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It is High School English's fault.

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Once upon a time a blonde soldier named Steve returned from war. He immediately went to look for his friend Bucky. The towns people were saddened to say that Bucky had drowned in the river by the train tracks.

Determined to give Bucky a proper burial he went to the river. He offered the river his red boots to tell him where his friend’s body was. The river did not take the boots for the man had not drowned here.

“The winter has taken your friend, not I” burbled the river. “his heart and eyes and soul belong to the winter now.”

Steve was determined to find his friend and free him. He started to search the land for clues to where Winter was keeping Bucky. In time he came across town. The mayor named Fury saw Steve’s great strength and wanted to keep him there. Fury told Steve that he had a duty to the people and made him forget his purpose. They kept him busy with many tasks and trials.

Until one day a rose named Natasha told him of the Winter Soldier and that he might be Steve’s friend. Freed from the forgetfulness spell, he went again in search of his friend.

Next he ran into a group of robbers, who capturing him and took him to their Robber King. The Robber King named Lukin wanted to keep Steve, for he felt that Steve would be quite valuable. But one of his lieutenants, a very old man, owed Steve his life from the Great War. He told the blonde man how to find the Winter soldier in the palace of the Snow Queen also known as the Red Room.

The old man gave Steve his Reindeer GPS device with coordinates to the red room. Aided thus, the blonde man wandered through the deadly winter landscape. Till at last he came upon a building of ice stained red like blood with the setting sun.

In the great hall, he found his friend encased in a pillar of ice, sleeping. He tried knocking on the ice pillar. He called to Bucky. But Bucky slept on.

“Be careful” said an evil voice. “If you wake him wrong. he will kill us all.”

Steve turned and found a little troll of a man. Quickly he picked the man up. “Tell me how to free him”.

The little man said “no.”

“Then I will smash the tube open and he will kill us all, you included.”

“Fair point” said the little troll and he gave Steve the instructions on how to free his friend from pillar of ice safely.

“Not it will do you much good.” the little man chortled “He is a true servant of the snow. He will kill all intruders. You will not be able to defeat him.”

“We will see.” murmured Steve. He managed to free his friend of the ice. But his friend did not remember him; his heart and soul had been taken by the ice. So he attacked Steve. Steve realized as long as the shards of the ice were within the Winter Soldier, he would never remember.

Still Steve pleaded with Bucky to remember as he fended off his attacks. But the dark-haired man continued to ignore him.

Finally the blonde trapped his friend in an embrace and said “I know you will kill me but I forgive you, you’re my friend, you’re my heart, you’re my soul.” His tears of sadness dripping onto the soldier’s shoulder.

At first it seemed like the Soldier would snap his neck. Then the tears, Steve’s love and his touch melted the ice in Bucky’s heart and soul. He remembers who he was.

Free of winters grasp with two friends tearfully reunited. The troll, whose task it had been to keep the soldier there, attacked them. It was easy for the two friends to dispatch him.

They returned to their hometown only to find the people turned against them. They wanted the head of the Winter soldier for all the wrongs he had done. Steve would not let his friend be taken. The two men fled the townspeople who wished to harm them.

They ended up traveling to the far south. To where winters were no more than rain and ice and snow were just stories. And if they didn’t live happily ever after, at least they were content and with each other.