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You're (Not) Just A Friend

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Dean sat on the phone with his brother, already knowing that he was in deep.

“So how long have you two been together again?”

“About six months. Though we've lived together for two years.”

“I liked the photo you sent me, he sounds like he's a good match for you. I can't wait to meet him.”


“Well what?”

“He's out of town on a business trip. He left this morning and he won't be back for a long while,” Dean lied. Castiel was on a cruise with his parents, thankfully.

“Well damn. Maybe next time. Oh, the plane is boarding, I'll call you when I get off. See you tonight.”


Dean hung up, knowing he had to be evasive of the situation in order to avoid sharing too much information. Castiel left for the cruise this morning so he wouldn't have to explain to Castiel that he may or may not have told his  brother that they were in an exclusive relationship. Castiel would most likely scoff and describe his plan as spurious.

Dean sighed and rubbed his eyes, unsure of what to do. The apartment was oddly quiet and lonely. He missed Cas.

The hallways were uncharacteristically quiet and there was no smell of burning candles.

Even Cas’ own intricate smell was missing. Peppermint and sweet candles. It wasn't the same when he wasn't here and it hurt more than ever.

Dean supposed that that's how his charade began. It started when he and Sam got in contact again after months of not talking; though he understood with college and all. It was simple. Kind of.

Dean was in love with Castiel. They moved in together almost two years ago and after Dean's break up with Lisa, Cas was there for him and they became inseparable after a year. Then Dean fell in love.

But he couldn't tell Cas. He didn't want to lose his best friend and certainly not the man of his dreams, so he reluctantly swallowed his feelings and kept them hidden. Inexorably it will end in failure but just being able to call him his made his heart ache with desperation, wishing he could tell Castiel about his ceaseless passion.

But they were just friends.


“It's so good to see you, man. God it feels like forever,” Sam chuckled, patting Dean's back as he hugged him.

“It's definitely been too long.”

Dean absolutely hated airports, just the thought of planes and flying made him cringe.

“I don't know how people can fly...god.”

Sam just chuckled and shook his head.

Once they arrived back at Dean's apartment, he could hear Sam's stomach.

“How do burgers sound?”

Dean opened the door, stopping in his tracks. Cas and Gabriel sat at the table,  both their attention snapping towards the two brothers.

“Burgers sound delish! Heya, Dean-o. Who's this tall drink of water? Your boyfriend?” He scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Sam spoke up immediately. “Actually I'm his brother. His boyfriend is sitting right next to you.”

Dean snapped his head to Sam, automatically going into panic mode.

“Is that true, Cassie?”

Cas tilted his head in confusion before realizing the situation according to Dean's reactions.  He then smiled softly.

“Yes,” he replied apathetically.

Castiel then stood abruptly, taking Dean's hand and practically dragging him into the kitchen.

Dean just followed, unsure of what he was going to say and how he was going to explain.

“Cas I-”

“Shush,” Cas silenced him, his gaze meeting Dean's. “What the hell is going on?”

“Long story short I sent Sam the photo you took of us cooking and he asked if you were my boyfriend and I accidentally said yes. I'm sorry if you're mad about it but Sam knows that I've been out of a relationship for the longest time and it felt good to say I wasn't alone anymore.”

“So you didn't consider the fact that I could actually be in a relationship and you pulled this scheme from God knows where.”

“I didn't...know you were in a relationship… I'm sorry.”

“I'm not in a relationship, Dean. Well, I guess I am now but that's not the point. You didn't let me know ahead of time and you were inconsiderate of my feelings.”

“You're right, I was. I'll tell Sam the truth,” Dean began to turn around but Cas pulled him back.

“Oh there's no way in hell I'm letting you out of this one. I'll be your fake boyfriend for the time being but there's something you gotta do for me.”

“What's that?”

“You gotta act the part.”

Dean looked blatantly confused, but listened anyways.

“I mean that’s the point, isn’t it? To be convincing. Gabriel’s already skeptical and I’ve only known about this for ten minutes. That’s not a good start, now is it?”

“I guess not. You’re right.”

“Good. Now, you’re at least two feet too far away from me but we’re alone and trying to be decent, so--” Castiel pulled Dean closer by his belt loops, and then Dean took the lead. He slipped his arms around Castiel’s lower torso as he heard footsteps.

“Why are you here anyways? I thought you were on a cruise?”

Cas swayed the pair a bit, looking into his eyes. “Mom and Dad got into an argument and I didn’t want to deal with that, so Michael stayed and Gabe dropped me off. Then invited himself inc naturally.”

They turned their heads, Sam and Gabe looking at them and groaning in disgust.

“That’s why I don’t smell anything cooking. You two are too busy sucking face. Come on, Jesus Christ. You’ll have plenty of time to fuck later.”

“No, this is sucking face,” Dean pressed his lips to Castiel’s his hand slipping down and grabbing his arse before pressing against him, making the other two flee.

