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A Safe Place Away

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Going back to a place you never thought you would go to again, threw you off. You thought that chapter in your life was closed for good. Only to revisit it in your memories when a prick of loneliness would strike you. Little did you know that you would inherit your Grandmother’s old outdoors supply store from when she passed away a few months ago.

Tapping your fingers in agitation on your steering wheel, seeing your destination getting closer by the minute with the GPS on your phone. For some reason you felt an energy bubbling under your skin, itching to be released. You at first thought it was nerves and dread of going back to a place you haven't been to in almost thirteen years, but thinking about it now that restlessness wasn’t nerves or dread, it was excitement. Excitement to start over again. You spent the majority of your life growing up surrounded by cold steel and smooth concrete. A place where you could get the unhealthiest food delivered to your door at three in the morning. Thinking back you don’t miss the bustle of bodies pressing and squeezing each other to get by, hurrying to work. You don’t miss the pollution and lack of stars in the sky. You missed the forest you used to love and explore with the boy whose smile was like sunshine. You miss your friends however and your small two bedroom apartment that honestly you don't know how you got to afford.

Maybe it’s because the landlord wanted you as his daughter-in-law, so his vampire of a son MinJae would finally settle down and stop bringing home interesting companions who changed like the time. Or maybe your rent went down because you had the enjoyment of interrupting one of his nightly session by taking the stairs to haul out some broken down boxes that Wheenin didn’t appreciate you getting her to use for a cat house since you couldn’t splurge on the fancier ones. You went down two flights of stairs when you saw, the MinJae down on his knees in front of a very handsome Werewolf male with his fingers curled into MinJae's hair. The Werewolf male had a female Vampire sucking hickeys into his neck. You squeaked in surprised, fumbling with your hold on the boxes in your hand that tumbled down the rest of the stairs. MinJae was turning his head to look back at you when the Werewolf, who you guessed to be an Alpha, growled at MinJae and roughly shoving him back down onto his cock. The female vamp moaned at the sight and brought her hand down to grab a fistful of MinJae's hair to keep him in place. Scurrying back up the flight of stairs you left the cardboard boxes where they lie and never made eye contact with MinJae again.

Wheein your orange tabby, who was not happy to be moved from her comfy perch by the window to be placed in a cat carrier that consisted of way too many hours. You swear she had it out for you three gas stations back. You had a job in the city working as a temp secretary for very well off company. You had little love for numbers and never wanted the jobs the degree offered, but it was a degree your mom had her heart set on. You had no real choice in the matter when your parents paid the bills. After graduating college you moved from one city to the next to get away from your mom hovering over you at all times. You used Your degree to get a job that you could stand for the most part. While working you used the time to look for what you wanted to do with your life.

The thing was, you didn't know what you wanted to do. When your grandma was hospitalized, your parents had her live with them, to take care of her. You didn’t visit that much. To this day you regretted not visiting her when she still lived in the mountains. You regretted not visiting her when she was staying with your parents, no longer able to do things on her own,living out her last days. You just quietly regretted your decision. Too much of a coward to face your mom and to deal with her questions about your life and when you'll start acting like an adult.

Coming back to the present, you didn’t know if the house you grew up in as a child was still in livable condition. Your parents said the Ahn’s were taking care of it’s upkeep the same with the outdoors store that they continued to run for your family, out of respect and love for your grandmother. The last time you saw the house was as a child when you were six years old.

You never imagined in your six years of life that you would be leaving the home you knew so well to always smell of heady herbs and oils. When your parents told the you the news that you were moving to the city because your mother suddenly had a job offer she couldn’t pass up on,it didn’t register in your young mind. When the news sunk in the day your mom started to pack away your picture frames that was when it hit you. You would no longer live with your grandma and enjoy her bedtime stories, her home baked food, and her warm smiles. You grew depressed with the passing days. Even the boy you remember named Hobi, which now thinking on really isn't his real name, couldn’t bring you out of your sadness.

