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Xena & Gabrielle A Turn of Fate

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Disclaimers: The characters of Xena: The Warrior Princess, and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, are owned by MCA/Universal & Renpics. No copyright infringement is intended in the making of this epic tale.

Warning: This story contains strong language and violence on every level; whether it's mentioned, implied or acted out. It also has graphic sexual themes between hetero/homosexual men and women. If you are not of legal age, or if this tale is not your cup of tea, nor allowed in your country/state, you should go now. I'm positive there are other bards in the Xenaverse whom will appease you. Leave this story to the mature audiences only.

Additional Note (Please Read): This story's a companion with my other tale, The Conqueror & Ri: A Twist of Destiny. It's highly imperative you read it, too, that way the bigger plot won't become confusing later down the line. I know this interlacing of plots probably has never been done before in such fashion, but I promise your time will be well invested.

Xena & Gabrielle

A Turn of Fate

By Ahkiken

"I don't like the mist of spring." Gabrielle announced, walking adjacent to Xena atop Argo II.

The dark-haired warrior looked down at her with a perplexed expression. "Mist of spring?"

"Yes. Thanks to that rain pour last night, the haze it left shrouds the beautiful greenery this season has to offer." Gabrielle answered, and Xena produced an ephemeral chuckle, provoking her to query, "Are you going to let me in on the joke?"

"And here I thought you'd lost your bardic talents, but now I see there's still a bard in you." Xena teased.

"Well, it may have a lot to do with that lovely poem you gave to me from Sappho on my birthday." The cropped blonde smiled, caressing Xena's leg. "It may have awoken something within me."

Xena stopped Argo and bent down to stare directly at her soul mate. "What might that be?"

Barely face-to-face, Gabrielle stood on the tip of her toes, inches from capturing Xena's lips with hers. Choosing to keep Xena enticed, the warrior-bard enjoyed the lust filling in the older woman's eyes by denying her a ginger kiss.

She bestowed a cheeky grin, sauntering ahead, whilst saying, "You may never know."

"I'm positive if I wanted to, I could discover all of your secrets."

"Dream on, Xena."

Xena smirked, and straightened herself upright to start Argo moving again, catching up to her teasing companion.

While they traveled in comfortable silence, Gabrielle was thinking about her recent birthday two weeks ago; all of the practical jokes Xena played on her, and the one she scored in retaliation. Subsequent to aiding Genia's escape from religious zealots, then impeding a crazy marriage due to Aphrodite, the goddess of love's influence, the Amazon knew the blue-eyed beauty wasn't going to allow her to get away with the bucket of fish guts prank.

Little did she know Xena had a big surprise in stored for her. Not only did she secure a present for her, but before relinquishing the helmet of Hermes to King Thoas for his coronation, the Warrior Princess took Gabrielle on a flight around Thebes, thereon to the King's kingdom. Succeeding the acceptance of the divine object, he offered for them to stay the night as special guests.

Xena accepted once it was agreed she and her best friend would have their privacy. Gabrielle was reluctant to leave all their belongings at the campsite, howbeit her lover assured everything would be well; the kingdom's soldiers would safeguard their items and Argo.

That night, she treated Gabrielle like a bonafide queen; from serving her delicious dishes of food, bathing the bard's lithe frame with water and jasmine, to ravaging it sexually in the soft bed, till the younger female begged her ravenous partner to stop. It was a fantastic birthday, and one of the best days of her life since they'd awakened from their icy slumber. Xena made it even more joyous by giving her another gift, following their intense lovemaking.

'Who would've ruminated the great Warrior Princess would ever ask me? I was happy with the poem, and nothing beats birthday sex with her. But this!' Gabrielle paused the ecstatic musings to gaze at her index finger, a wide grin formed. 'Many happy returns indeed.'

Noticing her intended's features, Xena wondered what put Gabrielle in a happy mood. "If I had kissed you, it would've been good, but not that good to make you beam."

The statement brought Gabrielle's attention. "You do alright."

Negating the jest, Xena prodded, "Are you dwelling on your sister and niece? We can go back if you want."

They'd stayed in Potidaea for four days, helping around the barn, whilst seeing how Gabrielle's niece was coping after her direful experiences in Africa with the African warlord, Gurkhan, and his harem. Discovering the mother and daughter's damaged relationship was healing spectacularly, the soul mates easily adjusted to the loving atmosphere the reunited pair created.

Therefore sharing the blissful news referencing their forthcoming nuptial, Sarah was shocked with puzzled joy, as Lila simply huffed, ['Bout time.']

