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I have a harem?!?

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Hotaru walked home from school down the path to her apartment. Her pace was quick because she wanted to get home early today. She had a surprise waiting. She walked past the front of the complex and looked for mattsun's scooter. "Hmm, matsuoka-san must not be home yet" she thought climbing the stairs. She walked past haruki's room, which had a package shoved in the mail slot. She pushed it farther in to make sure it wouldn't be stolen. She knocked on his door and no one answered. Hotaru wondered where everyone was. She brushed it off and rummaged through her bag for her key. And rummaged.....aaand rummaged and rummaged some more.

"Huh, huh?, huh!"

Hotaru continued to search her bag for the key to her room. She could have sworn she saw it earlier. It really wasn't like her to lose things. She was usually very responsible.
She searched her bag again. Then the stairs. The path to her apartment. She even retraced her steps. She had already been searching for at least half an hour.

"Ahh!" She slid to the floor. "I give up".
Hotaru was moping when yukimura came out of his room.
Tachibana-kun? She looked up "yukimura-Saaan" she whimpered. "Tachibana-kun what's the matter, I heard a scream". "Oh, my apologies yukimura-San. I didn't mean to disturb you....I lost my key" she said hanging her head.
"Really? You can just call the apartment complex and have them bring you a new one". Hotaru instantly perked up. "That's a great idea yukimura-san!" She started celebrating and jumping around. Yukimura laughed. Hotaru was too caught up in despairing to think straight, and he wondered how long she would have been left moping before she thought of that.
"I lose my key all the time, don't worry about it" he simply replied. Hotaru thought about how messy Yukimura's room was, and suddenly understood.

Yukimura dialed the number and handed the phone to Hotaru. Hotaru was caught off guard and talked nervously into the phone. "Ah, yes! Hello? Ahh...I'm sorry to bother you but I lost my card and can't get into my roo- yes....202, mhmm, yes, okay, thank you sir!" Hotaru ended the call and hung her head, passing the phone back to yukki. "They said it would take at least half an hour before they could bring a new key" she despaired again. "That's not too bad, unless you have something important to do" he commented. Hotaru nervously blushed and responded no, looking down. Yukimura looked at her questioningly but said she could stay in his room until they came. "Thank you yukimura-san!" She cheered, tears in her eyes. Yukimura wondered why she was so expressive.

Walking inside, yukki wailed sadly about how mattsun was off running errands. Hotaru asked about haruki and said that he hadn't warned him that he left. Hotaru thought that that wasn't what she meant.
Yukki said he would make some tea, so Hotaru should get comfortable. "I've never really had single guests over other than mattsun so I'm not sure what to do" he said shyly getting a some of the few clean cups from his cupboard. "Ahh that's okay, it's kind enough of you to let me into your home yukimura-san" hotaru smiled. "You don't need to apologize for anything" she said sincerely. Yukki was taken aback and dropped a cup.

Hotaru threw the broken pieces in the trash while yukimura apologized for dropping it. "Don't worry yukimura-San" she replied smiling. Yukki turned away bashfully, he really didn't know how to deal with people. Hotaru was so nice to him, he felt strangely comfortable, almost like how he felt around mattsun.
"May I help make the tea yukimura-san? It's the least I can do since you let me into your home". Yukki agreed.

Some light cleaning and conversation, two more broken cups, a ruined school uniform and a mess on the floor later, they gave up on making the tea.
(Honestly how can you expect the 2 biggest spazzes on the team to make something as complicated as tea).

"Here Tachibana-kun, you can wear this until you get the keys to your room" Yukki said handing her some clothes. "I'm sorry that I don't have any clean pants". Seeing as how the room was so messy, Hotaru was surprised he even had any clean clothes to lend her at all. She thanked him and changed in the restroom. In the mirror she could see that the button up shirt and cardigan fit her like a dress. She didn't like the exposed feeling.

"Thank you again yukimura San" she said walking out of the bathroom blushing, adjusting the cardigan so that It covered more of her. Yukki blushed thinking how this situation seemed much like an ero manga. He could see hotaru's face was bright red. She was trembling and started sputtering out how embarrassing it was. Yukki tried to calm hotaru down but before he could speak, Hotaru did. "I'm sorry yukimura-san, you invited me into your home and have been so kind but I have only inconvenienced you by being here, I am truly sorry" she gloomily stated, bowing down. Yukimura was quiet for a moment and then started laughing. He couldn't believe that even after he ruined tachibana's uniform and made a mess, all that hotaru could think about was apologizing, yukki was blown away. Hotaru looked up, surprised and confused. "Don't apologize tachibana-kun", he smiled, "I'm not inconvenienced, I am only helping a friend" he replied sincerely. Hotaru smiled with tears again and Yukki sat across from her in the kotatsu. She wiped her tears and smiled again. "Yukimura-san you are too kind" she commented. Yukimura blushed at the compliment, he had never been used to this much praise. "I will be sure to be more responsible in the future! I hope I can learn from this". Yukki laughed. He said that not responsibility comes from growing up, even though he was an adult he still had trouble keeping up with his responsibilities like washing his clothes or cleaning his room. He said that responsibility takes self-motivation and that Hotaru was definitely that kind of person, so he didn't have to worry.

