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Pain of Parting.

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Chapter one.


Unable to sleep saw Harry walking quietly in the dead of the night. He knew something was wrong, all day during lessons he had felt edgy. Opening his magic he checked the wards of Hogwart’s, feeling a slight disturbance he stopped.


Turning towards the forbidden forest he felt the disturbance growing within the walls of the wards, it was as if Hogwarts was warning him. Instantly his eyes focused on one particular entrance to the forest. Staggering out onto the pathway came a figure, which stumbled, then collapsed in a heap about 200 yards from where Harry stood.


“I knew something was bloody wrong, what as that fucking maniac done now?!” Harry spoke aloud while running towards the person who had fallen.


“Snape! Fucking hell what as he done to you?” Quickly he pointed his wand and uttered “Mobiliarbus” raising Snape’s body off the damp earth. He then literally started to run, with his Professor magically attached to him towards the Castle’s Grand Hall fireplace.


Finally reaching the hall Harry looked down at his Professor and actually squirmed. “Bloody hell, it’s even worse in the light.” Placing some floo powder on the flames he shouted “Infirmary!” Holding on tight to Snape he walked into the flames, as soon as he arrived at the infirmary Harry called out, “Madam Pomfrey, please come, its Professor Snape he’s in a very bad way.”


Poppy Pomfrey came running and instantly charmed a bed ready on the ward. Helping Harry to get the Hogwarts Professor to the bed charming his clothes off and Scourgifying his body, then magically placed pyjama’s on the Professor.


“Madam Pomfrey what have they done to him? I have never seen anything like this.” Harry said staring in disbelief at his potions Professor’s body.


“They have used a vile and dark magic spell. Mr. Potter please go fire call Professor Dumbledore and ask him to send for Remus Lupin.” Madam Pomfrey ordered knowing that some animistic magic was responsible for Snape’s problems. Immediately Harry went off to use her fireplace in the office.


Poppy started to charm the open wounds which were numerous closed. Working methodically she had just completed this task except for one, when Albus Dumbledore came onto the ward, followed by Harry and Remus Lupin.


“Madam Pomfrey what appears to be the problem?” Albus asked coming to stand at the bedside.


“Professor Snape has been hexed and there is a charm on this wound that I do not recognize.” Poppy answered turning Snape’s face towards the Headmaster.


The face was distorted and huge scabs were already forming over a large open scar. A green sludge was still oozing from the top of the wound, even though she had magically and physically cleansed the area.


“He’s been bitten, but with what or how I do not know.” Poppy stated.


“Headmaster it reminds me of Arthur Weasley’s injures at the ministry two years ago.” Remus Lupin stated, “Wasn’t it the Dark Lord’s snake that attacked Arthur and left him with injuries such as those? Obviously Severus has been to a revel, perhaps he’s been tortured this time.”


“Unfortunately Remus, I am afraid that Severus is often injured after attending a revel, Voldemort likes to torture his Death Eaters.” Dumbledore stated. Taking his wand he whispered a healing charm of great age. Still the wound remained.

“Sir?” Harry interrupted, “if Voldemort has used Nagini to torture Snape he would have ordered Nagini in Parseltongue, perhaps therefore the healing charm should be given in Parseltongue.” Harry said his gaze never leaving his Professor whom he intensely hated.

“Harry I have told you many times, its Professor Snape. However you may have a point. The spell is,


“Mother Earth we request this night,
To cleanse the area within our sight,
To bring Good from Bad,
And Dark to Light, to form a unity,
Of pure healing capacity.”



Harry read and spoke the words Dumbledore had written in the air, speaking the incantation in Parseltongue. At first it appeared that the spell had not worked, then the whole of Hogwarts shook and within a moment a blinding light shone over Snape’s body and surrounded Harry.


Many minutes passed, and then the light started to fade. Harry looked in astonishment at Dumbledore and then at Snape, before fainting where he stood.


“Albus Dumbledore what the hell have you done?” Poppy exclaimed while charming Harry on top the nearest bed.


“My dear Poppy, I know I am usually the cause of many upsets within the walls of Hogwarts Castle, but I can honestly state, that this time I had nothing to do with what just happened. Is Harry alright?” Dumbledore asked completed flummoxed.


“He appears to be fine, just fainted. What I do not understand was that light which completely circled around young Mr. Potter and Severus. What was it?” Poppy asked.


“Well whatever it was, it was pure magic.” Remus said, “I felt overwhelmed with joy, and my werewolf side of me calmed, which is bewildering, seeing how close to a full moon we are on the calendar. Where did that spell come from Headmaster?”


“I was taught it by a very old Druid teacher during the war with Grindelwald; I used it many times during the last battle. However, it never had that effect.” Dumbledore said and then added, “Good gracious! Now that is peculiar.”


“What?” Poppy asked, then she glanced down to where the Headmaster was pointing.


Severus Snape’s injuries were completely healed. He also appeared to have de-aged back to his late teenage years.


“My goodness, it’s impossible.” Poppy stated. Quickly saying charms over the young wizard she stared at the two older wizards.


“Albus and Remus, Severus is just 17 years 9 months of age. He has none of the scars that I have catalogued in his magical notes. Neither does he have the Death Mark.”


“Poppy that’s impossible! You cannot loose the Dark Mark. Headmaster have you any idea what’s happening?” Remus asked completely stunned at the events of the last few minutes.


“Remus my boy, I will state once again that I have no idea what is happening. But, you said only pure magic was within the light, so…I surmise that a power greater than we know, as been at work this night. Poppy I am going to put up stronger wards around our two boys, and I would be grateful if you would inform me as soon as either awake. Come Remus I will get you settled in a guest suite, I know you will want to be close to Harry at this time.


