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Unlikely Heroes

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Chapter sixteen


Harry and Draco had been sent up to bed after another trying attempt to deal with yet another of Harry’s memories of living with the Dursleys. Severus had true to his word offered up a memory of his abusive childhood. Both were heart wrenching but sharing the memories and knowing that you were believed helped put each one to rest.


Dumbledore, having quite turned the Malfoys, Remus, the Tonks, Harry, Sirius I, Oliver and Percy against him by his cruel lies at the Council of Magical Law. They had decided unanimously that the incumbent but incompetent and powermad Headmaster had to go.


As if his cruel mindrape of Percy and terrorizing of a teenage Severus wasn’t evil enough, he’d murdered their children.


“I want him ruined!” Lucius growled, it was one thing for Severus to tell him watered down tales of his life with his parents but to actually see the horrors he lived and know that Dumbledore did everything he could to make his mate’s life hell was repugnant.


“No thanks to you mere threats won’t work.” Severus muttered giving Lucius a dark look filled with censure.


Remus’ eyes narrowed, not sure what his mate was referring too but sure he wouldn’t like it.


“What we need is detailed intelligence.” Sirius I said, his arms resting on the arms of his chair while his fingers were steepled.


Dora’s eyes twinkled with mirth, “Perhaps, I can be of assistance.”


Sirius turned to observe her, “How so?”


“Well I am an Auror and I scored well on our Surveillance and convert investigation lessons.” Dora chuckled, altering her appearance to perfectly copy Lucius’.


Sirius I clapped his hand, “Capital I say. Metamorphmagus, you do come from my line.”


“How would you go about it?” Severus asked a bit disturbed to see this young woman wearing his Bondmate’s face.


Dora shrugged, “I’ve been working non-stop since I became a full-fledged Auror, in fact, I am the last person who was accepted into Auror training. Being a Hufflepuff I wasn’t expected to finish training, they actually had a betting pool going on how long it would take before I dropped out. I think Mad-Eye pushed me harder to make me drop out and instead made me one of the best. The only time off I’ve taken is when I’ve been injured in the field. I have two or three months of vacation waiting around for me to decide to use it; maybe more, I’d have to check. Head Auror Scrimgour is quite annoyed with me I believe because I’m hardly ever not at work.  If it weren’t for my Metamorphmagus abilities and my skill at deep cover or mimicry, he’d drive me out. Thank Hufflepuff I’m between Deep Cover assignments and I can be free as soon as you like Lord,”


“Lucius please. I may no longer be Bonded to your aunt but I’d still like to be considered family. I would like you to start right away, the sooner Dumbledore is ripped from his place as Headmaster and other positions of authority as well as ruined in both reputation and monetary matters I maybe content.”


“Very well I shall inform Scrimgour that I’ll be on ‘vacation’ until further notice. I am authorized to use any means to discover any secrets about Albus Dumbledore?”


“Yes, any means necessary to discover his secret, the darker the secrets the better.” Lucius practically purred.


“By the way, don’t bother with invisibility cloaks or disillusionment type charms. Dumbledore has evidently evolved magically to be able to see through them or so he brags. He also claims to be able to see through Glamours.” Severus added.


“Helga grant me serenity! That boggles things up.” Dora grumbled.


“Can you alter the aura of your magical signature?” Sirius asked.


Dora smirked, “Best one in the entire department.”


“That is beneficial to our endeavours.” Severus observed mildly.


“I wonder what deep, dark secrets he’d hiding?” Dora licked her lips in anticipation as her features rearranged to her normal appearance of shocking purple hair and black opal eyes.


“He was raised in Godric’s Hollow for a while. I remember Dumbledore mentioning his younger brother owned and managed the Hogshead pub in Hogsmeade.” Severus mused.


Lucius’ lips were tight. “I believe his name is Aberforth. I think he was arrested for something years ago. Father thought it was funny, he thought Dumbledore should have done the prudent thing and disowned his idiot brother before he could embarrass him in such a way. Xeno’s oddness was why Father disowned him before he could embarrass the Malfoy name. There’s been muttering for years about an intimate relationship between Dumbledore and Wizengamot member Elphias Doge.”


Dora snickered, “I know what, I’ll investigate under the persona of someone researching for a tell-all in-depth investigation of into the life of Dumbledore. I plan on sending a copy of my investigation to Rita Skeeter if I turn up anything juicy. She’d sell her soul to write a book exposing Dumbledore’s ‘Dark Side’.” Her expression turned sombre, “Especially if two anonymous former students mentioned forced abortions and mindrape.”


Severus winced, Lucius glared and Remus growled.


“It would be something she would be interested in hearing.” Dora protested, “What happened to Professor Prince-Malfoy is too late to be prosecuted, unless Lucius tried under the Archaic Laws. A spell making someone infertile that is only allowed by the Ministry for truly horrific crimes and only if decided by the Council of Magical Law. In the case of former Head Boy Percy Weasley, the crime only occurred less then two years ago so the statute of limitations hasn’t ran out yet. If they; Oliver, the Weasley and Wood Patriarchs filed charges they would probably stick.


