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Min Yoongi was known to be a fan of sleep. He slept whenever he could and he didn’t like his precious time to be interrupted. The fact that it was the ass crack of dawn and Yoongi was up, irritated the man. His wake up call came in the form of none other than Jung Hoseok. Screaming. At the top of his lungs. Yoongi scowled at the closed door of his dorm room.




“Hobi, SHUT THE FUCK UP!” This reply came from somewhere in the dorm. Most likely from Namjoon who barely had gotten a couple hours of sleep. The seven membered group had recently been working themselves to death with the recent comeback and promotions. The boys had just gotten to the dorm that night, or morning depending on who you ask.


Yoongi took a death breath, settling his irritation and pushed up from his mattress. At this point Hoseok had yet to stop screeching at the top of his lungs and Yoongi was definitely about to do something about it. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed he stomped his way to the door, ripping it open. As he made his way into the hallway he came face to face with Jimin who was also making his way the source of the noise. Jimin scrunched up his nose and tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Jimin’s face puffy from sleep made him look adorable, at least to Yoongi. Thought the older man would never admit it out loud he thought that the younger man was the definition of a mochi. With his overly large sweaters that hung off his collarbone and ended mid-thigh. The sight was something Yoongi could definitely get used to in the mornings, but there were more pressing matters at hand. Like Hobi practically ripping everyone’s eardrums.


As Yoongi led the way down the hallway, with Jimin following close behind, they made their way toward the screaming man. As they approached the dorm room, Yoongi stopped and ripped open the door. What he saw made him stop in his tracks, Hobi was on one side of the dorm, backed up to the wall, with a hand over his chest, mouth still letting out the most horrible noise. It was what was on the other side of the dorm room that caused Yoongi and Jimin’s abrupt stop.


There, on the bed were two small boys, one with light golden brown hair, the other with curly dark brown locks. Both boys looked toward the two men at the door with wide eyes. The boy with the golden brown hair lifted his small hand and pointed towards himself, a familiar boxy smile taking up his face.


“Ta-Taehyung.” The small boy said with trouble, stuttering his words. Yoongi didn’t move from his spot at the door, the only indication that he had heard the child was the fact that his mouth now gaped open in shock. The other child next to the one who called himself ‘Taehyung’ lifted his eyes toward the door, yet said nothing as he shuffled to stand behind the older looking boy. Yoongi deduced from this, that he was shy.


Somewhere along this interaction, Hoseok had stopped screaming and somehow disappeared from the room while the two men’s attention was focused upon the two children. Jimin was the one to break the silence.

“Taehyung? Is that your name?” Jimin said slowly walking up to the golden haired child standing atop the mattress. As the one called ‘Taehyung’ nodded his head, Jimin turned to the other child. “And you? What's your name?” He asked with a soft voice, being careful to not scared the child. Before the boy could speak, ‘Taehyung’ cut in, “You know who he is! He is Kookie! Jungkookie!”


Jimin once again focused on the smaller child, “Jungkook? Is that your name?” The question was repetitive, but Yoongi knew that this was because neither one of the two men were sure of what they were hearing. Yoongi, snapping out of his stunned state stepped forward, placing his hand on Jimin’s back, to look up at the two boys. They looked a lot like the two maknaes. Everything from their facial features to their birthmarks. The one called Jungkook even had the small, one inch scar at the top of his cheekbone. Let’s just say, as wild as it was, Yoongi and Jimin were convinced. Briefly Yoongi had played with the idea of him still being asleep and dreaming, but he definitely knew the difference. He studied the two boys a little longer before commenting.


“Jungkook and Taehyung, do you know where you are?” His voice was soft, very different from his normal. Yoongi wasn’t well versed in dealing with children but somehow he knew that this was the right thing to ask. Jimin looked at him, surprise evident on his face at the older man’s reaction to the two boys. Jimin didn’t take his eyes off of Yoongi until the two boys answered.


“Nope!” was Taehyung’s cheerful reply while the other simply whispered out a quiet, “No.”, barely above a whisper. The two boys looked between the two men. Head swiveling back and forth, amusement shining bright in their eyes.


“Do you know how old you are?” Jimin asked once the boys, had given their answer. His voice was just as soft and warm as Yoongi’s while interacting with the two children. For some reason Yoongi and Jimin weren’t panicking, they weren’t reacting how they should but they knew that there were two kids who probably were even more confused. Jungkook and Taehyung needed these two men to be strong. Even though the boys seemed cheery, no one would be able to tell when that demeanor would change.


Taehyung tilted his head furrowing up his eyebrows as he was thinking. He looked down at his tiny hands and with a slight gasp, he put his hand out in front of him, holding up 7 fingers. “I am six!”. As Taehyung looked back down at his fingers, he realized his mistake and with a small huff he put one finger down. Yoongi looked towards Jimin and what he saw almost took his breath away. Jimin was looking at the six year old with a small smile playing on his lips. Yoongi could see the love and adoration in Jimin’s eyes as he was amused by the boy. Taking a deep breath Yoongi turned his head back towards Jungkook, patiently waiting for an answer from the little boy. Slowly Jungkook lifted his hand, fingers coming up as he counted in a quiet whisper. “ One, two, thwree, fwour.” Jungkook stopped counting to look back up at Jimin.


Just as Jungkook had finished counting their was a small knock on the door frame behind them. As the two men turned around to see who it was, the sight of the two boys was revealed as they were previously hidden by the men’s bodies. Standing at the door was Namjoon, eyes nearly popping out of his skull.


“Taehyung? Jungkook?” Namjoon’s usually calm and collected voice was now strained as if he was barely keeping his panic contained. By the look on his face, he was doing a horrible job. Namjoon must have been standing by the door for a while if he had heard that much. When the two smaller boys nodded in unison, Namjoon took in a long breath to keep himself from freaking out. “Do you know who we are?” At that moment, Namjoon stepped aside to reveal the rest of BTS, being only Jin and Hobi.


At this question the two boys perked up nodding. Everyone let out a collective sigh in relief. This relief however, was short lived as Taehyung and Jungkook opened their mouths.


“That’s Daddy!” Taehyung pointed to Yoongi.

“That’s Dada!” Jungkook pointed to Jimin.


Yoongi turned to Jimin, eyes wide as the moon, a blush creeping its way up his neck. Jimin turned to Yoongi, mirroring his state of embarrassment. Behind them, they heard snickers and coughs. Turning back towards the group huddled at the door, they found every single one of them wearing a smirk across their features, panic forgotten. The smirks soon disappeared at the scowls of the two men. Mostly Yoongi as Jimin was too cute to be imitated by. Yoongi kept scowling until he felt a small tug at his shirt. Scowl melting off of his face, he turned toward Jungkook who had climbed off the bed, and now looked up at him.


“Daddy, Kookie needs to potty.” Jungkook was so quiet and shy but at least he knew how to ask for what he wanted. Something in Yoongi shifted. His usually cold heart felt unusually warm, a feeling he wasn’t used to but welcomed all the same. Jungkook hands lifted up and reached towards Yoongi, as the older man stared back confused, he must have taken too long, as the young boy whined, making small grabby motions once again. It clicked in Yoongi’s head as he bent down to pick up the small boy. As he settled the boy who was clad only in an abnormally large t-shirt, on his hip, Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jungkook. He turned around to surprised faces. Yoongi ignored them as he stepped through the threshold of the door and made his way toward the restroom. Although Yoongi wasn’t used to this, parental behavior, he found out that he was quite good at it.


As he and Jungkook, who was thankfully potty trained, left the bathroom, they made their way back to the dorm room. For the second time that day, Yoongi was stopped in his tracts at the threshold of the door. Although this time, it was a sight that made him smile. There was Jimin, holding Taehyung over his head, playing with the smaller boy. A number of giggles spilled out of Taehyung’s mouth as he was placed down on the mattress. With the boy on his hip, Yoongi made eye contact with Jimin, his breath catching as he realised that Jimin had caught him staring. A small blush fanned over his cheeks as he looked away, making his way over to the mattress that Taehyung was giggling on. As he sat Jungkook down, he turned toward Jimin.