Their visitation had also served dual purposes for Gabrielle. Other than checking on her remaining living relatives, the item she purchased would be presented to Xena today.

"I had fun with my family... Our family." She corrected with a smile. "Whereas, unless we are settling down in Potidaea, I rather much be on the road alongside you."

The sentence evoked a contemplation to re-enter Xena's cognition; something she'd been deliberating off and on about. "When we get to Scione, there's an important matter I would like to discuss with you."

"Oh yeah? There's an imperative issue I want to partake in, too." Gabrielle concurred.

"Hmm, since we both have matters of importance at our destination, why don't you get up here with me." Xena professed.

"I don't think so. I'm doubting I'll keep my hands to myself. We'll never make it." Gabrielle saucily replied.

Xena galloped her warhorse to stand in front of the petite Amazon. "Who said I was asking."

She utilized the deep tone that used to scare Gabrielle in the early goings of their travels, nonetheless, now it caused her to shiver in delight. The young Amazonian Queen liked it a lot when Xena became demanding in this fashion, because it was occasionally fun to deny her, and thus many years in the bedroll, it was exciting to break her.

"See, moments like these, I really miss Horse." The blonde affirmed, making her way towards the Palomino's flank and its mistress, while ruminating on the mare she had nearly twenty-seven years past.

"Probably in the future we can get you one of your own again." Xena averred.


Xena reached down to lift Gabrielle up, setting the bard comfortably behind her.

'Damn, she's strong.' Gabrielle cogitated, tenderly touching muscular biceps to finally rest her arms around Xena's waist.

"No." Xena purported.

Gabrielle questionably repeated, "No?"

"You're not getting your own horse. I don't want to miss you being this close to me."

Leaning on a broad shoulder, Gabrielle playfully slapped Xena's side. "You'll pay for tricking me."

"Promises, promises." She retorted, kicking Argo into full speed down the dip.


A couple of hours into their travels, Gabrielle struck up a conversation anent to the alternative life they had, because Caesar's disruption of the Fates' loom caused him to become Emperor of Rome, she a renowned playwright, and her cherished Xena became his Empress, ruling beside him.

"I don't want to talk about that, Gabrielle. I'm simply jovial you fixed it, and brought us back to normalcy."

Feeling Xena's discomfort, Gabrielle tried explaining, "I agree it was a huge ordeal for us, Xena. That's why I purely wanted to discuss the time we spent together."

"If you recall correctly, I died." Xena expelled a breath. "And I would gladly die for you again if it meant saving your life."

Gabrielle hugged her lover tightly, resting her head on Xena's back.

"I know you would, and after you went to the cross, I felt you dying... It created an unbearable pain in me. Tenfold more than any of the times I'd ever lost you. I was so distraught, that even as the Fates warned I'd obliterate all of time by destroying the loom, I didn't care." Gabrielle squeezed tighter, continuing, "God damn the whole world if I can't have you, Xena."

Smiling, the Warrior Princess was speechless from hearing such conviction in the bard's words.

'You would sacrifice the entirety of existence for me. What did I do to deserve a devoted woman like you?' She quizzed herself, placing one hand on top of Gabrielle's that were reposed on her abdomen.

Gabrielle wasn't at all upset, nor baffled Xena didn't reciprocate an amorous comment to the solicitous declaration of their love, 'cause within her heart and mind, she knew the whilom warlord loved her equally, if not more. Notwithstanding, sometimes, just sometimes...

She wished Xena would evince her feelings further.

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle." Xena spoke out, making the Amazon presume she read her mind.


"Here you were trying to have idle chat, and I had to somber the mood." Xena responded.

"True, you did." Gabrielle assented, causing Xena to pinch her arm. "I have a remedy for situations similar to these, though."

"Hmm, what might that be?" Xena was curious.

"Initiating the topic of our alternate lifestyles, I wasn't referring to the trials at all." Raising herself to Xena's ear, Gabrielle silently queried, "I wanted to know how long it would have taken you to procure my virginity?"

The warm breath that mixed with Gabrielle's voice made Xena quiver slightly, whilst she felt herself become aroused. "Virginity? You were a virgin?"

"Yes. And to be honest, I wanted to give it to you so badly." Gabrielle finished by kissing Xena's neck.

Sensations virtually forced Xena to steer Argo II in the wrong direction.

"Answer me. I'm sure you could sense our love, however, did you feel lust as well?" Her digits massaged the warrior's belly a tinge. "Come on, Xena. Tell me how long before you would've laid claim to my body?"

