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Mr. Reid?

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After two weeks, one in the hospital, and one at home, Reid was ready to get back to work. He wasn't going to listen to the doctors who told him to take longer and relax and heal. After many arguments with Morgan and a few with Hotch, they agreed that he could go back on Monday, but would not go to any crime scenes. Reid would stay at the office or at the place of setup headquarters when they travel until he was ready. He would do whatever was asked so he could get back to work and back to some normalcy. 

It is Saturday and Reid and Morgan are sitting at the table having coffee. Reid hadn't managed to get rid of all of Morgan's anger. They were doing ok, but it was always right there sitting on the sidelines.

Morgan's phone rings.


"Hey Morgan, How's the Doc?" Rossi says.

"Fine and dandy. What's up?" Morgan answers.

"I am having a get together tonight for my new book release and I was hoping you two could make it."

"We haven't really done much since Spencer was released. Let me see if he is up to it. Can I call you back in a few?"

"Of Course." Rossi lets Morgan go.

"Who was that?" Reid asks.

"Rossi. You up to going to a book release tonight? We don't have to if your not up to it. I wasn't sure if you would want to get out of the house."

Spencer thought about it for a minute, "Sure. That sounds good. We haven't done anything together in a while. It might be fun." He smiles at Morgan. "Is everyone going? It is weird not seeing them all almost everyday. I miss it."

Morgan is happy to hear Reid even bring up seeing the team again, and together no less. Maybe it will be a step in the right direction. "I'll call Rossi and get the details. It should be fun." Morgan kisses Reid as he passes by, leaving the room. 

Reid watches Morgan go into their bedroom, already on the phone. Baby steps Spencer, baby steps, he tells himself.

"Hey Rossi, we are in for tonight. Spencer seems to be ready to socialize a bit. Is everyone going to be there?"

Rossi answers, "Yeah everyone else is going to be there. The last book release was a bit crazy so I am doing a small intimate party. Just you guys and a few close friends in the publishing world, and a few journalists for a couple magazines. Just a bar, some food and friends."

"Sounds good Rossi. Where?"

"Oh just my house, I had the back yard set up and it looks like the weather will hold. It should be a warm night. Six O'clock. Oh make sure you dress nice. It may be just a few of us, but the magazines are sure to take pictures." 

"See you then."




"Spencer, we have to leave in the next fifteen minutes to make it there for six. You look fine, lets go." Morgan hadn't seen Spencer since he got home from the store two hours ago. He had used the spare bathroom and let Spencer use the one in their room. Reid was trying to get used to moving and getting himself dressed since the shooting. Morgan was letting Reid get back into doing everything himself.

Morgan hears the bedroom door open. "Thank God you're ready, we are going to be late." Morgan looks up and stops in his tracks.

Reid spent a good amount of time trying to get ready. He sees the look in Morgan's eyes and knows it was all worth it.

"You cut your hair." Morgan walks over to Reid, lifting his hands to play with the locks of hair on the top of Reid's head. He can see that Reid had cut the back of his hair very short, along the sides as well, but he left the top long enough to still be able to tuck behind his ears.

"Garcia came over and helped, is it ok?" Reid looks at Morgan, worry in his eyes. "I just needed something new."

Morgan pulls Reid down to him and kisses his mouth. It feels like forever since they have kissed like that. "You are gorgeous you know."

Reid laughs against Morgan's lips. "Says the Chocolate Adonis." He leans back into Morgan and kisses him again. "Does the suit look ok?"

"Christ Spencer. Yes, the suit is great. You look fantastic." Spencer had definitely outdone himself. His gray suit fit perfect and he look unbelievable. "I'm going to look shabby next to you." 

"Please, you look wonderful. I always love the black suit with the purple shirt. Very sexy Derek."

"You ready Spencer?"

"Time for the coming out." Reid smiles at Morgan.

"You ok with this?"

"Yes. I am. I am ready, with you I can do anything."

"Let's go love. Lets go see the family." Morgan grabs his hands and leads him out the door.




"Holy shit, Rossi went all out." Morgan comments as they park a few houses down from Rossi's. 

There were twinkle lights in all the trees in the yard and lit up paper lanterns hanging here and there.

As they walk up the drive way Reid grabs Morgan's hand. Baby steps.

The door has a sign to go on through to the back. Morgan opens the door and steps through into Rossi's foyer, taking Reid with him. He makes his way through the kitchen. He notices the back yard is lit up bright. There are thousands of lights in the trees and lanterns hung every where. "It looks like when J.J. and Will were married times a thousand. 

"It does." Reid agrees.

Morgan opens the door to deck and sees a few tables set up, bright white table clothes, fine China plates and champagne glasses. He wonders about how this is a bar and a few people hanging out for a book release. He pulls Spencer out to the edge of the deck and sees the bar and a dance floor, there is a dj in the back playing soft music.

"I thought he said a bar and some food?" Morgan looks at Reid.

"Weird. Come on." Reid grabs Morgan tighter and steps off the deck.

