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Lien on my soul

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Art Title: Untitled
Prompt Number: S2034
Artist: darklittleheart

Fic Title: Lien on my soul
Author: cillab42
Fandom/Genre: SPN
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 24,881
Warnings: A/B/O, Non-con, incest, top!Dean, bottom!Sam, mpreg, pregnant!Sam, demon!Dean, MoC, spoilers for season 10.

Sam and Dean belong to Kripke and gang, not me. No money was earned from this story.

Summary: Sam watched his dream of Dean becoming his Omega die at the hands of Metatron, or so he thought. The MoC allowed his brother to be returned, but it wasn’t Sam’s Dean who came back from the dead. In his brother’s body was a demon who took what he wanted and he wanted Sam…

Author’s notes: It seems that I cannot write a short story, but this didn’t turn into a novel. I want to thank darlittleheart for the amazing art that inspired me and the additional pieces she created. Please go here and let her know how amazing her work is.

I also want to thank the mod for running the spn_reversebang, it’s amazing as always. While I’m giving thanks, I also want to thank masja_17 for taking time to beta (any mistakes found are my own) this for me. As always, I am grateful. I would also like to thank meus_venator for helping me work out a problem.





When he closed his eyes, Sam saw it repeatedly, the moment Metatron, the former scribe of God drove the angel blade into Deans body causing, his blood, his life, his soul to leave his body. There had been a vicious fight between the two and Metaron’s body bore the marks from the altercation. Even though Sam had missed the fight, he’d arrived in time for the fatal outcome.

It was the time alone that got to him and made his brother’s death more painful. In quiet moments like this, Sam could still smell the blood, feel the broken bones and Dean’s hot breath as he whispered his last words, “I’m proud of us.”

Yeah, Sam was proud too, but he’d rather live in shame with Dean than alone without him.
As that body went limp in his arms, Sam suddenly understood everything about Dean when it was too late.

Sam understood why Dean was, had been so protective. He now understood why Dean would sacrifice everything to keep Sam with him because this fucking hurt and there hadn’t been a medicine invented that would make the pain go away.

After Dean had become dead weight in his arms, Sam had been so intent on getting his brother back to the bunker that he couldn’t concentrate on the fact that Dean was dead. His goal had been to get his brother home, somewhere safe that he could look after him and protect Dean and he had protected Sam his entire life.

But he couldn’t. Dean Winchester was gone. Sam was not speaking in euphemisms; Dean was gone. Dead. All because Metatron decided that it was his turn to be God and had killed his brother. Yeah, that was a real Godlike move; Peace and love and all that shit.

For hours he had ambled around the bunker trying to come to grips with what his heart and soul knew, but his mind was having trouble comprehending. His brother was gone, and now Sam’s wolf was mourning as though he had lost a mate.

Finally getting the courage to look at Dean’s lifeless body, Sam was in for another surprise when he opened the door to Dean’s room-Dean was gone. Although he still wasn’t speaking in euphemism’s Dean was gone, disappeared. Dead bodies didn’t do that without help.

Now the body Sam had so carefully cleaned to prepare for a hunter's goodbye was gone, and Sam had no idea how this happened. When he cleaned Deans body it was for the pyre, but he decided to shift and go for a run to clear his head, and he decided to bury him.

It wasn’t as though this was the first time Dean had died. Hell, Sam had died a couple of times himself, but this time he couldn’t count on Dean’s angel Castiel to pull him from heaven or hell, but in case there was someone still looking out for them, Dean would need his body.

Besides, a work of art that beautiful shouldn’t be destroyed.

That Dean was beautiful was not up for debate, people fell over his brother wherever they went, but it was that beauty that often got him into trouble. He was so pretty that people often mistook him for an Omega, but it didn’t take Dean long to correct that misconception. With his fists, if he had too.

Those looks had confused Sam when he was younger. Couple that with the way Dean cared for him, mothered him, he’d been sure that his older brother was an Omega. So sure that on his sixteenth birthday when he popped his knot, Sam was corrected when Dean’s fist broke his nose after Sam tried to kiss him.

After hours of searching , an answer came to him while he was running, Crowley. The King of Hell had been to one to put Dean in danger and convinced him to take the Mark of Cain then the least he could do was clean up his fucking mess and give him his brother back.

The spell to call Crowley was a simple one, he and Dean had used it many times before, but for some reason the motherfucker ignored him. He spent over an hour checking the ingredients checking the incantation, but Crowley didn’t show and Dean was still dead.

