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Fifty Shades of Stark

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“Hey, Nat,” Wanda says as they take off their raincoat. “Have you seen Pietro?”

“Hi, Wanda! Yeah, he left 20 minutes ago to go to the archery range with Clint,” Natasha replies, looking up from her book.

“Oh, okay. Good,” Wanda says as they hang up their raincoat on the coathanger by the door. They walk over and sit next to Natasha on the couch, placing their bag of new books on the floor near their feet.

“What books did you get from the bookstore today?” Natasha asks them.

Wanda smiles happily and takes the first book out of their bag and shows it to their friend. “I got a few meditation books that Bruce recommended,” they tell Natasha before putting the first book to the side and grabbing the other meditation books out of the bag. “I also got a book on yoga, a book on aromatherapy, and a new Tarot deck!” Wanda happily tells their friend while showing Natasha each of their new things.

“Good! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new books and Tarot deck immensely and then go tell Bruce all about them like you both usually do,” She replies with a grin.

Wanda giggles gleefully. “Yep! I love being around Bruce! They make me feel so happy!” They frown suddenly. “It wasn’t a completely fun trip though, Nat. There was this man there who kept following me and leering at me. He said his name was Tony Stark and that he liked me. I told him that I wasn’t interested, but he kept following me and he said that I was a pretty woman who needed him and that he wants only me. I felt very uncomfortable around him,” Wanda tells their friend, fidgeting as they talk about what had happened.

“Tony Stark. I’ve heard of him. He’s a billionaire and is the CEO of Stark Industries. I’ve heard and seen in interviews and whatnot that he doesn’t like being told no and that he is an asshole,” Natasha tells Wanda.

“Oh. That explains why his last name sounded familiar. I’ll do my best to steer clear of him, but considering what you just told me, I doubt he’ll keep away from me or even listen to me,” They reply.