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Chasing Pleasure

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Darcy ached. Her arms ached where they were stretched above her head. Her jaw ached lightly with the gag. Her legs ached where they fell on either side of the chaise lounge. And the space between her thighs ached in the best way as the toy dragged slowly in and out of her core. She mmm’d happily as she wriggled what little amount she could.

She’d wondered a little when Steve had requested Tony order the custom piece. He so rarely asked Tony for anything specially made. The chaise was longer than most to accommodate six plus feet of supersoldier. Darcy had enjoyed curling up in it in the afternoon sunlight with a book, or sitting in Steve’s lap and watching the city at night. Steve had even made a comment about maybe drawing her on it 'like one of his French girls.'

Maybe that was what had inspired Steve to set up this scene, or maybe he’d thought of it when he first ordered it. However it happened, she wasn’t complaining. Currently her hands were bound together above her head with some self-adhering bondage tape. Steve had secured her wrists and then looped the tape around the back of the lounge. And the extra length of the chaise meant that even with her arms extended, her hips hit the rise at the end of the lounge just perfectly for Steve’s purposes. Because Steve had a set up a fucking machine at the end of it and was currently teasing her mercilessly.

The beaded toy he had fastened to it was pumping into her cunt and leaving her trembling on the chaise. Darcy knew Steve was watching from somewhere in the room. After he had tied her in place and set the toy up, he had circled around her and told her how pretty she looked. How the sight of her made him hard. How hungry she looked for the toy between her legs. Darcy had moaned against the gag, and Steve had retreated, stepping back to fiddle with the controls on the machine. That had been several minutes ago and Steve had had the machine fucking her ever since. He kept it fairly slow in deference the style of the toy, but it was no less hot. Her walls stretched pleasantly around each of the larger beads closer to the base of the toy with each move of the arm, while the tapered end slid easily in and out of her.

Steve stepped back into Darcy’s sight, moving unhurriedly as he carried a piece of equipment. She made a burbled inquiring noise as she saw it. When he followed her gaze, he said, “Oh, this? This is a just a stand I got from Tony. I mentioned that I wanted something so that I could hold a light over my art table. Turns out the grip on it can hold a bullet vibrator just as well.”

She made another noise that would have been an obscene compliment if she had her words. Steve chuckled at the sound of it.

She watched him set up stand and place one of her vibrators in its grip. Then he maneuvered the arm until the vibrator was pressed up against her clit. She shivered at the cool touch. She watched in aching anticipation while Steve tightened each of the joints on the stand to hold it in place.

“Ready, sweetheart?” he said when he was done.

She nodded eagerly.

“All right then.”

Steve turned on the vibrator. Darcy shrieked behind the gag and tried to wriggle closer. The movement impaled her further on the toy inside her, but dislodged the bullet.

Steve tsked and stepped out of her line of sight for a moment. When he stepped back, he held another piece of the bondage tape. He shut off the vibrator for a second and slid the tape under her hips. Darcy couldn’t see exactly what he did, but a few moments later the vibrator was firmly strapped to her clit. She made a noise, maybe a little more nervous sounding than she had meant.

“Doin’ ok darling?” Steve asked, crouching next to her. He brushed a strand of hair back from her face.

Darcy nodded.

“Everything still green?” he asked.

She nodded again.

“I think this will feel good for you, but if you need it to stop, drop the noisemaker okay?”

She nodded again and wriggled her hips. Steve laughed.

“Glad you're enjoying yourself babe. Let’s see how you like this.”

He reached back and turned on the vibrator and Darcy wanted to arch off the chaise. It was right there and she couldn’t get away from it no matter how she moved her hips. Plus, the dildo toy was still there, opening her up it with its beads. She let a heavy moan roll through her as she fought not to be overwhelmed right away.

“You look so lovely, Darcy,” Steve said. He slowly trailed a hand down her skin, from her neck to her breasts to her stomach and up again. “I love seeing you spread out for me like this. I love seeing you take it so beautifully. And knowing how much you’re enjoying yourself, it’s even better than getting to watch.”

She moaned happily and arched up towards Steve.

“Would you like a little more, darling?” he asked. When she nodded, he fished out the control for the fucking machine.

