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"Kerbin Central Command, are we clear?"

"Kerbal I, you are clear for liftoff. Starting primary ignition sequence."

Jebediah Kerman jogged down the bridge to the capsule, perched atop a marvel of modern Kerbal engineering. The Kerbal I was an amalgamation of the finest aviation technology on all of Kerbin, integrating parts from every company the space program could convince to supply it. Though, come to think of it, the capsule did look a little small for the mission the Professor had recruited him for, but he shrugged it off. The scientists knew what they were doing.

Throwing open the capsule hatch, Jebediah froze. Apart from the control panel and a single seat, it was completely empty. "Um, Command Central?" Jeb radioed.

"We hear you, Jebediah," the Professor responded.

"Why is there only one seat?"

"Naturally, one seat for one person." The professor's response was far too matter-of-fact for the statement.

"But I'm just the cook!" Jeb shouted. "Where's the pilot!?"

"Why, you're the pilot, of course." The professor sounded incredulous. "We've been over this.


"Jebediah, would you please not yell into the microphone? It's a sensitive piece of-"

"I will yell as much as I WANT!" Jeb cried. "I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for PILOTING A SPACESHIP!?”

"Maybe there was a slight miscommunication there," the Professor conceded. "But either way, it's too late to find another pilot, and we can't just call off the mission." A Kerbal Jeb hadn't noticed approaching picked him up and shoved him into the capsule, ignoring his frantic pleas. "So you'd best buckle in and get your switch-flipping fingers ready, because you're going to the Mün, Jebediah!" The capsule door slammed, cutting off Jeb's sobbing.