That’s what he’d thought as he sat in their war room getting shit faced, but when he garnered the courage to walk into Dean’s room, Sam was surprised. Instead of his brother's lifeless body, all he found was a note that read ‘Sam let me go’. As though he was going to let Dean go without a fight, the Alpha in him wouldn’t let Dean go that easily.

Despite what he thought, Dean didn’t have the monopoly on caring for his sibling.
Let me Go.

Did Dean think that Sam thought so little of him that a hastily written note was going to absolve him of their bond? Even if they weren’t mates, they still had a familial bond that Sam wasn’t going to let him go that easily.

As Sam plotted, he wondered how Dean had come back to life and what did this mean? Did Castiel bring him back to life after all? It had been bad enough that he’d had to bring his brother Dean’s broken, lifeless body to the bunker and placed it on the bed in the room he’d chosen as his own. He has laid on that bed with Deans body as it grew cold; crying for the loss of his brother and the dream he’d finally have to let die with Dean’s last words of ‘I’m proud of us’ still ringing in Sam’s ears.

It hurt that Dean had been given another chance at life and he didn’t want to share the news with Sam. He’d always thought that Dean would share everything he had with Sam, but when they moved into the bunker, Dean had dispelled that thought.

When they first moved in Sam had silently prayed that Dean would have chosen to share one with him. It would have made sense because they’d shared a hotel room and Dean’s 1967 Impala all their lives, but he hadn’t given it a second thought.

Sam should have known better because both he and Dean were Alphas. And Dean? He was an alpha’s alpha and needed to have a territory to call his, even if it was just a bedroom.
The biggest mitigating factor was had Dean given into Sam, he’d have lost his Alpha status, and he couldn’t see his brother turning into an Omega no matter how much he loved Sam. It was no secret that Dean would give his life for Sam, and in fact had, but he wouldn’t change into an Omega despite how much Sam desired the change.

He’d dreamed about it, Dean swallowing his pride and allowing himself to become his Omega; often he’d pictured his brother’s body heavy and rounded with his pups allowing Sam to spoil him as no one had ever done before. That was just wishful thinking because that was never going to happen and he’d given up on that dream a long time ago.

When Dean was alive, it was easy to dream of the possibility of that happening; of Dean coming in his bedroom late at night no longer able to bear not belonging to Sam, wanting to wear his mark. It hadn’t happened, and now it never would.

Sam waited.

He waited for days for Dean to return to the bunker and explain how he had come back to life and how he thought that the stupid little note was enough to pacify Sam. It was as though Dean somehow didn’t know his younger brother or didn’t care. With the death thing, Sam chose to believe that his brother's memory had somehow been affected.

That was okay, though, they’d figure it out and find a way to fix it or live with it, but either way, Dean was coming home.

After he’d made up his mind to find Dean, Sam’s wolf was restless. With Dean missing it was as though a part of his wolf was missing; as though his mate was missing. Sam tried to calm his wolf and tell him that Dean was not their mate, but the animal howled in denial before demanding he finds Dean.

Stumbling to the kitchen, Sam put on a pot of coffee strong enough to help him get sober and began to make calls. His first was to Castiel on the off chance that Dean had contacted the angel. The thought of that stung because he’d often wondered about the relationship between Dean and his angel.

There had been a time when he and Dean had decided, well Dean decided to separate and Dean had spent that time with Castiel and the two had grown closer. Over the years his human side knew that they were just friends, but his wolf became jealous and possessive when Castiel was around.

It was an easy conclusion to jump to because all the worker bee angels like Castiel were omegas because alphas weren’t submissive enough to blindly follow orders from God without butting heads.

“Hey, Cas,” Sam greeted when Castiel answered. Sam cringed when he referred to the angel as Cas. A nick name was personal, and Sam didn’t feel he knew the angel well enough to call him Cas. Even in his mind he referred to him as Castiel. “Dean, have you heard from him?”

“Sam,” Cas sighed. “Are you drunk or do you not remember that your brother was murdered by Metatron? The angel asked in the manner one would speak to a small child.

His wolf snarled at Cas’ implication that he didn’t remember that Dean had died, and his human side was ready to rip the angel a new on when he calmed himself down and remembered that Cas had no way of knowing that Dean had awakened and left.

“Dean is gone, Cas,” Sam told the angel as he struggled to keep his temper in check. The one thing keeping him calm was the knowledge that Dean hadn’t contacted Cas and the angel had been blindsided as well. “I went to his room, and he was gone. However, he was kind enough to leave a note telling me not to look for him.”

“Where do we start looking for him?” Castiel asked.

He wasn’t sure how the Omega felt about Dean, but he would use those feelings to find his brother, “not sure yet but by the time you get here I should have some idea.”