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SCP-111: The Generation of Miracles

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Tests were conducted as part of Project M███████. Photos were taken at various times, and were not logged in chronological order.

Brief background

SCP-978: SCP-978 appears to be a standard chrome-and-black Polaroid One instant camera, with no distinctive identifying marks or damage. SCP-978 operates the same as a standard camera, and shows no anomalous behavior beyond the photographs it produces. When a subject is pictured with SCP-978, the photograph that develops shows not what the subject was doing at the time of the photo, but rather what the subject wanted to be doing.

SCP-111 (“The Generation of Miracles”): SCP-111 is currently composed of what appears to be five males of ethnic Japanese descent, aged between ██ and ██ years old. Their physical appearance varies individually, although a distinguishing feature seems to be bright hair colors that correspond that of the color of a standard rainbow: red, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Subject: SCP-111-1 [“Akashi”]
Photographed Activity: Reading a book [Tao Te Ching, Wang Bi version]
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject: SCP-111-1 
Photographed Activity: Playing shogi by himself
Photo Result: There appears to be another player sitting on the opposite side. It appears to be [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject: SCP-111-1
Photographed Activity: Looking directly at the photographer
Photo Result: The photographer is shown [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject: SCP-111-1
Photographed Activity: Asleep
Photo Result: SCP-111 is gathered together in a large room in a traditional Japanese house, all wearing summer kimono [yukata]. SCP-111-1 and SCP-111-2 play shogi on the veranda. SCP-111-3 and 111-5, nearby, seem to be engaged in roughhousing. SCP-111-4 is eating umaibo [a traditional Japanese snack]. Standing outside under a tree is former Agent N███████, watching SCP-111 with an amused and fond look on his face.

Note: On closer examination of the resulting photo, “K█████”, also in summer kimono, is sitting near SCP-111-1, seemingly watching the game, an intent look on his face.

Subject: SCP-111-2 [“Midorima”]
Photographed Activity: Arguing with Agent T████ [a member of Mobile Task Force Alpha-12 (aka “Starkers”)]. Only SCP-111-2 was captured in the photo
Photo Result: [DATA REDACTED]

Notes: I fucking KNEW IT. Pay up, assholes. – Agent M█████

SCP-111-2, when shown the photo, reddened, but refused to further comment, even when pressed.

I didn’t think Shin-chan had THAT in him. But man, look at that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]! Can I keep this? – Agent T████. Agent T████ was not given custody of the photo, nor was he given a copy.

Subject: SCP-111-2 
Photographed Activity: Having a quiet discussion with Agent T████
Photo Result: SCP-111-2, dressed in medical scrubs, in an operating theater, performing surgery on an unidentified patient. He seems to be assisted by someone resembling Agent T████; everyone else in the operating theater appear to be indistinct.

Subject: SCP-111-3 [“Aomine”]
Photographed Activity: Napping in his room
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-111-3
Photographed Activity: Being briefed by Agent M████ of the mission
Photo Result: Wading in a stream in an unidentified wooded area, crayfish in one hand, net on the other. Agent M████ is close by, standing on the shore, and carrying a small picnic basket.

Subject: SCP-111-4 [“Murasakibara”]
Photographed Activity: Eating snacks in his room
Photo Result: No change.

Note: On closer examination, it appears that the number of snacks SCP-111-4 has on hand tripled in the resulting photo.

Subject: SCP-111-4
Photographed Activity: Sleeping, head on Agent H█████’s [a member of Task Force Sigma-7 (aka “The Babysitters”) ] lap
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-111-5 [“Kise”]
Photographed Activity: Flirting with a research staff member as he is examined
Photo Result: In his room, asleep

Subject: SCP-111-5
Photographed Activity: Getting kicked in the shin by Agent K████████ [Commander of Mobile Task Force Zeta-5 (aka “Honeypots”) ]
Photo Result: Agent K████████ is patting SCP-111-5’s head. SCP-111-5 appears to be blushing and happy, while Agent K████████ is smiling.

Note: What the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] is this? I am going to [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] you, Kise! – Agent K████████

Subject: “K█████” (SCP number pending)
Photographed Activity: Reading a book [Run, Melos! by Osamu Dazai] in his room
Photo Result: The maple tree in the site garden. “K█████” is nowhere in sight

Note: On closer examination, it appears “K█████” is reading the same book underneath the tree.

I swear, he wasn’t there when I examined the photo. – Assistant Researcher K███

Considering “K█████’s” unusual properties, it would probably be best to make it SOP that any photo/video taken of his presence be examined very thoroughly – Dr. T█████

Subject: “K█████”
Photographed Activity: Eating a meal prepared by Agent K█████ [ a member of at the Mobile Task Force Omega-10 (aka “Stormchasers”) ] site’s cafeteria. Agent K█████ is eating with him
Photo Result: Drinking what appears to be [possibly vanilla] milkshake at a popular Japanese fast-food restaurant M███ B█████. Across him is Agent K█████, who is eating from what seems to be a large pile of cheeseburgers, and an unidentified young man, who is eating a popsicle. All appear to be relaxed and happy.

Note: Asked the identity of the unidentified young man, “K█████” appeared upset and did not answer and was unusually uncooperative with further requests for information. Further research eventually identified the young man as O██████ S████████, who was [DATA EXPUNGED] at Incident 111-██. His exact connection to “K█████”, however, is yet unknown and is under investigation.