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Chapter 20


Draco received permission from his papa to have the Quidditch match, having gestured him over after McGonagall dragged out Ron.


Viktor and his schoolmate who had been volunteered to play as Gryffindor’s Keeper had gone back to their ship for their brooms while the Slytherin and Gryffindors went to dig out their Quidditch robes or at least something warm to wear outside. After all, not everyone had Quidditch robes, Blaise didn’t.


George looked nervous to be flying against his date to the Yule Ball next month.


Harry was excited and practically flattening Draco after returning with his Firebolt. “I’m so excited! I missed flying.” He was a bit saddened that he wouldn’t be flying against Draco who had been his best competition but to fly against someone like Viktor was amazing.


Draco caught Harry and barely managed not to fall, “I’m glad you’re excited. I missed Flying too.  Remind me to show you my pitch.”


Harry had forgotten Draco had his own pitch at the Manor, “I can’t wait. We played Quidditch at the Burrow this summer after the World Cup. It was fun!”


“We’ll have to have some matches over the summer.” Draco said with a smile.


“Loser gets kissed?” Harry teased.


“You’re on.” Draco said kissing Harry so hard he felt the boy shiver.


Harry gulped when the kiss broke, “That was just evil. Are you trying to make it difficult for me to fly?”


“Of course not. I want you to fly. I want you to fly your best against Viktor. I also want you to remember how I like to kiss because when you win I expect a kiss just like that one.” Draco smirked.


George swallowed; he wondered what it would be like to be kissed like that.


Nearby Blaise was having a similar thought.


The Quidditch players made their way to the pitch.


Seamus hugged Colin, “Thanks Cols.”


Colin blushed while his younger brother Dennis giggled.


Neville looked on from the fringe of the group heading out the pitch, he was surprised Harry was with Draco. But he had wondered if the Gryffindor Seeker was bent; he was too shy to admit that he’d had a crush on Harry. He never thought Harry would be interested in him that way…


Due to the last minute nature of the match, Severus had offered to referee but promised to a bit fairer this match then the one against Hufflepuff during Draco, Harry, Blaise and Seamus’ First Year.


Harry had laughed to himself remembering the match following the one where Quirrell jinxed his Nimbus where Severus was anti-Gryffindor in his calls.


The teams took the field.


Despite it being Draco’s idea, Draco ceded the captaincy to Adrian who was a decent bloke. To his knowledge, Adrian had never actually followed Flint’s game plan and cheated or played dishonourably. That made him a good choice…


The captains gave their team a pep talk and told them to have fun. Adrian was a bit overwhelmed in regards to having Viktor Krum on ‘his’ House team.


The noise of the match soon brought a familiar redhead to the pitch.


The Snitch was released and quickly disappeared in the cold grey winter sky, leaving Harry and Viktor to circle the pitch.


Adrian snatched the Quaffle, Blaise and Draco flying close.


Grimacing, George knocked a Bludger at Adrian.


Adrian barely managed to dodge in time.


Blaise took off after the falling Quaffle snatching it before a Gryffindor Chaser even got close. Using his natural instincts at flight due to his Chuvash blood Blaise scored the first goal.


Viktor’s volunteer Keeper was stunned; he hadn’t even seen the Quaffle coming. He caught it and tossed it to the Referee.


Severus caught the Quaffle tossing in the air to start it again.


Draco stole the ball under Angelina’s nose.


Fred tried to hit a Bludger at him but Greg’s bat was faster and instead he was flying away from the Bludger.


In the space of a blink, Draco scored.


It was now 20- 0 with Slytherin ahead. It soon became apparent, despite the Weasley Beaters who were likened to Human Bludgers and the talented Chasers that Katie and Angelina were known to be; that they weren’t quite on the same level as Draco, Blaise and Adrian.


Harry quickly realized what that quality was, Draco was Veela and Blaise was a Chuvash. Despite not coming into their inheritances yet they were born flyers and had keener instincts then his team mates Angelina, Katie and Seamus. Did that mean that Adrian had magical creature blood as well?


By the time Slytherin scored a hundred- their tenth goal, it became apparent that if Harry didn’t catch the snitch that Gryffindor would lose in a landslide.


Harry looked around vigorously, eager to find the Snitch first.


It finally made an appearance and Harry dove for it.


Viktor saw it too and soon they were neck-and-neck in a dive.


Those who had been privileged to attend the World Cup seemed to be seeing a repeat of Lynch vs. Krum. Harry, some realized, was a much better flyer.


Harry was desperate to win but so was Viktor who wanted to show off for George.


Then it happened.


Viktor and Harry’s hands closed over the ball.


Both could feel a wing touching their palm.


They managed to pull out of the dive safely with one hand.


“Who has the Snitch? Is it Viktor? Or our own Seeker Harry?” Lee shouted.


