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Once a Leader, Now a Follower

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Character Sheets

Name - Belle Goodfisher

Age : 25

Previous Titles - The Arisen, The Fisher Knight, Captain of the Wyrmhunt, The Dragon, Duchess Dragonsbane, the Unbreaking, the Scarred

Character description - A warrior who hails from foreign shores and who has experienced far too much and searches for a peaceful life, but knows deep down that she has an wanderlust without end and that her unbreaking will will kill her one day. She enjoys training those weaker than her to fight and learning new skills, she one day plans to write down all her knowledge on swordplay into a book, a goal which would be easier if she fully literate. A rather dominating presence due to her confidence that comes from her multiple years of experience. Unfortunately for her she has a problem with communicating with others as a side effect of living with the pawns, another side effect would be the fact that has a hair-trigger temper, something which is the antithesis of her belief that good teamwork allows an inferior force to defeat a superior one.
She also despises betrayal and court politics, though she is smart enough to know that not everyone plays by the same rules, so she has begrudgingly learned the basics of intrigue, not like she can apply them with any level of skill but she does know how to save her skin, her experiences in the Duke's court has given her a few trust issues and means that she rarely gets any sleep as she is always watching her back, after-all, its not paranoia if they're actually out to get you. As a result of her fights with monsters she knows exactly how to fight dirty, and how to counter those, including knowledge of blind fighting and low light fighting. She stands at around 5 ft 7, her skin is paler than the moon but is riddled with scars, predominantly along her arms, the result of countless hours of training and countless battles, two more noticeable scars stand out, a vertical scar over her left eye and the scar over her heart that all Arisen bear, her left eye is a sapphire blue and her right is an emerald green, her once long black hair has been cut (and in some cases, burnt) to be short, giving her a more boyish look, the only excess is at the top and a fringe that is often combed towards the left of her face in an attempt to hide her left eye. She also has small breasts.

Current Class - Wanderer (Custom Class) A wandering warrior who wanders without aim or purpose, fights off enemies with knives and swords.

Weapon Ranks -

Swords - B

Knives - E

Skills -

Challenge Lover - When confronted with unfavorable odds she grins and faces it head on, + 1 to Attack, + 1 Defense

The Bigger they are ... - When confronted with an opponent who towers over her she knows that their size means nothing in the long run - + 2 Dodge, + 1 Attack, + 5% Critical Chance, + 3 Speed

Unbreakable will - Her will is made of steel and hardened in the fire of the Wyrm, she refuses to back down - + 2 Defense and Attack when under a quarter health, activation chance chance 1%

Arisen Bonds - When fighting alongside another Arisen the bonds forged in the fire of the Wyrm emboldens her and compels her to fight harder, if only to maintain appearances - + 2 Attack, +1 Defense, + 1 Dodge, + 5 Speed

So You Will Fight - The presence of a hero on the battlefield, no matter how wounded is a symbol by which an army will rally behind - 5% EXP Gain and +1 Defense to all lower level units in 2 tiles of her

Old Wounds - An old and experienced warrior is a formidable foe but the old wounds they bear are present and can be exploited - Double's enemy damage, Activate chance (1/2 Lck - 25%) + (1/4 Enemy's lck)

Inventory -

Compagnon de Vagabond - A strange blade that fits comfortably in Belle's hands, despite her never holding it before (Belle Only, Rank: B, Uses: Infinite Mt: 10, Hit: 95%,Crt: 2, Avoid: -10%, Rng: 1)

Concoction - 2/3

Beginner's Katana Techniques - A book describing basic katana techniques and how to counter them, contains practice drills as well (0% Read)

Arisen's Bond - A ring that the Arisen would give to those who they love, said to tie the fate of the Arisen and their partner's fate together, for now though, it's strung up and worn as a necklace, +2 Strength, + 5 Lck while equipped

Foreign Knife - A throwing knife that comes from lands unknown, while it is a thin blade, it is a lethal weapon in the right hands (Belle Only, Rank: E, Uses: Infinite Mt: 3, Hit: 100%, Crt: 6, Avoid: +5%, Rng: 1-2)

Travelling Lantern (full) - A lantern that is hung from a belt to illuminate darkness without effecting the combat ability of the wearer, in theory, though running out of oil in the middle of a fight can be jarring

Flint & Steel - A pair of items that is used to light fires, an essential for survival in the wilds, provided you can find them


Level - 5
HP - 35
Str - 12 + 2
Mag -1
Skl - 20
Spd - 13
Lck - 1 + 5
Def - 4
Res - 2
Mov - 7

List of AU Changes.

-The Continent, the War and the World – The Continent containing the rival kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido isn’t the only part of the world, there is of course several other islands and other landmasses, which are the homes of small empires, duchies, kingdoms and the occasional merchant republic. The most prominent kingdom being the Kingdom of Silversun, which is generally seen to have a stranglehold on trade around the continent. When war breaks out in earnest between Hoshido and Nohr, it is expected that some of the foreign powers might see it as an opportunity to capture some land for their own, whether by their sword or by dagger.

-Nohr and Economics – Economics are vital to the running of a country, especially one that is preparing for a war, as such the Nohrian economy is focused around the production and selling of weaponry, of course as a result there are smuggling rings that operate in Nohr but those are few and far between as there is a death penalty imposed by the crown. With what Nohr earns from the exporting of weapons is fed into growing the military and buying produce, with a 75/25 split in terms of outgoings.