Morgan gets closer to the tables. He sees a table set up with a cake. He looks across to the tables and sees Rossi and Hotch with Beth and Jack smiling up at them. He turns and sees Garcia, Kevin, and Prentiss. J.J. and Will holding Henry are near by. Standing with J.J. is his Mom and two sisters. 

He turns and looks at Reid.

"Well, we never celebrated with anyone. Standing up in front of some judge with a witness we hardly know isn't very romantic. I thought maybe it was time to lighten up and have some fun. Plus, Rossi throws the best parties."

Morgan pulls his hand bringing Reid directly in front of him. "You are brilliant and wonderful. Do you know that?"

"I am brilliant, that I know. You make me wonderful though." Reid leans in and kisses Morgan. Morgan reaches an grabs the back of Reid's head and deepens the kiss. 

Hooting and cheering come from the small crowd. Reid pulls back and smiles at Morgan. Not such a baby step Spencer, he thinks, great giant leap, and it didn't even hurt. 

"Go see your Mom. They just got here a little bit ago." Reid kisses him and walks over to Rossi.

"Don't let anyone ever tell you you can't throw a party. You may be in the wrong business. It is beautiful." Reid actually leans in and hugs Rossi.

Rossi tries to hide his surprise at the hug he has been granted. He knows Reid isn't big on hugs, even hand shakes are too much for him. "You gave me the money and what you wanted and boom. I deliver. You look happy Spencer. You made him very happy."

Reid looks across the dance floor to the other side of the tables. Morgan is laughing and joking with his family. It took one phone call and a credit card but he was able to get all three Morgan's to be here. It seems to be right. Spencer's family is his team. He knows his Mom can't be there. Derek needed his family there too.

"It took me a while and some being put in my place to fully understand, but I got here."

"Yes you did. That's what matters. I have this all worked out Reid. Food, toasts, dancing, cake, and then we put the Mom, sisters, and kids to bed and then the team celebrates a bit, just us. You relax, for once, let your family handle it. Go mingle." Rossi pushes Reid to the group.

"Nice hair Spence, boy band look again?" J.J. smiles up at him.

"Ha ha. I needed the change. Garcia did it for me." Reid rubs his hand over the back of his head feeling the almost shaved hair. "Feels kind of weird."

"It looks hot though." Garcia says as she walks over to them. She hands Reid a glass filled with champagne, "Can you have that?"

"I didn't take any meds today so I could celebrate. No worries."

"Let's go get that handsome husband and get this party started!"




Morgan doesn't think he has laughed this much in years. Food is served and drinks are being poured. Stories are being shared and he doesn't think he has ever been this happy.

Rossi stands up and clinks his glass. Everyone stops talking and looks to him.

"I want to thank everyone for coming. I want to thank Spencer for allowing us to celebrate with both himself and Derek. Everyone here tonight is family. We may have entered each others lives at different times, but we have come to be family. Thank you for letting us share in celebrating with both of you." 

"Cheers" the group takes a drink toasting both the men.

Reid stands and begins. "Thank you for coming. Um. Most of you know that I tend to ramble and spit out things out, I am going to try not to do that. Exactly," Reid looks at his watch, "364 days, 19 hours and 44 minutes ago Derek asked if I wanted to do a movie and hang out. I told him that night that I loved him. The next day I went to work wearing the same clothes I had worn the day before and no one noticed. We didn't tell anyone because we didn't want to ruin anything. It was new and exciting and truth be told I was scared. I didn't want either of us to have to leave the BAU, I didn't want the team to change the way they acted towards us. It was easier to just let it be ours. We figured eventually we would share. Time went by and I just kept asking Derek to wait before we said anything. He asked me to marry him and four weeks later after a case we went and made it legal. Even after that I asked him to wait to tell everyone. I wanted to see what the FBI was going to do about the marriage. After two months they figured out that the team was still the best they had and our marriage didn't cause a problem at all. We had the green light on our jobs, but still I asked him to wait. I told him just a little longer. Then I somehow got shot and well, here we are. There haven't been many people in my life that I have loved unconditionally. The few I have tend to leave. I kept Derek as close to me as I could, worried that if I shared too much it wouldn't be just ours anymore. It took getting shot, plus a few choice words, to figure out that I was being a bit ridiculous. My family needed to be part of this. My family needed to be as excited and happy as I was. It took time but I figured it out. Thank you for being my family, for supporting us, even though it was kept from you."

Reid turns and looks at Morgan. "I am not good at this, you know that. I have no experience to help me figure out the rights and wrongs. I do know that you are the best thing I have ever had in my life. From the first day I walked into the BAU and you looked at me like an awkward kid with a big brain, I knew you were amazing. It took a few years for us to figure out which way we were moving, but we figured it out. I am proud to be yours. Thank you for having me." 

Reid bends down and kisses Morgan, they both start laughing together. "Do I have to worry about what you are going to say?"