Severus blew his whistle, calling the game to a stop. He flew towards Harry and Viktor; he had never seen a match like that. His snakes were slaughtering Gryffindor and Harry might have… he wasn’t sure yet. He reached the Seekers and ordered them to open their hands. To his shock, the Snitch was clearly in both their hands. Each boy had half the snitch in their grasp. To check the probability of a dual catch, Severus used a rare spell that only worked if caught by two persons. The Snitch shimmered and split in two; one fluttering weakly in Harry’s hand and the other in Viktor’s. Severus sighed, “In a score of 280 to 150, Slytherin wins. It is my determination that clearly both Harry Potter and Viktor Krum have caught the snitch.”


Viktor clutched the Snitch in his hand, flew straight at George pulling him onto his Firebolt and kissed him deeply as he pressed the Snitch into his hand.


George barely had a chance to consider fighting, the moment Viktor touched him his arousal became quite apparent. The kiss blew him away; it felt like he was riding one of those firecrackers that he had been experimenting on with Fred.


Fred laughed; he could feel just how happy George was with that kiss which was a bit odd, because he wouldn’t enjoy being kissed by a bloke.


Harry was a bit distressed that he hadn’t really won. It was the first time he caught the snitch and they still lost. He landed dejectedly; he’d been looking forward to winning. He should have realized he was flying against the Greatest Seeker in the World and hadn’t a chance.


Draco sighed, Harry was upset. He flew toward the boy landed and kissed him. “You looked amazing in that dive. For a moment I thought I was back at the World Cup. You were amazing. Flawless. Merlin, you were better then Lynch. The only Seeker in Britain who could rival Viktor Krum! You managed a double catch. Do you know how rare that is?”


Harry’s mood was lightened by Draco’s praise.


Lucius was very impressed and so was Remus, both of whom had come to watch the match after being informed of it by Severus.


Remus picked up Harry and hugged him, “I forgot how amazing you were. That was… do you realize Krum is the best Seeker in the World? You caught a Snitch with him!”


Lucius congratulated his son and their House on the win. He had plenty of praise of Draco, Blaise and Adrian especially having been a fine Chaser in his day. He decided he was taking them out to dinner to celebrate. “I am so proud of you all, that was an excellent match. I would like to treat you all to dinner.”


Blaise grinned, “You mean it Mr. Lucius?” his childhood name for his best friend’s father.


“Yes Blaise.”


Blaise danced around with joy.


Lucius cordially invited Viktor in Russian, who had finally landed after snogging the daylights out of George Weasley. “Mr. Krum, if you would like to join us.”


“Only if George can come.” Was the Bulgarian’s reply.


Charlie appeared beside them, congratulating Harry and gently ribbing his brothers about the match.


Blaise stared in awe at the tall redhead, Slytherin help him if he wasn’t the finest specimen of wizard he’d ever seen. He spotted the darkness of a burn and winced, “That must have hurt.”


Charlie turned toward the musical tenor voice with a hint of an accent, “Oh this? I had forgotten about it. It’s a couple hours old. Be gone by morning, I’m a fast healer.”


Is that a burn from a Dragon?” Blaise asked excitedly, absentmindedly slipping into Parseltongue.


Charlie blinked, “Yes. How did you know?” No one was really supposed to know about the dragons until the First Task on Friday.


Blaise grinned, “Because, I’m the son of Chuvash.”


Charlie shifted nervously, replying in English. “I work for Harvey Ridgebit’s Dragon Sanctuary in Romania.”


“We’re very proud of our Charlie.” Fred smirked.


Viktor glanced at the tall man, “You are his brother, no?”


Charlie nodded, “I’m a few years older, five to be exact.”


Parseltongue was easier for Viktor than English, so he asked quietly if Charlie thought it would be a problem if George joined them for dinner.


Charlie shook his head, “I doubt it if Lord Malfoy is inviting them, he’s been good to my family as of late.” Politely referring to the help Lord Malfoy had given to Percy.


Viktor smirked, “You’re coming beloved.”


George swallowed nervously.


Fred was surprised by all the hissing and couldn’t understand anything. “Huh?”


“Nothing Fred.” Charlie said teasingly.


George was a bit surprised when Viktor took his hand but didn’t really fight him. He was nervous but pleased that someone like Viktor, who could have anyone, seemed to want him. He’d spent most of his life being treated like an embarrassment, nothing he did was ever good enough and his mother never bothered to learn how to tell him apart from Fred. Yet this professional Seeker, the best in the world saw him as a separate person from Fred and thought he was desirable.




The group all assembled at the Entrance Hall, where Charlie arrived to chaperone his twin brothers.


George had to transfigure his and Fred’s best jeans and sweater to something more like what the Slytherins wore; freshly pressed woollen slacks and silk shirts. He even transfigured handkerchiefs into ties.


Fred came with Angelina, Seamus with Colin, Katie with Dean and George was going with Viktor.


Harry was wearing a blue raw silk shirt, grey slacks and silver wool vest. Draco tied a silk scarf around his neck like a tie and wore a Slytherin green cardigan over a silver shirt with obsidian coloured trousers under a warm cloak.