-Nohrians, Employment and The World – Due to the fact that Nohr is eternally shrouded in darkness, there are few peasants in Nohr with most of the population being employed in the military or in industry, those who aren’t are either outlaws or mercenaries, the outlaws do what is expected while the mercenaries generally wander the globe seeking employment, due to how Nohrians are perceived by the rest of the world as militaristic, it is generally seen by many merchants to be prudent to employ Nohrian mercenaries as they would be the most disciplined, a slight result of this is that a quarter of Silversun’s total military strength is made out of Nohrian mercenaries.

-Hoshido, Mikoto and the Barrier – Queen Mikoto’s barrier which removes a Nohrian’s will to fight is weakened, it will still be strong but it wouldn’t stop a berserker or someone who is cornered, in addition, it won’t stop someone who is fighting for their life, whether they are cornered or not.

-Hoshido and Nohr – The two rival kingdoms have a very strained relationship at the best of times, at the times of the start of this story they are officially at war, but there isn’t much fighting going on and it is mostly just Faceless being summoned against Hoshido and the two opposing armies glaring at each other across the border. The people of both countries have arguably worse relations, the Nohrians view the Hoshidans as indifferent to human suffering, smug and xenophobic as well as soft. While Hoshidans view Nohrians as inherently evil, disloyal and savage, with many believing them to be demons in human form. Though Nohrians are seen as skilled fighters especially with a lance and Hoshidans are seen as skilled sword fighters. Everyone else in the world wishes the two kingdoms would just sign a peace treaty already as it would make trading easier.

-Hoshidans, Employment and The World – Hoshidans have two main ports of call when it comes to employment, join the local militia or farming. Though Hoshido has little in the way of industry, with most weapons being forged by small blacksmiths or by the user of the weapons themselves as part of their initiation ceremony. However though as a result of the faceless attacks, many displaced villagers have become bandits in order to survive, something which Hoshido doesn’t like to acknowledge, even if they do provide good practise for their soldiers.

-Hoshido and Internal Politics – In Hoshido the land is divided up between several Daimyos, who hold their own domains, while the royal family owns the duchy surrounding the capital and some of the baronies that would be on the border, the Daimyos are allowed to wage war between each other but they are not allowed to attack any external powers, this is the policy during peace, however during wartime, all internal wars are to cease and all Daimyos are obligated to give at least 75% of their total military strength to the Crown, all those who do not are declared traitors and they are subject to execution and their families inherit a large fine numbering at over a million gold, with interest, as a result many Daimyos make sure to give their men to the Crown, if only to save their families from such massive debt. Daimyos are also allowed, during peacetime to take the throne of Hoshido for themselves, however many would support the status quo and as such would defend the Crown instead of back the Daimyo’s grab for power. The only nobles who are exempt from giving their troops to the Crown are the clergy and Merchant guilds who are expected instead to provide healing services to the army, while the merchant guilds are expected to provide weaponry, supplies and funds to the army.

-Nohr and Internal Politics – In Nohr the land is divided up between dukes, then counts in the typical feudal hierarchy, vassals are forbidden from declaring war, leading to most of the nobility being skilled in intrigue. Though the nobility is allowed to gain land and power through force of arms if they win the land in a duel, this also leads to the nobility having plenty of experience in personal combat but with little experience in large scale battles. The royal family of Nohr, the von Krakenburgs, worship Anankos along with some members of the court, the majority of Nohrians worship the Dusk Dragon, this leads to friction between the clergy and the royal family as well as the occasional uprising by Religious Zealots, to appease the clergy, they are exempt from any increase in taxes during wartime and they only have to give a few priests to provide the army with their healing services every year. The merchant guilds are expected to pay heavy taxes during wartime though the taxes are heavily relaxed during peacetime. The nobility is expected to give all of their personal retinue and militia to the Crown during war. Unfortunately for the Royal family their council holds a large amount of power, including power to execute, imprison, revoke noble titles and to elect new council members, with the royal family only having the power to appoint commanders and to declare war.

-The Nohrian Royal Army – The Nohrian Royal Army has one distinct advantage, they have an organised officer corps, with power being given based on the skill of the individual and not on the title that individual might hold, as a result there is a chance that even one who is lowborn might gain a position and glory. The army is mostly made up of a core of professional Wyvern Riders and Knights, the large mercenary companies are vassals of the Crown and so they support the Nohrian Army with Mercenaries, Outlaws and Heroes, this makes up the bulk of Nohr’s infantry. Nohr’s cavalry is made up of Cavaliers whose ranks are largely made up of young nobility, typically those who are second or third sons of nobility. The cavalry is supported by the more experienced great knights who make up the head of most cavalry units. All mages in Nohr are loyal to the Crown as the only place which can legally teach magic is owned by the royal family, however this policy means that there are little magi in the Nohrian army, meaning that they often are placed in high regard, with most mages in battles having to move across the front dealing with trouble spots instead of committing like a regular unit.

-The Hoshidan Army – This remains largely unchanged, only they also have access to cavalry, while it is largely inferior to Nohrian cavalry they are still useful and able to hold their own against Nohrian infantry, what they lack in strength they make up for in speed.