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Hello! I'm Rachel. I'm late 30s, female and terribly English, which means I drink so much tea I may one day turn into a teabag and I have a special pointy head to repel rain. I'm also highly skilled at procrastinating, reading kinky smut and drinking white wine and gin (not in the same glass). It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

In RL I'm an editor, so I have opinions on commas. In fandom life I promise not to mention commas, unless you ask :D

I read and write (mostly) slash in a number of fandoms. My main fandom is Harry Potter, where my OTP is Harry/Draco, and my next-gen pairing of choice is Al/Scorpius, though I've written other HP pairings too throughout the years.

My fandom thoughts can be found over on Dreamwidth here. Feel free to friend me, although I'm not very active there these days.

On comments: I read every single comment on my fics, but I am terrible about replying to them. If you leave a comment, know that I appreciate it very much. ♥ If you receive a comment reply from me several years after you left your comment, try not to laugh too hard at me :DD

Transformative works policy: If you would like to remix a fic, or translate it, or podfic it, or draw art for it, please go ahead, and just tick the line that reads 'This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work' if you post it on AO3, or link to the original story if you post it elsewhere. You don't need to ask! I am not great at replying to emails, and I wouldn't want you to take a silence as a no <3

** Please do NOT copy/paste and then repost any of my fanfic on other sites like WattPad. I am old-school and prefer to have control of where my work is posted. **