They suddenly heard a muffled banging sound. Confused for a second Hotaru instantly realized that someone was knocking on a door. "Yukimura-san I think they've brought the key!" They got up and opened the door to see the man still knocking. Hotaru rushed out and must have surprised the man. She started thanking him and he handed her the key, blushing at her sincere enthusiasm.....and her outfit. Hotaru thanked yukimura-san again and he shyly accepted it. The man gave Yukki a funny look. Yukki instantly got the hint and started embarrassingly explaining the situation. Hotaru realized how this must of looked, screamed and ran back into yukki's room embarrassed. Yukki drove away the man and Hotaru rushed back into her room. She closed the door and stood there trying to catch in her breath. The first thing she wanted to do was put on some pants, but then she remembered the surprise and why she had been so anxious about getting in here in the first place. She shook off the embarrassment and started gathering the supplies, after changing her outfit. She threw on some cargo shorts and a pullover with some slip on shoes. She would return yukki's clothes tonight when she would take over the surprise.

The team gathered in yukki's apartment almost every night to hang out and discuss team strategies. Mattsun always made food, he was really the only one who could cook. Hotaru wanting to make mattsun happy, and impress the adults, decided to make food this time. She had bought all the ingredients to make curry, which she thought was simple enough to do. She laid them out, and began the challenge. This was going to be the best!

Meanwhile, Mattsun and Haruki also had a similar idea.
Wanting to surprise hotaru for pretty much saving the team, they decided they'd get a cake to celebrate the team's renewal. It was originally mattsun's idea but Haruki got mixed up in it when he nosily asked mattsun what he was ordering.
"it's a cake for tonight" he said tapping haruki's face. "a cake?" haruki asked annoyed at the act "why? What's happening tonight?". "We're throwing a party!" Mattsun said shooting a thumbs up. "A party? Is it someone's birthday?" "Nope, just a team celebration". "Team celebration? that's lame" haruki commented leaning back against the stair railing. Mattsun smiled. "It'll be a good team bonding experience, especially since it's been awhile since toy gun gun has had over 3 members". Haruki looked down "yeah, I guess.." he said remembering "but why today? I'm expecting some new gear for my gun to be delivered and-". "yeah yeah yeah, it has to be tonight because I don't have work and I want to do it before we start training for TGC". Haruki rolled his eyes, "hugh, fine....I guess I'll tell hotaru when-". "Don't tell hotaru!" mattsun said animatedly. "What why? How else can Hotaru know about the party?" "It's a surprise for hotaru" mattsun explained. "But you just said it was for the team! Stop confusing me!". "It is for the team" mattsun said. "It's a party to thank hotaru for helping toy gun gun find it's resolve" he said nostalgically, looking down with a smile. Haruki looked away, he couldn't argue with that. Mattsun suddenly turned and said "you should thank her too". "Huh? for what?!". "For renewing your love of survival games". Haruki blushed and looked away and started muttering about how he never really stopped playing. "Well either way, we're gonna have a team party! But yukki really doesn't like sweets so we should stop by the store to get some other snacks on the way to pick up the cake". "We? why am I going?" he asked exasperatedly. "Because you talk too much and can't keep a secret, so come on, we'll take my scooter" he said pulling him down the stairs. "Huh? hey wait!" haruki yelled but mattsun kept pulling. I'm so excited, this is gonna be the best!

"Uuuhahhhh!" hotaru uttered as the curry started bubbling uncontrollably. "Maybe if I add some more carrots it'll-" hotaru thought dropping them in, but it didn't do much other than make the curry overflow. She quickly turned off the stove and looked for a towel to clean the mess. She went past her failed curry attempts and suddenly realized why mattsun usually made the food. She wasn't going to give up though! She cleaned the mess and looked at her curry. It may be a little overcooked but it didn't look too terrible. She tasted it and though it was kind of salty, but it was too late to change it now. She started feeling a little bad since she seemed to be making a lot of mistakes today. Her teammates did so much, and she felt she needed to contribute. Mattsun would cook for them, yukki would host them, and haruki would....tell them facts? (I guess lol). Hotaru wanted to improve herself so that she could be as useful as the adults on her team. She thought about all the times they encouraged her and celebrated her tiny victories. They were really the first people in her life to support her goals wholeheartedly, when she had only ever been discouraged from doing things she enjoyed from the people she loved. And she loved them, they were her precious friends, and she felt she was lucky to have met them. "I want to show the team my appreciation, but I hope they don't make fun of me for how it looks" she thought, suddenly remembering how unkind the adults on her team could be with their teasing. "But if they eat it" she thought "that would be enough". She smiled and started packing up the curry, excited for when mattsun and haruki would come home so that she could surprise them all.