The night before you left, you packed a small bag with your favorite stuffed animal, a brown wolf that your grandma got you for your birthday that looked very similar to the smiling boy. Some cookies you saved from your deserts two nights ago, a small blanket and a sundress. At that age that seemed like enough supplies to live the rest of your life on in the forest.

You waited for your parents to fall asleep and for the house to go quite. Your Grandmother already in bed hours ago. Your parents didn’t question to deeply why you went to bed the night before you moved with no or tears begging them to stay or to at least let you stay instead. Maybe they were happy to have one night in a week without it turning into a struggle to calm you down. Waiting with bated breath, you listened to the silence of your house. Creeping out of your room you listened to every creak and groan of the house. Making sure your parents weren't going to spring out and stop you.

Sneaking into the kitchen, you placed your letter, full of messy writing saying you were going to live in the forest for the rest of your life and that Hobi would be with you, and you would visit your grandmother, so they didn’t have to worry about her. Pulling your red coat that always brought a chuckle or warm smile from the pack wolf pack that lived in town.

After shutting the backdoor to the house, you scurried to the forest tree line. Once passing the first few trees, you clicked on your flashlight, and made a run for it through the forest, afraid your parents would suddenly pop out behinds a tree and whisk you away to the evil city.

You knew that you would go to the hiding spot only you and Hobi knew of. your hiding spot in the forest with a small clearing and a makeshift fort Hobi and his friend built. You couldn’t remember Hobi’s Friend’s name. You Remembered that he was tall and gangly, with silver hair and that he would break things on accident all the time. You remembered one time where he knocked over the entire shelf of hiking sticks by just passing by them.

With determination in your steps you made your way through the forest, getting closer to the clearing. On your way to your new home, the weather decided to shift from a clear crisp night to a cold, wet down pour. Hurrying in your steps, you still were a ways away from your fort. Miserable you trudge on your way.

Slamming the makeshift fort’s door closed, you hunched down in the little room. Clay bowls, wooden spoons and old toys littered the makeshift forts floor. With no warmth in the fort and no coat besides a small blanket in your bag, you wished you had your warm puffy comforter with the little cats all over the blanket to snuggle up to, to keep you warm. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you grabbed your brown stuffed wolf, sniffling, you curled into a ball on the floor. Hiding your tears and whimpers into your wolf, you wished your Mom and Dad were there to warm you up with their hugs and that Hobi was there to hold your hand and warm you with his smile. Closing your eyes you fell into a fitful sleep.

Hearing a familiar whine is what broke you from your restless sleep. Cracking an eye open, you felt a stabbing pain in the back of your skull. Clenching your eyes tight. You stayed still, hoping the pain to go away. Feeling a damp snout push against your forehead. You reached out weakly, feeling the snout shift and push into your hand. The action made your emotions overflow, you broke into a sob and clutched blindly to whatever fur you could hold onto. “Hobi.” You sobbed, curling into a ball. “It hurts, Hobi.” Cracking your eyes open into a small slits, you looked into the eyes of a wolf. The eyes of your favorite brown wolf. “Hobi, I miss my Mom and-” Hiccuping over the words you stuttered out, “I m-miss my Daddy. Hobi, I’m scared.” More tears flooded your eyes as you cried in Hobi’s fur coat. The wolf whined and whimpered. Feeling warm fur curl around your body your vision faded to black.

Waking in daze, You felt the warm soft fur beneath your fingertips. Snugging closer to the warmth, You heard voices. You could hear your Dad’s voice and some others that sounded familiar to you, near by. With the haze and pain clouding your mind you only paid attention to your Dad's voice. All you wanted was for your dad to hold you and make the pain go away. “Daddy?” You croaked out in a whimper. Turning to the sound of your Dad’s voice, you heard the voices quiet and felt a cool hand touch your forehead and your Dad whisper soothing words to you before you slipped back into oblivion


That was the last time you ever saw your Grandmother. The last time you walked to your secret fort and the last time you saw Hobi.