Remus reluctantly borrowed clothes from Lucius because his own were far too worn.


Lucius and Severus complimented each other as well as Draco by wearing similar colours beneath their outdoor wear.


Charlie showed up in Dragon leather pants, matching knee-high boots and vest over crisp white shirt.


Blaise couldn't help staring at George’s older brother, now that was a man. He oozed danger and sex appeal. Blaise felt so shy but he felt truly attracted for the first time in his life, he remembered that his name was Charlie and he was five years older then George. Slytherin’s cauldron, that made the man seven years older then him. A seven year age difference was nothing amoung Chuvash, it could be any amount from months to over ten years.


Greg had decided to ask Mafalda while Vince had brought Tracy, a rather shy fellow Fourth Year Slytherin rather than Pansy who was busy glaring the rest of the day while they were celebrating before getting ready for dinner.


Ivanovski invited a girl from his own school who he seemed close to Ekateirna Petrova who seemed shy and quiet but had a very Ravenclaw-like air about her.


After much discussion, they finally decided on French because it was rarer.


Shyly, Harry admitted he’d never had French food.


Draco hugged him and kissed his forehead, “If I have my way you’ll never cook or clean again. I intend to spend my life spoiling you.”


Harry said quietly, “But I like to cook...” He did, just not with someone glaring and yelling at him. He didn’t mind baking even if it was for his whale of a cousin, but he would prefer to do it for people he cared about rather than feared.


Draco thought about that for a moment, “Then with Dad’s approval, our house elves will be informed you are allowed to cook when you please.” Merlin forbid he refuse Harry anything, his Veela though unrisen would not allow it. Later, he may have to learn how to ‘discipline’ Harry because his Chuvash was more likely to be more wilful then his boyfriend was at present.


When Lucius was satisfied everyone coming was present, he turned an old Daily Prophet into a portkey and they grabbed hold of it.


Harry felt briefly ill after landing, outside a clearly expensive restaurant called Savoir Faire.


Remus gasped when he realized they most certainly weren’t in Diagon Alley. “Where is this?” he was a bit overwhelmed, something he would have to get over if he planned to be a part of Severus’ life with Lucius Malfoy.


Lucius chuckled, “Rue de Lion district in Paris, it’s an older version of Diagon Alley. Our family has ties to France and so we choose to eat here if we are in the mood for French Cuisine. Diagon doesn’t have a particularly fine French Restaurant, although there is that new restaurant in Hogsmeade but I haven’t had an opportunity to try it. Considering some of us French might be the best choice.”  He gave his name to the Maitre’d after leading them inside.


They were escorted to a large private room.


Blaise claimed a place on Charlie’s right and Draco’s left.


George sat between Charlie and Viktor.


Harry was between Remus and Draco.


It was a large long table in their private room.


Soon a waiter, quite cute entered with the wine list and asked for their orders in French.


Lucius ordered wine, water, cranberry juice, Firewhiskey, scotch and Butterbeer to start. He wasn’t going to care what they drank tonight, since they were celebrating.


A variety of French dishes were ordered and there was much conversation.


Blaise took the opportunity to flirt outrageously with Charlie whose deeply tanned looks and long sun-burnished red hair gave him a roguish look that did his Chuvash homage.


Charlie didn’t know quite what to make of the beautiful Slytherin teen but he had to silently admit he enjoyed the attention. After all he didn’t often get flirted with…


Viktor coaxed George to try a lot of exotic French cuisine and silently promised to spoil the youth he was quickly becoming fond of. His parents would no doubt approve, since his Chuvash hadn’t risen at his inheritance as expected; his parents, but most his mother had bemoaned that he wouldn’t find a proper mate.


George’s cheeks felt permanently tinted pink and probably clashed horribly with his red hair but he had to admit it was pleasant to be the subject of such attention from a famous Quidditch player. Considering he grew up in a shack rather then a Manor and was expecting no inheritance, he hadn’t dare hope to catch the eye of a person of Viktor’s prestige.


Harry enjoyed the attention from Draco; the older teen seemed to ignore everyone else. He enjoyed the steak but things like escargot weren’t his taste. He didn’t like wine, the smell made him nauseous. Firewhiskey and scotch burned both his throat and stomach; he quite preferred juice and Butterbeer.


All the couples enjoyed dinner and were truly thankful at the close of the evening after returning to Hogwarts.




Seamus and Colin managed talk Harry back up to Gryffindor Tower, at least for the night. As he settled into bed, he tried not to stare at Ron’s closed curtain. Most of the Gryffindors had apologized for believing he’d cheated and Ron was said to be in the dormitory. While Hermione glared reprovingly from her place across the common room. After some uneasy laughs, Harry turned to go upstairs. He felt something pulling him toward the dungeons; he turned to look back, “Draco.” falling from his lips in a faint hiss. He hadn’t slept without the other teen since he’d found himself with Severus after falling unconscious following his name coming from the Goblet of Fire.


