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Three-Point Shot

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Team 1 had discovered that behind one of the school's locked gates there were two large buildings. One of which was a casino that two of the students had taken to exploring.

"This place is huge!" Akamatsu declared.

"Quite so, if a bit too flashy for my tastes," Shinguuji added.

The casino operated with a system of game tokens that could be redeemed for an assortment of prizes. None of the prizes seemed all that impressive, and there certainly wasn't anything that could help the group escape, but the entertainment value held within was certainly appealing.

"At least we never have to worry about getting bored," Akamatsu observed.

"Perhaps, though games of chance have led more than one man to ruin in the past," Shinguuji said, apparently in recollection.

"Speaking from experience?" Akamatsu wondered.

"Heavens, no," the anthropologist replied, "I merely wish to avoid anything untimely happening to someone."

The masked boy turned, and noticed something interesting in the main hall of the casino. "Ah, it seems you've hit the proverbial jackpot, my dear."

The blonde turned to follow his gaze. "Whoa!"

It was a gorgeous piano, colored gold to match the bright atmosphere of the building. Akamatsu rushed over and sat in front of the instrument, her hands hovering over the keys.

"Oh? Will I be so privileged as to receive a private concert?" Shinguuji wondered.

Akamatsu shook her head, "No, actually, you've given me a great idea! We could have a big casino night! We'd all hang out together, we could get dressed up! Wait... no... we don't have any formal wear..."

"I'm sure we could think of something," Shinguuji reassured her.

"Thanks, Shinguuji-kun." Akamatsu smiled. "Y'know, once you get past the creepy vibe you give off, you're actually a pretty nice guy."

Shinguuji took a small bow in jest. "I thank you for your compliments, my dear. I enjoy your company as well. You oft remind me of my sister."

"You have a sister?" Akamatsu asked.

"Yes. I hope I could introduce you to her someday."

The pianist smiled. "That sounds nice."

"Forgive me for intruding."

The third member of their team, Kiibo, appeared before them.

"Oh, hey! How'd your search of the other building go?" Akamatsu asked.

"I'm afraid the door was locked," Kiibo explained, "but the sign outside leads me to believe it is something called a 'Love Hotel'."

The two human students' eyes widened in shock.

"I'm afraid no information on such a facility exists in my memory. Could one of you explain it to me?" Kiibo requested, blissfully unaware.

The two other Ultimates glanced at one another, somewhat uncomfortable with this turn of events.

Akamatsu then quickly called, "Not it!"

Team 2 found a new building to the side of the gym. Said building contained a fairly large indoor pool, though it appeared to not have much water within.

"Man... so much for regular laps," Momota lamented.

"Angie thinks it's just about perfect," the artist replied. "The water's perfect for a few special spiritual techniques she wanted to try. Haven't gotten the chance since Angie moved from her home island."

"Yeah, not exactly a steady transition, huh?" Momota offered. He had never really moved that much as a kid, but he knew from what he'd heard from others that it was never easy.

"All that matters is that God is with Angie no matter where she goes," Angie said, closing her eyes as if in prayer, "That way, Angie knows that she can find peace and happiness and all that."

Momota shrugged. "Whatever does it for you, I guess."

"Apparently, we're not allowed to swim at night," their third member, Hoshi, commented.

"For reals?" Angie asked. Hoshi pointed to a list of pool regulations. "Man... night swims are some of the best."

"I feel ya," Momota commented. "Of course, anything's better when there's stars in the sky, if you ask me."

Hoshi, for his part, merely looked at the pool, somewhat dour.

"Something wrong?" Momota asked.

"Swimming has never really been an option for me," Hoshi admitted.

Realization dawned for the taller boy. "Oh! Right! 'Cuz you've been in jail for so long..."

"I was actually referring to my height, but thank you for reminding me of that," Hoshi deadpanned.

"No worries Ryoma!" Angie cheered. "Angie can totes teach you how to swim! She used to teach kids back home, like, all the time!"

"Don't bother," the ex-tennis pro replied, "I don't really care."

"Aw c'mon, Ryoma, don't be like that! God's there to make sure all of us can experience the funnest parts of life!" Angie cheered.

"Heh," Hoshi chuckled, "If there is a God, I doubt he cares about me anymore."

The short boy simply walked away after that.

"I'll give him this," Momota acknowledged, "man can make an exit."

"What's he talking about? There's totes a God, right Kaito?" Angie protested.

"Meh, I'll believe it when I see it," was the astronaut's answer.

"Everyone here but Angie is so weird."

Team 3 had stumbled upon two more research labs, and by a stroke of good fortune, had brought the two girls who were offered their Heaven on Earth with them.

Yumeno's research lab was filled to the brim with magic paraphernalia, for every kind of stage trick imaginable. She'd protest that her work wasn't tricks, but real magic, though seemed very appreciative of her new supplies anyway.

And yet, even her excitement over what was made available was surpassed by Chabashira's.

"Oooh, Tenko is so happy to get to see Yumeno-san in her element!" Chabashira cheered, "Do you think your magic will be fully recharged soon?"

