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i'll show you how a real pro bends

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Jimin leaned forward, resting his chin on his knuckles to further focus on the match. The cheering got louder with each new move and he felt his own heartbeat rise in tandem; the crowd favourites were one point from losing. They’d gotten too confident, too complacent, taking it slow and losing an entire zone in the process- with half a minute left on the clock, it would be near impossible for the Bulletproof Boys to come back. The thought disappointed Jimin- the young firebender on the team was, excuse the pun, really fucking hot. Jungkook was one of the reasons Jimin continued to sneak out to attend matches. In fact, over the course of the last season, he'd caught Jungkook staring back at him more often than he could count- his orange hair was eye catching, it was true, but Jimin had begun to wonder if the attraction was mutual.


His attention was drawn back to the game when Hoseok  started a volley of air strikes- lifting himself off the ground so that each punch of air would hit their opponents at an angle almost impossible to defend. The other team countered with a barrage of water bullets but Yoongi deflected these easily, protecting the airbender as he pushed the opposing team back. Distracted, the other team could never have seen Jungkook come around the side, launching three strong fire bombs at their chests. Two were pushed back one zone, and Jungkook decided to crack out a fire whip at the end, pushing the last member clear off the arena and into the water.


Jimin jumped in his seat, antsy as he glanced at the clock- there were ten seconds left. Clenching his fists in frustration, he watched as Hoseok, light on his feet,  began to spin an air tornado while Jungkook and Yoongi parried more attacks from the opposing team. Jimin watched, jealous of the way Hoseok moved so effortlessly. A prodigy, Jimin had known Hoseok from an early age and the airbender was, to date, the most talented he’d ever encountered in his life. The firebenders were getting nowhere with their two- on- two technique until Hoseok decided to help out. With five seconds left on the clock, he let out a shout turning the tornado onto the waterbender that Jungkook was battling. At the same time, Jungkook switched to a more attacking stance, directing a fire stream at the second player to join Yoongi’s own. Both players were launched clear off the arena, and not a moment too soon- the buzzer sounded almost immediately afterwards.

Slumped in his seat, Jimin sighed and looked up at the roof. When he looked back at the victors, he found Jungkook’s eyes on him. Maintaining direct eye contact, Jungkook winked before collecting his towel from the side of the ring.


Jimin wanted to wipe the smirk of his face.


He stood up and walked over to the exit, standing off to the side and watching as the referee declared the Bulletproof Boys victors. He didn't miss the way Jungkook subtly glanced back towards Jimin’s empty seat- he didn't miss the confused look on his face as he craned his neck to find the orange haired boy.


When Jungkook finally found him in the crowd again it was Jimin who smirked, pushing his hair back as he turned on his heel and left the stadium.




Min Yoongi was nothing without his savagery.  He could leave Hoseok here. He really could, he chanted  to himself as he continued to push through the clusters of drunk, dancing kids. Fuck Jung Hoseok, he thought as he climbed a chair, standing on his tiptoes to gain some vantage over the crowd.


Spotting the familiar mop of black hair, Yoongi jumped off the stool and quickened his steps. The airbender was, as usual, surrounded by a mass of admirers- both male and female- watching as he broke it down on the dance floor. Yoongi shook his head. He stalked up to the center of the circle, where Hoseokie was, for once, dancing with someone else.


“Show’s over, kids!”


“Yoongiii!” This shout came from the airbender, whose pronunciation was already suffering from having one too many drinks.


Rolling his eyes at the groaning coming from the circle, he pulled Hoseok off the other man. The man turned around, giving Yoongi pause. Dark eyebrows framed darker eyes, staring down at him in confusion. Offset by buttery blond hair, his sharp features were striking… handsome, Yoongi found himself thinking.


Blinking to clear his head, Yoongi announced, “Our precious airbender… has work tomorrow! Sorry guys, it's time for Hoseok to go home!”


“Ten more minutes pleease? I promise I’ll wake up tomorrow...”

Hoseok’s pleading was lost on Yoongi.


In the airbender’s ear, Yoongi murmured, “Think of the kids, Hoseokie. We gotta go now.”

Hoseok’s shoulders hunched , the fight leaving him. As a last call, he shouted to the crowd, “Time to booook… Bye  Taehyungiee! See y'all party people next time!”


The younger boy wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist, letting him lead them outside the warehouse and into his car.


The older boy helped belted Hoseok up and made a mental note to ask him about the cute blonde later.




The artificial lighting inside the train had Namjoon squinting. This late at night, he had more choice in seating than he was used to. The only other passengers were either professionals that, like him, had finished late, or drunk kids celebrating the start of summer- and with it, the start of the probending championship. He envied them. Once, he too had played hard and partied harder, spending the days with his team and his nights with his friends until the summer flashed by, leaving him to spend the spend the other nine months working and studying away at his desk.


These days his weeks and months bled together in gray monotony, the bleakness broken only by the joy he felt when he solved another case, fixed another problem, when another civilian thanked him. He’d always been too observant, had cared too much- he’d never be able to live in oblivion now that he’d been exposed to all the injustices and unfairness of the world. His duty was to protect people; there was no running from this.


It got awfully lonely, though. Eyes fixated on the head of pink hair sitting a few seats down, Namjoon sighed, leaning his head back. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone he could share his life with. A partner to light his days and warm his nights- that didn’t sound bad at all.