George hugged himself; he was missing Viktor’s arms not that he would admit it. Viktor was on the ship and George was in the tower. He secretly wondered what a night in the man’s arms would be like but was too shy to ask. It was too soon, right? After all, they’d only just met really… but they seemed to fit with one another.


George ended up telling Fred to bring him his blankets and pillow, there wasn’t much difference between his cot bed at the Burrow and the stone flagged floor. George transfigured a pair of discarded jeans- probably Ron’s, into a carpet which he laid on despite Seamus’ protests.


Seamus, also the grandson of a lord claimed the floor was no place for one of their ancestry.


Neville had shyly protested George’s choice, even going so far as to offer to share his bed.


Seamus offered to sleep with Colin, he seemed a bit shy but eager to please the tall muscular Beater.


George laughed, protesting it was no hardship; Mum had punished him plenty of time forcing him to sleep on the cold floor of the cellar. The kitchen was only an option if she blood locked the cupboards.


Harry made his bed curtains impenetrable, casting silencing charms in case he had a nightmare. It was easy to return to old habits, but he missed the quiet reassuring presence of his Veela boyfriend. He felt cold and lonely, his body aching to be held…


He touched his wand briefly and cast a sleep spell on himself.




George woke sensing fear, he hissed for Harry’s snake after finding he couldn’t open Harry’s curtains.


Shishreyu appeared after sometime, “Master be in distress?”


George nodded, “I can’t get in and he’s scared.”


The snake nudged the invisibility cloak after finding she couldn’t wake him either, “Go wake Draco. Something is wrong.”


George reluctantly left Shishreyu in his place at Harry’s guard; covering himself with the invisibility cloak, he took the quickest path to the entrance to the Slytherin dungeons. Whispering the Gaelic password that was the proper name of Stonehenge, George slipped inside. It was late, nearly three in the morning so the fires were almost out in the grates and it was chilly in the common room. George whispered, “Lumos.” Before making his way up to the Fourth Year Boys Dormitory.


Blaise woke at once, throwing his curtains open. “George?” He hissed, he smelled the older Gryffindor though he couldn’t see him.


George nearly fell over, “Blaise? Did I wake you?”


“Yes moron. You walk like a mooncalf, all loud and plodding. It's a wonder the Squib didn’t catch you prowling the halls.”


It’s Harry. He’s having a nightmare. Shishreyu can’t wake him. She said it was a nightmare. He made the curtains impenetrable so I can’t get inside myself. I only knew something was wrong because I smelled fear.”


Blaise winced, tossing a book at Draco’s bed, “Drake! Wake up! Harry’s in danger.”


Draco woke up so fast, he practically fell out of bed. “What? Did that pathetic excuse for a Weasley try cursing him while his back was turned?”


George shook his head, “He’s having a nightmare. His curtains are impenetrable and Shishreyu can’t wake him.”


Draco cursed in four languages, as he summoned Dobby. “Harry’s in trouble.”


Dobby wrung his hands, “Dobby knows sir. Dobby been trying to wake Master Harry Potter for a hour. Nothing be working.”


Draco threw on a robe, “Take me to him.”


Dobby shook as he wrapped a long-fingered hand on Draco’s arm and disApparated.


George moved to pull the cloak back on, “I should head back.”


Blaise summoned his elf.


“Master be wanting Amry?”


Blaise pointed at George, “Take him back to Gryffindor Tower. He needs to be taken to the dorm room where Draco and Harry are.”


George was about to protest before he was Apparated away.




Draco was able to appear on Harry’s bed inside the red velvet curtains, Harry’s wards rose up and momentarily threatened to throw him but then relaxed. Draco slipped into the Gryffindor sheets, pulling Harry to his chest, kissing his neck, “Wake up love. Please wake up.”


Harry didn’t seem to hear him as he continued thrashing and screaming loud enough to raise the dead.


After three minutes of being subjected to Harry's screams, Draco finally sensed unfamiliar magic. He looked up at a hovering Dobby wringing his hands, “Get Remus and Papa. It’s okay if Dad comes too. Something is wrong.”


Pouting, Shishreyu was in agreement; she’d been saying that! She was so worried that she forgot that Draco couldn’t speak Parseltongue.


Draco kept trying to wake Harry but nothing was working, he was getting more and more worried. What was taking them so long?




Lucius had allowed Remus to sleep on a chaise day bed in the bedroom he shared with Severus. Remus woke with a start, his ears twitching. He sniffed, whispering “Dobby?” he’d recognised the scent of Harry's devoted house elf.


Dobby wrung his hands, “Dobby so sorry to disturb Master Remus. Master Harry Potter sir, he be in trouble. Master Draco be with him. Oh. Master Draco sent me to get you. Master Harry Potter not be waking.”


“Not waking from what?” Remus asked quietly.