“You know we are probably going to have to talk about why the two of our group members are toddlers,” Yoongi trailed off, hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. He cleared his throat before continuing, “but that can wait, first we probably should go to the store. So we can get these two clothes and stuff they need.” Yoongi mumbled the last part, another blush spreading across his cheeks. He realizes how weird this should be. The two younger boys had already attached themselves to the older males, dubbing them their caretakers. Jimin and Yoongi knew that nothing they would say or do could change their roles nor did they want to upset the two younger boys who were completely clueless.


Jimin only nodded, a blush spreading across his cheeks as well. The two boys on the bed looked up from their spot on the bed with small smiles, gracing their faces.


“I wanna go shopping too!” Taehyung chirped in, his smile growing into a big boxy grin. Yoongi just knows that this is going to be a disaster. For some reason he can’t bring himself to say no to the little boy. It also didn’t help that Jungkook was happily nodding, agreeing to Taehyung’s idea, Jungkook’s bunny smile plastering his face.


“Jimin, do you think you can give a ring to the manager and tell him to get a car to drive us to the store? The subway doesn’t seem like the best idea.” Yoongi studied the two boys who were currently jumping around the bed, excited at the prospect of going shopping. As Jimin nodded and turned to leave, Yoongi caught his wrist, “Oh, and make sure there are car seats for Tae and Kook.” The nicknames came out more affectionate than Yoongi would care to admit. He was NOT fathering these two boys. He just had a small soft spot for them, Yoongi reasoned with himself. A small tug from the man in his grip, reminded him he was still holding on to Jimin’s wrist. He quickly dropped and apologized blushing, only to blush more once looking back at Jimin’s eyes. They seemed to hold a similar affection and adoration, to earlier but this time it was reserved to Yoongi. Jimin’s eyes turned into crescents as he smiled at Yoongi, amused, before turning and walking out the door.


As much a Yoongi would try to deny it, he was head over heels in love with Park Jimin. He was in love with every smile, every smirk and every breath the man took. He’s too shy to admit it but Min Yoongi would do anything for Park Jimin. Even if it included playing house with the two boys in front of him. Yoongi knows that this is insane. He’s not entirely sure what is going on but that’s not what he is worried about. Right now, he is focused on the task at hand; Taking care of Taehyung and Jungkook, the teenagers turned toddlers. This was going to be a long day.


Yoongi sighed and slouched down onto the mattress where the two boys were playing, already exhausted from having to comprehend everything. As Yoongi closed his eyes, he felt two little palms press against his back, on either side of him. He poked an eye open before jumping back in surprise. Right in front of his face were the two boys, sitting next to him on either side, pushing their faces close to Yoongi’s, nearly touching their noses to his cheeks. Yoongi couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face. Okay, they were cute, even though they did just scared the shit out of him.


“What’cha thinkin’ bout?” Taehyung babbled, poking of his tiny fingers into Yoongi’s cheek.


“Yeah, twinkin’ bout.” Jungkook echoed back, his speech slightly less advanced than Taehyung’s, which in itself was adorable.


“I was thinking about a story.” Yoongi supplied, it wasn’t exactly the truth but he decided to humor the two boys.


“Ooo~ Can you tell us, Daddy?” Taehyung asked, eyes as wide a saucers, practically begging the older man with facial expressions alone. In his eye, Yoongi saw a twinkle of wonderment, adventure and love. Suddenly, Yoongi felt another shift, another crack in his heart. As guarded as Yoongi kept his heart, suddenly there were not one but three that could now get through his defenses.


“Okay I’ll tell you. This is a story about two princes in love.” Yoongi said mischievously, grinning as he gauged the two boy’s reactions. Already Taehyung and Jungkook cuddled up to each other, eyes trained on Yoongi waiting to hear the story. “Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. The kingdom was called The Light Kingdom. In the Light Kingdom there was a prince. This prince had beautiful pink hair-”


“Ooo~ Like Dada?” Jungkook quietly voiced, not wanting to stop the story.


“Yes, like… Dada.” Yoongi said the last part slowly, still not used to nickname. “So, yes. The prince had beautiful pink hair, just like Dada’s, and he was very handsome, his smile is bright and beautiful. The prince was known around the kingdom for his beautiful singing voice. One day, the prince decided to put on a concert for his people in the village. The beautiful prince was all set to perform his concert when he realized he wanted another act to accompany his own.” Yoongi stood up suddenly, using his body to help tell the story better, knowing it would make the two boys giggle. “He searched far and wide,” Yoongi stretched his arms wide, indicating the space. “Near and far.” Yoongi now put his hand up to his forehead, peering back and forth dramatically, earning giggles from the two boys on the bed. “Finally he found a partner in form of another prince. This prince was the prince of the Dark Kingdom, he was not bad but less cheery than the other prince. He had black hair and he was far less beautiful than the other prince. The only act he had to offer was poetry or rap.” Yoongi sat back down, turning to Taehyung animatedly. “As the time came for the princes’ performances to come around, both men were nervous but they knew they could pull it off.” Yoongi switched over to Jungkook, brushing his fingers under his chin, reducing him to giggles before continuing. “The two princes put on the performances and the entire town soon knew their names. As the princes continued to show their talents, they became best friends. Then after awhile the two princes fell in love with each other. They got married and combined their kingdoms, spreading their music and love.” Yoongi placed playful kisses on the cheeks of Jungkook before doing the same to Taehyung, giggles coming out of both of them. “Happily ever after!” Yoongi finished before tackling the two, tickling their bodies, using both the weapons of kisses and his wiggling fingers. A chorus of laughter filled the room, a mix between Yoongi’s deep laugh and the high pitched giggles of the two boys. It was refreshing. Yoongi thought that the sudden responsibility of these two would drain him but it actually made him lively. He’d never act like this on a regular basis but with Jungkook and Taehyung in this state, it’s done something. Yoongi doesn’t stop playing around with the two boys until there was another giggle filling the room. Something Yoongi would associate with angels singing.


Jimin was watching the scene in front of him, leaning against the door frame. “The manager’s here with the car. Now we can get these two rascals into some real clothes and some real food in their little tummies. Now come on, we have some shopping to do!” Jimin squealed and jumped up and down, nearly like a 6 year old himself. Yoongi smiled at the display of excitement from the 21 year old.



Getting a 6 year old and a 4 year old in car seats was hard. How the fuck is anyone able to do this stupid shit. Yoongi was beyond frustrated. Jimin was on one side of the car buckling up Jungkook, who even being the youngest, was the most cooperative, unlike Taehyung, who couldn’t stop wriggling.


“Taetae sit still honey.” Yoongi said calmly, trying not to let the life saving contraption get on his nerves. Taehyung, thank god, finally sat still, allowing Yoongi to buckle him in. Safe and sound. Walking around to the other side of the car, Yoongi opened the door to get in the driver’s seat, only to be met with the smiling face of Park Jimin.


“No. You’re not driving.” Yoongi deadpans.


“But hyunggggggg~,” Jimin is whining, pout prominent on his face, “I have my liscence.” This wasn’t a very valid point to the argument considering that Jimin had just gotten his license about a month ago.

“Park Jimin, you are not driving our kids around with a license that you just got a month ago.” Ours. Ours. Ours. Yoongi had not meant to say that. It was no surprise when a cherry red blush crept its way up his neck, covering up his face. Jimin slid out of the driver's seat, his own blush putting Yoongi’s to shame. Climbing into the driver’s seat Yoongi refused to look at Jimin, who was climbing back in the car on the passenger’s side. Keeping his eyes trained on the road, Yoongi didn’t speak the whole way to the store, the babbling of the two boys in the back being the only thing to break the silence.

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Min Yoongi wasn't quite sure what he expected. After stating that the kids were both Jimin and his, as if they were impromptu parents, Yoongi didn't know what to expect. What he did not expect was once they got into the market, that all hell would break loose. The previous situation had blown over quite quickly, leaving the atmosphere tension free. As soon as both men had gotten the children unbuckled and into the store, it was practically forgotten.


Yoongi stood inside of a children’s store, looking at the clothes before him. The store was rather large, with racks of clothes extending for what looked like miles. As he peered around a rack of colorful shirts, Yoongi could spot Jimin only a couple racks away, holding up a lavender collared shirt. Smiling to himself, Yoongi went back to looking at his own rack before realizing that he didn’t know each of the boys sizes.Yoongi picked up a couple shirts and pants of varying sizes before turning to Taehyung on his left. Yoongi turned to an open space where Taehyung was supposed to be. He turned right and back left before spinning in an entire circle. Whipping his head around, Yoongi started to hyperventilate before calling out to Jimin.