Ted stroked his chin in thought, “I wonder what would have motivated such cruelty? Manipulation, terrorizing and an illegal spell that not only got rid of Severus’ pregnancy but rendered him infertile was beyond callus. In the case of young Mr. Weasley, his pregnancy was unknown to himself until isn’t discovery and summarily destroyed by the headmaster. The spell Severus mentioned prior is common but should only be cast by a healer familiar with such spells. I wonder why the cases were treated differently.”


“What goes on in that twisted man’s head? Why was HE sent after Grindelwald I wonder?” Sirius I muttered eyes closed in thought.


Why indeed, Severus asked himself.




Receiving Oliver’s letter had been a shock but Fred and George remembered with a tremble how their former Quidditch captain had worked them almost to death and like loyal subjects, they sent off letters to their father, grandfather and two elder brothers. The tone of Oliver’s letter was neither jovial nor reminiscent. In their most audacious escape ever they used any number of secret passages to arrive at the statue of the humpbacked witch led to the cellar of Honeyduke’s. They arrived about seven to find a brooding Oliver staring into his firewhiskey.


Fred was about to make a joke that he looked as if his best friend just died but George shook his head before disappearing to order them some butterbeers. Instead he sat next his friend, “So what’s up?”


Oliver attempted to give him a smile but failed, “I’ll explain with everyone’s here and I’ve got a very powerful privacy charm up.”


By the time George returned with their drinks, both their dad and grandfather had arrived.


Oliver attempted to smile, “Thank you for coming on such short notice. I only wish it had been under happier circumstances.”


Bill and Charlie who Oliver remembered fondly arrived in time to hear the last of his short speech.


Oliver gestured for them to sit and cast a powerful privacy spell, as well as wards to warn him if it was either attempted to be taken down or if someone was attempting to listen. “I need to know how far you would go for family.”


The six Weasley men stared at him as if he’d said he was giving up magic to live as a Muggle and watch something called the ‘telly’ all day long.


“What?” Septimus Weasley glared at the young man, insulted, “How,”


“Pardon my interruption sir but I mean no offence. If a member of your family was cruelly violated by someone you trusted implicitly, how far would you go to avenge them?” Oliver said softly.


Bill’s eyes narrowed, “If it were any of my siblings I would want justice.”


The twins nodded, “Agreed. Unless it was Ron and he deserved it.”


Charlie said thoughtfully, “I love all my family and I would do my best to endure they received justice.”


Arthur nodded, “I love all my children and would do my best to ensure they were treated fairly. If they were hurt, I would do my best to help them recover as well as seek at least some justice.”


Septimus nodded in assent.


Oliver licked his lips, “Even if the person violated was Percy?”


They gasped as if he’d cursed Godric to the depths of hell.


“Who’d get the better of Big Head Boy?” the twins asked.


Oliver glared at them, “Don’t you dare call him that! His prattishness that year wasn’t his fault.”


“We always.”


“knew you.”


“Were sweet on him.”


The twins finished each other’s sentence out of habit.


Oliver glared at them, “I wasn’t sweet on him. We were best friends who fell in love until some arsehole decided it wouldn’t do to have Prefect Percival Weasley bent and in love with some pathetic Quidditch freak.”


Fred was incensed, “Who dared say that about you?”


“You were the best captain we ever had besides Charlie.” George added.


Charlie nodded, “I would have been proud to have you as a brother.”


Bill shrugged, “If you make Percy happy, I have no objection.”


“So what happened to our poor maligned brother Percy?” Fred and George asked together.


Oliver gulped, “He was called into see the Headmaster after Ginny was rescued from the chamber of Secrets to ask how you all were taking it. You know the near loss of Ginny, the knowledge that she opened the Chamber and set the monster on her fellow students as well as her subsequent punishment about having to scrub bedpans without magic for months on end. Dumbledore offered Percy Veritaserum-laced tea and asked him about his future plans. After Percy told about us and how we planned to move in together after Hogwarts, the Headmaster declared it wouldn’t do. He used the imperious on Percy and told him that, I quote, ‘Now listen you little ingrate. You're a Weasley, you're going into the Ministry and that Quidditch obsessed idiot is just going to hold you back. You will forget about him and have nothing more to do with him. Now when you receive your badge as Head Boy you'll find out that Prefect Penelope Clearwater is Head Girl. You will befriend her and Court her. She will make an excellent political wife when you start your rise to Minister for Magic.”


There were six voices of pure outrage and Oliver was glad for his privacy charm but had the beginnings of a headache.


“How dare he?” came twin hisses of anger.


“Who Percy sees is none of his bloody business.”


“He should keep his broken nose out of other people’s personal lives.”


“He had no right to say that to a son of mine.”


“Arrange a Courting between my grandson and the Clearwater heiress without my consent?”