“Nightmare!” Dobby blubbered.


Remus stormed out of bed, “Wake up!” his voice sharp as if he were yelling at students sleeping during lecture.


Lucius’ eyes snapped open, “What’s going on? Who is there?” he blinked sleepily only to see their former house elf Dobby who cared for Harry sobbing and wringing his hands up with Remus.


Severus woke at once sensing Lucius’ distress, he glanced from his Bondmate to Remus, “What’s wrong?”


“Harry’s having a nightmare and no one can wake him up. Not even Draco.”


Severus glanced at Dobby, “Wake up Ted Tonks. I’m not a Mind Healer but he may need help. We’ve been trying to help him recover from his abuse and other terrifying experiences. This could set his recovery back. I’ve really got to try to work on that potion.”


Lucius kissed his mate, “You’ll get it. You’re the best Potioneer of this century at least.”


“Dobby going now.”


The three adults stormed out of Severus’ room and tore out of his apartment, following Remus who instinctively took the shortest path.




George was pacing, unsure of how best to help. Harry being trapped in a nightmare had to be bad. Why wasn’t he waking up? Had someone entered him in the tournament to kill him? Gryffindor Tower should be safe! Why was it that the Slytherin Dungeons were safer? Harry was a lion after all...


Draco was getting more and more worried, why wasn’t Harry waking? What was wrong with him? He was his mate damn it! He was Veela, just because he hadn’t come into his inheritance shouldn’t mean he couldn’t help his mate. What was taking Dobby so long to retrieve his fathers and Harry’s guardian?


Shishreyu stared hard at her master, something was wrong. But what?




Dobby Apparated into Lavender Vale where he nearly crashed into Dora who was just coming in from spying on Dumbledore to shower and change.


“Who are you and what do you want?” Dora snapped her wand pressed to the unfamiliar elf’s throat.


“Lord Prince-Malfoy be sending me. Master Harry Potter in trouble.”


Dora stared at him. “Harry? Trouble? How?” Hogwarts was SUPPOSED to be safe but Harry was entered into the Triwizard tournament and two children were murdered by possibly mad power hungry Headmaster.


“Master Harry Potter slept in Tower. Having Nightmare. No one can wake Master Harry Potter. Dobby try. Master Draco try. Shishreyu try. Master Harry Potter in trouble.”


Dora removed her wand from the elf’s throat, “I’ll get dad.” Harry trapped in a nightmare that his mate couldn’t wake him from? She’d seen some of his worst memories and Snape’s, just what kind of nightmares could the poor boy be trapped in? She hurried to wake her dad. Throwing open their door, “Dad. Emergency. Hogwarts. Harry. Nightmare trapped.” Summing up the situation like giving a report to a superior after waking them up at an odd hour.


Ted was used to being called away at night because he was a Mind Healer.


Andromeda had been a Healer since when she was young, so she had been called in when massive injuries had occurred during the war despite having a specialty. “Nightmares? That poor child…”


Dora closed the door; letting her parents dress but began pacing. Was this a punishment by the Headmaster or by the nameless person who placed Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire?




Severus had to strain his magic to break through Harry’s magical protection of his private space. The moment the wards crashed, it was like a magic bomb went off.


Four Gryffindor lions practically fell out of bed.


It didn’t help that Harry was screaming loud enough to wake the dead but nothing was understandable. How did Draco stand it? His son was holding Harry and trying to wake him still. Harry was so loud…


“What is that noise?” was Dean’s remark.


“What is the amazing bouncing ferret doing in the Tower?” Ron said glaring from the floor.


“Why is Harry screaming?” Seamus said rubbing his eyes.


“He sounds like mum.” Neville said quietly, it was true, Harry sounded like he was under the Cruciatus curse. Sometimes when he visited his mother, she fell asleep and would have nightmares where she screamed and thrashed like that while his father was always vacant and silent even when ‘sleeping.’


Severus glared, “I can’t wake him.”


“Do you know what’s causing him to scream so?” Remus asked worried.


Severus cast more charms at Harry’s violently thrashing, screaming form. “A variant of the nightmare curse that I’ve never seen.”


Remus cast a series of spells to make his own determination. “It’s Dark, very Dark. Cast by someone trying to obscure their magical signature.”


Lucius remembered something, “What was it that the seer said about us? Remus would gain that Severus’ potion ability? I would gain Severus’ ability to create new spells and Severus would be able to heal?” Why was his Veela trapped?


Remus remembered the Triad Charm; “The Triad Charm…” if someone powerful cast this whose spell Severus couldn’t break immediately, that meant Dumbledore. His second night in Hogwarts and Harry was already in danger.


Lucius nodded, “I can’t access my Healing but maybe Severus can.”


Ron was confused, why would a Death Eater being trying to help Harry? A Death Eater who could heal? That was something worth telling...


“Lucius can create a spell. With the Triad charm we might be able to break the curse.” Remus nodded.