“Jimin?! Have you seen Taehyung?” Yoongi was barely keeping his cool, his voice raising slightly as the panic started to take over. He was missing a child. Not only was he missing a child, but he was missing a child in a department store. Jimin turned his eyes wide on Yoongi before looking towards his left and right. Jimin gasped and once again turned his wide eyes on Yoongi.


“No… Yoongi, fuck, Jungkook is gone too. Yoongi, FUCK.” As much as Yoongi loved hearing his name and fuck in the same sentence tumbling out of Jimin’s mouth, no was not the time. Even from across the rows of clothes, Yoongi could hear Jimin’s breathing pick up. He was panicking. Yoongi was panicking. Not only did they lose one kid, but they had lost two. Spinning around in a circle once again, Yoongi looked every where before taking off, running down each isle. Yoongi could feel his heartbeat pounding against his chest as he ran, panic taking over.


“Taehyung?! Jungkook?!” Yoongi called out as he ran, barely stopping. How the fuck did he lose two kids. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yoongi would never be able to forgive himself if those kids got hurt in his care. Yoongi wasn’t sure what it was but as he ran, he got an idea. Even though this was a children’s clothing store, there was a section strictly dedicated to stuffed animals and toys. As Yoongi turned a corner, his feet carried him to the section. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but something like instincts took over, telling him where to go. As Yoongi approached the section of the store, his feet slowed into a light jog. He passed isle after isle, peering down each one. He passed another one before hearing giggles. Yoongi came to a stop to peer down another isle.


There, down the shelves of toys were Jungkook and Taehyung, holding hands and whispering to each other. Yoongi didn’t know what to do with himself. All he could feel was relief. The tight pain that was in his chest died down as he walked toward the two boys. Now, standing only a feet away, Taehyung and Jungkook finally noticed Yoongi. He was out of breath and there was a thin sheet of sweat covering his face.


“Hi, Daddy.” Jungkook walked up to Yoongi, his eyes wide, filled with worry. Yoongi wasn’t sure what tuck over him but he dropped down to knees. On the ground, he pulled Jungkook into his arms and hung his head over his little shoulder. Taking a deep breath he grabbed Taehyung’s small wrist and pulled him into the hug as well. He gripped them tight, pulling them closer, before Taehyung giggled in his ear. Yoongi took in the sound, almost cherishing it. Yoongi pulled back from the hug to look at the two boys in front of him. Taehyung looked back at him, smiling before frowning and furrowing his eyebrows. His eye filled with worry.


“Daddy, why are you crying?” It was at that moment that Taehyung brought one of his hands to cup Yoongi’s face. Yoongi hadn’t even noticed that tears had started to trail down his face. He didn’t know why he was crying. Maybe it was because the panicked feeling had left him and now he just felt relief. Maybe it was because the sight of the two boys in front him, perfectly unharmed had done something to the other man. Maybe it was because he was scared. No, it was definitely because he was scared. Min Yoongi, the lethargic, stone faced man was absolutely terrified. He was terrified of losing the two younger boys. Its funny how quickly the two had wormed their way into Yoongi’s supposedly cold heart. Just the thought of the two boys getting hurt or worse brought forth a new wave of tears. Yoongi couldn’t remember the last time he cried. He was always so strong but this was something else entirely.


With Jungkook still tucked in his arms and Taehyung facing Yoongi with his hand on his cheek, Yoongi heard a yell behind him.


“Taehyung. Jungkook. Oh my God. Thank you. Thank you. Yoongi. Oh my God.” Jimin was practically in hysterics. He ran up to the group before kneeling on the floor himself. As Yoongi turned to look at Jimin, his heart clenched at the sight. Jimin’s face was red, eyes swimming with tears, his face was covered in faint tear lines and he was breathing hard after running for so long. Jimin shuffled closer joining the group hug, squeezing everyone tight. The two grown men were on the floor crying silently, while Jungkook and Taehyung were squeezed in between them. It was a while before anyone made a sound.


“I thought we had lost you guys.” Jimin admitted, his voice rough from the running and crying. Yoongi nodded in agreement before opening his mouth.


“Please don’t run off like that again, okay? You really scared us, we didn’t know where you were and we were so scared something had happened to you two.” Yoongi pulled back from the two boys to look in their eyes. Yoongi wiped at his face, rubbing of the tears and to his side, Jimin did the same. The truth was, Taehyung and Jungkook had only been gone for all of two minutes when the older men had noticed and Yoongi had found them in five minutes. It had felt like a lifetime to Yoongi. Standing up, Yoongi made sure to grab Taehyung’s hand and offered his other to Jimin, who was still on the floor. Taking his hand, Jimin let Yoongi help him stand before turning and taking Jungkook’s hand.


Now, the four males looked at clothes in a line, Taehyung, Yoongi, Jimin and then Jungkook. They made sure to keep each other close, not even minding the close space. Yoongi found it very comfortable and that freaked him out. His own actions surprised him. Today was the most stressful thing he had ever been through and he was confused. Yoongi didn’t know why he had acted the way he did, if he had just thought it through, the panic could’ve been avoided. Yoongi hadn’t thought it through though, he had let the panic in his chest take over.. As Yoongi looked for Taehyung and Jungkook, the only thing running through his head was their wellbeing and that scared him more than anything. Yoongi has never had to think about the wellbeing of anyone other than himself. Sure, he’s taken care of some of the other members but that was nothing compared to a 6 year old and a four year old, who can barely do anything by themselves. All four males spent the rest of their time in the store lost in their own thoughts.


Coming out of the department store, both Yoongi and Jimin were carrying bags of clothes and rushing back to the car to get the boys changed. Taehyung and Jungkook were still in the makeshift dresses of the large white t-shirts. Although it was weird to see in public, Yoongi and Jimin had no other option than putting socks on their feet and taking them as they were.


Changing the boys inside of the car wasn’t as difficult as it could’ve been. Taehyung only got his head stuck once and Jungkook almost fell as Yoongi helped him into his small pants. With both of the back doors of the car open, Jungkook and Taehyung sat on opposite sides of the car, legs dangling over the seats as Yoongi and Jimin put on their shoes.


“You know… We aren’t bad at being parents.” Jimin confessed not looking up from his task of putting on Jungkook’s shoes. Yoongi looked up at the man, surprised, stopping in the middle of shoving Taehyung’s shoe on his foot.


“You really think so?” Yoongi asked, before returning to putting on Taehyung’s shoes. With a small huff he continued, “I mean back there was definitely not one of the best moments.”


Jimin let a light chuckle escape his lips. “Yeah but those thing happen. It could’ve been worse but thankfully it wasn’t. I never imagined being in a situation like this with you. If anything, I could see Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung being parents but not us.” Jimin’s true words amused Yoongi who let out a chuckle of his own.


“You’re not wrong on that one Jiminie.” Yoongi finally finished getting on Taehyung’s shoes, picking him up and putting him on the ground. Grabbing his hand, Yoongi shut the door to walk around to the side, Jimin was on.


“Want to go get some lunch?” Yoongi asked, his own stomach growling. That morning Jungkook and Taehyung had some pancakes, courtesy of Jin but Jimin and Yoongi had skipped out on breakfast.


“Yes. Please?” Jimin squeaked, his hand flying up to rub his tummy.


“Oh food! Can we have Japchae?” Taehyung chirped loudly, peering up at Yoongi with pleading eyes. Yoongi realized right then and there that he would never be able to say no to Taehyung, which was dangerous.


“Of course, sweetheart. Jiminnie, Jungkookie, is that alright?” Yoongi turned to ask. He felt strangely sappy at the nicknames but ignored his embarrassment. This was a level of endearment Yoongi had never reached before. He wasn’t used to it but it felt right and he wasn’t about to push away the strange bubbly sensation in his chest. The feeling was much better than the tight, ball of panic that was in his chest earlier. Now, it was like Yoongi was floating, a light feeling filling his entire body, reducing his normally hard exterior to a soft shell that for once, he didn’t feel the need to hide. He was putting everything on the table for everyone to see and he was damn near proud that the two children were the ones to bring it out of him.


Lets just say that in a way, lunch went better than the clothing store. That was until Taehyung decided to fling his noodles at Jimin. Even though Yoongi was feeding Jungkook with his own chopsticks, Yoongi still got sauce all over him anyway. The only ones who weren’t covered in food were Jungkook and Taehyung surprisingly, Jimin and Yoongi being their only targets.