“Here you go,” he said, upping the speed of the arm. She let out a growly sound as the beads started forcing themselves in and out of her faster. They felt delicious, but she was craving the feel of something thicker, more solid. She shifted restlessly against her restraints.

“Not enough, Darcy?” Steve asked.

She shook her head this time, and he smirked.

“Well, let’s try this,” he said.

He fiddled with the bullet and Darcy’s eyes rolled back as the vibrations intensified.

“How’s that feel, Darcy?” Steve had leaned over her, and he spoke the words hotly above her breast. She felt his breath against her skin and her nipple hardened. She whined as he leaned in closer, breathing against her but not touching her.

“I said, how does that feel Darcy?” he said again, more sternly this time.

She garbled something affirmative behind the gag that seemed to satisfy Steve.

“Good girl,” he said, and bent to close his mouth around her breast. He laved his tongue over her nipple. She shuddered and fought to hold back. Between the toy inside her and the bullet buzzing unrelentlying against her clit and Steve’s mouth on her skin, she felt like she would fly apart at any moment.

Then the hot, wet wonder that was Steve’s mouth pulled away from her, leaving cool air in its wake.

“Darcy-doll,” came Steve’s voice, and Darcy tried to focus at the warning tone in it. “You weren’t going to come, were you?” he said.

She shook her head frantically.

“Mmm, I’m not sure if I believe you,” he said. “And it’s far too early for that.”

He reached down and shut off the vibrator, and Darcy sagged as if her strings had been cut. A long rambling sound burbled out of her and she wasn’t sure would have been a thank you or a plea for more if she could have used actual words.

“I think it’s time for that second part we talked about,” Steve said.

He dialed down the speed on the fucking machine until it stopped. Then he pulled on it gently until it slid all the way out of her. She whimpered at the loss.

Steve smiled at her as he moved to the machine. Darcy watched as he fished a condom from his pocket and rolled it down the length of the dildo. Then he pulled out a little bottle of lube and got the toy nice and slick.

“You know,” he said conversationally, “I’m so glad you suggested we get one of these. It’s so versatile, we’re both able to use it… And I love watching it sink into your ass. It goes so much deeper than it does in your cunt.”

Darcy shivered, but it was a happy shiver. Steve wasn’t wrong. They both enjoyed the toy and she knew Steve loved that it could work in two different ways for her.

Steve adjusted the angle on the fucking machine and the distance before manually eased the tip of the toy into her. She sighed and relaxed her muscles as the littlest beads slipped inside. Steve kept pushing until her ass was opening and closing around the medium beads. After a moment, she felt his hand against her ass.

“This is it. This exactly how far it can go before it bottoms out in your cunt. But you can take it so much deeper here, can’t you?”

He pulled the toy most of the way out and turned on the machine. The mechanical arm pushed it slowly back inside of her. The slim beads at the tip went easily and then probed deeper as the machine moved further than Steve had. Darcy groaned as her ass opened around the larger beads, working to accommodate the stretch. Steve waited until she had taken the toy down to the base, her ass closing around the largest bead, and then he paused the arm.

“How’s that feel, darling? It’s been a while.”

She nodded, the closest she could come to saying it was good.

“All right then, let’s get this moving. We’ll start slow.”

Darcy let her eyes fall shut as she adjusted to the machine moving the toy in her ass. Steve was true to his word and kept it on a slow setting. There was nothing to distract her from the push and pull of the beads. The machine pressed them into her one after another and then pulled them out with a pop, one by one. It was exquisite. Steve knew from past experience how much she liked the sensation and she was sure he was enjoying the view.

After a couple minutes, he tapped her thigh and the beads sped up. She mmm’d in pleasure as she lay there and enjoyed the toy moving inside her. Not that she could have escaped it if she had wanted to, but she definitely didn’t want to.

“Darcy,” Steve said roughly. She opened her eyes to look at him. He was standing beside her, a hand down the front of his very tight pants.

“I have to know. Do you want to come on the vibrator?”

She raised her eyebrows, hearing a second part to that question.

“Or… I’d really like to be inside you. At the same time as the toy,” he said.