Yukimura looked around his room. He really took a look at it. It was super messy, even after hotaru cleaned a bit. He sat down stretching out his legs out on the carpet where manga used to lay. Hotaru's energy always spiked yukki's motivation a bit. He had the inclination to tidy up, but didn't have the energy to match. "hugh, I hope tachibana-kun doesn't think I'm a mess, though he might be too nice to think that". He laid on the floor and looked at the ceiling. "Tachibana-kun is nice, energetic, and a little thick headed....almost the complete opposite of me" he thought. He wondered why Tachibana wanted to be his friend the first time they met, considering they were so different and the fact that he had been so mean to him. Yukimura wondered about this a lot because as he got to know tachibana, the more he realized there was more to him than just being an energetic justice freak. "When he's embarrassed he shows a different side of himself, he doesn't seem as self-assured" yukki noted, recalling the incident that had happened earlier. He pictured hotaru in his shirt trying to pull it down over himself, blushing. He thought that would be good for his manga and started sketching it out. He thought of what hotaru would say if he found out he was using him for his manga, probably something about justice and him being an evil doer. It made yukki laugh. He started sketching some more hotaru poses when he heard a knock. He slipped his notebook under his shelf and went to open the door. He only opened it a crack before mattsun burst in.

"Time for the party!" Mattsun yelled. Yukimura was confused and asked what was going on. Haruki popped out from behind and blankly stated that toy gun gun was having a party. "In my apartment?" yukki asked. "yep! now help me carry supplies, haruki, go call hotaru!"

Hotaru heard knocking on yukki's door and realized that mattsun and haruki must have got back. Grabbing her curry and stuffing it in a bag she made her way outside and bumped into haruki. "hey! watch it" haruki said rubbing his head. He looked over to see hotaru wasn't paying attention but instead inspecting her bag with a worried look on her face. "Hey what's going on?" "Nothing! I was gonna go over and see what you guys were doing". "We were coming to get you, there's a surprise". " a surprise!?'' hotaru said more shocked than excited but haruki grabbed her arm and just pulled her into the apartment. "C'mon!".

When they walked in Mattsun looked over his shoulder and said "hey hotaru! surprise!!" as he set up snacks on the kotatsu. He smiled and yukki questioned where to put the cake. Hotaru smiled weakly. She was surprised but a little disappointed since she had wanted to surprise them herself, but was happy they were celebrating at least. When she had crashed into Haruki she knew the curry had probably spilled and mixed. Now she wasn't in a good mood since her surprise for them had been crushed, but not wanting to ruin the party, she laid her bag at the end of the small entryway, and went to help mattsun with the snacks. Haruki, who had been behind her noticed her put her bag on the side and wondered what was in it.

"Hey yukki, get some cups so we can pour some drinks!" Mattsun yelled. Yukki stared at him blankly and said "We're out of cups". Hotaru tilted her head down a bit and then yukki giggled. Hotaru started laughing too and they both kept laughing as haruki and mattsun looked and each other confused. Hotaru told yukki that she'd help him clean some cups for drinks. They started talking and laughing while cleaning the dishes and mattsun wondered when they had gotten so close.

Yukki always found it easy to talk to hotaru. He was genuinely interested in what yukki had to say, unless it was about ero manga of course. He had never met such a pure boy, and definitely never one who had a bloodthirst as strong as tachibana's. And although Tachibana was pretty much an open book since he was so animated, he also never liked to talk about his emotions. "Tachibana-kun.." yukki started, catching the young boy's attention. Tachibana looked up with his big bright eyes and a questioning face, and Yukki's heart seemed to jump for a moment. "Is there something on your mind?". Tachibana's face noticeably darkened and he looked away. Yukimura had noticed Hotaru's smile looking kind of forced earlier in the night, and had wondered why since he had been so energetic earlier in the day. "I still need to catch up to you guys, I don't want to fall behind...and become a useless member" she said honestly. Yukki smiled. "Tachibana-kun, you are definitely not useless, you have a lot of potential and are a invaluable member of our team, and a precious friend". "Yukimura-san.." "I feel like that sometimes too" he continued. "But we will definitely catch up and show our best at TGC". Hotaru smiled and her face brightened as it did when she was becoming excited. "Yes!" she exclaimed and yukki told her to help him bring the cups as her mood warmed him up and radiated through the apartment. He liked how tachibana could truly brighten up a room.