Dumbledore and Lupin flooed out of the infirmary. Poppy Pomfrey returned to her quarters, having left an alert alarm over the sleeping wizards.


three hours later


Harry came awake slowly, at first he couldn’t recall how he came to be in the infirmary, then he remembered. *Snape!* he thought. Quickly he got off the bed and looked down at his Professor…and looked…stared and finally not sure whether he was dreaming, pinched his arm hard!!


“Ouch!” he shouted. Then a voice appeared inside his brain.


**Will you please shut up? I have the worst headache. Pray also tell me what the hell you are doing at my bedside?**


“Snape wake up…wake up now and stop talking telepathically within my mind. Snape wake the fuck up!” Harry shouted.


Poppy Pomfrey came running into the ward, dressed in her long winceyette nightgown and sleeping hat on.


“Mr. Potter why are you shouting at Professor Snape. Can you not see that he is still sleeping?”


“Madam Pomfrey look at him, he is also talking to me via Legilimens or some other dark magic. He told me within my thoughts to shut up.” Harry said still not taking his eye off the altered wizard, “Look at him?”


“Mr. Potter will you please shut up.” Snape said finally opening his eyes and seeing the stunned expression on the Gryffindor’s brats face. “Potter what have you been up to now and how did I get to the infirmary? Oh yes of course, the revel, the last thing I remember was touching my emergency Portkey.”


“Severus, you can remember the events of last night?” Pomfrey asked.


“Well of course I do, how could I forget the beating and attack the Dark Lord gave me, before attempting to feed me to his scaly familiar.” Snape paused and then added, “What healing did you use Madam Pomfrey? Only whatever it was please repeat the procedure next time I am called, I don’t think I have felt this well in the last 19 or so years.”


“Severus…I’ll just go get the Headmaster, I think it would be best if he explained what as happened.” Pomfrey said quickly walking off the ward.


Harry watched the Medi witch leave the ward, and then went back to staring at Snape. *Who the hell are you? I mean I know you’re Snape…but you look like the Snape in the picture with my mother Lily Evans, and where is your scar? There is no way that could have healed overnight.*


“Potter how did you just enter my brain? And what the hell are you going on about? What picture?” Snape snarled as he shouted at Harry.


“I don’t know what’s going on…what did he do to you? Last night your face was all distorted and had a large weeping wound across your one cheek. But, today it’s not there. In fact your not here, well you are, but not you.” Harry said trying to work out what was happening.


“Potter have you finally taken leave of your senses? Of course the wound is still there, maybe, you need new glasses, I shall…” Snape was about to continue when Remus and Dumbledore entered the ward, “Just what I need the werewolf and the meddler first thing in the morning.” Severus said lying back down on the pillows.


“Severus my dear boy, wonderful to see you looking so well. I have to inform you that Harry and you had an unusual reaction to a healing spell charmed last night. Severus your wounds wouldn’t heal, then Remus remembered the attack on Arthur Weasley, so I charmed an old Druid healing spell. It also did not work, then Harry said the charm in Parseltongue instantly a blinding light surrounded Harry and yourself…” Albus was about to continue when Harry interrupted.


“Is that why he looks 17 or 18 years old? How did that happen? And how are we hearing each other’s thoughts?” Harry asked Dumbledore.


“What the hell do you mean I look 17 years of age? Dumbledore what as Potter done now!” Snape said angrily.


“Harry has healed you, that’s what he’s done. This is not Harry’s fault without him saying the incantation; I doubt you would have survived the night. Pure poison was eating away at your face and heading towards your brain.” Remus stated firmly.


Poppy looked at Severus, and then charmed a large floating mirror right in front of him. “Professor Snape this is what you looked like approximately 10 minutes after Mr. Potter said the charm. The magic surrounding both of you was so strong that even the most powerful wizard I have ever treated, fainted from the after effects. Mr. Potter is not to blame.” Pomfrey stated firmly.


“There is one aspect of the affects of the incantation that I am sure you will be delighted about Severus. You no longer wear the Death Mark.
According to Madam Pomfrey you have de-aged to your 17th year. I am really astonished that you have retained all your memories, I definitely was not expecting that.” Dumbledore said to Severus.


“Alright, lets’ recap. My body has de-aged to 17 years old. I have none of the scars that I have gained in the last 19 years. Plus…and it’s a big plus I am not attached to the Dark Lord anymore. Yet! I still remember all that as happened to me. Headmaster I feel like I have been given a second chance. Except why are Potter and I hearing each others thoughts?”


“Severus I have to admit that I have no answer to that question. I believe that not only you have been given a second chance, but, also the order. The light now has two very strong wizards, able to telepathically talk to one another, who are also the most knowledgeable when it comes to Voldemort.” Dumbledore stated shaking his head at the way two in the room still jumped at the sound of his name.

“Now we need to make plans, obviously you cannot still teach. In fact Severus, I believe we need to use some charms to change your looks slightly and have you attend Hogwarts has an exchange student. I will have to find a new Potions Master, which will be nigh impossible to find anyone with the same standard as you. For now just relax and try to discover the full extent of the bond.” Dumbledore stated leaving Harry and Snape together looking daggers at each other.


Pomfrey ordered breakfast and a headache potion for Snape and then left the two wizards together.


So a new story, which I promised a while ago, after Time to Grow up ended. HP/SS are one of my favourite matches, so what do you think?? Interesting? Want more? Review please and let me know, best wishes, Donavon aka Threesisters