My pseuds:
Samantha Quinn, zarabithia
I joined on:


I can be found at tumblr and dreamwidth
tumblr: zarabithia
dreamwidth: zarabithia, though i don't post there. However, there is a lot of old fic that can be found there, if you really want to go digging. :) Someday! it may all be here instead.

I will eventually be adding my backlist of fics to AO3, as time permits. But right now, dreamwidth is the best place to find old fics, if you are interested in them. Tumblr is the best place to interact and offer fic prompts. :)

If you want to remix, podfic, translate, create art for (or basically, if you want to create secondary fanwork) any of my work, you do not require my permission to do so. I do ask that you link back to my work and drop me a link to your work, if possible, because I'd enjoy seeing it.