"Just a bit Pretty Boy. Have a drink, it will help." Morgan kisses him again and stands. "My turn, Mom you might want to block your ears for some of this." Morgan turns and looks at Reid who is already red and embarrassed. "Almost a year ago exactly, I am not going to try to figure out the minutes, Spencer came over for a typical movie night. Out of no where, in the middle of Star Trek, he looks at me and tells me he loves me. Since that moment things haven't been the same. He really did wear the same clothes the next day, wrinkled and a mess, and no one said anything. No one even noticed the fact that he had a hickey on his neck. It was almost a game to see what we could get away with. Baby Girl, Your office is not very pure!" 

"Oh My God!" Garcia yells.

"Spencer bet me you would figure it out. You never did, even after like the tenth time." Penny and everyone start laughing and Reid is beat red. "I am glad you are all excited and happy to share in our news. It makes thing easier. No more dodging nights out, no more listening to Emily ask my husband if he had a hot date with any chicks that weekend. Oh and J.J. and Emily, he really is that pale, everywhere."

"Derek!?" Reid yells at him.

"Spencer you are brilliant and amazing and sometimes a bit of a pain in the ass. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me a better person. That sounds silly and over used but it is true. I am lucky to have you. This family is lucky to have you. I plan on spending every single day of my life making sure you remember that. I love you to pieces, with all that I have and am." 

Morgan leans in a catches Reid's mouth and kisses him.




Drinks and dancing take over the night. Partners are switched and there is nothing but laughter and joy coming from Rossi's back yard. Toasts are made, cake is cut, and love is celebrated and shared.

Morgan kisses his Mom and sisters as they head off in Kevin's car to their hotel. Beth takes Jack and Will takes Henry into Hotel Rossi. No one is going to be driving anywhere that night.

The team has moved a table into the middle of the yard and they are all sitting around it. There is plenty of alcohol littering the table.

"Ok, before you both got here we decided we would have a questions around the table for you. Then we knew Reid would never answer half the questions." Rossi declares.

"Yeah because he won't give kinky details." Prentiss laughs.

"Right," Rossi rolls his eyes, "we decided a famous BAU game of I Have Never Ever would be played. You have to be truthful and drink when you are supposed to. It is tradition and it must be played" 

"Plus we can get details." Garcia high fives Prentiss.

"Oh God." Reid sits up higher in his chair. 

"I'll start." J.J. says, "I have never ever had sex on Garcia's desk chair."

Morgan and Reid take a shot.

"Holy shit, I sit on that chair." Garcia laughs, "Ok my turn. I have never ever had sex in the work elevator"

Morgan and Reid take a shot.

The laughter is floating around the yard "Ok, my turn," Hotch jumps in, "I have never ever had sex on the BAU plane."

Morgan, Reid, J.J. and Rossi all take a shot. Eyes fly to J.J. and Rossi.

"I'm next," Rossi skips over the looks he is getting, " I have never ever been the chick in a relationship."

Garcia, J.J., Prentiss, Reid and Morgan all do a shot.

"Holy shit, they take turns." Prentiss screeches out.

Reid starts laughing and Morgan kisses him. Not one person judging anyone for anything.

"Ok, My turn," Prentiss tries to get serious, "I have never ever had sex in Rossi's bathroom today."

Morgan takes a shot but Reid interrupts, "What constitutes Sex, is getting head sex?"

"Holy Shit! Spence, just take the shot!" Morgan is laughing his ass off.

"Ok, my turn" Reid looks over the people at the table, "I have never ever had a better family than this."

"Awww" Every laughs, no shots are taken.




"Did you have good time tonight" Reid asks as he takes his shirt off. He has no idea where his tie or jacket have gone.

Morgan looks over at Reid and sees him slipping is shirt off. Reid's chest is still covered with a bandage. He can see the red irritated skin around it.

"It was amazing. Thank you, and thanks for getting my Mom and sisters here." Morgan walks over to Reid and sits him down on the bed. Rossi has given them the downstairs bedroom, away from everyone. He picks up Reid's foot and unties his shoe, slipping it off, moving to the next one. 

"Tomorrow we can pick them up and spend the day with them. They have to leave Monday morning, but I didn't care if they would only have two days here, I wanted them to celebrate with us." Reid lays back across the bed. 

The day is wearing on Reid. He is tired and is a little more than drunk.

"You probably shouldn't have drank so much, Spencer. The last two weeks haven't been easy for you."

"Oh well. I never do this. I will have a killer hang over tomorrow but it was worth it. I have never had so much fun before. Well, let me rephrase that, I have never had this much fun before with all of them! I would have to say that you and I have had a lot of fun in the last year."

Morgan finishes taking off Reid's pants and he himself strips to his boxers. He crawls up along Reid and curls him around himself. Reid rests his head on Morgan's chest. "We have had lots of fun the last year Spencer. The best in my whole life. It is nice to know that we have all this time ahead of us to keep having the best times. I love you Doctor Spencer Reid."

"I love you Derek Reid, always."