“See I told you we weren’t bad parents.” Jimin mused quietly, staring out the window. They were finally making their way back to the dorm, bellies full and wallets empty. Taehyung and Jungkook were knocked out in the back, sleep taking them over as soon as they had gotten in the car. Yoongi was jealous of the two kids who were able to sleep whenever. Sparing a glance at Jimin, Yoongi was startled to find Jimin already looking over at him, admiration in his eyes. Both men quickly turned, back to facing the road, blush growing on their cheeks. Yoongi knows why he gets so flustered around Jimin, he was in love with the man for christ’s sake. What Yoongi didn’t know, is why Jimin got flustered around him. Yoongi guesses that the situation must be awkward for him.


“We make a great team.” Jimin says this so quietly, Yoongi is barely able to hear it. Though he doesn’t even hesitate to say,


“Yeah, we do.” In the same volume as Jimin had whispered, his own vocal cords barely vibrating.


Pulling up to the dorm,  Jimin ran out of the car to get the other members to come help get some of the bags out of the car. As the members made their way back to the car they exchanged looks, taking in the state of both Yoongi and Jimin. The two men were greatly disheveled, clothes wrinkled, covered in food stains and their hair wild and not styled.


“What the hell happened to you guys?” Namjoon asked, taking bags of clothes in his hands. Yoongi and Jimin had bought quite a lot of clothes for Jungkook and Taehyung as they didn’t know when the two boys would return to normal.


“Aish, the kids are a handful.” Yoongi bent over to unbuckle Taehyung from his car seat. “Why did they have to pick us?” Yoongi grumbled, adjusting Taehyung who was still asleep. The little boy grumbled before popping a thumb in his mouth, head on Yoongi’s shoulder. As Taehyung’s breath ghosted over Yoongi’s neck he peered down at him. “He is cute though.” Yoongi admitted before turning back to Namjoon. Namjoon’s jaw was slightly dropped open before he closed it and a smirk replaced it.


“Hyung, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you are enjoying yourself.” Namjoon chuckled before turning on his heel to make his way back to the dorm. Following Namjoon, Yoongi returned to the dorm, carefully squeezing his way through the threshold, trying to not disturb the sleeping boy on his shoulder. As Yoongi ascended the stairs, he felt Taehyung stir awake on his shoulder, pulling his thumb from his mouth.


“Daddy, can we all sleep together tonight?” Taehyung grumbled sleepily, breath fanning over Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi wasn’t entirely sure what Taehyung meant.


“Uhm… do you mean in the same room?” Yoongi inquired as he stood atop the stairwell. He stood still, waiting on Taehyung’s answer as it would determine where he would go next.


“No like in the same bed.” Taehyung picked his head up from his spot on Yoongi’s shoulder, his face puffy from sleep. “Is that okay Daddy?” Even drowsy from sleep Taehyung was still able to pull out his puppy dog eyes. Yoongi was already a goner and knew he was going to have make some arrangements. Pondering this for a second, he turns around to see Jimin climbing the stairs, Jungkook on his hip.


“Hey, uhm Jimin, I got a question.” Yoongi asks shyly, a little nervous chuckle escapes.


“Yeah?” Jimin is finally reaching the top of the stairs, stopping in front of Yoongi, adjusting Jungkook on his shoulder. The younger boy lifts his head up slightly and offers a small smile.


“So- Well- Aish, Taehyung was…” Yoongi trailed off, stumbling over his words, trying to not look Jimin in the eye. It was so embarrassing for Yoongi to ask Jimin, a boy whom he’s been crushing on for practically forever, to sleep next to him and their kids. Wait, not their kids but the kids that call them Daddy and Dada. The kids that cling to them so tight. The kids that won’t fucking go to anyone else. The kids that smile wide, eyes bright when they see Yoongi and Jimin. Their.. not kids. If you couldn’t tell, Yoongi was beyond logical thinking.


“Daddy wants you to sleep with him.” Taehyung supplies so unhelpfully. Unsurprisingly, a blush makes its way across Yoongi’s neck, all the way up to the tips of his ears. Jimin just turned his eyes wide on Yoongi, his mouth closing and opening, similar to a fish.


“Wait. No. Taehyung wanted all of us to sleep together.O-on the same b-bed.” Yoongi was barely able to contain his embarrassment. Before turning on his heel and leaving, he muttered a quick, “Going to talk to the others. Meet in my room. M’kay” leaving Jimin to do nothing but stare after him.


Taehyung still on his hip, Yoongi knocked on the door of his and Namjoon’s room. Yoongi heard a grumble and someone coming to the door. A quick yank of the knob revealed Namjoon, eyebrow raised in question.


“Hey, so I know that we have yet to talk about this,” Yoongi gestured to the boy on his hip. “But I was just wondering if would be alright if you roomed with Jin-hyung tonight? I think it would be better. For the kids.” Yoongi asked in one breath. Once again he found a blush creeping its way up his neck. Yoongi had never blushed so goddamn much in his entire life.


“Uh yeah sure.” Namjoon was surprisingly compliant. He turned around back into the room to grab a couple things before walking past Yoongi out into the hallway. He almost reached Jin and Jimin’s dorm room when he stopped. “Hey Yoongi, I know it might be out of your comfort zone and I know we don’t even understand what is going on but, you’re doing a really good job.” With a nod, Namjoon then entered the door.


Yoongi wasn’t entirely sure why, but Namjoon’s words hit something within him. Looking down at the boy practically attached to him, his chest warmed at the praise. With a smile on his face Yoongi stepped into the room.


Yoongi set Taehyung on the floor with many protests from the younger. Yoongi had to practically pry Taehyung’s arms from around his neck, the younger ending up on his butt with a pout. Making sure that Taehyung wasn’t going to get up and run somewhere, Yoongi surveyed the room. How the hell were they going to fit in one bed? Yoongi sat pondering before getting an idea. Walking up to Namjoon’s bed, braced himself against the side and pushed. He pushed until he reached his own bed. Now they had two queen sized mattresses pushed together to make one big one. Yoongi made the bed, combining the blankets and sheets before stepping back and admiring his work. He stood there all of three seconds before Taehyung scrambled up on the bed to jump on it, messing up Yoongi’s hard work.


Sighing, Yoongi was just about to sit down when he hears a knock on the door.


“Come in!” Yoongi yells out, too lazy to go open it. The door cracks and Jimin pokes his head though, pink hair tumbling into his eye. Pushing the door open, Jimin steps inside, Jungkook back on his hip, his other arm full of stuff from his room and children’s clothes.


“It’s like a slumber party! Ohh~” Jimin exclaims, eyes wide, taking in the state of the room. “Anyway, I brought some stuff and some clothes to give Kookie and TaeTae after their bath.”


“Bath?” Yoongi sits up straighter.


“Duh, silly. The kids have been running around all day of course they need a bath.” Jimin says that as if it was obvious. Yoongi feels stupid for not thinking of it, thankful that Jimin was a little better at this parenting thing.


“Bwubble bath! Bwubble bath!” Jungkook chants from his spot on Jimin’s hip, eyes twinkling. Jimin turns to Jungkook smiling.


“Yes. Yes Jungkookie. A bubble bath.” Jimin nudges his nose against the boy’s cheek, earning giggles from the younger. It was such a cute sight. It felt all too familiar, domestic. Yoongi wasn’t sure what it was, but he absolutely loved the warm feeling in his chest. He keeps getting that warm feeling in his chest and Yoongi never wants it to go away.


Getting Taehyung and Jungkook in the bath was easy. Washing Taehyung and Jungkook was easy. What was not easy, however, was getting Taehyung and Jungkook out of the bath. So here was Yoongi and Jimin, covered in splashed water, bubbles in their hair. The two boys in the tub wouldn’t stop splashing around.


“Dada! My hands are awl rinkly.” Jungkook cooed, holding his fingers out in front of him


“Ooo~ Mines too.” Taehyung said holding his own hand in front of his face. Taking this opportunity of brief calmness, Yoongi and Jimin picked the two boys up by the armpits, up and out of the tub. Wrapping the two boys up in fluffy blankets, Jimin and Yoongi carried them back to the room.


