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That GET YOUR 5 A DAY! poster on the wall must be new, Jonathan thinks. Once upon a time he’d have added sarcastic comments or drawings to it himself; these days he leaves that to the medical students. In front of it, looking every inch the poster boy for healthy living, is Grant, eating an apple.

“You timed that well, love,” he says, and beams. “I’ve just started my break.”

“Excellent,” Jonathan says, though they haven’t got long. “How’s the apple?”

He’d stopped at a roadside stall on his way back from setting up the exhibition in Margate, wanting to bring Grant the first apples of the new season. The scent of them filled the car as he drove.

“Wonderful,” says Grant. “Want a taste?”

He holds out the apple, but Jonathan ignores it and pulls him into a kiss.

“Mmm, yes. Very good,” he says, and licks the taste of apple juice, sweet and sharp, from Grant’s mouth. “More.”

“Behave yourself, I’m at work,” Grant says, trying to look stern and not succeeding.

“Not for another ten minutes,” Jonathan says, and kisses him again. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but nobody said anything about photographers.