Lucius closed his eyes, “Tell me what the spell signature looks like. How does it vary from the normal Nightmare Curse?”


Severus winced, “Its much Darker.”


Remus swallowed, “That’s not the nightmare curse…”


Severus cast another spell, Slytherin’s Bullocks! “Remus is right…it’s the Nights of Hell curse…”


“That’s one of Grindelwald’s.” Remus said staring at Severus. “It’s…supposed to be irreversible.”


“Has it been cast more than once I wonder? Three times makes one usually die. It’s only supposed to have a three-day limit. This…has been unbroken and unceasing for years.” Severus’ eyes widened, “The bed. Draco! Get him off the bed!”


Draco pulled the screaming, thrashing boy into his arms, tight to his chest and launched them both off the bed.


Harry’s eyes sprang open, his mouth mid-scream. He looked down to see Draco and burst into tears, burying his face in Draco's pajama shirt. “Draco…”


Draco pressed his lips to Harry’s forehead, rocking him, “You’re safe…” his magic threw itself behind him and the bed burst into flames. “I’d never let you be hurt or suffer. Damn it! It’s my job to protect you.” If he couldn’t wake Harry or soothe him, he deserved to suffer as well. He’d been forcing himself to endure Harry’s screams and thrashing, knowing that he’d incur bruises and a headache.


The burning bedstead didn’t spread fire anywhere else; it was merely destroying any magic.


Dumbledore, McGonagall and Flitch were heard noisily arguing against Andromeda, Ted and Dora about waking the Fourth Year boys.


George opened the dorm door, “We’ve been waiting for you.”


Ted scurried into the dormitory, casting diagnostic spells unique to his healing field.


“Really, there is nothing wrong with a few nightmares. It’s normal.” McGonagall continued to protest.


“Professor! That bed! It’s burning!” Filch cried out.


“Who did this?” Dumbledore glared, “Destruction of school property!”


Dora examined the flames, “I see no damage. Except to the spell cast on the bed.”


“A Dark Curse Auror Tonks.” Severus glowered, “At first I thought it was the nightmare curse but I was wrong. Remus and I discovered it was the Nights of Hell curse. Declared illegal over fifty years ago!”


“Oh please, where would someone learn a Dark Curse like that?” McGonagall scoffed. “You can’t cast spells like that in the castle.”


“Quite right Minerva. Severus please, I ask you not to speak falsehoods in front of the children.” Dumbledore said pleasantly.


“If my Bondmates claim that that this is the Nights of Hell curse created by Grindelwald, I believe them.” Lucius glared.


“Bondmates?” McGonagall blinked.


“Yes, it seems that Severus’ magic is too great for myself to ground. We have decided to take on a grounding mate.” Lucius said with a strained smile.


“A pity two Bondmates can’t change the fact that the last of the Prince line is barren. I would have thought that someone like your Lord Malfoy would prefer to be bonded to someone capable of having children.”


Remus growled, his wolf eager to rip Dumbledore to shreds. Severus’ infertility was that crazy bastard’s fault!


Lucius’ Veela fought against the magic that bound it, his mate’s honour was being impugned. He wanted to rip this insufferable man’s head off.


Every Chuvash’s ears winced, as Lucius’ Dark Mark seemed to scream.


Harry clung to Draco, “I don’t want to stay here. Don’t leave me.”


“I’m not leaving you.” Draco laced his fingers with Harry and brought the tiny Gryffindor’s hand to his lips, “I promise.”


Dumbledore sneered, “How do we know you didn’t cast that curse on Harry?”


Lucius snorted, “Because, I refused to let Draco be taught Dark spells. Unlike my father or his former relative Cygnus Black would have wanted, Draco was never instructed in the Unforgivables. I have taught him no Dark Arts.”


“You were a Death Eater Lucius; don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t teach your son Dark Spells. He spent enough time bragging about it.”


Draco snorted, “Oh please. I didn’t want to look bad in front of my House. I’m their Prince after all. I would never use those spells; I was uncomfortable with Moody showed them to us. I think Professor Lupin was a far better teacher then Moody. Moody is insane.”


Dumbledore sneered at Draco, “I heard you became a ferret.” clearly believing Draco disliked Professor Moody because he turned him into a ferret.


“I’ve always been drawn to Harry and he mostly ignored me. Being rude was the only way to get his attention. It was foolish and childish but I’m learning there are better ways to get his attention. I believe I owe one of my professors an apology.” Draco schooled his features into a mask to not react to the ferret comment. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of his life. He had been in the wrong and he deserved to be punished but not by becoming the ‘Amazing Bouncing Ferret.’ Despite appearances, Papa had punished him and Greg for attacking Harry, Weasley and Granger.


“Who is responsible for this wanton destruction of Hogwarts property?” McGonagall protested, the fire burning on Potter’s bed may not be destroying anything but some purported curse but she was still incensed about it.