“Next time, we have to wash them separately.” Yoongi huffs as he plops down on the bed, finally done with dressing Jungkook and Taehyung in night clothes. Jimin plops down next to him on the bed agreeing with a simple grunt and nod of the head. They were both tired from the day’s activities. Pulling himself back up, Yoongi maked his way to go tuck in Jungkook and Taehyung, Jimin doing the same. On one side Jimin is tucking in Taehyung and on the other, Yoongi is tucking in Jungkook. Pulling the covers up to their necks, the older males give them kisses on the forehead and whispers of good nights. Nearly instantly the two boy’s breaths soften and turn into light snores.


Yoongi stands up to flick off the light, before changing into his own night clothes. A simple t-shirt and basketball shorts. Yoongi is too tired to care, so he changes right then and there. Plopping back down on the bed, next to Jungkook, pulling the covers over him. With his back facing Jimin, Yoongi feels the bed dip before he turns around. With Taehyung and Jungkook in between them, Yoongi reaches over to tap Jimin.


“Hey Jiminnie?” Yoongi trails off as he sees Jimin’s beautiful eyes trained onto him, waiting for the question. Yoongi takes a deep breath before continuing, “Do you think we make good parents?” Yoongi isn’t sure what prompted him to ask the question.


“Yes.” There was no hesitation in Jimin’s voice. “I think we do make good parents. At least together we do. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it without you. You make it so much fun.” Jimin admits before turning around, a calm silence falling over the room. Yoongi just prays that it was dark enough to cover the red blush that covered his face from Jimin’s words.

Chapter Text

Could this be anymore awkward? Yoongi looked around the kitchen table, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and himself on one side and Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok on the other. The only one who didn't look positively freaked out, was Jin. He was too busy cooing over the boys being hand feed their breakfast by Yoongi and Jimin. Taehyung was situated in Jimin’s lap and Jungkook was sitting in Yoongi’s.


Picking up some of the pancakes, Yoongi guided it into Jungkook’s mouth, the younger too clumsy to use chopsticks himself. Yoongi opened his own mouth, showing Jungkook what he needed to do,


“Open up. Here comes the airplane. Whoosh!” Yoongi made the best damn airplane noise that he could, feeding the pancake to Jungkook, earning a lot of cute giggles. Along the way, his little airplane had spilled some syrup along Jungkook’s chin. Noticing this, Yoongi took his thumb and swiped it on the younger’s chin before licking the syrup off his own finger. His finger still in his mouth, he turned back to the group at the table to realize that they were all staring at him. Can't a man parent in peace? Namjoon was suppressing a smile, Hoseok and Jin were full out giggling, hiding behind their hands.


“What?” Yoongi grumbled, picking up another piece of pancake. Next to him Jimin was doing the same but all the attention was focused on Yoongi. What was so special about him anyway.


Shaking his head, Namjoon answered, “Nothing Yoongi. It's just odd. First, Jungkook and Taehyung turn into toddlers. Second, they call you uhm… parents. And third, you're like hella good at it. It's just weird with you not scowling at everything you see.” Namjoon studied the two men in front of him. “I mean Jimin being good at parenting isn't such a surprise, he's a ball of fluff.”


Well that answers Yoongi’s question. Everyone just was surprised how well he got along as a parent. He was surprised himself. Yoongi felt that being a parent was really enjoyable, satisfying even.


“How long do you think that they'll be like this?” Jimin asks, butting into the conversation, still feeding Taehyung. His gaze leaves the boy briefly, turn towards Namjoon before a small whine brings his attention back to Taehyung. Kids are needy motherfuckers.


“Ah!! That reminds me. I found something that explains practically everything while you guys were out yesterday.” Namjoon says this nonchalantly, while pulling a old and dusty thick book out of nowhere. It was brown and the pages were yellowed from age.


“AND YOU’RE ONLY TELLING US THIS NOW??” Yoongi exclaimed, stopping his task of feeding Jungkook for a second. Rolling his eyes, he went back to the boy, “Aish, how do we even get anything done?” Yoongi asks to no one in particular.


“Hey, I found it while you were out and only got to it this morning. Dang. Chill.” Namjoon huffs. “Look. I'm pretty sure that this is all from a spell. That they,” he points to Taehyung and Jungkook, “cooked up.”


“A spell.” Hoseok deadpans beside Namjoon. “A spell. A spell? Yeah of course. A spell. Why didn't I think of that?” Hoseok look about a hundred percent done with Namjoon. “Now is not the time for jokes Joonie.”


“Hobi, I'm not joking. Look.” At this, Namjoon flips open the book with a loud thud. Flipping through a couple pages, he stops at a page with a red bookmark poking out the top. Sliding the book around on the table he faces it to Yoongi and Jimin.


“Youth Magic?” Jimin reads out loud, eyebrow raising as he takes in the rest of the words on the page.


“Have you ever wanted to feel like a kid again?

This spell is a spell very simple.

In a month’s time you’ll go back from kids to men.

But for the time being you’ll be small and nimble.

For a month your age will have decrease by 16 years.

After time is up, you’ll be old once again.” Jimin reads the passage on the page, followed by a list of ingredients. Yoongi has no idea what to think of the information so he just lets the other members at the table bicker, taking in the arguments.


“What the- Wait, does this mean that Taehyung and Jungkook did this on purpose?!” Hoseok exclaims loudly, his hands on his forehead, looking down at the table.


“What are we going to tell the manager?! What about the comeback? Is there anyway to fix them? Oh my god!” The questions come out rapidly from Jimin’s mouth as he has his hands on Taehyung’s cheeks peering into his wide eyes. Taehyungs face is squished, his lips puckered out like a fish. If it wasn’t for the situation at hand, everyone would probably be cooing over the 6 year old.


“Hey, let's just all calm down and think about this for a second. If Taehyung and Jungkook did this then there's got to be a reason. If we take a look at the book, maybe it’ll tell us. Also, Jimin, stop squishing Tae’s face, he isn’t a stress ball.” Jimin guilty puts his hands down, Taehyung erupting in cute giggles.


“Daddy, you’re so silly.” Taehyung says bring his own hands to squish Jimin face, pushing his cheeks together. Instantly Jimin’s face pushes out a smile, completely enamored with the small child. Yoongi could never get tired of that image. Watching the two interact brings a gummy smile to his own face. Yoongi looks at Jungkook and squishes his face, copying Taehyung’s actions, giggles of the two boys filling the room. Yoongi and Jimin were so whipped for the two boys, constantly getting lost in their own little worlds. Unfortunately, a clearing of a throat brought all four of them out of their small paradise.


“Ahem, anyway. So while you guys were… doing whatever that was, I took a look at the book and look what it says here.” Namjoon points to fine print written at the bottom of the page.


WARNING: When you change into a younger version of yourself, you will lose your memories, unless there was a specific reason to you changing. If there was intentions in your actions, then you’ll only remember the goal and you’ll only return back to normal once your wish is complete. It is recommended to write down your goal, to help guide the people that help you.


Right underneath this, a note was added, in Jungkook’s small handwriting.


Jimin and Yoongi.


That was it. Nothing more. Looking back up to Namjoon, Yoongi looks at him for a second entirely confused.


“Jimin and I? What is so special about us?” Yoongi asks, muttering his first words since discovering the reasons behind Taehyung and Jungkook’s sudden transformation. Why would Jungkook and Taehyung go through all this trouble for just Yoongi and Jimin. It didn’t make sense. Yoongi turns his head back to Jimin, who was already looking at him. They seemed to catch each other staring quite often lately. Jimin’s eyebrows were furrowed, his lip caught in between his teeth. Jimin studied Yoongi for a second before opening his mouth.


“If we were their mission, then they won’t go back to normal until we figure it out.” Jimin takes a pause, looking back down at Taehyung and Jungkook. “These boys chose us and they need us, until they get back to normal. So with that being said, we have to find out what the hell they were trying to accomplish by doing this stupid spell.” Jimin looks back at Yoongi, with determination in his eyes.


“Okay, so if Yoongi and Jimin were Jungkook and Taehyung’s ‘mission’. Then we are locking you too in a room until you figure it out.” Jin makes this sound as if it was the best idea in the entire world. It was not. No. Yoongi could not be stuck in a room with just Jimin. Alone. In fact Yoongi was already shaking his head.




“Okay that should work.” Jimin cut of Yoongi’s protests, agreeing to Jin’s terrible idea. Yoongi just stared at Jimin with wide eyes. How could he think that this is a good idea? In a way, it was like the only option they had but Yoongi didn’t have to like it.


