonks smiled sadly at the depressed werewolf. Screwing up her Gryffindor courage in the face of his despair, she leant down and kissed him, her hair promptly flaming as brightly as her face. The look of stunned shock on the werewolf’s face would have been extremely comical if she wasn’t so busy being distracted.

-- September 2 -- Hogwarts --

--Great Hall --

“He’s not here Ron. Harry’s not here!”

“I know Hermione, I bloody know already. He wasn’t in the dorm either, last night or this morning. Look, we both have free immediately after breakfast. We’ll head up to the Headmaster’s office then.”

“Alright Ron. Now for goodness sake, chew with your mouth closed!”

--Headmaster’s Office--

“Come in Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley.”

“Headmaster Dumbledore, Harry isn’t here!”

“He wasn’t on the train or in the dorms either. Since he wasn’t at breakfast we came to you.”

Dumbledore sighed heavily. “I understand Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley and rest assured that the Order is doing its best to find Mr. Potter. Tell me, have you received any correspondence from Mr. Potter over the summer?”

“No sir. We only got one letter from Harry approximately two weeks into summer vacation and it didn’t sound like anything was wrong. He said the Dursley’s were normal, he was bored, and made no mention of Sirius – standard summer letter all around.”

“I see.”

“Headmaster, me and Hermione think the Dursleys may have done something to Harry. We know, he needs the blood protection and all that –," Ron grunted at Hermione’s elbow to his ribs, “But they don’t like Harry and have made no attempts to hide it. I, we, wouldn’t put it past them to do something.”

“I am sure you are exaggerating children.”

“No sir, when me and my brothers went to get Harry for the summer before second we had to pull iron bars off his window frame first. His Uncle then ran into the room and grabbed Harry by his ankle hard enough to leave a hand shaped bruise for two weeks. Sir, Harry looked scared while his Uncle had him and was shaking a little all the way to the Burrow. He didn’t act like anything was wrong, but still. Just ask the twins, I think they put the grate from his window in the back of dad’s garage.”

“That is a disturbing accusation Mr. Weasley. Are you—"

“Headmaster, pardon my rudeness, but there is the floo powder and a fireplace connected to the Floo Network. The destination is ‘Gred and Forge’s Flat’. Ask them sir; they’ll back me up whole heartedly.”

“I’ll forgive your frankness young man; it is your best friend who’s missing. Now, DADA is about to start. Head on to class and I’ll speak with the Misters Weasley.”

Hermione and Ron stared hard into the Headmaster’s eyes before nodding. On the way out the door Hermione turned back and let loose a final parting shot.

“We’re trusting you Dumbledore.”

-- September 3 -- Little Whining, Surrey --

-- No.4 Privet Drive --

“Ah, Petunia how nice to see you again.”

“What do you want Dumbledore? And get inside, I don’t want any of the neighbors to see your kind on our front step.”

“Of course Petunia. Now, I don’t want to take up much of your time but I am worried about Mr. Potter. He didn’t make it to the train two days ago and wasn’t in school yesterday or this morning.”

“What exactly makes you think we had anything to do with him not reaching the school? The little brat probably just got lost on the way.”

“Well, that is the thing my dear. Why would Mr. Potter get lost on the way when he should have been here the entire summer?”

“No. Vernon and I talked before Potter came back and we decided that if we deemed him a threat to the continued safety of our family he would be out of here immediately. Then, those three freaks of your Order dared to threaten Vernon; we kept Potter for the required two weeks then gave him some money and left him outside the entrance to your freak pub. If Potter hasn’t made it to the school, it isn’t our fault. We washed our hands of the boy two months ago.”


“It’s Mrs. Dursley to you Dumbledore. We are not familiar and if I have any say in it we won’t be here long enough to become so.”

“Mrs. Dursley—"

“I won’t hear it Dumbledore. Get out and don’t darken our doorstep again. If you try to drop the boy off with us again, I’ll revoke any relationship I have with him. See how well your wards hold up when I no longer acknowledge him.”

“I cannot change your mind?”

“No, now go. I already told you, we dropped the boy off in front of the Leaky Cauldron third week of summer. We watched the boy disappear inside the building; we don’t know what happened after that. Ask whoever runs that horrid establishment what they know. Now, get out and don’t come back.”