“It is a product of a Veela’s rage at an attack on his mate, an unconscious uncontrolled burst of magic.” Lucius politely informed the insufferable woman.


“What proof is there of such?” Filch glared.


“The investigation of an Auror!” Dora snapped.


Filch stiffened and then shifted nervously.


“He is still destroying something...” Dumbledore said pompously, “for that he must be punished.”


“I will fight any punishment Dumbledore!” Lucius glared, “He has done no wrong or harm to Hogwarts property. For wanton unprovoked assault on two members of his own House Ronald Weasley has been inadequately punished. Detentions for the rest of term and being banned from the Yule Ball? I thought you were showcasing your Hogwarts as a welcoming place Dumbledore.”


“Your new pet Potter took great pleasure in impugning the reputation of this school and it’s Head the other day. You expect me to stand up for him?” Dumbledore asked incredulously.


“I expect you to stand by your charges when they are grievously assaulted. I would hope that a man of your reputation Dumbledore would be incensed that someone would place Potter’s name in the Goblet of Fire and would cast an extremely Dark and Illegal curse on him or at least his bed. Surely a boy of his marks and lack of proper instruction prior to Hogwarts would be incapable of discovering a way to bewitch an Ancient Artefact or discover the existence of such a dangerous curse to cast on himself.” Ted said stiffly.


Dumbledore laughed, “I have said it once and I’ll say it again, Potter suffers from Munchausen Syndrome. He requires constant care, preferably in the Janus Thickey ward. It is a pity that a Mind Healer of your experience and reputation has been deceived by this troubled boy.”


“You never once claimed he was unstable before until he started protesting the validity of his status as a Triwizard Champion.” Remus glared.


Ted said through gritted teeth, “My dear Professor Dumbledore, I reviewed Munchausen Syndrome recently. There is no way that Harry exhibits anything that could signify it. Munchausen syndrome is a type of factitious disorder or mental illness, in which a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical or mental disorder when, in truth, he or she has caused the symptoms. Harry has done nothing of the sort. I have reviewed memories of his abuse and I find them clearly based on actual events. He does not have the knowledge to manipulate his memory. He didn’t even know the spell to copy or remove memories until I told it to him.”


“Ah yes, a fine actor isn’t he? He even fooled me for a while.” Dumbledore said with feigned sadness.


George snorted, “I suppose he paid to have bars put on his own window? Padlocked his precious Hedwig in her cage? Installed a tiny flap thing in his door? Locked his school things a cupboard under the stairs?”


Harry winced, he’d half-forgotten that Fred, George and Ron had broke him out.


“His relatives had written me to inform me he’d gotten violent.” Dumbledore said nonplussed and shaking his head sadly. “They were afraid he’d use magic to hurt them.”


Harry shook his head, “I’d be thrown out of Hogwarts. I can’t do that…it was bad enough that I blew up Aunt Marge. If Sirius hadn’t escaped, I would have been expelled. Uncle Vernon hasn’t forgiven me for that. He enjoys ‘punishing me for exposing his sister to my unnaturalness’.” He shook slightly, “I can’t help being born a wizard anymore then you can. They wouldn’t like me any better if I weren’t one.”


“Now Harry, you really should try not to tell such lies.  Where would you get any idea you were a Chuvash? Your ability to speak Parseltongue? I told you that was a result of your connection with Voldemort. I didn’t want to tell you this Harry, you see you’re a Horcrux like the diary. A vessel he secreted a part of his soul, you were an accident unlike the creation of the diary which I believe was the reason for poor Myrtle’s death. You boy are no Chuvash. I don’t even know where you would have heard of such Dark Creatures. Many foul things lurk in the Black Bloodline; you Harry Potter are not Black enough to be Chuvash. There have been no Chuvash born to the House of Black for Generations.”


Draco snorted, “You are misinformed Professor. Prior to this generation the last Black to come into a Chuvash inheritance was Phineas Nigellus’ older brother Sirius, current King of the Chuvash. The personal Seer of the Veela Queen told me that Harry was my mate.”


“A true seer has not been born to the Veela for generations. I would have known.” Dumbledore laughed.


“I am afraid you are far from well informed Headmaster.” Draco sneered, “At least three students were named Chuvash by that seer. We have found a near Chuvash and others who bear signs of Chuvash Blood.”


“Name a sign of Chuvash blood.” McGonagall snapped.


“Speaks and understands Parseltongue.” Draco laughed.


“Reflects back curses, hexes and jinxes.” Harry whispered.


George chuckled, “A natural flyer, understands Dragons, easily gains their confidence and abnormally fast healers.” Charlie had all the signs.


Neville spoke up, “If I can understand snakes, does that mean I have Chuvash Blood?”


Andromeda who had been seething at Dumbledore’s foolishness glanced at the boy, “You are a Longbottom? You have Frank’s face and Alice’s eyes. I remember them; we were only a year apart in school. If I remember correctly, Callidora Black was Bonded to Harfang Longbottom. Who is Harfang Longbottom to you young man? Isn’t that your father’s grandfather?”


