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Good Morning Sleepy Head

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Jon sat on the couch with Ponch beside him. Ponch had his head laid on Jon’s chest, and he was half asleep. The kids were playing with Sadie, and Jon was reading a book quietly out loud to Ponch.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to fall asleep,” Jon teased.

“Well you made me comfortable…and I’m sleepy…” Ponch said with a yawn then his eyes started to close.

“Ponch…” Jon started giving him a kiss on the top of the head.

“W-W-what?” Ponch asked yawning again.

“Is it bed time or what, sleepy head?”

“Jon…I’m exhausted.” Ponch cuddled closer to Jon getting more comfortable.

Jon laughed. “It’s only six PM, what did my lovely assistant do today?” Jon asked.

“Lovely assistant?”

Jon smiled. “Sorry…I knew that would catch your attention more than just asking what you did. Come on, partner tell me…you didn’t even come into work today. What could you possibly have been up to that would make you so tired?” Jon asked.

“I hung out with the kids…and uh…took them to the park…” Ponch yawned. “Tyler kept me busy…boy I tell you, that kid is a handful.”

“Just like you are,” Jon teased.

Ponch playfully slapped Jon’s thigh “Now that wasn’t very nice,” he said.

Jon smiled. “Hey, but it’s the truth.”

“Alright, you got me there.”

Jon hugged Ponch “I love you,” he whispered as he gave him a kiss on the top of the head.

“Love you…too…” Ponch said falling asleep in Jon’s arms. Within the next few minutes Ponch was asleep. Jon carried Ponch to the bedroom and laid him in bed. His only hesitation in letting Ponch sleep now was, that Ponch would be up all the rest of the night now.


Ponch got up around ten PM and everyone was in bed. Jon was fast asleep and Ponch got out of his arms and went to the kitchen.

Ponch saw what appeared to be a flashlight shining outside. He followed the light outside and wasn’t too shocked to find a man…but what he was shocked about was why a man would be lurking about in the dark outside of his home.

Ponch tried to hide and not be spotted but it was too late. “Ah, just what I was waiting for,” the man started as he came closer.

“Who are you?” Ponch asked.

The man didn’t answer he just came a little closer smiling widely his eyes just eating up what he was seeing. He smiled a devilish grin. “You look even better than you did the last time I saw you, Poncherello…” the man started.

Ponch just stared wide eyed. Why didn’t he run…? For some reason he was frozen…frozen in fear. It was too late at night…too dark…and he was alone with some stranger that apparently knew him and he hated the way he was being looked at. As if the man was just dying to get Ponch…he looked at Ponch as if he were some sort of model…or some sort of fresh fruit that he couldn’t wait to pick out of the garden and take home.

Suddenly Ponch felt the man’s hands go around him. “Let go of me!” Ponch yelled.

The man tried to get Ponch to shut up but it wasn’t working and whatever it was he wanted the minute Ponch started screaming for Jon the man had changed his mind and decided he wanted something much more. He put his dirty hand over Ponch’s mouth, muffling his screams then he dragged Ponch away to a car and threw him in the back seat. As soon as Ponch was laying face down in a pile of dirty clothes the man tied Ponch’s wrists together and slammed the door shut making sure Ponch couldn’t get free.


Jon had faintly heard his name called from outside…it sounded like Ponch, it sounded desperate and it sounded like something terrible had happened. Jon threw the covers off and didn’t care that he was just in his underwear…unlike Ponch who was still fully dressed when Jon put him to bed and nothing changed because Ponch hadn’t woke up in between and Jon had no permission to strip him down either so Ponch was still in jeans, and a t-shirt with his phone and his iPod…Jon didn’t think so much about that at the moment though. He rushed outside and didn’t find anything except a flashlight that had been dropped.

Ponch was nowhere in sight. Jon searched everywhere outside and came up with nothing. He texted Ponch and got no reply Jon was starting to go crazy. Ponch wouldn’t just leave like that…and Jon hadn’t been hearing things…Ponch really did scream for help…so Ponch…Ponch must’ve been kidnapped. That thought brought a shiver down Jon’s spine.


Ponch woke up in a small cozy room laying on a bed underneath a blanket and upon looking he noticed that he’d been striped o his clothes. Ponch wasn’t exactly feeling the most comfortable at that moment. But then…who would be? He looked around and smiled when he noticed his entire outfit just laying on a chair beside the bed. He looked to make sure no one was in the room or watching and quickly got up and changed. As soon as he finished putting his clothes on he started to look around this small house. Where was the guy that had taken him? And what just happened…why…why did it happen? He saw a clock on the wall it read nine AM. Ponch groaned was he really out all night? Soon he was face to face with the man that had taken him.

“Morning sleepy head,” he said putting an arm around Ponch.

“Get your hands off me,” Ponch said pushing him away.

“Hey, listen if I were you I’d let me do whatever I wanna do,” the man said as he came closer.

“And why’s that?”

“I know where you live…I can do something very harmful to your family,” he threatened.

Ponch blinked back a few tears. “Alright fine,” Ponch said suddenly feeling that mans arms go around him again. “What do you want with me?” Ponch asked.

“Well…a while ago all I wanted was something short…something sweet…but…I’ve come to realize…my high school crush on you has never changed…” the man said a crooked grin appearing on his face as he leaned in for a kiss.

Ponch wished he didn’t have to let him do that…but…what about his family? If he avoided that what would happen to them? Thankfully the kiss on lasted less than a second before the man pulled away.

“I assume you don’t remember me at all,” he started.

“No…” Ponch started to say.

“Well believe me, Poncherello you’re never gonna forget me…” the man replied quickly as he pushed Ponch into the wall. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this…you were supposed to be with me…but you…you went off and started a family with that Jon guy…”

“I love Jon…I don’t even know you,” Ponch said.

“Ouch, Ponch…that really hurts…Alan Peterson the guy that sat next to you in almost every class through high school because I made sure to take every class you had…that same guy you thought was a dork and tried to avoid…that same guy that you said you’d never be caught dead with,” Alan said.

“A-Alan?” Ponch asked confused. He remembered Alan but didn’t remember him being crazy like this. “What’s going on…what are you trying to do?”

“I’m gonna get to have my fun, Ponch…everything I’ve always wanted to do with you…and it all starts there,” he said pointing to the bed room.

Ponch shook his head and swallowed hard. “You’re crazy!”

“Some people do crazy things when they are in love,” was all Alan said as he dragged Ponch back towards that bedroom. “We slept here together last night…”

“Alan you’re scaring me…listen I don’t love you and you’re really freaking me out…let me go home, please.”

Alan slammed Ponch down on the bed. “If you try to leave…” he started.

“I know, I know I won’t…but please…this is insane. You can always just find someone else…”

“Don’t you get it…I only love you. I don’t just fall for everyone…I fell for you and you liked someone else…”

“And you can’t force me to love you.”

“I know I can’t…but I can force you to do the things I wanna do…” Alan said closing the door.