“Alright Mrs. Dursley. And thank you for your cooperation.”

Petunia Dursley sniffed disdainfully before slamming the front door in Dumbledore’s solemn face.


AN: You learn something new every day. I got this cool little review from gic916 over at HPFandom:

"I like the story, but I wanted to mention that calico cats are almost always female. For a male to be calico, he would need two x chromosomes in addition to the y. It happens, but not often."

I had no idea. However, she said unlikely, not impossible! I haven't gone against nature just yet! -grins mischievously-

To anon. reviewer Lady Gaia: I specifically discarded the idea of Harry/Wufei or Harry/Heero because both are so very common in HP/GW crossovers of the slash variety. I have never seen a Harry/Zechs in all my time since joining FFN two - three years ago. It was originally going to be Harry/Quatre but my mental version of this story suddenly switched gears at Harry's 17th birthday party and said "Zechs! You will pair him with Zechs Marquise or you can forget any help from me!". Considering my own imagination was threatening to revolt, I had to comply. I like this story; I started short, stick to the high points, and this thing just seems willing to flow for me. Hope the pairing doesn't throw you off but Harry/Zechs is pretty much set in stone. (PS: Forgive me if I misspelled Zech's last name, I'll make sure to have it down pat by the time he becomes a prime factor in the story)

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Chapter Text

Author's notes: And Harry's new name is.....

A Persian’s Tale: Scarred for Life 7

2/25/2008 -- 1561 words

Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter (Rowling) or Gundam Wing (Bandai, et al.)

AN: Here you go people, Quatre receives his birthday present and Harry gets his name. I had this name picked out since the beginning of the story and it's not changing so -raspberry-. I've gotten a whole lot of reviews and PMs about the story and calico Persians; there was this really cool PM from 'fhrulz21' that I'm going to stick at the bottom, you might find it as interesting as I did. Learn something new every day, and danged if this story isn't providing for that in spades.

Bold Italics - Wufei talking in Chinese (he reverts to Chinese when he is confused and/or stressed.)

'Italics' - Thoughts

PS: Yes, scritching. If you owned a pet you could physically hold and interact with, you have scritched them at some point. I wonder what you people would say if you knew I never owned a cat? I had 1 dog for a year but we moved into an apartment and she had to be given away, then we got 3 gerbils instead. I swear one of those things was rabid.


Wufei was obviously a cat person; long, firm strokes along his spine, unconscious relaxation with Calico in his lap, occasional scritching behind the ears. Cat person extraordinaire. After Duo had relaxed and Dr. Barton gave him a clean bill of health, courtesy of Wufei, Quatre ushered the boys into a smaller side living room. Mr. Beard was instructed to extend formal apologies to the guests and assure them of Quatre’s continued health and well being. A different Arabic man wearing a fez entered and left a tea service in the room before exiting.

Duo was lying curled up against Heero on a leather couch that looked like it had been custom ordered to support at least three full grown adults lying down. Heero was spooned tight against Duo’s back, arms wrapped around his waist and gripping Duo’s hands between his own in a white-knuckled grip. Next to them in another over-sized armchair Quatre was sitting comfortably in Dr. Barton’s lap. Quatre leaned comfortably back against the vet’s chest and the vet rested his chin lightly in the blond hair. Across from the two couples in another abnormally large chair was Wufei with Harry resting comfortably in his lap. In the middle of the set up was a mahogany coffee table where the tea service rested.

For almost dying, again, it was surprisingly comfortable to not wind up in the hospital wing. The blueberry scone Wufei was inconspicuously feeding him was a definite perk.

“So, any information on our assassin?”

“Well, aside from the pulpy mess your present made of his wrist and his inevitable death? Not much, he was a high caliber professional, cost a pretty penny to hire him. So, pissed anybody off recently Quat?”

“I’m the owner and CEO of Winner Enterprises, Incorporated and you’re asking me who I upset? Duo, I live.”


“Wait! Birthday present?”

“Er, yeah. Happy birthday Quatre, one purebred kitty cat for our little purebred kitty Quat.”



