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In Want of a Child

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Chapter 1: In Want of a Child

Author: Moon of The Sea

Beta by: DmHp4evr



Three years had passed since the demise of Voldemort; four, since the death of Dumbledore. As it was now a tradition, the survivors of the war gathered at Hogwarts grounds for a reunion. Every year the tone of the proceedings changed and became a bit lighter. Of course, the ministry tried to make them as solemn as possible. Nevertheless, life had a way of… well living. People no longer bore long faces in remembrance of those who gave their lives for the cause. Sure, they remembered them, but somehow the fact that little Teddy, now three, was flying around on his little broom and causing havoc was more pressing in their minds and seemed to place very guilty smiles on their faces during the preceding.


Seeing Severus Snape on the podium was also a cause for amusement. The clever git had outwitted Voldemort and had concealed bezoars in his pocket that saved his life, becoming the second person Voldemort wanted dead but didn’t die. The kids that had fought to defend Hogwarts were now finishing their careers and finding jobs. Some were getting married, or not as in the case of one famous Harry Potter and his school sweetheart Ginny.


Ginny had fallen in love with a muggle who was camping near the Burrow, and to her and everyone’s surprise Harry had wished them luck and even attended the wedding.


Harry became completely committed to his Auror training and now was doing his best not to mess up as a rookie. This is where we find our hero when our story begins.