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Love of a Half-Blood

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“No...! Please... stop!”

It was pointless, the Alphas were in a lust frenzy. You were in your Heat, and the pheromones you were emitting were their triggers. You didn’t want the Alphas; you wanted to be left alone, but they wouldn’t listen. Your smell permeated the air, making them go insane. Their glaring eyes scared you. You tried to run, but they easily pinned you down, ripping off your clothes, leaving you naked.

You could feel something pushing into your hole without preparation and without your consent. You didn’t want it, and you didn’t like it, but your body said otherwise. It betrayed as your inner muscles tightened around the cock inside you. The unknown Alpha groaned and started thrusting at a harsh pace. You gritted your teeth because you didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of hearing you moan.

“Heh, you think you’re tough, but we know your body craves for dicks,” he grunted, and the other Alphas laughed. Tears trickled down your face, making you grit your teeth even harder.

“Leave me... alone!” you snapped, swinging your arms behind you. You hit the Alpha in the head, but that was a bad move. The Alpha growled loudly and grabbed the back of your head, smashing your face into the floor. You cried out in pain.

“You Omegas were born to be our fuck toys. I’ll put you in your place!” the Alpha pulled out, only to slam back in, pushing his cock even further. He thrusted into you at a brutal pace. You let out a chocked gasp of pain as more tears streamed down your face. It hurt... it hurt so much, but you were powerless to do anything but submit. Maybe they were right, Omegas are just for pleasure, breeding...

No. There were people in your life that saw you as more, not what society limited you to be.

“I’m not your toy... I am me! I choose who I am!”



You woke up with a sharp gasp, sweat coating your body. You sat up trying to get your breathing to slow. Your heart was pounding so fast that it felt like it wanted to push out of your chest. You looked outside your window and saw that it was daytime, as the sun shone through the window.

“... A dream?” sighing, you ran a hand over your face. These dreams came just before you went into Heat. Your body longed for a Mate, but you chose to suppress your Heat by taking a pill before it could manifest. Alphas could still smell you when you were in Heat, but not enough to arouse them and trigger their crazed lust. There were more expensive pills you could use to even hide the smell, but you didn’t want to spend that much money. Throwing off your blanket, you got out of bed and got ready for work.

You were a young Male Human Omega. The average height of an Omega was five nine, but you were not too short, nor too tall. Your first Heat started when you were fifteen, a bit late compared to other Omegas. You had the option of either taking medicine or finding a Mate. Your mother and father strongly recommended that you take the medicine, until you were older and could decide what you wanted to do. They were always protective of you, and wanted you to have a good life. They didn’t want you wasting your life with the wrong person.

You have been living alone in New York, and you liked it so far. You found work at a café not far from your apartment. Including you, it was run by Reinhardt, Ana, and Fareeha. The three treated you like family; warm and loving.

When you were ready, you put on your coat, grabbed your shoulder bag, and wrapped your black scarf that had purple, gold, and white stripes on around your neck, and made it so one end was short on the front, while the other was long at the back. You stepped out into the sun. The air had a bit of nip to it, but it felt nice. Winter was slowly ending, and spring was just starting. Central Park was in front of your place, and you could see lots of children racing around, playing. The sight made you smile.

You started down the street towards the café. It was only a five to ten minute walk, depending on how busy the sidewalks were and the lights. You could feel the gazes on you from time to time. The Alphas were checking you out. They were so obvious; staring at you until you were either out of sight, or they got bored. You sniffed the air around you to see if you were giving off the smell of your Heat, but you couldn’t smell anything. Maybe only the Alphas could, you should ask Reinhardt about that.

As you walked by an antique shop, you stopped to check out their window display. You noticed right away a Chinese lampshade with a picture of a flowing river painted on it. You thought it would be perfect on your bedside table.

“Hey... you!” your ears lightly twitched as a raspy voice came from your right. You turned, and at the entrance to an alleyway, you saw a man on the ground. He was covered in dirt and his clothes were ripped in places, as if he had been in a fight. You gasped and ran over to him without hesitation.