Wufei looked down at the cat in his lap, smirking at the glare the multi-millionaire was leveling at the braided menace. “So, did you have any say in this or did Lady Luck just randomly bestow her blessing on you for you to wind up the pet of Quatre Raberba Winner?” The Chinese Preventer agent whispered to the indignant Persian. He looked up into Wufei’s face and growled softly.

“Alright Duo, alright. I’m grateful for the present, especially since he saved my life. But, I still protest leaving a defenseless cat in my hands. You know what my schedule is like, how am I supposed to properly care for him? I can’t very well just leave him with the servants.”

“He was a stray and has shown a distinct independent streak while living with us. He undoubtedly has the ability to care for himself should WEI or ESUN take you away for extended periods of time.”


The blond, no surprise, still looked worried even with Heero’s observation. Since Quatre was being stubborn he, under protest, stood from Wufei’s lap, stole the remaining half of the scone from his fingers, and hopped onto the coffee table. He strolled across the table, sat on the edge for a moment to look his new owner up and down, then daintily jumped into his lap. Quatre, surprised, raised his arms thus leaving his lap clear for Harry to take over.

He purred contentedly from his new perch and promptly started attacking the scone in his mouth. Call it a test, but if the blond freaked over scone crumbs and blueberry stains ground into his khakis then he had every intention of booking it at the first opportunity. Quatre, seeming to understand his challenge, smiled softly before taking the scone from between his paws.


Stealing food from him was dangerous enough when he was human, as a cat he had teeth and claws to make the thief immediately miserable; in fact, his claws were already digging into the tender flesh of his owner’s thighs. Promptly a piece of scone appeared before his eyes and he released his claws. ‘Smart for a blond.’

He daintily took the morsel from Quatre’s fingers and purred softly in return.


“So, does he even have a name? Or have you just been calling him some derivative of Cat?”

“Aw, come on Quat, I’m a little more creative then that!”

“You wanted to name him Specs.”

Quatre giggled while Trowa snorted softly into his hair. “Did he really?”

“Yes. The cat promptly voiced his displeasure. Actually, it appeared he was ready to attack Duo again, especially when he suggested Goggles immediately after.”

“Again? What did the idiot do?”

“Fei! What makes you think I did anything?”

“Shinigami. Deathscythe. Prankster. Calling me anything but Wufei. Expl—“

“Okay, okay, we get it. I am a little provocative.”

The four boys plus the cat snorted at that statement.

“Oh yes, pick on poor little me. I didn’t just have a minor mental breakdown ten minutes ago. Nope, not me.” Heero tightened his entire grip on Duo’s body, trying his best to smother him in his body. Duo was also three inches taller than Heero so that required a little effort.

“What did you wind up calling him?”

“Eh? Oh, Calico. A bit obvious but we didn’t want to get him used to responding to a unique name. Figured you should be the one to name him. He is your present.”

“Oh, well…What do you name a cat?”

Trowa grimaced before muttering, “Anything. I’ve treated Sugars, Schoonkums, Airbornes, Gremlins, Tinys, Bobbys, Socks, Drakes, and one memorable little black cat appropriately named Lucifer.”


“Duo, you remember when I had to give Calico his shots? Consider a cat who behaved in such a way. Every. Day.”

“Oww. Okay, understandable.”

“What happened with the shots?”

“Don’t ask!” Duo and Trowa yelled in unison.

“Erm, okay. But I don’t think Lucifer or any of those other ones are appropriate for him.”

Duo laughed softly, “I don’t know. Lucifer just might be appropriate.”

“If you didn’t torment him he wouldn’t be inclined to torment you baka.”

“You just like him because he ratted out that little pipe bomb to you.”

“You stored an incomplete pipe bomb next to my laptop.”

“And the menace is still alive?” Wufei asked incredulously.

“Couch with Calico for three days.”

“You’re going soft Yuy.”

“Ah, if you’d just hook up with Doc Po you would change your tune.”

Wufei glared hotly at Duo before turning a contemplative gaze onto the happily purring Persian.

“Well, start brainstorming names. Either he’ll react to something or we’ll hit upon something that seems fitting.”