They’d tried this before with little plugs or slim vibrators, but never with anything as girthy as the beaded toy. But Darcy’s cunt throbbed with idea and it’s not like she couldn’t say she’d been well opened up. She nodded.

“Okay, that was the wrong way to ask. Yes, you want to come on the vibrator?” Steve asked.

She shook her head.

“Yes, you want to come on my cock and the toy?” he said more hesitantly.

She nodded emphatically.

He blew his breath out in a gust. “Ok then.”

Darcy watched him shed clothes. His cock when it was revealed was red and hard and throbbing. She instantly wanted it in her.

Steve unstrapped the vibrator and pushed the stand out of the way. Then he moved to straddle the chaise and stopped the fucking machine. He withdrew it about half way.

“If you need to stop, let me know,” he said.

He shifted her legs to kneel over her on the chaise. Steve parted the lips of her cunt and pressed his cock against her entrance. He nudged the head inside and they both moaned. He kept pressing forward until he was as far as he could go. Darcy sighed happily. She was full, but not overly, left on the verge of wanting more.

“Darcy? Can I put the toy in?” Steve said.

She rolled her hips a little and then nodded.

Steve reached back and pushed the toy in manually. They both groaned as he fed it to her. The beads slipped inside her ass one by one, and bump by bump they rubbed against Steve inside her front passage, stimulating both of them.

“Darcy? Are you good?” he said, voice shaking.

Darcy was good. She was so, so good. She was full now. So full and good, and fuck, Steve had good ideas. Another time she’d have to ask him to try this with one of their regular dildos.

She realised she hadn’t really answered when he squeezed her hip.

“Darcy? Good?” he said.

She nodded.

“Ok if I move a little bit?” he said and she nodded again.

He started carefully thrusting into her. Darcy thought if she could make noise, it’d be gulping little gasps. Steve felt so good inside of her. The thick brand of his cock holding her open, filling her up.

“Darcy—do you want me to start the toy up again?” he said.

She nodded and moaned a plea.

Steve bottomed out in her and held still. Then he picked up the remote and started the machine. It pulled out first, popping the beads out one by one. Then it pushed back in and Darcy couldn’t escape it as the toy slid back inside, first the little beads and then the bigger ones. Each one rubbed against her flesh where it separated the toy from Steve, and as they got progressively bigger, all Darcy could feel was the stretch between her legs. Her ass open and closed around them and Darcy knew that Steve could feel the movement of her muscles just as much as he could feel the toy.

“Ah! Darcy,” Steve panted above her as he held himself still, “I can’t believe how you handle this. You’re so amazing, Darcy-doll.”

She wiggled on the chaise.

“Faster, sweetheart?”

Darcy nodded.

“Ok, Darce. Here we go.” Any other day, Darcy might tease him about all the pet names, but then he sped up the machine and completely dragged her attention back to her ass. Steve still didn’t have it going very fast, but she was full enough it didn’t really matter any more.

“Is that good, sweetheart?” Steve said rhetorically as he trailed a hand on her soft skin. “Do you like feeling it moving inside of you? Filling you up bit and bit, only to disappear again? You take it so well, baby.”

He leaned over her, so that he could speak right into her ear. “And what about me, doll? Do you want to feel me moving inside of you too?”

She nodded enthusiastically and then tried to cry out as he bit down on her neck.

“As you wish,” he murmured before sitting up again.

He started thrusting properly inside her. His hot cock filled her over and over as the machine continued its measured pace in and out of her ass. She was whimpering, her face tucked against her own arm as Steve whispered sweet nothings above her. Her legs shook around the chaise as she writhed between Steve and the machine.

“Darcy—sweetheart? Are you almost there? Are you almost ready?”

Darcy nodded and tried to relax under the onslaught. Her whole body was quivering and she felt spread wide. The ache inside her had risen to a crescendo, but one that wouldn’t resolve. She found herself sobbing a little behind the gag because she was so so close, but she couldn’t. quite. get there.

Steve tugged the gag down a little ways.

“Darcy? Are you green?”

“Green. Green,” she gasped. “But I’m not—I need—“

“Do you need a little help getting there?”

“There’s so much and I can feel all of it. I just need to not think. To just drown everything out and come.”

“Shh. Shh, sweetheart, I’ve got you. I’m gonna make you come apart.”