Back at the kotatsu mattsun said he had an announcement to make and stood up. "I'd like to thank thank somebody very special tonight" he started pausing for effect. "For their persistence, motivation, and energy". Hotaru perked up curious as to what this was about. "This person made us remember what toy gun gun was all about, and brought back our pure love of the game, so now we can truly become the best team in japan". Mattsun turned and looked directly at hotaru. "Hotaru" he smiled. "Thank you..for saving the team". Hotaru blushed. "Wha-what? Tachibana-ah I did-". She started shifting nervously, having been truly surprised. "It's true tachibana-kun, you really did save the team, you inspired us" yukki reassured her. She blushed and looked down, smiling. "Thank you so much guys, tachibana actually was thinking about how you guys do so much for me and-"she looked over to where her bag lay. "what's in the bag?" haruki asked. Hotaru hesitated, but then said that she tried to make curry but that it kind of didn't turn out so well. "Let's see it" mattsun said seriously. Hotaru slid over to her bag and pulled out the curry which had spilled and moved inside the container. It looked worse than she thought. Mattsun grabbed it from her despite her protest and with a spoon put it in his mouth. He took a second and then turned to hotaru and said it wasn't bad, surprised. "Really?!" "Yeah!". "let me try" said haruki. He took a meaningful pause and then admitted "yeah, it's okay I guess". Yukki put some into his mouth and nodded approvingly. "Congrats tachibana-kun". Hotaru smiled and started tearing up. "I'm glad you guys like it" she said wiping her eyes. "Aww, Hotaru!" said mattsun ruffling her hair. "Hey!". Yukki watched as hotaru pretended to be annoyed. He thought this side of him was cute.

With the night over, the cake finished, and the mess cleaned, everyone made their way to their respective apartments, hotaru especially cheerful as she thanked them for the party. Outside mattsun suddenly remembered, oh hey hotaru you left your key in my apartment, here" he said digging into his pocket. “I was wondering how you were going to get into your apartment without it but I guess you hung out with yukki right?”. Hotaru smiled in response but died inside.
Inside, yukki laid back on the floor, actually in a good mood from the night. He shifted his position but remembered the notebook and reached for it under the bookcase and felt something strange. He pulled it out and found a bunch of his key cards. He smiled and went back to doodling in his notebook. He started sketching out the base. He had been inspired to draw from the night’s events. He drew the hair and finally added the features, perfecting the details. This was a drawing he wanted to get perfect. Once he was done he inspected his work and smiled. He had drawn the smile hotaru made when they ate her curry. The most blinding and genuine smile he had ever seen. He could have sworn he saw him sparkle. He thought this face was too pure to put in his manga, but wondered if he would have used something like this if he ever wrote a pure love story. He didn’t really dwell on what the sparkles or his beating heart meant. He just hoped he would see hotaru smile like that again. He hoped that he would make him smile again.

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Mattsun quickly cleaned around his apartment. He wanted space so that they could work comfortably. He wiped his forehead and stood up, looking over the room one last time. He smiled warmly, thinking about the fun they would have while making a poster for toy gun gun. He had even bought paint and markers and paper to work with, though he hadn’t been the one to come up with the idea.

Earlier that day:
“Let’s make a team poster!” Hotaru burst in excitedly into the apartment. Yukki and haruki both let out a confused “huh?” but mattsun returned her excitement. “Yeah, that’s a great idea hotaru!” Mattsun stood up and started going on about team bonding while haruki rolled his eyes. Yukki asked hotaru where she got the idea and kind of abashedly she explained that she got the idea from the signs at the maid cafe. “I thought it would be something fun for us to do together”. “Aww that’s the spirit hotaru!” Mattsun said while ruffling her hair. He blushed looking at hotaru’s surprised face.
“Wait how are we even gonna make it?” haruki asked. “Easy, yukki will draw everything and we paint it” mattsun answered. “Don’t volunteer me for this” yukki repsonded “and besides I have to work on my manga tonight...”. “What! How are we gonna do it without you, yukki?”. “It’s okay everyone! We can do it if we put our mind to it” hotaru said. Mattsun and hotaru continued to pep each other up. “I have a feeling this isn’t gonna turn out well” haruki said looking at the two blonde airheads.