Except Castiel didn’t stop kissing him. He slid his hands over Dean’s shoulders, his slim fingers tangling in his hair.

Dean let out a soft moan before he realized what he was doing. Before it could go any further, he pulled away. His cheeks were red, and so were Castiel’s. He cleared his throat before walking over to the fridge and pulling out the thawed out hamburger, tomatoes, cheese, ketchup and mustard.

Cas set the pan on the stove top and bit his lip. He knew they had to cook but he couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. Did he go too far? Would Dean realize that he actually had feelings for him? And would that lead to rejection?

He exhaled and ran his fingers through his tussled hair, looking over to Dean, who was walking over to him. He turned around and met the bearer of emerald eyes head on, smirking deviously before pulling him by his belt loops.

“That was quite a kiss,” Dean whispered, putting one hand on Castiel's hip.

“That it was,” Cas sighed, wracking his brain for something to say. “Does this mean we're going to share a bed for a week?”

Dean nodded. “Gotta make it convincing,”

“Your room or mine?”

“Mine. You don't mind our brothers sharing your bed, do you?”

Cas rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“God I don't even want to think of the disturbing things those two would do in there… I'm getting new sheets after the week,” Cas chuckled softly.


Cas was folding laundry and Dean was in the shower while Sam was asleep--an early bird.

Gabriel cleared his throat and leaned on the drier, looking at Castiel suspiciously.

“So how long do you plan to keep up this charade?” Gabriel piped up.

“I don’t know what you're talking about,” Castiel kept his tone steady, trying to keep this secret under wraps.

“Sure you don't.  You're in love with Dean, that's clear. But you clearly aren't in a relationship. It was almost convincing.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “Of course I'm in love with Dean. That's why we're together.”

“I'm just saying, I can't put my finger on it but there's something missing…”

“You're insane. Leave it alone and let me be happy.”

“I'm the insane one? You're blind, Cassie. It's not real, and I'm going to prove it!”

“There's nothing to prove. Dean and I are in a relationship and it's real.”

Just then, Dean turned the corner and wrapped his arms around Castiel and kissed his cheek. “Ready for bed, angel?”

Castiel felt his cheeks redden and his body melt against Dean, his better judgement slipping away for a moment.

Castiel knew that the route he was taking was a slippery slope, but if Dean was against it, he wouldn't have suggested it in the first place. Plus what could go wrong in a week?

Dean dragged Castiel to the bedroom, seeing how Cas was really into it.

“Dean?” Cas snapped out of his trance, sitting on the bed. He inhaled. It smelled like gunpowder and apple pie. Dean's scent.

“I'm sorry you have to lie to Gabriel, I just don't want-”

“Dean it's okay, really. But how far should we let this go? Is it going to continue after the week ends?”

“Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Gabriel's onto us. We have to do something…”

Dean bit his lip and scratched the back of his head, “Well…”

“What is it?”

“Nothing...nothing. You probably wouldn't be on board with it...well..”

“Tell me, Dean.”

“We could...I don't know...make them think we're doing something…”

Castiel’s eyes widened. “O-oh...I mean, well… how would we-oh.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah.”

“You'd do that just to convince them?”


Cas swallowed thickly, his palms beginning to sweat. What was going to happen if they fooled around and the end of the week came around? Would they still be friends? Would Dean try and laugh it off or would he be angry at Cas for actually liking it?

Castiel couldn't deny he was truly in love with Dean, but maybe he knew and wanted to make him feel better?

Before more intrusive thoughts flooded Castiel’s mind, Dean took the lead and crawled on the bed, one hand resting on the brunet’s chest. He pressed his lips to Cas’ neck, slowly kissing and running his tongue over the soft skin between his neck and his ear.

“Mm…” Cas wrapped his arms around Dean's torso, pulling up his shirt and running his fingers along the man's broad shoulders.

“Does that feel good, angel?” Dean purred, reaching between his thighs. “Don't hold back.”

Cas shifted his hips upwards, needing more friction. He hissed in pleasure, his mind racing.

What was Dean planning to do? Why was he so gentle with Cas? Was this just a part of his plan? He didn't know if he could handle being by Dean with his feelings floating around in the air he breathed.

He let his mouth fall open as Dean took off his pants, then his own shirt.

Their bodies were tangled as they exchanged hot, wet kisses, moans filling the air and his blunt nails digging into his back.

Dean's hand was wrapped around the older male’s member, slowly stroking it as he kissed along his ears and neck, enjoying the feel of his body quivering.

His thighs trembled in pleasure, his head thrown back in ecstasy. It was everything he had imagined, but better. Dean's calloused hands felt like pure gold against his cock, his lips better than heaven. He wanted this more, to be close, bodies pressed against one another in the throws of passion.


Dean nibbled his ear, “Patience, kitten…”

Cas gasped, feeling a heat pool in his lower abdomen as he bucked his hips, crying out his lover's name as he came hard.

