My pseuds:
yue_ix, yueix
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Canadian French,"she/her" pronouns, uses Photoshop, likes a lot of kinks, queerness and poly-everything. Pronounced "you-heh neuf", or, “you enough”.

I like to lurk, comment, draw, and sometimes I write. Someday, I'd love to do other stuff, too. All characters displayed in a sexual manner in my works are portrayed by people of legal age in their country.

Transformative works are awesome and very much welcome! For anything done by me alone, you do not need to ask or credit me if you want to remix, change mediums or in any way transform my works. If I've created something for you, you are absolutely allowed to host or repost it on your pages. You can also host and-or resize my visual fanworks to use as icons, banners, or within rec lists.

I'd be delighted if you share a link so I might enjoy your work and I'd be happy to help you in any way I can during your process. If you wish to use anything as inspiration to create something else part of the same universe, please do! That'd be so amazing. The more fanworks exist, the better.

For anything I've done for someone else (gifts, commissions, trades) or with someone else (collaborations), please ask everyone who participated before doing anything. Thank you!

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