Mattsun set the time to work on it for that night since he wanted to go get art supplies. Haruki said he might be a little late because he just didn’t want to go, but mattsun knew he was just a tsundere and was gonna come anyway. On his way back to the apartment he started thinking about how the night would play out. He realized that if haruki came late, most of the night would just be him and hotaru…
He quickly shook his head and assured himself that he could be normal around hotaru and that he just gets hung up on how excitable she is. Still his cheeks blushed and he wondered what was wrong with him. He was still caught up in his thoughts when he climbed the stairs to the complex when he was suddenly surprised by hotaru’s voice. “There you are matsuoka-san!”. Mattsun jumped and dropped some supplies. “Ah sorry matsuoka-san!” hotaru apologized bending down to pick up the fallen paint brushes. “No I-” mattsun started as he also bent down to pick up the stuff he dropped when hotaru cut him off and said “I didn’t mean to scare you”. Mattsun looked up and said “No, I just wasn’t paying attention hotaru, don’t worry”. Hotaru smiled an “okay” and mattsun’s heart fluttered and he very quickly made his way to his door as hotaru followed. Inside mattsun regained control and started setting everything up and explaining it’s use. Hotaru listened intently and asked questions. Once they finally had everything laid out they got into a comfortable mood of sketching out the design. It took a couple tries since neither of them were particularly gifted in art but it worked out. “Ahh we finished!” hotaru exclaimed. Taking a look at the design it wasn’t too bad...they figured they could clean it up later. “Hotaru can you get the paint from the desk over there?”. “Sure matsuoka-san” hotaru runs to the desk and starts looking. She is so concentrated on finding the paint that mattsun finds himself staring. Hotaru turns around and mattsun is caught off guard. “Matsuoka-san?” “Y-yes!?” “um..where is the paint?” she asks embarrassedly. “Ahh, um the drawer to the left”. Hotaru finds it and triumphantly celebrates. Mattsun blushes. It had been half an hour in and mattsun was still having trouble, he found himself wishing there were more people so that he could distract himself. “Heh, if yukki were here he would do a better job than me, he’s really much better at this” mattsun commented. Hotaru turned with a stern expression. “It’s not important how it looks matsuoka-san! It’s about the heart we put into it” hotaru explained. He smiled. “Ah now i’m pumped! let’s make this good then”.
Mattsun and hotaru keep working on the poster with mattsun firing out ideas and hotaru agreeing or giving her opinion on them. Mattsun prided himself on being able to hold a normal conversation with her. As he watched hotaru paint, he noticed strands of hair falling on her face. She brushed them back quite frequently. Mattsun was so focused he didn’t realized he had called out to her. “Yes matsuoka-san?”. She turned innocently to face him. He again quickly caught himself and said “y-your hair! It’s in the way, I have just the thing...”. He hopped up and went to the desk remembering he had a hairband somewhere in his catch all drawer, probably left by some girl but now, it was coming in handy. He picked it up and without a second thought plopped down behind hotaru and started pulling back her hair. ‘M..Matsuoka-san?” hotaru questioned abashedly. “Ahh sorry!, I wasn’t thinking, I used to help my mother with her hair, I guess it’s a habit…”. Hotaru smiled. “It’s fine matsuoka-san, I don’t think I’d be able to do it well anyway” hotaru said nervously. “Really? Okay then”. He swept the longer strands to the nape of her neck. He hadn’t noticed but hotaru’s hair had grown a bit during the year. Only now it was long enough for him to tie into a small ponytail. He noticed the hairband matched her dark blue shirt. When he was finished he simply said “there..”. Hotaru reached up to touch the ponytail. She turned her head to face mattsun. He noticed a tiny blush across her face. “What a cute expression” mattsun thought looking away. He scooted back over to his spot and said that they could get back to painting. Hotaru nodded and they got back to work.
Throughout the rest of the hour mattsun dropped hints that he doesn’t have a strong resolve. Hotaru is surprised to hear this because he always seems so sure during matches. He says that’s not necessarily what he means…
“Whatever matsuoka-san means, I know you are strong enough to follow through” hotaru states. She’s sat with her hands on her lap looking deep into his cerulean eyes. She was close enough that if he leaned in…
“I want to follow through, but that may mean hurting someone”. Hotaru tilted her head confused. “What do you mean?”. Mattsun started moving closer when they heard the door open.

“I brought some markers we could use if you want” haruki said walking right in and plopping his bag on the floor. “Wow you guys have done a lot, though it looks a little messy…”. Mattsun thought about how this was bad timing as Hotaru jumped up to talk to haruki. “Haruki-san! Did you buy markers just to work on the poster?” “W-what noo.. I already had this lying around so..” “oh really, but they still have tags…”. As mattsun watched haruki and hotaru talk he noticed how different hotaru acted with haruki. Maybe it was because they were closer in age, but it made him feel left out. Hotaru turned to tell mattsun that they should assign jobs but before she started he excused himself to go outside, blaming the paint fumes. They watched him go and haruki commented that he is surprised the paint fumes bother him considering he smokes.