“Okay we’ll take the kids for the day and let you guys talk this mess out.” Namjoon says standing up, closing the book. Yoongi subconsciously pulled Jungkook close to him on his lap while Namjoon walked around the table. He saw Jimin do the same. Both Jimin and Yoongi had started doing things in sync, Yoongi couldn’t pinpoint exactly when, but the kids had made both elders impulsive. Their first reaction is the one that showed itself, usually being the same for both Jimin and Yoongi.


“Come on little TaeTae.” Namjoon said trying to pry Taehyung off of Jimin, or rather, pry Jimin off of the younger. “Look I know that you guys attached and all that but we gotta get you two in a room alone.”


Jimin pouts up at Namjoon, turning his wide eyes on him pleading. Taehyung copies Jimin, as well as Yoongi and Jungkook, their entire side of the table turning their puppy dog eyes on Namjoon. It was entirely ridiculous. Yoongi was never one for cuteness but if it meant staying with Jungkook and Taehyung a little longer, then who was he to refuse. It may have been ridiculous but it was also extremely adorable and really hard to resist. If just Taehyung alone could make Yoongi melt, then imagine the power of Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin and Yoongi combined.


“Look, I know that all of you want to stay together but now is not the the time for this. Come on, it’s only a day. We can take care of them in the meantime I promise everything would be okay. Alright? Just please stop with the eyes! I can’t take it.” Namjoon looks away from the group, his authoritative personality coming out, reminding everyone that he is the leader of their group. The group of boy’s pleading pouts soon turned to those of sadness. Yoongi threw a piercing gaze towards the man, the cuteness was gone.


“Look guys, I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Just go upstairs and lock yourself in there, the only reason that I should see you guys coming out of that room, is to use the restroom and eat. But, only then. In fact go up there right now. We are going to TaeTae and Kook out for the day, taking over your parental duties.” Jin says, earning a whine from the Taehyung and Jungkook and groans from Jimin and Yoongi.


After prying Jungkook and Taehyung from Yoongi and Jimin’s grips, the two men were ushered towards the stairs, leading up to the dorms. Looking behind him, Yoongi could see Taehyung perched on Jin’s hip, reaching out towards him. His heart clenched at the sight, wanting nothing more than to return to the boy and kiss away the frown on his face. That wasn’t even what hurt the most, Jimin’s reaction is what really pinched Yoongi’s heart. Turning back, he could see Jimin looking toward Jungkook who was perched on Namjoon’s hip nearly mirroring Taehyung’s position, his hand reaching out towards the two men. Only Jungkook’s face was swimming with tears.


“Dada!” A small broken cry escapes from Jungkook’s mouth as the tears ran down his face. Jimin couldn’t help the tears than ran down his face. It was such a heartbreaking sight, Jimin put a hand up to his mouth, muffling his cries, before turning on his heel and running up the stairs before he could break down entirely. Yoongi’s own eyes started to fill with tears and he called out his last words before turning up and running up the stairs not too far behind Jimin.


“Don’t forget that Taehyung likes his noodles in tiny pieces and Jungkook absolutely adores chocolate ice cream...Oh, and make sure you sit Jungkook by the window, he really likes it”. If any of the other members noticed the way his voice cracked at the end, no one dared voice it.


Walking up to his dorm room, he knocked on the closed door hearing the sniffles coming from the other side. When no reply came he slowly turned the knob, poking his head in, taking in the sight in front of him. Jimin was curled up on the fluffy covers of the bed, the two mattresses still pushed together, the big brown book of spells at his feet. Even from the doorway, Yoongi could see the tears slowly rolling down Jimin’s face. Not entirely sure how to comfort him, Yoongi just opts for sitting down next to the younger male.


“I don’t why I’m acting like this. They are only going to be away from us for a day. It’s silly.” Jimin shakes his head, laughing at himself. “I don’t know, just seeing the two of them like that broke my heart you know? I don’t know if you feel that too or if it’s just me.” Jimin confesses this before burying his head in a nearby pillow.


“No. Actually I feel it too. I feel silly as well.” Yoongi isn’t very good with words and he knows it. At least he is trying to make sense of the situation. “It just feels like a piece of my heart is being ripped out. Seeing Kookie and Tae like that, wanting us but not being able to have us, just hurt so bad. Like walking away from those two was the last thing I wanted to do and I still wanna run back even now.” Yoongi is practically rambling out his thoughts, blush covering his features. He has never been this mushy before, it’s almost like he been reduced as a ball of fluff, like Yoongi was currently in some fanfic. But this was no fanfic, this was their reality and the reality was, Yoongi was turning into mush.


“Wow, we really are whipped huh?” Jimin looks up with wide eyes, rimmed red from the tears that he shed but a smile on his face nonetheless. Sitting up with a small chuckle he wiped his face. “Okay, let’s get to solving this mystery, I need something to keep my mind off of our kids.” Jimin says, launching towards the foot of the bed, snatching up the big brown book. Ours. Ours. Ours. There goes that word again, repeating in Yoongi’s mind like a half-assed siren. Jimin didn’t even seem to notice Yoongi staring at him like a love sick idiot. Yoongi was an lovesick idiot after all. Tearing his eyes away from Jimin, Yoongi brought out his laptop, to research, as the room settled in a comfortable silence.


It was nearly half an hour later of dead ends on Yoongi’s half and page turning on Jimin’s before one of them found something. Jimin was flipping through the old pages of the book when he stopped at a particular page.


“Hey, did you notice this before?” Jimin says, pointing to a small yellow book mark caught near the beginning of the book. When Yoongi shakes his head no, Jimin continues, explaining the contents of the page. “Okay basically this page has a spell that shows you who your soulmate. Wait, hold up. This says that you can only do the spells in the entire book if you’re accompanied by your soulmate. Holy crap! If Taehyung and Jungkook were able to do the spells in this book then that means-” Jimin was cut off by Yoongi, finishing his sentence.


“Then that means that they must be soulmates.” Yoongi was nearly relieved that they had found something. Just some information because this entire ordeal was insane but they were getting so close to the answers they needed. Looking back down, Jimin explained more of the article.


“The way you find out who your soulmate is, is that you’ll be able to read their mind once reading this thingy. It only works if you’re touching your soulmate though. This is stupid. How the hell is that help for finding your soulmate?” Jimin scoffs at the book, the hopeful look dying in his eyes. “I would have to touch everybody in Korea.” Jimin’s eyes widen at his own ramblings. “Oh no, what if my soulmate is an in another country!?”


Yoongi stifles a laugh. “Do you want to try it Jiminnie? What’s the worse that could happen?" Yoongi asks this as if that wasn’t the one thing you DON’T say before doing something stupid. Jimin looks at Yoongi confused for a second, wondering if he was joking or not. When Yoongi kept looking at him with a straight face, Jimin realized that he was in fact not joking.


“Wait, really?” Jimin had already started moving to get off the bed, standing up at the side of the bed peering down at the book. Yoongi let a small chuckle escape his lips observing Jimin. Jimin took a deep breath before reading the words off the page in front of him,


The one made for me is out there,

Show him to me secretly,

Fleeting touches are rare,

But with one, I’ll find the one in love with me.” Jimin recited this perfectly, stopping once he got to the end.


“I don’t feel any different. Maybe it doesn’t work.” Jimin huffed as he peered back down at the book. How anticlimactic. “I definitely did everything right. Hmm, hyung you try it.” Reluctantly, Yoongi got up, compliant. Standing up to Jimin, Yoongi recited the spell, echoing the younger. When he finished Yoongi felt exactly the same. Jimin was right, there was nothing to tell if it worked or not.


“Nothing.” Yoongi shrugged his shoulders as he sat down. “It must’ve been easy for Taehyung and Jungkook to find each other, they are practically glued at the hip.” Yoongi chuckles at this as he leans back on the bed. It was still early and for the first time in his life, Yoongi did not want to fall asleep. Looking back up at Jimin, Yoongi could see him studying the book in front of him, plump lip caught in between his teeth. One second Jimin was leaning over the book, the next, Jimin was falling next to Yoongi on the bed. Their elbows brushed against each other as Jimin folded his hands behind his head and Yoongi followed the motions of the younger, his eyes landing on his soft features, following the curve of his face. Yoongi let his eyes roam freely over Jimin’s face, which was facing the ceiling. Yoongi was trying to take in every feature of the man he loved, not knowing when he’d have another chance at studying Jimin so freely. Yoongi’s eyes traveled from Jimin’s soft lips, to his adorable nose and towards his beautiful brown eyes, which were turned wide on Yoongi. Slightly startled, Yoongi open his mouth to offer a pitiful excuse but Jimin beat him to it.


