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After the Fall

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Two hands grab his hips and the devil moans when the second archangel that's trapped with him inside the cage begins to move again. The touch burns. With his own grace ice cold and Michael's holy fire, physical contact is bound to cause irritation. Lucifer grinds his teeth as the air crackles, because Michael lets the tip of his wings run over Lucifer's body. They feel like a second pair of hands and Lucifer wants to scream how good it feels.

"That's it, little brother," Michael breathes low. "Let me in. You always loved it like this."

He bites into Lucifer's shoulder. Blood trickles down the skin, but the devil doesn't care. They did worse things to each other, in the war and ever since they ended up here.

"Come on. Hurry up." Lucifer wants to scream, tell Michael to take him hard.

But they've done that before, fucking between their fights. Or fought while fucking. This is different. Michael isn't exactly gentle, yet the forceful blows in between are missing. He isn't seeking to break Lucifer by brute force.

"We have time," Michael growls. The cage rattles as the older Archangel's power shakes the entire construct. "Which means that I'm going to enjoy this for a while."

The cage is just barely capable of containing them. Lucifer's own raging over the last millennia has weakened it and adding Michael into the mix hasn't helped. Their activities, crashing into each other with all their might, caused cracks in the structure. Not enough to get them out of here. But it does grant them a little more freedom.

As result Michael's wings surround them again and Lucifer almost starts trashing when feathers tickle his hard wet cock.

"Fuck Michael," Lucifer curses and his muscles contract around the dick inside him. "Michael, move. Or I'll make you pay for this!"

But Michael, being the older brother and the fucking prick he always has been, just laughs. Lucifer chaffs under it, but he never gets to voice his protest, because with one deliberate move Michael sinks deeper. He splits Lucifer open with his cock and presses the devil down, for he knows how to work his little brother's body. Centuries of hate and resentment don't change that. The shameless gasp that Lucifer can't hold back, goes straight into Michael's dick. He jerks his hips again and pants at the sight of Lucifer squirming beneath him.

"Stop... te-asing me!" Another swift thrust wrenches the words from Lucifer's mouth.

He's almost writhing on Michael's cock, would fuck himself on it, if his brother allowed him the freedom to move. Instead, he heaves as the hard length drives deeper, plunges into Lucifer's waiting and far to pliant body. The devil doesn't even care anymore that Michael is holding him down, manhandling him into the position he desires. It's been too long since they did this. Since they were this close.

This is the sweetest form of torture and Lucifer rasps Michael's name when the archangel begins to fuck him earnestly. Hands roam over his body while Michael's wings hold him in place. Lucifer twitches his brother's embrace, desperate, because Michael is the only one capable of dominating him. It was true in heaven and it's true now.

"Look at me," Michael demands and yanks the devil upwards. His mouth crashes onto Lucifer's, claiming it until they're both out of breath. "Look at me, Lucifer. Tell me what you want."

"You," Lucifer moans before he loses the ability to think clearly, because Michael hammers against his prostate. For good reason, Lucifer can't lie like this. "You, Michael. Only you."

Pleasure zings through him as Michael's fingers press against his shoulder blades and Lucifer's own wings come forth. Devil or not, he can't help himself. Lucifer opens his wings wide as invitation and breaks as they slide against Michael's. Everything whites out after that. Lucifer hides his face in the crook of his brother's neck. The only sensation that registers in his mind is how the warmth of Michael's come spreads inside him. It spills out of Lucifer's ass and runs down his thighs. It's a lot and Lucifer sobs, because it means that Michael hasn't touched anyone else ever since the fall separated them.

Lucifer trembles in Michael's arms. The wings protect them from any possible watcher. But not even the thought of the demons witnessing their act could make him move, because Michael's cock is still inside him. Still buried deep and the soft touches of his beloved brother tell Lucifer that it's going to remain this way for a very long time.