Neville shook his head, “Yes Madam. Great uncle Algie always talks of him, his father-in-law Harfang. Uncle Algie was Bonded to my Aunt Cassandra.”


“Who is Callidora Black?” Draco asked curious.


“The elder sister of Lady Cedrella Weasley nee Black.”


George blinked, “That’s my grandmother. Sorry Neville, I had no idea we were cousins.”


Neville shrugged, “Me either.”


Ron choked, “I’m not related to that useless excuse for a wizard. He has the brains of a flobberworm.”


George slapped him, “It’s a pity I’m related to you. You’re an embarrassment to the family.”


Ron snickered, “You’re the embarrassment. How many OWLS did you get again? Three?”


“More then that fool. I just didn’t choose to publically do well enough to take all my courses for NEWTS. I hate this ‘Mandatory Education’. I’ve learned very little here other than how to cause mischief. If it weren’t for Quidditch Fred and I wouldn’t really be here. The soonest we can clear out, Fred and I will. I promise our exit will be as dramatic as we can make it.” George snarled, leaning into whisper in Parseltongue, “You are nothing to me. You are a miserable excuse for a wizard who I am ashamed to consider family. Don’t think you’re not going to be punished for cursing me earlier. You will suffer Ron. You will rue the day you made up enemies. You think our making your teddy bear a spider was bad? Oh trust me you’ll soon realize that was harmless.” He turned his back on Ron.


Neville, Shishreyu and Harry understood that entire promise while Severus caught half of it.


“Professor! I think George cursed me. Did you hear him? He spoke Parseltongue. He’s a Dark wizard!” Ron yelped and tried to get as far away as he could.


“Oh please. That was too long to be a curse and I wouldn’t bother casting a curse on you. You’re not worth the effort. I wish you and Granger joy. You deserve each other, you lousy pair of turncoats.” George said rolling his eyes.


“I say we let these boys sleep.” Severus said helping Harry and Draco up from the floor.


Harry nodded, “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep up here comfortably again.” He shivered.


Draco hugged him; “I’m not keen on letting you out of my sight.”


Dobby appeared wringing his hands, “Dobby help Master Harry Potter sir?”


“Yes.” Draco replied, “Please move all of Harry’s things to my dormitory. He can sleep with me.”


“My dear boys, I believe that is quite out of the question.” Dumbledore protested.


“I beg your pardon?” Remus glared.


“Now Remus I can’t condone two unbetrothed or unengaged persons to share a bed, it shows poor morals. We wouldn’t want a repeat of such wanton behaviour as yours Severus.”  Dumbledore said pointedly.


“You mean Harry gets pregnant? Oh I doubt that. A young Chuvash knows better then to have sex with a non-Chuvash before coming into their inheritance. One never knows for sure if they are a Submissive or a Dominant, sex with a human for a submissive makes them infertile.” Severus snorted. “I doubt Remus would be alright if Harry had sex before he came into his inheritance. I would be upset with Draco if he did either.” It hurt to have his lost child rubbed in his face.


Ron looked green and ill, “I knew you were disgusting and creepy Snape. You got pregnant? While you were a student? Who would be interested in your greasy self?”


“I would.” Lucius and Remus snarled.


“So which of you knocked up Professor Greaseball? You must have really pathetic if only this dungeon bat would let you sleep with them. I thought you hated Snape, Professor Lupin. Was that a lie? How long have you been banging his skinny ass? I know Draco’s mother looked like she smelled something rotten but how could you leave a nice looking woman for someone who has burned and patched robes and frog guts under his nails? No wonder Draco’s so ugly and ferret-like. Is he really the son of a dungeon bat and some poncy ex-Death Eater?”


Lucius looked at Ron coldly, “That is so heinously untrue that it barely dignifies a response. Come on boys, we should leave.”


“Wait! Neither the Headmaster or I gave Harry permission to leave the tower.” McGonagall protested weakly.


“He doesn’t need it.” Remus seethed, “He has mine. I’m not leaving my charge up here another minute. Cursed bedsteads. I won’t be forgetting them.”


Neville shifted nervously, he wasn’t feeling safe either. “Can I… come too?”


Harry smiled at him, “If its alright with Draco.” There was something familiar about Neville and Luna said he could trust him.


“Longbottom, go back to bed.” McGonagall glared.


Neville swallowed, “No. Go ahead and owl Gran I don’t care. I won’t spend another night in a Dorm where someone got cursed with something that made them scream like Mum. Gran will understand.” At least he hoped so…


Seamus sneaked out; his bed was closest to the door anyway. He wouldn’t spend the night in there either. He’d crash with Colin…


George pointed up towards his dormitory and Dean left too. George had every intention of going back down to the Dungeon with Draco and Harry.


McGonagall, Flitch and Dumbledore continued to make some type of protest but soon they were alone in the room with just Ron.