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    sometimes the universe makes mistakes


    29 Mar 2018

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    i don't want you to go (but i want you so) by kthsv
    Sometimes the universe makes mistakes. In this universe you get a round mark every time you love someone. They are usually black and they come with any type of love. When you meet your soulmate the mark turns gold, however if you love someone as strongly (or more) as you'd love your soulmate even though they aren't, you get sick and it's negatively viewed by society as well as any other relationship outside of "what's supposed to be". Some books talk about marks that aren't black or gold, but green (if you have more than one soulmate), yellow (if your soulmate is in a parallel universe) and red (if it's an one-sided soulbond), however they are extremely rare.
    Kth loves poetry and he feels too much. He's loved before and got hurt in the end so he's quite insecure when it comes to love. He meets jjk when the latter meets his girlfriend in the restaurant he works at and chooses him as his waiter every time he comes just to annoy him. Their relationship stay like that for some time: jjk annoys him and kth can't retaliate because he's get fired. Later they become a lot closer. What kth doesn't kown is that at some point jjk falls deeply in love, getting sick because of it but he decides to somehow find a loophole to be with kth. And at some point kth also falls in love, also gets sick, but it takes him some time to realize whom he's fallen for and when he does he completely dismisses the idea of the other liking him back since he believes jjk has a girlfriend, later finding out she's actually jjks soulmate. This missunderstanding only ends when they kiss, kths mark turns red so he finds out they are actually soulmates but jjks body doesn't recognizes him as one and so kth kind of confesses using his poetry. They are finally on the same boat, but it only last minutes because when they kiss again jjk collapses and in the hospital kth finds out that for jjks body to accept him as his soulmate the other would have to go through a "treatment" which could put jjks life in danger. Thus kth lies to jjk about what the red mark means (saying it means his feelings faded) and to help jjk to fall out of love, he distances himself from pretty much everyone but pjm. Somehow it works for 2 years, but they're both still in love with each other, so when pjm accidentally talks about the real meaning of the red mark, having to reveal everything, jjk finds kth to give them another chance and since kth is also suffering a lot he accepts. Little by little they work it out and get their happy ending.