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Separation of Powers

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Not many lovers can say the illicitness of their affairs is stipulated in the Constitution. They only call each other on their cell phones, numbers programmed as "unavailable" to preclude incriminating caller-ID. Today she answered to Evie's terse summons: "My house, 9:15." As she approached the doorstep, she mused that the idea of transgressing a foundational principle of Democracy itself rather excited her.

"Chief," Evie greeted her, smirking. They should probably have tired of the graceless joke by now, but--given that moments later she was being thoroughly kissed, her back thudding against the wall--she couldn't say she minded. As Evie's fingers rucked up her skirt, traced the lace edging her thigh-highs, skimmed unerringly toward her panties, she replied, breathlessly, "Chief yourself."