“Oh, crap... Are you okay?” you bent down beside him, trying to see if he was wounded. The man laid on his back, looking up at you. “I’ll call an ambulance, hold on –” just as you were reaching into your shoulder bag for your phone, the man grabbed your wrist.

“No need for that. Let’s have some... fun,” you gave him an odd look. You were about to speak when a roughened hand came from behind and covered your mouth. You were too late to sense the danger. You thrashed your arms and legs around trying to get free, but you felt more hands on you as they held you in place. The man on the ground got up with ease. “We can smell your sweetness and it’s driving us nuts... You don’t mind if we have a bit of a bite, do you?”

You looked around and saw that there were three of them, looking like alley thugs. You could smell that they were Alphas. The scene seemed familiar... No, it couldn’t be. It was the nightmare you had been having, but now it’s for real. That would mean –

“Bring the Omega to the back, boys. Let’s have a taste,” they chuckled as they dragged you further into the dark alley. You tried to shout and struggled to get away, but it was pointless. No one could hear your muffled cries, nor see you struggling...

“Hey! You punks better let that kid go!” the Alphas whipped around to see who the owner was of that strong and determined voice. You turned your head and saw the figure through your tears.

The five three man stood tall and proud with his feet spread apart, and his hands balled into fists; ready to fight. You could see the outline of his well-muscled body as his leather jacket and pants molded his body like a pair of gloves. Even from a distance, you could see that his eyes were blue like the ocean. His blond hair was short, and he had two scars that ran diagonally between his eyes and upper lip. He had blond Werewolf ears and a fluffy tail. That face, that voice, you knew him.

It was Jack Morrison, a thirty years old Half-Blood Alpha who came into the café every day.

“Jack...!” you cried, tears streaming down your face. He had come to save you.

“You okay, kid? I hope these low-life scums didn’t hurt you,” the thugs gritted their teeth in annoyance. The one that had tricked you, spoke up.

“The hell you want, you filthy half-breed. Stay out of our shit,” he growled, flashing a pocket knife at Jack.

“Or what? You’re going to cut me with that nail file?” the thugs let go of your arms, and you crumbled to the ground. Fear made you weak. You had enough energy to crawl into a corner to get out of the way.

“Looks like this fucker wants a beating... Let’s give him one!” the thug with the pocket knife ran at Jack, thrusting it in front of him.

“Huh, amateur,” Jack dodged the knife, and grabbed the thug’s wrist, twisting it behind his back, making him drop the knife. With a powerful strike, Jack hit the nerves on the side of the thug’s neck, knocking him unconscious, and dropping him to the ground. This didn’t scare the other two thugs. Together, they ran at Jack. Jack looked calm, as he ducked to avoid being kicked by one thug, while the other launched himself at Jack. “You punks going easy on me?”

As Jack avoided the tackle, he went behind the one who tried to kick him, and kicked him in the back, crashing him into his buddy. They both crumbled to the ground, groaning. Jack only gave them a brief glance before turning to you, but the two thugs got up, ready for another round.

“I’m not done with you, fucker...!” one of the thugs came at Jack, as his back was turned. Jack gave a powerful swing of his leg, kicking the guy so hard that he went flying into a wall, knocking him out. The last thug stood there and trembled in fear when Jack glared up at him, his eyes turning blood red. No words were needed, as the last thug ran out of the alley in defeat.

With the threats dealt with, Jack slowly calmed down, and his eyes turned back to blue. He walked over and kneeled in front of you.

“Hey, you’re safe now, they’re gone,” Jack’s voice was warm and soft. It instantly made you feel safe. You looked up at him, dried tears on your face, and a trace of fear in your eyes from what just happened.

“Jack... Thank you. If it weren’t for you, they would have... I... I was stupid, walking up to a man without caution, even if he did look injured,” you bit your lower lip in anger towards yourself.

“You did it because you thought it was the right thing to do,” Jack said, lightly touching your shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you to work.”

As you stood up, you had a thought. How did Jack know you were in danger? How did he know where you were?

“I’m grateful and all, but how did you know I was in trouble?” at those words, Jack’s eyes slightly widened.

“I – uh... Well, I saw you leave your apartment when I was at the park in front of your house... So, I'd thought I could catch up to you, only to see you in trouble.”