The Seventeenth Step

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Hello! My name is Kate, and I am delighted to meet you. Feel free to roam about here at will--you'll find very strange slash hereabouts, and do pay the warnings/tags heed before you dive in.

I also go by Katie Forsythe, and all my Holmes/Watson is archived at liquidfic.org. Tweet me @wordstrings if you like!

There are some folks who have rightly expressed dismay that I've deleted my LJ accounts. I feel I owe an explanation for that and this is as good a place as any to put it: LJ is very interactive and a great deal of my work deals with dark, dark themes. Drug addiction, abuse, mental illness, etc. I have the best readers in the entire universe, but it became deeply unsettling for me (as an unbalanced person in my own right) to receive some of the messages these brave, beautiful humans would send me. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful in any fashion or to deny that I had wonderful personal friends over on LJ. But that's just the right word for much of my correspondence from strangers--personal--and overwhelming for a girl who struggles herself. And totally unfair to the people expecting responses from me who were destined to be disappointed.

I also thought it unfair I no longer responded to the truly astronomical number of communications sent to me over there, and decided for my own stress levels to delete the accounts. If this offends anyone, I apologize, but it is for the sake of my addled, addled, brains.

Please be aware that I have a single attitude as regards all my fanworks: for god's sake, take them and do whatever you like with them. I am honored that you enjoyed them at all, as they're completely crackers. You do NOT need my permission to create and post:

Lego sculpture
fanfic written in the Paradox 'verse or Best and Brightest
or anything else whatsoever

Thank you for stopping by!