“O-oh Dean…”

“Cas! Cas!”

Castiel's eyes flew open, panting and sweating. Dean was leaning over him, but he wasn't naked or covered in sweat.

Castiel sat up immediately.   Was it all a dream?

“What's the matter?” Dean sounded concerned.

“What do you mean?” Cas tried to keep his voice steady though his adrenaline was pumping and he felt the cum in his boxers.

“You were calling out my name in your sleep...are you okay? You sounded like you were in pain.”

Yeah, pain that you didn’t get to fuck me,” Cas thought.

“I don't know. Weird dream. I don't remember.”


“Thanks for taking us out, Sam,” Dean smiled, his arm wrapped around Cas. Cas was snuggled into his body, using any excuse to be close to Dean.

“Sure thing, man. It's the least I could do for letting me stay.”

Cas’ heartbeat was picking up, inhaling the scent of his ‘boyfriend’. He nuzzled Dean's shoulder, which caught the male’s attention.

“Hi,” he whispered, pecking the other's lips.

The stars were beautiful, and Cas loved the circumstances, but he only wished that Dean was truly his. The past two nights he'd had the same dream he did before, only it got worse...or better.

“What's on your mind, Cas?” Gabe asked, smirking.

It was at that moment Castiel realized he was staring at nothing, lost in his compendium of doubt and hormones.

“Nothing, just having a good time,” he flashed a smile before burying himself in Dean's side.

“Baby, are you okay?” Dean ran his hand over Cas’ head, getting worried about him. The phrase seemed so natural coming from his lips but he couldn't think about that now.

Cas abruptly stood up. “I...need some air. I'll be back.”

“Hey,” he looked up at the male, “be safe.”

“Are you sure Cas is okay? He's been acting weird... or at least to me.”

Dean sighed. “Sam I need to tell you something,” he exhaled. Dean thought that Castiel was uncomfortable with the whole thing, which made him feel more guilty about his actual feelings. So he spilled the truth to his brother and in front of Gabriel, only proving he was right.

A handful of apologies followed the confession, and Castiel still hadn't come back.

“I need to go find him…” Dean stood and went in the direction that Castiel went, looking around the park for him. He called out his name, searching for a short period of time before seeing him sitting by the water.

“Cas-” Dean reached out for him, holding his shoulder. “I told them. I don't want you uncomfortable doing this so I won't force you.  I'm sorry. You can punch me if you want to or-”

“It's fine,” Castiel looked down into the water, “Let's just go home.”


“They're already asleep, I'll take the couch…I'm sorry you got an earful from Gabriel. Sam forgave me though, thankfully.”

Cas looked up from his book, nodding. “It is what it is.”

“Stop that already. I thought I could handle it but--there's something you're not telling me.”

His breath hitched. “I don't know what you're talking about. It's late, let's turn in.”

Dean sat down on the bed and took his hand. “Tell me.”

Cas had half a mind to take away his hand and tell Dean he couldn't do that anymore.

“Well? Spill. We're best friends, right? I hope.”

He narrowed his eyes. “You want to know what’s wrong, Dean?”

Dean nodded.

“This. All of this. You drag me into your facade without taking my feelings into consideration, you laugh and smile like everything is fine. You kiss me like you're so damn hungry for me even when we're behind closed doors, you hold me like I'm the love of your life and you show me compassion like no one ever has and you're always there when I need you, like some goddamn Superman!”

Somewhere in the midst of his angry rant he began to sob angrily, his hands fisting Dean's shirt and clinging to him.

“I don't--”

“I'm not done! You don't understand how hard it was not to cry and fall apart. Why can't you get it through your thick skull?!”

“What?! What are you trying to say, Cas?”

“I'm in love with you, you dumbass!”

Dean let out a faltered chuckle. “Shut up. No you don't.”

Cas grabbed his shirt and pulled him, kissing his lips.

Dean pulled him into his lap fully, slowly caressing him. “For real?”

“Yes, for the love of God. You can hate me you can push me away I don't…”

“You're not getting away that easily.” Dean pulled Cas into another kiss, his hands roaming beneath his shirt.

“Wanna be my boyfriend?” Dean whispered against his lips.

“Could you be more romantic?” Cas groaned.

“Nope. Take it or leave it.”

Cas smiled and kissed him. “Yes.”

Dean laid him down and slowly pulled up his shirt, kissing along his torso.

“Wait.” Cas held Dean's hand before it went further. “Is this a dream?”

Dean shook his head, then pinched Cas’ arse.

“Ow! Assbutt!”

“You're not dreaming. Now let me suck you off because I know I'm not the only one who's been dreaming about it.”

Cas blushed, looking away. “Be more romantic…”


“I lost my boner,” Dean gagged, shuddering.

“I bet you five bucks I can bring it back,” he winked.

“You're on.”