Darcy heard Steve fiddle with something for a moment and looked to see him removing the vibrator from its stand.

“How about this?” Steve asked, holding it up for her to see.

“Nnggh,” she said, thrusting her hips uselessly.

“It’s gonna be intense Darcy,” he said even as he adjusted his grip on it.

“S’all ready intense,” she huffed out. “Make me stop thinking, Steve.”

She bit her lip as he snugged the vibe between their bodies.

“Make me come,” she said.

Steve started thrusting again first, his eyes firmly on her face.

“Ready?” he said, and she nodded back even though she had her words again.

He switched the vibe on near her labia and then dragged it up her clit. Her world whited out. Distantly, she heard herself cry out and she felt her hips convulse around everything inside her. Steve rocked the bullet against her clit, drawing out her orgasm. She felt her ass give way for bead after bead as the toy withdrew and then felt it prodding against her backside when she had moved too far for it to slide back in.

Through it, Steve stayed inside her, hot and steady, as she fell apart. When she started to shake her head frantically, he turned off the vibrator and just rubbed the piece gently against her flesh. When that was too much and she tried to draw back her hips, he tossed it aside. He also reached for the remote and shut off the machine.

“Darcy?” he asked softly.

“Mmm, green,” she murmured, dazed and happy.

“Is it okay if I finish inside you?” he asked.

“Yes please,” she said. “But put my legs around you?”

He did so, wrapping them around his waist. Darcy hummed at the change in angle and took his thrusts easily. Her ass felt funny and empty, and her clit ached, but Steve felt good.

He thrust carefully inside her, and after he’d picked up speed he reached down between them and flattened his fingers against her mound.

“Oh fuck, Darcy,” he grunted, rocking into her and against her.

“Almost there, babe, I’m almost there again. You do me so good, Steve. Look what you do to me,” Darcy panted, knowing he was so close to coming.

“Darcy…” he ground out and then he was slamming home.

The movement trapped his hand firmly against her clit, and she was breaking apart again as Steve pumped hot and wet inside her.

She focused in again to Steve panting hotly against her neck. He stirred himself with a groan and sat up. He pulled out without any assistance from Darcy, who was limp on the chaise. After he eased himself up, he set about untying her wrists. She reached her arms up and he picked her up obligingly.

“Bed please,” she murmured in his ear.

He carried her over and settled her among their sheets. He took his time making sure she was all right before sliding in beside her. Darcy latched onto him immediately and snuggled into his neck.

“10/10 on the sexy tactics,” she said.

Steve snorted out a laugh into her hair. “Glad you appreciated it, doll.”

“Oh, I more than appreciated it,” she said with a little shiver.

“I could tell,” he said. There was a pause before he said, “Love seeing you like that, Darce. The things you’ll do for me, the things you’ll take. I could never have dreamed up a girl like you.”

Darcy tilted up for a kiss. When they parted she said, “I like how you take care of me. You’re so good at that. At making me feel good and making me come apart. You always know what I like.”

“No,” he countered, chasing her for another kiss. “I always pay attention to make sure you’re liking it. And you tell me in every little way. So pretty, Darcy.”

She moaned against his mouth. “Steve.”

They kissed for a while longer before Darcy tucked herself under his chin and wrapped his arms around her.

“Enough lovey-dovey for now. Time to cuddle and plan our next sexcapade.”

Steve snorted again.

“What? I think we did pretty good considering we didn’t break the chaise. Can you imagine Tony’s face if you asked him for a new one?” She felt Steve’s chuckle in his chest. “Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be daydreaming about you and the fucking machine for a while. That was pretty amazing. Someday we’ll have to try it again with a regular dildo.”

She heard Steve’s breath hitch and felt him twitch against her thigh.

“Down, soldier. It’s gonna be a while before I’m ready to walk much less try that again.”

“Sure thing,” Steve said, his voice a lovely shade of husky. “But when you’re ready, doll, you just let me know.”

“Mmm, will do,” said Darcy, nuzzling into his pecs.

She let the warmth of Steve’s body and his steady pulse in her ears lull her into a doze, while Steve stayed alert and wakeful around her—the perfect end to an afternoon on a chaise lounge.