Outside mattsun leaned over the railing and chided himself for almost admitting to hotaru that he had feelings for her. He realized it really wasn’t his place. When hotaru said things like that she meant them innocently, there’s no way she’d think of him like that unless he gave her reason to. Mattsun sighed. “Sometimes it’s hard, telling someone you want them to stay”.

Inside, hotaru continued to messily paint the design while haruki yelled about it. “Your painting is so messy, look you have paint on your face”. “Eh?” hotaru said touching her face. “Stop touching it you’re going to make a bigger mess, here”. Haruki grabbed a paper towel and started wiping the paint off of her. He had an irritated expression on, but he was wiping gently. “Am I rubbing too hard?” he asked focused and blushing. She shook her head. He scolded her for moving. He continued to wipe saying she was like a kid getting messy with paint. “Sorry” she nervously smiled. Haruki grumbles and starts wiping paint off her lips. Hotaru looked a little shocked but didn’t move. He wiped slowly. He could tell her lips were soft. That thought made him embarrassed so he huffed and said he was done, quickly turning away from her. “Thanks haruki-san” she said. He didn’t turn around and rushed back to painting. Hotaru wondered why everyone was doing things for her today.

Mattsun came back inside and the mood restarted. Haruki and hotaru both asked mattsun if he was okay and he smiled. Mattsun realized that right now his focus is the team. He joined them to finish up the poster. Everyone was having fun and when they looked over the finished product. It was okay. They hung it up on the wall to inspect it and haruki said the rabbit kind of looked like a pig. Mattsun squinted his eyes and said that that wasn’t a big deal.. Hotaru defensively yelled and haruki started critiquing it more. Mattsun laughed and said that they had fun didn’t they? Haruki hesitantly said “I guess” and hotaru yelled out a “yes!”. “Haha, so then hotaru where do we put the poster”. “Oh, I didn’t really think about that”. They started throwing out ideas like they could take it to their matches, but “the other teams won’t take us seriously”. They could leave it in mattsun’s apartment “but it ruins the aesthetics!”. Hotaru decided she’ll keep it as a reminder of everyone on the team (except yukki). She tried rolling it up but ended up ripping it so haruki was assigned to help her set it up. Mattsun waved goodnight to both of them when they left his apartment. Mattsun enjoyed the experience, and he thought that at least for now, he wants to keep this friendship the way it was.

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Valentine’s Day was usually an uneventful and somewhat annoying holiday for the single boy members of toy gun gun.
For haruki, it always embarrassed him when his brother haruka sent him chocolates in the mail, even though they were his favorite. Yukki, who had many fans who would send him chocolates, wouldn’t accept any, unless they were from mattsun of course.
And mattsun, the popular and attractive host who seems like they would get many pure hearted chocolates, would mostly receive service gifts from his clients in exchange for taking them out.
The one girl member of team toy gun gun on the other hand, always became anxious around Valentine’s Day. Because of her handsome boyish appearance, she received many chocolates from the girls at her school who didn’t know she was also a girl. Her pure heart made her quite famous so she was showered with gifts. She would accept them to be polite but always felt guilty doing so since she wasn’t a boy. Kanae also always seemed to be in a bad mood on Valentine's Day.

“Ahh!! I hate hate hate seeing all these couples having fun today! It's no fair I'm single” complained Kanae to hotaru. “Don’t you think it's annoying?” She pouted to her friend.“Not really, I think it’s good if it makes people happy” smiled hotaru. Kanae looked up at her from the desk at her piles of chocolate and thought “easy for you to say”. “Ugh well whatever” sighed Kanae laying her head back on the desk. She glanced down at her bag where the chocolates she had made for hotaru were peeking out. Kanae was nervous to give them to her since she already had so many and of course since hotaru was a girl. Any other day she was fine around hotaru but with all this love in the air she wondered about how she really felt. Would she think it was weird if I gave them to her? Kanae tossed and turned the decision over in her head when she was interrupted by hotaru’s voice. “Did you make chocolates for someone Kanae?”. Hotaru had glanced down to where she was looking and saw the chocolates in her bag. Kanae snapped out of her thoughts and immediately started making an excuse. “Ahh I, uh well I!...I made them for a friend but ahh...they're not here today so um- here! You can have them!!” babbled Kanae pushing the chocolates in hotaru’s direction. She embarrassedly looked down but hotaru took them. “Kanae?” Kanae looked up “yes?”. “Thank you” said hotaru flashing a smile. “Yea-h problem”. Hotaru opened the box and said “We should eat them together” and handing her a chocolate. Hotaru bit into hers and exclaimed that they tasted amazing. “Hah really?” Kanae’s heart fluttered and she quickly calmed down. “Thank goodness”. Hotaru laughed and Kanae took a small bite of her chocolate. “I made your favorite flavor” she thought quietly smiling. She continued to laugh with hotaru and hoped that they could hang out that weekend.