"Well..." Yumeno pondered, "I didn't really get much sleep last night because of the trial. Maybe in a few days?"

"Tenko will wait however long you need! Maybe Tenko could be your lovely assistant..."

"I'm not a magician, I'm a mage," Yumeno scolded.

"Oh, of course..." Chabashira sheepishly replied, "Tenko doesn't know what she was thinking. Yumeno's lovely enough on her own anyway."

"You keep saying stuff like that. Are you gay or something?" Yumeno asked.

Chabashira's eyes bulged. "Uhh... let's check on Toujou-san..." she advised, pushing Yumeno out of the room in the process.

When the two arrived in Toujou's room, they were in awe of the Victorian-era decor. The lab was like an old English dining hall, though off to the side were a wall of washing machines and an array of vacuum cleaners of various makes and models.

"Wow..." the two new visitors announced.

Toujou walked out of the nearby closet and declared, "Yes. This will certainly make all my work much easier. I will be more than capable of cleaning spills with these materials. And we may begin communal laundry for simplicity's sake."

"Tenko doesn't want her clothes mixed in with the menaces'!" the aikido practitioner demanded. "The very thought of that..."

"That is fine. We can have separate washes for the men and women," Toujou assured.

Yumeno yawned. "Ah... do you ever do anything besides clean?"

"I cook," the maid protested.

"And what else?" Yumeno asked.

"I prepare for the next task," Toujou replied, somewhat confused. "What else would you like me to do?"

"What do you do for fun?" Yumeno clarified.

"To me, my work is fun," Toujou explained. "There's nothing more satisfying than a job well-done."

"That sounds awful..." Yumeno muttered.

"Eee!" Chabashira squealed. "Yumeno-san is so considerate! That just makes her cuter!"

"Seriously, are you gay or not?" Yumeno questioned.

Chabashira quite noticeably didn't answer.

Ouma cursed his poor luck at being assigned to Team 4. Gonta wasn't a problem most of the time, but now he was in his recently-found research lab. The room was basically one large insect terrarium, with a tree in the middle that had beehives hanging off of it.

"These poor bugs," Gonta lamented, "Until Gonta got here, there probably wasn't anybody to feed them. But it's okay now. Gonta will keep them safe!"

"Good to hear," Ouma offered, "I'll go check on Iruma-chan."

"Have fun!"

"I'll... do my level best," Ouma replied, less-than-politely excusing himself. Once he had finally vacated the room, he shuddered. Ouma would hardly consider himself afraid of bugs, per se. Rather, he considered himself merely averse to their presence. And this was a nail in the coffin for his previous plan.

Gonta wasn't that bright, but he was by far the most physically capable member of the group. These two traits made him an ideal minion in Ouma's mind, but now that he had his lab? Now that he'd be taking care of those disgusting creepy-crawlies 24/7?

Mark him down as a 'maybe' and move on.

As he made his way down the hall, he noted a strange door, done up in 8-bit style, but locked. Nearby, he saw Iruma next to what appeared to be a treasure chest.

"Any luck?" Ouma asked.

The inventor scoffed, "Sorry Liarboy, but we got gypped. This box is as empty as a virgin's asshole."

"Hmm... I wonder what used to be in it," Ouma mused.

"Something big and heavy, I bet," Iruma guessed, "Oh! And I found the midget's lab."

"Which one?" Ouma asked.

"The tennis midget," Iruma clarified. "Damn, we got a lot of shorties around here don't we?"

"Indeed. I'm guessing it's basically an indoor tennis court?" the dictator wondered.

"Yep. Hey, do you think it's proportional?" Iruma asked, apropos of nothing.

Ouma was briefly taken aback. "By 'it' do you mean..."

"Heck yeah! But you gotta figure with a voice like that, his balls must be huge! And I don't mean the green, fuzzy ones. Or do I?" Iruma raised an eyebrow on that last statement.

Ouma backed away, slowly. "Not sure, but if you find out anything about Kii-boy, let me know. My interest was piqued."

As Ouma walked away, he heard Iruma call back, "Robosexual, huh?! No shame in it! We've all had that phase!"

Iruma's technical know-how was useful, but her personality was far too abrasive for Ouma to bear. Definite 'no' on the minion front.

As Ouma wandered aimlessly in his attempt to escape, he found himself in front of an ornate red door, trimmed with gold. He reached his hand to the knob, only for the door to open a crack and an occupant to peer out.

"What are you doing?" Harukawa asked, pointedly.

"Oh, we were exploring. Is this your lab?" Ouma tried to peer his head around Harukawa, who had made a point of blocking his view into the room.

"Yes. And I don't want anyone in here but me. Got it?" Harukawa's gaze narrowed.

"C'mon, c'mon! Just a peek?" Ouma pleaded. "I won't tell, I promise."

"Your word means as much as a 3 dollar bill," Harukawa reminded him. "And if I catch you anywhere near my lab again, you will wake up very confused as to why your arms are attached to the wrong sides." She then slammed the door in Ouma's face.

"Hmm..." Ouma muttered. "Intimidating, intelligent, capable of keeping a secret, and not afraid of what anyone thinks of her?"