“Wait, what do you mean you’re in love with me?!” Jimin squeaked, and that’s when Yoongi heard it. A voice as clear as day ringing in his head. If he hadn’t been looking at Jimin, mouth open in shock, then he would’ve thought that the words had come out of his mouth.


Holy shit. Min Yoongi you’re my soul mate. And you just told me that you loved me.

Chapter Text

“Wait, so explain this to me again?” Here Jin sat, at the bottom of the stairs, tending to a very confused Jimin. After the entire incident, Yoongi had bolted his way out of the room, nearly picking a fight with the door as he left. Jimin just stood there. Shocked. Min Yoongi is in love with me. The thought played over and over again in his head.


“Jin hyung, Yoongi says he’s in love with me and I don't know what to do. I'm actually really fucking glad you stayed behind instead of leaving with the kids.” Jimin confessed this as he placed his head on Jin’s broad shoulders. Jimin was beyond confused. How the fuck was Min Yoongi in love with him? The thought was hard for Jimin to comprehend. It was like the idea kept getting stuck in the face of a brick wall, trying to get to his brain. It didn't matter how many times he repeated the words in his head, it was not going through that fucking wall.


“You know you have to talk to him, that's the only way we'll figure anything out.” Jin slung his arm around Jimin, reaching up and ruffling his hair. Jimin neglected to tell Jin about the mind reading half of it, not wanting to cause more confusion than it’s worth.


“Oh I'd love to talk to him but he shut himself in the bathroom and he won't come out.” Jimin pouted at this looking like an adult child. “It's not fair, I should be the one in the bathroom, I’m the one would had been in love with him for nearly 4 years.”


I want to figure out why he said that he loved me, it doesn't make sense. I'm nobody special. There's no way in this world that Min Yoongi could love me as much as I love him.  And as if on cue, as soon as he finished his thought, Jimin heard a voice clear as day, break through that brick wall.


Yes. Jimin. I am madly 100% in love with you and I have been since the day I saw you. I love everything about you, the way that yours eyes disappear when you smile. I love the way you practice hours on end. I love how when you're angry, you practically turn into small barking puppy. I love the sweaters you wear. I love the way your reak of confidence, even though I know you doubt yourself a lot. Park Jimin, there isn't one part of you that I don't love.


It was beyond cliche. Jimin didn't even know how to react, Jin was looking down at him with worry. It wasn't until Jin, wiped at his face, did he realized that he was crying. Jin was so confused, the boy in his arms, zoned out for a good three minutes before he randomly started crying. Now Jimin whipped his head around, looking for the source of the voice in his head. Doing a 180, Jimin looked up at the top of the stair and there he was, Min Yoongi, tears falling down his own face.


Wait, you can hear me? But we aren't even touching, Jimin trailed off in his mind.


Yeah, I can. I don't know how but I could hear you all the way in the bathroom. When Yoongi said this, a fiery red blush creeped its way up his neck and across his cheeks, even to the tips of his ears. Jimin knew exactly what he was thinking before Yoongi had came out of the bathroom.


You could!? Jimin was beyond embarrassed. This is so not how I wanted to tell you I was madly in love with you. At this, a real laugh bubbled out of Yoongi’s mouth, breaking the silence in the room.


We really should pay attention to the fine print in those books, Yoongi thought this to himself.


I completely agree. Jimin smiled at Yoongi.


At this moment the door of the dorm busting open, revealing both Namjoon and Hoseok, hair wild. On their hips, Taehyung and Jungkook sat perched, eye gleaming with mischief.


“Never again. Never ever again. How the hell did you guys deal with these two? We had only been gone like an hour and I’ve already had enough. They are cute little devils.” Hoseok said this walking over to Jimin, shoving Jungkook in his arms. It wasn’t long until Namjoon dropped Taehyung in Yoongi’s arms as well.


“Well they were never bad for us.” Jimin claimed, happy to have the little boy back in his arms. Bouncing him up and down on his leg, Jungkook leaned closer to Jimin to whisper in his ear. Jimin looked confused for a second before bursting out in laughter. Yoongi was just about to ask what was so funny when Taehyung leaned up to his ear.


“Kookie and I gots into a lot of trouble but we didn’t even do anything. Namjoonie hyung broke something and Hobi hyung’s pants ended up falling down.” Taehyung looked back up at Yoongi with wide eyes, tiny shoulders shrugging. Yoongi soon followed after Jimin, laughing at the boys’ antics.


Jimin looked Yoongi right in the eyes, his brown eyes full of light, Jungkook and Taehyung can read each other minds huh? It’s funny talking to you this way but I really like it. I don’t want to tell the others though. I kinda want it to be a secret. Our secret. Jimin chuckled at Yoongi’s response which mostly consisted of a mantra of Ours. Ours. Ours. Yoongi’s brain was practically short circuited. Blush in his cheeks Yoongi finally cleared his mind of the word before actually responding to Jimin.


Heh, yeah I’d like that. If that’s alright . Yoongi blushed a little before turning back to the group in in the living room. Jin had gotten up to go console, Namjoon, leaving Yoongi and Jimin to sit on the stairs with Taehyung and Jungkook. Hoseok leaned against the wall in between the stairs and the couch, where Jin was trying to get Namjoon to stop ripping his hair out. Studying the couple, Hoseok cleared his throat.


“Why are they so perfect for you? It’s not fair.” Hoseok said, throwing up his arms. “I mean you guys are like a picture perfect family and with us, it’s like a trip to the zoo! I mean just look at you two. You’re practically a couple that this point.”


“Uhm..” Yoongi and Jimin exchanged looks, blush rising on their cheeks.


“OH MY GOD! ARE YOU GUYS REALLY?” Hoseok screamed this at them, making the two boys on their laps jolt. “OH MY GOD YOU ARE!!! When did this happen? Yoongi did you finally confess your feeling for Jiminnie?” Hoseok asked, finally quieting down, hopping from foot to foot.


“Uhm it happened like just now.” Jimin says, slightly overwhelmed. “Wait, it did just happen right? Yoongi are we together now?” Jimin turns to Yoongi searching his eyes for answers.


“Well, I mean I didn’t officially ask..” Yoongi says, scratching his ear. Wow, he never thought that he’d be here. Asking Jimin to be his boyfriend. Like officially. “Jimin, will you be my boyfriend? I know I’m not perfect and there no way that I could come even close to what you deserve but I want to make you happy, Jimin.” Yoongi asks, his heart in his throat, eyes on the floor. It doesn’t matter if Jimin already confessed to him, it was all new to Yoongi and he was terrified. Yoongi was cut off from his thoughts by Jimin, who placed his hand under Yoongi’s chin, pulling up until Yoongi looked him in the eye. Jimin had tears swimming in his eyes, yet he was smiling the widest Yoongi had ever seen.


“I thought that you’d never ask.” Jimin finally let the tears slide down his face, inching face closer to Yoongi’s. Jimin moved his hand to rest behind Yoongi’s neck, threading his fingers in Yoongi’s black hair. The position was a little awkward with Taehyung and Jungkook lost in their own world on their laps. Yet, Jimin inched closer until Yoongi could feel Jimin’s breath ghosting across his own lips. Yoongi felt his brain short circuit as he surged forward, closing the distance.


Jimin’s lips felt absolutely wonderful against his own. It wasn’t fireworks and it wasn’t anything like how you read in the books. It was so much more. If Yoongi would’ve knew that it felt like this, then he would’ve been kissing Jimin so long ago. The kiss wasn’t rushed or filled with love but it was soft and filled with promises. Promises of love, promises of future kisses, promises that Yoongi had every intention of keeping. As Yoongi reluctantly pulled away from Jimin, he looked into the younger man’s eyes. Jimin was looking back at him with love, pure love in his eyes and even through the faint tear tracks, Jimin was breathtakingly beautiful.