“I didn’t know any of this until just before I sent my letter to the twins. Dumbledore threatened me you see, he told me that Percy came to him and told him I pressured him into a sexual relationship. He accused me of raping the person I loved, he told me if I even so much as talked to Percy, that he would turn me into the Aurors. He’d wiped Percy’s memory of our relationship to help him recover. I was heartbroken. When I found out he’d mindraped Percy and made him forget against his will. I was furious.” His gripped the handle of his mug of firewhiskey so tight that he shattered the handle.


“That’s not all, is it?” Charlie asked.


Oliver shook his head, looking up his eyes filled with terrible anger, pain and lost, “That bastard killed our child. Percy didn’t even know he was pregnant and neither did I.”


For a minute there was utter silence.


Fred and George cracked their knuckles.


“Oh he’ll pay alright. Isn’t that right Forge?” Fred was absolutely outraged, he was quick to decide a grievance and slow to forgive real betrayal.


“Yes Gred, he’ll rue the day he made an enemy of the Weasley twins.” George said.


“I’m glad I was supposed to be here soon. I’ll have to stop by and check on Percy.” Charlie said looking both worried and furious at the same time. You could see barely restrained anger and fury, had he been holding anything it would have shattered in his clenched fist.


“I may get temporarily assigned to London. I can’t help Percy working out of Egypt.” Bill said in a voice tight with righteous anger.


“I can’t believe after all we’ve done for the Order and the side of Light that this would be our reward; the murder of my grandchild.” Arthur rarely let himself get worked up about anything.


“I doubt Molly would believe this tale. That will cause a rift between her and her ‘favourite son’.” Septimus said thoughtfully.


Oliver about collapsed, “You believe me.”


Fred and George hugged him


“You git. Of course we do.” Fred punched him playfully in the shoulder.


“Mom sent us a nasty letter asking us if we knew where Percy moved and we told her we hadn’t the faintest clue.” George added.


“I know where he is but Percy can’t dealt with your mother right now. We’re going to have to take it slow because after what Dumbledore did to both of us and we both need to deal with the pain of losing our child so cruelly.” Oliver said with obvious anguish, “When we’re ready to try again,” he implored Septimus and Arthur with his eyes, “I want to court him properly. I am sorry I was imprudent enough to get him pregnant when we were Sixth Years but I love him with all my heart.”


Arthur pat him on the back, “If you make him happy and that’s what he wants I have no objections.”


Septimus nodded, “It took great courage to request all of us and to tell us what you have. Like Arthur said, if it’s what Percy wants.”


Oliver chewed on his lip, “I want him to be happy. He wouldn’t even let me hold him after he invited me in until after he told me everything. I hate Dumbledore for what he’s done to us. Percy’s so shy and uncomfortable with his age mates and he has a difficult time making friends. This betrayal is going to scar him for a long time. I just hope he can recover from this, I love him so much. I can’t believe Lord Malfoy,”


Arthur’s eyes flashed, “What did he do now? I heard he had something to do with Ginny and the Chamber of Secrets.” He was always more likely to believe the worst of a Malfoy.


Oliver winced, “He helped Percy move by offering him an apartment in a building he owns. He invited the owner of Puddlemere United and I out to lunch the other day. When the owner slipped out to the loo, he told me Percy wanted to see me and gave me the address. He warned me that Percy needed me to be calm. He asked me about my years in Hogwarts first and asked me if I had a friend. I was very vague until he called me on it and told me he knew it was Percy. I admitted what Dumbledore told me and he told me it was a lie. I knew it had been or at least I hoped it was. I was so lonely and hurt, I didn’t understand. One minute we were inseparable and the next, Dumbledore all but accused me of rape and threatened to call the Aurors on me if I didn’t leave Percy alone. He admitted to me he made Percy forget us…”


“Well, I’m not sure how much I believe of his interview at the Ministry. I hope Harry didn’t cheat to get into that Tournament.” Arthur muttered.


The twins shifted nervously.


“We feel awful.” Fred chewed on his bottom lip.


“Yeah,” George stared into his Butterbeer, “We owe Harry a lot”


“Without him we wouldn’t have won all those games, especially against Slytherin.” They said remorsefully.


“We’ll have to send him a letter.”


“apologizing for being jealous.”


“and not bothering to ask.”


“should have known Harry’s no cheater.”


“Besides every time little Miss know-it-all mentioned the death toll.”


“Harry was shaking and pale.”


“We’ll have to come by and visit Percy soon.” Arthur said.


“Yes and assure our grandson of our support. If Percy weren’t so sensitive and the crimes so heinous, I’d tell him to just forget about and get over it. I am not as foolish as all that. I expect you’ll see to it that he sees someone one.” Septimus fixed Oliver in his gaze.


Oliver nodded, “Percy mentioned a Ted Tonks, we’ll see if we can make an appointment.”


“Good. I’ll ask Cedrella to make him some meals he can just use a warming charm on. I never understood what you saw in that Molly, son. She wasn’t cut out of the same cloth as her brothers.” Septimus said glaring at Arthur.


The Weasleys soon parted ways and Oliver made his way back to Percy, satisfied that his brothers and father as well as grandfather were as honourable as he thought.