They went through things from Beowulf to Grendel, Kamikaze, and Dervish. Trowa even suggested looking through some of the religious names since he’d answered their unvoiced prayers to keep Quatre safe from the assassin. Duo and he were of the same vocal opinion when he raked his claws against the vet’s hand. Heero, rather sadistically, suggested naming him Milliardo after the leader of White Fang. Wufei answered for everyone by throwing an appropriately named throw pillow at his head – he hit, hard.


He was becoming frustrated at this complete lack of progress picking a halfway decent name. Quatre had ten small dots of blood decorating his pants leg, Dr. Barton was prudently hiding his scratched hands under the blond’s shirt, and the other three had various bruises.

“Are you sure you don’t want to call him Pooky?”

Three times Duo suggested that and at two inches per suggestion, that was six inches gone at the first available, safe, moment.

“Duo, lay off. I think your hair is in danger if the vibes Calico’s giving off are anything to go by.”

“Eh? Since when could you sense animal emotions?”

“He’s sitting in my lap and practically vibrating from negative emotions. Reason enough for me to sense him.”

‘Huh, blondie is an empath. Go figure.’


He jumped off Quatre’s lap, wandered across to Wufei’s chair, and sat on his feet. He then started pawing at Wufei’s BDU covered legs.

“What on earth?”

He slipped away from the Chinese man’s reaching hands and continued pawing at his pants. He focused as best he could to send off positive emotions while obviously pawing at the legs. If his plan worked…

“What is wrong with this cat?!”

“I think…I think he likes your pants Wufei. He seems…positive?” Quatre’s confusion was obvious.


At least Trowa was smart. He growled and continued pawing the pants.

“Battle Dress Uniform?” GSR-man was confused too.

“I think he’s trying to suggest his name.”

“Isn’t that a bit too smart for a cat? I mean, he’s weird enough as is but to actually understand and try to suggest his name?”

“One Year War and Endless Waltz. ZERO. Lunar Base.”

“Okay, okay. You win. Again.”

“Tree Suit?”






“Eh? Camouflage?” The boys looked cute when they were confused and harmonized very well. However, seeing as Wufei was the one to suggest his name in the first place, he daintily hopped up into his lap. It was almost criminally enjoyable driving the boys nuts. Coy and primping little purebred kitty then evil little hell cat bent on death and destruction before turning back into the dainty little cutesy fluffball.

He had a name, belonged to a kind little rich man who had his vet for a boyfriend, and seemed to like him. Life was finally looking up for the trapped Boy Who Lived.


I HAVE NOT READ DEATHLY HALLOWS! I DIDN'T LIKE HALF BLOOD PRINCE! Therefore, my characterizations of the characters are not influenced by either work. Thank you.

A concern about the Malfoy family was brought to my attention over on HPFandom so I'll try to answer that generally now, in depth when they make an actual appearance in the story.

Lucius Malfoy - Harry respects his power but is absolutely terrified of him. Lucius is willing to interact with the muggle world for business not just the wizarding one and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty while knowing when to delegate the jobs to those more expendable or experienced. Voldemort's right hand man for a reason, Harry is not afraid to back off when confronted by Lucius if he can.

Draco Malfoy - Harry has absolutely no respect for him and if anything holds him in great disdain. He is a spoiled little brat who at 15 still hides behind his Daddy's big bad shadow. He doesn't know the meaning of hard work and refuses to get his hands dirty in any way. Harry thinks he is in desperate need of a reality check, something along the lines of being dropped with 50 pounds and the clothes on his back in the middle of a big city without his wand.

Based on this understanding -- Zechs Merquise in NOT a stand in for Draco Malfoy or Lucius Malfoy! Either Harry would have no respect for him or be absolutely terrified of him, neither of which is conducive towards a healthy, happy relationship.

Now that that is out of the way, fhrulz21's PM:

Although it is rare for a male calico to exist, the calico would have to have an XXY chromosome set. In humans, it is called Klinefelters syndrome which (although it is not always readily apparent) can lead to symptoms such as: difficulty reading, writing, slow language development, male breasts, small testes, infertility, and sparse body and facial hair. Some men are unaware they ever have the disorder or it is never properly diagnosed. However, it is still a very rare disorder not only in humans, but also in cats.

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