“EEEEKKKK!!! THAT WAS SO CUTE!” Hoseok screamed, scaring everyone in the room once again, even Jin and Namjoon jumped behind him. Jimin and Yoongi had honestly forgot the man was there. Jin had a dopey smile on his and that’s when Yoongi noticed Jin and Namjoon’s hands intertwined on the couch. Turning around Hoseok noticed too, mouth dropping open. “Is everyone in love but me?!” Hoseok threw his hands up again before crossing his arms over his chest. Jin and Namjoon jumped away from each other, before settling on opposite sides of the couch.


“So. Who is ready for dinner?” Jin says clearing his throat, blush still on his cheeks.


“Wait a second. If you guys got together, and that was Taehyung and Jungkook’s goal, then why the fuck are they still kids.” Namjoon said gesturing to the two boys still on Jimin and Yoongi’s lap.


“Hmm I don’t know, there is still somethings that we have to figure out. I guess but can we please eat.”



So that is how they go on. For days everything remains the same, Jimin and Yoongi sharing silent conversations, blushes rising on their cheeks. Taehyung and Jungkook stay the same, bouncing little boys. They were their own little family. Until they weren’t.


“Hey, Jimin. I’m going to the studio. Do you think you could handle TaeTae and Kookie for me?” Yoongi yells as he heads towards the door.


“Of course but hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” Jimin says, lower lip poking out masking his face into an adorable pout. Yoongi, ever so soft for Jimin, indulges Jimin in a kiss. A kiss that started a line of fireworks in their heads.


“Minnie.” Yoongi says as the pull away from each other.


“Yes, love?” Jimin hums.


“I like really freaking love you.” Yoongi says staring into Jimin’s twinkling eyes.


“I like really freaking love you too.” Jimin counters, amusement clear in his voice. The two of them lean back together, aching for another kiss, when a loud bang echoed through the dorm. A curse follows.


“HOLY SHIT. GUYS?!” Hoseok’s scream resonates through the dorm. Jimin and Yoongi look at each other in panic before running towards the direction of the screaming.


“What?! Hobi, what is it?!” Jimin and Yoongi aren’t the only ones running up the stairs and into the room that Hobi was screaming. A strange sense of deja vu enters Yoongi’s system as he follows Jimin into the bedroom.


That is when they see it. Or rather them. There on the bed, were Taehyung and Jungkook. The two boys looking as old as they had two weeks ago. Jimin froze on the spot and Yoongi followed after him. Unable to speak a word, Yoongi tried to think of some. All it took was Jimin and Yoongi to say those words out loud for the spell to break.


Jimin? Yoongi didn’t get a response. All he got was a slight shove as Jimin walked past him, back out the room. Surprisingly, Yoongi didn’t follow him. He knew Jimin needed space. He knew exactly what Jimin was feeling because Yoongi was feeling the same way. He felt lost. Or rather like he had lost something. Jungkook was the first to break the silence, his voice cutting through the air like a hot knife.


“Hyung?” Jungkook’s voice was deep from misuse, a lot different than the childish babbles Yoongi was used to. For some reason, hearing that difference was the thing that made Yoongi break. He didn’t know why but it did, the tears falling down his face silently. Yoongi could feel the sobs bubbling their way up his throat. Yoongi’s hand flew up to his mouth before they could escape, using the last of his strength to turn on his heel, making his way towards Jimin’s room.


He didn’t knock, pushing his way into the room, alarming Jimin, who was sitting on the bed.


Minnie… Yoongi didn’t even need to finish, Jimin already popping up to capture the older man in his arms. This was unusual. Jimin was usually being comforted and Yoongi was usually the comforter. Although their positions were switched, it still felt right. Jimin just held Yoongi as he cried through his sobs, tears slipping down his face. It was a while later but Yoongi finally calmed down enough to look up at Jimin.


I’m sorry, Jimin. It’s stupid but I’ll miss it. Way too much. Our little family. Ours. Yoongi didn’t even really have to explain. Jimin already knew.


I know, Love. I understand. But we’ll figure it out. We truly will. We’ll have a family of our own okay? Jimin held Yoongi’s face in his hands, kissing away the faint tears that rolled down his cheek before capturing his lips in a kiss. A kiss that held so many promises. They held each other through the rest of the night. They held each other through the rest of the week. They held each other as Taehyung and Jungkook returned to their normal routines. They held each other through the tough times and through the happy times and neither one of them wanted to let go.



“Hey is it just me or does Jimin look a little chubbier?” Hoseok whispers into Jungkook’s ear one movie night as they are all centered around the couch.


“Hey, babe?” Jimin turned big brown eyes on Yoongi. “Could you get me a snack from the kitchen?” Jimin pleaded pout on his face. Yoongi couldn’t ever resist it.


“Love, we have snacks here.” Jimin’s pout increased. “Okay, okay. Fine. What do you want?” Yoongi was trying to ease the mind reading while around the others, it was so easy to notice their silent conversations and they wanted to keep it quiet. They wanted to keep it a secret. They had done a good job after six months.


“Could you please get me those melon bars I like. Oh, and some peanut butter. And those anchovies. Ohh ohh and those little gummies. Oh and last thing, could you get me some olives too?” All 6 pairs of eyes stared at Jimin, movie forgotten.


“Hyung... Isn’t that a weird combination for a midnight snack?” Jungkook asks cautiously, slighter disgusted.


“Hmm? What I don’t think so.” Jimin says absentmindedly, his attention focusing back on the movie. Yoongi just shrugs and roams into the kitchen.


“Uhm, Jimin are you okay? You’ve been kinda off lately?” Jin asks Jimin quietly, concern evident on his face.


“You mean like when Jimin ate that entire pizza and then ate like half of my cake?” Taehyung adds.


“Yeah like that.” Namjoon confirms.


“I have no clue about what you’re talki-” Jimin jumps at the sound of Yoongi returning, only to find all of his snacks on the floor.


“Did you just say what I think you did?” Yoongi asks unmoving.


“Wait what? I didn’t say any-” Yoongi cut Jimin off again.


“No. No. You thought it. I can read your mind remember.” Six months of hiding that out the window.


“Wait. Wait. You can read each other’s minds?” Hoseok asks.


“Yes, yes. We are soulmates. Back to this.” Yoongi waves his hand. Everyone goes quiet, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. “Jimin say it again. This time outloud. I need to hear it.” Yoongi demanded, coming over to kneel down to Jimin’s height. Yoongi placed his hands on Jimin’s shoulder as comfort.


“Ah well.” Jimin was blushing, a deep red crawling up his neck. “I said, eh, well I thought … I said, it’s not odd since I’m eating for two.” Everyone held their breath.


“Wait. What?!” As usual it was Hoseok who screamed out.


“Heh, well. I’m pregnant. With Yoongi’s child.” Jimin admitted, blush never subsiding. He reached up and ran a hand through his hair and waited. It all came at once.


“Ah, that makes since.” Namjoon.


“Wait how? Does this mean that you guys have had sex?!” Hoseok.


“You can read each other’s minds too?” Taehyung.


“I knew we should’ve gotten rid of that book.” Jungkook.


“How far along are you?” Jin pipes up, looking positively excited.


“About 3 months actually. I’m not quite showing too much yet surprisingly.” Jimin admits, ducking his head down. Actually the only person Jimin hasn’t heard from is Yoongi, who is still gripping onto his shoulder, his jaw halfway to the floor. Jimin pushes slightly on his nose to bring back his attention. Yoongi looks back up to Jimin, smile across his face, eyes shining like stars.


“Oh my god. Minnie, are you serious? I’m going to be dad? Oh my god. Have you gone to the doctor? When did you find out? Does this mean that it worked? I can’t wait. Oh god what are we going to name them? Do you think it’s going to be a boy or girl? I kinda really hope its a girl? Wait, we have to get her a nursery. Can I paint it pink? Or do you think she won’t like it? We could paint it blue? Or is it too boyish? We should get a dog to protect her. Like Min Holly. I think she’ll really like-” Yoongi was rambling on and on, shooting out questions at a rapid fire pace, not letting himself breath. Jimin promptly shut him up with a kiss.


“Calm down, Love. We have all the time in the world.” Jimin laughs amused. The rest of the group had their jaws hanging loosely in awe.


“Didn’t our hyung used to be an angry little turtle? What happened?” Jungkook whispers to Taehyung, loud enough for everyone else to hear.


“Jimin happened.” Taehyung whispers back and Yoongi can’t help but agree.