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Secretaries Know Best

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Jess was overly invested in her boss. She was aware most assistants didn’t go to the lengths or feel the level of loyalty she did. But well, Lena Luthor was the best boss to have bossed as far as she was concerned. When her ex-sued for custody Lena had paid for her lawyer. Lena even kept a small box of coloring supplies in her office for days when her four year old ended up in the office. If that wasn’t enough to win one’s loyalty she didn’t know what was.

Of course it helped the working for L-corp paid well, she had insurance, stock options and a retirement plan. Not to mention Lena was a kind boss. She had her excentricities but generally kept her requests reasonable and was not unjust in her criticisms. Jess shivered at the thoughts of sexist old men she could have ended up working for, or worse, Cat Grant. There were horror stories and then there were horror stories. So all told, Jess was grateful to be working for a boss like Lena Luthor.

Thus her first impression of Kara Danvers entering her boss’s life had been dread. Because she was exactly Lena’s type. Tall, blond, beautiful and capable of keeping up with her, even if the woman was a bit mousy for her tastes. It was with fear for Lena that she’d been forced to give access to her to Ms.Danver. But then time continued and Kara didn’t sell her out. In fact Jess realized that Kara was probably her greatest ally in all things Lena Luthor. So by the time Lena had been released from jail, she quietly grabbed Kara’s phone and added herself as a contact and texted herself so she’d have the number. Lena had finally picked someone to have a hopeless crush on that wasn’t a horrible person.

Jess saw it as her duty to try and help her boss out. So with a solemn nod she sent a text informing Ms.Danvers that Lena’s lunch break was coming up and her boss was planning on working through it. It was her duty after all.



She had to resist shooting out of her chair in shock. Looking up she felt a wave of the sheer exuberance radiating off of the newbie reported. “Ms.Danvers.” Jess noticed the elevator had not opened which mean, “....did you take the stairs forty five floors up?”

Kara shrugged with that beaming grin, really she needed sunglasses just looking at it. “It was full and I figured, why not?” Raising her hands she brandished a paper bag and a coffee carrier with three drinks.

“How are you not out of breath?” Jess was stuck on the fact Kara didn’t even look winded in the slightest.

“I work out.” Kara looked like she wanted something to fidget with. But instead she set her items down on her desk and reached in pulling out wrapped sandwich and set a coffee down in front of her. “Gluten free turkey sandwich, extra mustard and an almond milk latte, extra shot of espresso.” Her smile widened if that was even possible.

Jess had to resist gaping. “How did you know my order?”

“Well I know the lady who owns the cafe down the street and I figured it was easy walking distance from here so it’s where you’d have a regular. So I asked about what you usually ordered and from there figuring out which was for Lena and which was for you was fairly easy. Lena’s not allergic to Gluten or lactose. That must be awful by the way.”

Weakly she replied. “Just the Gluten, I just like the flavor of the almond milk.”

“Oh that’s nice, you can still have cheese then! I was sad when I realized you couldn’t have cheese, it’s just the best.” A sort of dreamy expression came over Kara’s face. She snapped out of it. “Is Lena in?”

Blinking still stunned by the horrifying amount of positivity contained in a single cardigan she nodded. “I’ll just buzz you in Ms.Danvers.” Her faculties returned to her long enough to realize there was a question she needed to ask the girl before she went off to completely miss Lena’s obvious flirting. “Ms.Danvers, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure!” Kara bounced, literally bounced on her toes.

“I’m unsure of your schedule but would you be willing to drop by with meals a few times a week? Ms.Luthor is quite fond of you and getting her to remember to eat is...difficult.” Jess settled on, also the more time she gave Lena to woman up and just ask the human personification of a puppy out the better. If Kara had a tail it would be wagging...maybe she should bring her son so he could go for walks with Kara. Kara would probably agree. It would be just as good as getting that dog wouldn’t it?

“I’d love to! Just text me and if I’m not in an interview I’ll come right over!” She beamed.

Jess cracked the smallest of smiles. “Thank you Ms.Danvers. Now I believe you don’t wish to keep Ms.Luthor waiting.”

Later that day when Lena seemed more relaxed and generally upbeat Jess congratulated herself on a successful scheme.


Jess stared at the bouquet of plumerias walking towards her. It was a ridiculous amount of the damn things. How had anyone gotten a hold of hundreds of the things during this time of year? She should know, Lena had an uncanny insistence on the things being delivered to her office regularly. “Ms.Danvers….?”

A pair of bright bespeckled eyes peeped out from the side of the truly astonishing amount of flowers. “Hey Jess! Is Lena in?”

“I’ll just buzz you in then.” She hit the button that lit up a light in Lena’s office indicating a guest was heading in. Standing up from her chair she stepped round the desk. “Do you need help with that Ms.Danvers?”

“That would be great!” Kara shoved the armload into her. She barely managed not to drop them all. “I’ll go get the rest.”

“The rest?” She asked helplessly.