"Probably on that stage." Bringing Argo to a cessation, Xena twisted her torso to espy the short-haired blonde, proceeding closer to an inviting mouth. "But most definitely when you were on the balcony. I was seconds from summoning you to my most private chambers."

Gabrielle gasped, becoming enamored. "You were?"

"Mm-hmm." Xena murmured, and while the two women's lips touched, she apprised, "There, I would have taken your maidenhead, provoking you to scream my name."

No longer holding back, and cognizant of the licentious methods that could had impelled her deflowering, Gabrielle's mouth pressed harder against Xena's.

With each kiss, Xena whispered, "You would've blared it over...and over."

She darted her tongue inside the Amazon's mouth, and their tongues tangled together, as Gabrielle succumbed to Xena's dominating kisses.

Pulling away, Xena proclaimed a final time, "And over again."

Grasping Gabrielle with a single arm, Xena began sucking her pulse point, coaxing a low moan from the blonde, "Xena..."

The next sound came from Gabrielle's stomach, signaling food was overdue.

"Your greedy appetite reminds me of Alti; they both interrupted me from having you." Xena laughed lightly, turning to get her tan and creme-colored horse ambling once more.

Although Gabrielle had a hunger for something edible, it didn't compare to her sexual arousal.

"My fault, Xena. I should have eaten more than an apple before we left my village. If it matters to you, I'm way hornier than hungry." She admitted, laying on Xena's shoulder again.

"No doubt. I could make you hot in a snowstorm." Xena bragged.

"A snowstorm? That's possible. How 'bout a full-blown blizzard?" Gabrielle jived.

"Now you're desiring too much." Xena rejoined airily. "There's a clearing farther ahead. We could hunt some game and recline, or trek onwards to Mende. It's not a big town, nevertheless, we can buy extra provisions for our trip to Scione."

Not really contemplating the options Xena proffered, Gabrielle merely wanted to be close to her love, forgetting she'd spent majority of their dinars on the gift in Potidaea.

"Mende is fine with me." She asserted, administering a chaste kiss below Xena's earlobe. "I told you."


"I'd vowed I would make you pay. Now you're turned on, and can't receive release."

"What provokes you to surmise I am turned on?" Xena prompted.

A small hand grazed Xena's thigh, delicately rubbing the bronze skin. With fingers going higher under the Warrior Princess' battledress, Gabrielle relished the fact she was shuddering against her trim body.

"We both know the truth." Gabrielle placed a second kiss on Xena's neck, lingering for a short time to gently suck it.

"Mmm, fine." Xena conceded. "Cut it out 'fore I take you on top of Argo."

"Ooh, we've never done that yet." She cooed, whilst Xena swatted Gabrielle's exploring hands off of her.

Loud laughter filled the air, as the three females continued their journey.


An half-hour pass the clearing field Xena had mentioned, the trio were nearing Mende.

"We're almost there. I'm going to set Argo into a steady pace." Xena pulled the reins, invoking the mare to cease running, and to gait instead.

The bard took notice. "How far along are we?"

"Nearly there, Gabrielle. When we get out of these woods, you'll be able to descry the town."


"Yea, I'm sure you are delighted."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gabrielle urged, indignantly.

"You are famished. Food is feasibly the sole thing on your brain." Xena verbalized.

"Well, you'd be wrong. Besides, if what you aver is true, why did you slow Argo down to a trot when we were making better progress at the velocity we were in?" Gabrielle questioned.

"We have been pushing Argo for a while, and I don't want her exhausted." Xena expounded.

"So I starve? That's a marvelous reply, Xena. I'm glad I am used to this."

"You are?" Xena pondered what Gabrielle was getting at.

"Like mother, like daughter; I came last to Argo, now I have to play second fiddle to Argo Jr." She kidded.

The Palomino who was the center of discussion let out a snort of understanding, compelling the duo to burst in merriment. After the chuckles died out, Xena spun to Gabrielle in the silence.


Noting the serious tonality, she probed dutifully, "Yes?"

"What do you hear?"

Gabrielle had begun to quiet her cogitation, attuning herself to the environment they were occupying. Listening to the leaves on the branches of the trees, as they bristled from the wind, she could also hear a bird calling; a hawk certainly scavenging for unlucky prey. Withal the fog from earlier cleared, it didn't matter; the Amazon heard what she needed to.

Placing her forehead on Xena's armored-protected shoulder, Gabrielle started counting, "Five, four, three, two, one."

Thereby completing her countdown, as if on cue, five bandits dashed from behind the trees that littered the area.

