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The life that I have

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“Nice ass”
Richard craned his neck around to look at you, raising a sardonic eyebrow.
“Enjoying the view, love?”
“Ohhhh, yes” you replied grinning up at him.
He was up on a ladder, clearing the ivy off of the roof. You, being ever helpful, were supposed to be raking up what he tossed down. Unfortunately, Richard was wearing a pair of jeans that were almost indecently tight around his bum. Your raking duties were pushed aside in favor of ogling your husband’s delectable derriere.
He grunted and tossed down some more ivy at you.
“Why don’t you get up here, love, and do this so I can enjoy the view?” He teased.
“Because, I don’t have the arm reach that you do, so I wouldn’t get as much down” you countered with perfect logic
More ivy rained down at your statement, suspiciously in the spot where you were standing, while a booming laugh echoed in the air.
The two of you continued on in companionable silence, till all of the ivy was clear. Richard climbed down and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your head.
Smiling, you looked up at him, “No matter where you are I always have to crane my neck to look at you. We should have included regular visits to the chiropractor in our wedding vows” You giggled.
Grinning, he wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up so you were looking down at him.
“How’s this?” he asked, looking up at you in complete adoration.
“Perfect”, you sighed, leaning down for a kiss.