Team toy gun gun were already tired of the Valentine’s Day festivities and decided to hang out at yukimura’s house and eat the chocolates they had received. Yukki, mattsun, and haruki were at the house waiting for hotaru to come home from school. “Do you think tachibana-kun would make us chocolates~?” Yukimura wondered aloud. “Would you eat them if she did” said haruki referencing her cooking skills. “Well I don't really like sweets anyway~”. “Hotaru is a late, usually she's back around this time, you don't think that maybe..” said mattsun slightly nervous. “What? you think she has someone she likes?” asked yukimura. “Well she is a high school girl! Maybe she gave chocolates to someone at school and they're going out on a date!” exclaimed mattsun full of worry. “What? Ho..hotaru doesn't seem the type to do that!” countered haruki. “I think any guy would have to beat tachibana-kun in a duel before they would be able to date her” quipped yukki. “That's not helping” said mattsun. “Well why else would she be late”. “Maybe she's dueling”. “Be quiet”.
“Hmm what kind of guy do you think hotaru likes?” asked haruki blushing. They all thought for a second and wondered about hotaru’s preferences before realizing….that they had no idea. “What if she made chocolates for someone” thought both haruki and mattsun while yukki just wondered what to put in the Valentine’s Day chapter of My sister is a raptor.
The members had put their chocolates in a pile on the kotatsu. Mattsun made sure to move the alcoholic chocolates to a separate pile since hotaru was underage. Yukimura was snacking on some pocky while haruki asked that he thought he didn’t like sweet things. Yukki said that half of this was for mattsun. Huh? Mattsun heard someone walk up the steps and quickly went outside to see if it was hotaru. He flung open the door and yelled “Hey hota-Ah?!” He stopped because all he could see was a walking mountain of chocolate. “Matsuoka-san?”. “It spoke?” Mattsun thought. “Hotaru?” “Matsuoka-san! Tachibana received a lot of chocolate at school, so let’s share them!” Mattsun had a face of disbelief but let hotaru into the apartment. Haruki and yukimura were shocked at how much chocolate hotaru brought and asked what had happened at school. “My girl classmates gave me chocolate and Tachibana accepted them to be polite, though tachibana feels guilty eating them by myself so please take some!” She requested embarrassedly. Haruki sighed in relief “you're ridiculous” as he reached for some delicious looking chocolates. “You're impressive tachibana-kun” said yukimura. Hotaru started saying that this isn’t really something to be impressed by but since she was distracted, she didn’t notice how she had accidentally mixed her chocolates with the pile Mattsun had set aside. Yukki exclaimed that he was getting sick from being around so much chocolate and gave his pile to tachibana to eat, while he went to go make some ramen. “You can't eat ramen on Valentine's Day” scolded mattsun turning away from the scene. Hotaru looked through yukki’s pile and picked out something that looked good. Haruki watched her wondering how hotaru could eat so much chocolate without getting sick while the two adults fought over ramen in the background.