Kara made a happy humming noise. “Well Lena was so nice filling my office with flowers I thought I should do the same. I know she’s been having a hard time this week and I thought it would cheer her up.”

“Ah.” Jess awkwardly headed for the office while Kara headed for the stairs….that was still a mystery. She decided not to interfere in the blossoming awkward romance. Freezing she felt her eye twitch..she’d just made a pun. Blast that silly kids show was rubbing off on her.

Still for all the awkwardness it was worth it to see Lena’s stunned face that had lit up with the largest smile she had ever seen her boss wear. Jess resolved to summon Kara more often for those ‘lunches’. The two idiots still somehow weren't going out together yet.


It was a typical Monday afternoon and Jess was taking her lunch in the park. At least it was a typical Monday afternoon till she got a phone call telling her that her son had broken his arm falling off a swing set. Jess was halfway off the bench before the daycare instructor had even finished telling her which hospital to drive to.

“Jess, are you alright?” Kara Danvers essentially materialized out of mid air. To be fair she hadn’t been paying attention to where she was going.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to talk Ms.Danvers.” Jess said cutting round the woman.

Kara jogged along beside her. “Has something happened?”

Jess gave Kara an evaluating look as they both jogged towards her car. “My son broke his arm.”

“I’ll drive you, you don’t look like you should be driving.” Kara said firmly.

After over a month of knowing the woman Jess accepted she was being driven to the hospital whether she liked it or not. It was probably for the best, she’d probably have wrecked her car. Kara caught her arm pulling her to the side. “Come on, we can take mine, it’ll get us there faster.”

Jess just nodded till she realized she was being dragged to a very black motorcycle. She was the assistant of a Luthor, she didn’t blink. Instead she accepted the helmet and climbed on behind Kara. Because apparently Kara drove a motorcycle...later after she finished not freaking out she was going to have to readdress that little fact.

Her first warning that Kara wasn’t the type of driver she had expected was when she revved the bike. Jess hung on for dear life as they wove through traffic at a speed she hadn’t even known could be reached in the city. She lost five years of her life during the five minute drive. The bike literally screeched to a stop outside the emergency room doors. Kara turned to face her accepting the helmet from shaking hands. “If you give me your keys I’ll go bring your car over.”

Jess numbly handed over the keys. “Thanks.” She croaked.

“It’s no problem. Go check on your son.” Kara said kindly squeezing her arm.

She’d worry about all that later. Jess headed straight in and breathed properly at the sight of her son sucking on a lollipop and singing the dirty socks song to the nurse. Thirty minutes later when she had her keys returned to her she found herself saying. “You should take Lena on your bike some time. She’s fond of them.” Kara just beamed and handed a stuffed golden retriever to her son. Jess resolved from the bottom of her heart to get the two idiotic morons in her life together.


Jess didn’t question the dreamy look on Lena’s face as she arrived at work with slightly windswept hair. “Ms.Danvers give you a lift to work today?”

“Yes.” Lena was still in a strange word of her own. No doubt enjoying the fact that she’d gotten to hold onto Kara for the entire ride. “Do send a get well card to my driver.”

“Of course Ms.Luthor.” Jess crossed her fingers and later sent a brief text thanking Anthony for calling in sick for the cause.


Everything was going swimmingly if Jess didn’t say so herself. Kara may be the single most dense human being to have ever been born, or willfully ignorant? She had seen the line of boys following the girl around. And Lena may be incapable of actually asking a person out when she actually liked them. But for all of that the two were basically dating already. They now had lunch together everyday of the week. Kara gave Lena lift to work twice a week at least. They even had Sunday movie nights after a particular comment to Kara about Lena not having seen the Disney films.

Happily she carried in the latest round of paperwork needing Lena’s signature. Opening the door into Lena’s office; “Ms.Luther I’ve got the contracts you requested. Oh..I’m sorry.” She stepped forward setting the documents down.

“Thank you Jess.” Lena smiled at her.

Jess glanced between Lena and Supergirl. They were standing rather close actually. She narrowed her eyes, was Lena blushing? Her narrowed eyes turned into a frown. “Do you need anything else Ms.Luthor? You have a meeting in fifteen minutes with Mr.Green from accounting.”

“Can you move it to later.” Lena said barely looking at her, completely focused on the hero.

Jess did not like this she did not like this at all. “Of course Ms.Luthor.” Turning she left and pulled out her phone. It would not due to have some two bit hero sweeping in and breaking Lena’s heart. Afterall those hero types weren’t dependable when it came to romance. No Lena could do better than some casanova in a cape. She sent out a text to Kara informing her she thought Lena could use some company after work.

Sitting down in her chair she swiveled till she was facing her computer screen. Pulling up an email template she began to type. If she was going to save Lena from getting swept up by some no good woman she was going to need help. Anthony her driver and Katie from the front desk could help. Yes she wasn’t letting Lena go and mess things up when she was on the brink of the best relationship she’d ever had. Loyalty like Kara Danvers showed, and kindness like that was rare and worth keeping.