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Bring Me to Life

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From the Beginning..

The mostly naked man chained to twin stone pillar desperately tugged at the chains, screaming, crying hoarsely for them to let her go to no avail. He watch in horror as the love of his life and mother of his unborn child, with tears streaming down her dirt-stained cheeks, tried to bravely stare into his eyes. Conveying love and fear – but the sunlight poured in, quickly burning her skin, turning it black, she screamed out in pain, matching the screams of despair from her Mate. A pillar of ash in the shape of a woman stood in the woman’s place, silenced forever. Or so they thought…


2006 Europe

Lucian knew he didn’t have much time left, he could feel the silver moving through his blood-stream. That was all right – without his Sonja, it didn’t really matter. He could only hope that Michael was truly the Hybrid he’d been looking for, the person who would lead his Lycans from the shadows and into the Light. The creature that would kill Viktor once and for all!

He looked on as Selene tenderly stroked Michael’s head, as he laid there dying from the silver.

“Bite him.”

Selene whipped her head to stare at him. “What??”

“Bite him. He doesn’t have much time, but he’ll live if you bite him.” Lucian could feel the silver killing him, seemingly moving faster throughout his bloodstream. He also watched the same thing happening to Michael. But not for long if Selene bit him. He came from Sonja’s line – a Corvinus, able to be infected with both Lycan and Vampire blood, making them virtually indestructible. All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

He could hear the fighting getting closer, plus several footsteps rushing towards them. “Hurry, you must bite him before he dies.”

He watched as she hesitated for a moment more, then bent her head over Michael and sunk her fangs inside his neck. Lucian tiredly let the tension leave his body. It was done, he beat Viktor at his own game and he only regretted that he wouldn’t see the end results. Suddenly footsteps rushed into the room and Selene went flying off of Michael, blood dripped from her mouth.

Viktor stood over Michael like an avenging angel, “What have you done?!”

“How dare I?! I know what you did Viktor! All this time you let me believe it was the Lycans who killed my family! When it was you! All along!”

“I loved you like my own daughter! But the abomination growing inside her womb could not be permitted! And so I had to take care of that filth?! As I am forced to do, once again!” And with that he picked up a weak, but changing Michael, and tossed him. He went through a brick wall as if it was made of foam, to land in an open room, with crumbling bricks and mortar. They could hear the splash he made as his body hit the ground.

“This kind of betrayal can only have one end.” He started towards Selene his sword raised menacingly.

But Lucian with one final spurt of adrenaline lifted his torso and with his hidden long-knife stabbed Viktor in the foot. Howling in pain Viktor hit Lucian in the face hard enough to leave deep bloody furrows on his cheek and head. And so it was, Lucian after many years with vengeance burning in his heart, met his final fate – but he had the last laugh.

Selene flowed from her spot on the floor stab Viktor and quickly flew through the hole left behind by Michael.  But Viktor followed close behind and instead of meeting Selene he met a new Vampire-Lycan Hybrid: Michael. And it was also where Viktor met his own, long-overdue end. However, Michael and Selene would go on only to be hunted by various factions of the Corvinus House. But this was just the beginning.