Xena brought Argo II to a halt, taking a quick, detailed assessment of the men whom had the similarities akin to every run-of-the-mill, ragged robbers...except one. In lieu of them being a singular gender, it was a woman who stood in front of the four males, a right hand lied on the handle of her sword. She had long, auburn hair, a firm build that was covered by a sleeveless, red tunic, and dark-brownish trousers, with brown boots. Gazing at the sable-haired, lead rider, she seemed to be in command of the scoundrels.

"My, what a pretty horse you have." Casting a leer at Gabrielle, she went on. "Oh, and what a gorgeous little thing in back of you as well. She'll do fine for my men."

Xena ignored the troublemakers, and cocked her head to the side, whispering in Gabrielle's ear, "Nice job. You even enumerated all of them. I'm proud of you."

Her gracious partner couldn't curb beaming at the compliment.

"Alright, you know what this is!" The female yelled, getting the couple's assiduity. "So get off your horse, turn it, your blonde friend, money, and weapons over to us. I promise once you do, things won't go bad for ya."

"I don't 'turn' my girls over to anyone." Xena predicated. "And if you're offering some kind of payment to buy them..."

"We're not interested." Gabrielle picked up.

"Ha, would you look at that. Not one, but two mouthful whores. I can't wait to shove my cock in it to shut them up." A lewd goon threatened.

The auburn-haired leader's mien grew pensive. "You leave me no choice... Ready, boys!"

Her men unsheathed their swords, shouting in unison, "Aye, Xena!"

"Xena?" Gabrielle became as puzzled as the real Warrior Princess.

"Now you're scared, huh? Yes, I am the legendary Xena, infamous Destroyer of Nations, and you two will be added to the list of those I've conquered, including your tanned-horse, too, if you both don't yield." The imposter claimed.

The raven-haired warrior bellowed a condescending laugh, and dismounted Argo, feigning a plea, "Legendary Xena, please, don't harm us."

Drawing her sword free, she pointed it at the armored target, pondering why the irritating person looked familiar. "You mock me!"

"Of course, I am." Unleashing her blade also, Xena taunted her extra, "Heeey, aren't you a tad young to be the Destroyer of Nations?"

"And I always assumed Xena was a brunette." Gabrielle quipped.

The pretender released a shrill cry, whilst her sword connected with Xena's. The remaining four bandits trudged to Argo and the bard, as the Warrior Princess' swordplay against the imposter took them several steps away.

Gabrielle discerned her betrothed was playing with the other woman, then the man who made the earlier rude remark boasted, "We'll have you either way, so give up nice and easy. No one can defeat Xena."

"Hey, that's my line." She clarified.

Her ambiguous admission drove the men to become confused, and Gabrielle seized upon their morass moment. Flipping off of the saddle, the scarlet-clad Amazon kicked the mouthy thug in his chest, dropping him. Thereafter, she gripped the sais from her boots, twirling them to display her skills with the farmer tools that were very deadly, and effective to any foe who dared engagement.

A tall lout foolishly decided not to be chicken, and swung his blade at her. Catching the steel between her weaponry, Gabrielle quickly locked the longsword in its prongs, thereupon with a solid twist of her wrists, she snapped his weapon asunder. With the cheap metal broken, she swirled the sais' handles upwards, hitting the guy a couple of times in his throat, and he, too, had fallen.

'Just two remain. Excluding that fake Xena's fighting. I wish she would hurry and beat her-'

"You're one lucky piece of ass, girlie." Another unsightly bandit pronounced, cutting off Gabrielle's thoughts.

"But that's about to change." The other avowed, preceding their charge at her.

Gabrielle did a backhand flip, to a jumping backflip that could practically rival Xena's. She landed at the rear of Argo, and began traipsing backwards, while the two men slowly stalked passed the horse towards her. Using haste, she deposited the twin weapons back into their straps, and raised her arms in the air, broadcasting an insincere gesture of surrender.

The bandits halted, mystified by the bard's tactic, and when she emitted a whistle, they really were at a lost, until both thugs felt something incredibly painful hit their backs, launching them into the air to descend awkwardly on the forest floor.

"Good girl." Gabrielle cheered to Argo II for the double kicks of justice she dished out on the hooligans.

She patted the mare, whilst focusing on Xena, who remained fooling around in battle with the final ruffian. Becoming impatient, the Palomino neighed loudly.

"Don't fret, Argo. Let Xena have her fun. Soon she'll be done, and we can move on." Gabrielle elucidated, beforehand of jubilantly cogitating, 'We have new beginnings to sort out.'

To Be Continued...