About a half hour later haruki noticed hotaru acting strangely. He told mattsun that he thought hotaru might be sick. “Ahh maybe she ate too much chocolate let me see, hotaru!” He called to her and suddenly she seemed to regain her energy. She turned to them with open arms and said “Matsuoka-san~ yukimura-san~ haruki-San~ gimme chocolate~”. Yukimura told her that she was supposed to give them chocolate. Mattsun realized hotaru was drunk and asked who had given hotaru the chocolates filled with brandy. “Calm down” yelled haruki to everyone. Hotaru started giggling and moved toward them, arms still open. Haruki backed away from her hug, blushing furiously and telling her to snap out of it. She was definitely drunk. Her face was red from the alcohol and her lids were half closed. She was slurring her words and she talked in a higher cadence that made her sound coy. Mattsun jumped into action. “Hotaru needs to rest! Haruki get a glass of water. Yukki I'm gonna lay her on your bed”. Mattsun helped hotaru up. “I thought tachibana-kin would have a higher tolerance to alcohol” stated yukki. “Why would you think that!” yelled haruki angrily from the kitchen. Hotaru was leaning on Mattsun still asking him for chocolate. “Hotaru you have to lay down”. She said she didn't want to. “sigh~ if you do I'll give you chocolate”. She complied and he led her to the bed and told her to lie down. “It's hot~” complained hotaru taking off her blazer. She struggled trying to take off her tie so Mattsun undid it for her. She reached for her shirt and undid a button before Mattsun started yelling to keep her shirt buttoned. She quickly took off her pants while Mattsun tried to stop her, embarrassedly yelling that she was a girl while she complained that she was still hot and she wanted chocolate. She stood there with her shirt covering her like a dress as she weakly patted Mattsun asking him to get her chocolate.“Thank God she isn’t at her usual strength or this would be impossible” thought Mattsun trying to put her to bed. “Now hurry and lay down” he told her while she continued to complain. “Here's the water, took forever to find a cup thou- Ahh what's going on?!?” said haruki looking at hotaru in only her shirt while mattsun held her wrists trying to push her into bed. “Juat give me the water!” said mattsun swiping it. “Here hotaru, drink it”. “I don't want to~”. “Drink or no chocolate”. She drank. Mattsun leaned in and put his forehead to hotaru’s saying she was warm and told haruki to get a wet towel. “And chocolate~!” Hotaru said weakly. She sat up in the bed as Mattsun sat on the side. He took the bobby pins out of his hair and used them to pin hotaru’s bangs back so he could put the towel on her head. He looked at hotaru and thought she looked cute in a shirt, pinned bangs, and the blush across her face as she pleaded for him to give her chocolate. “Now stay put” he told her as he went to get the towel from haruki. Outside he asked if it was okay if hotaru slept in yukki’s room and he said it was fine. He took the towel from haruki. “I'll take care of her since I didn’t hide the chocolates correctly”. Mattsun was about to walk into the room when he grabbed a box of chocolates to take to her. Haruki and yukimura started talking about this development. “I could use it for my manga”. “.....You never stop do you”. Mattsun walks inside and sees hotaru is lying down. He moved to pull the blanket up but she grabs his arm. “Chocolate~?”. He holds the box in front of her and she opens her mouth. Mattsun is flustered but feeds it to her anyway. “I'm sorry hotaru, that I let you end up like this” he apologized stroking her hair. “It's fine matsuoka-san~, you're my very favorite leader, don't say sorry!” “Ah it's all my fault”. “Matsuoka-San-” started hotaru. “Huh?” Hotaru hugged mattsun and he was taken aback. “Hotaru- I..are you?!”. “Don't feel bad matsuoka-san. You are the reason tachibana can do the thing she loves most~. Matsuoka-San is a good person!”. Mattsun’s eyes open wide at her words. He feels the blush coming on but he doesn’t fight it. Mattsun pats her head and looks into hotaru’s innocent eyes. He can feel his heart beat in his ears and it feels like the whole room is filled with the rhythm. He leans in close to her adorable blushing face, one hand resting on her hair. His face is inches from hers, moving closer when hotaru asks “Matsuoka-san~?” He stops. He quickly looks down and leans his forehead to hers. “Ahh you're still warm”. He lies her down and put the towel on her head and tucks her in. “Get some rest” and closes the door.

Outside haruki and Yukki ask how she’s doing and he says she’s fine just needs to sleep it off. “I'm going out for a smoke” says mattsun as he walks outside. “Hmm, he’s acting weird” commented haruki. Yukki says “He feels guilty for getting pure tachibana-kun drunk”.

Outside the apartment, Mattsun sighs and lights a cigarette. He slaps his head and scolds himself for almost kissing hotaru while she was so vulnerable. He is mad that he has no self control. “Hugh, i’m really a no good playboy host”. He leans over the railing and thinks of hotaru saying he’s a good person. “Ahh but would hotaru still think that after what I almost did?”

Hours later hotaru wakes up in an unfamiliar bed with a towel on her head. She drinks the water on the side of the table and tries to remember what happened. She steps out of bed and feels something under her feet. She realizes it’s her school uniform and sees that she’s only wearing a shirt. She becomes embarrassed and tries to understand what’s going on. She remembers being in yukki’s apartment. That means…..she’s undressed in a man’s house! Yukimura opens the door because he hears commotion. “Tachibana-kun are you awake?”. Yukki gets a face full of pillow as the embarrassed hotaru yells at him to get out. (
She gets changed and once outside it takes half an hour to calm her down and explain the situation. Matsuoka comes back inside and asks if she’s feeling okay. “Yes tachibana is fine, thank you for taking care of me matsuoka-san!! Sorry for the inconvenience” She says bowing. “Ahh it's fine, since it's my fault anyway”. Hotaru smiles. “Matsuoka-san is a good person”. Mattsun quickly turns to the side blushing. “Th-thanks..” he replies, nonchalantly covering his face. Hotaru looks at him questioningly. “Well I think that was enough energy for today” said Yukki. “Yeah I want to go home and sleep” said haruki. “I'm tired of all of you for today”. Matsuoka laughs and they all motion to exit yukki’s home. They head back to their respective apartments. Haruki and hotaru go past mattsun talking together. Mattsun can hear haruki and hotaru talking about how crazy she is drunk. “Yeah you were ridiculous” “Eh?”. Mattsun smiled. As long as hotaru was in his life, her presence guaranteed every day would be eventful.