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    Aka "That A/B/O Silm AU Nobody Asked For".

    The story of Omega Fëanor giving birth to his sons, and a look at some other members of the House of Finwë in an Omegaverse setting; the canon-era backstory for most Omega Verses set later (in the modern era), within the Flameborn multiverse.

    While this series starts off with F/M, it soon evolves into predominantly M/M and incest ships. If that isn't your thing, back away now.

    This series is in shorter installments rather than a single longfic, which allowed me to update out of chronological order [I got motivated to tackle certain stories on my to-do list ahead of other ones]. Because of this, if you are beginning the series, it will make more sense if you read in series order rather than the order of time posted.

    While all the stories are interconnected and part of a larger narrative they can also be read as standalones; it is not necessary to read every story in this series for context, if you would rather skip certain kinks or themes.

    Current progress on universe: 35 of 42 planned stories completed, 2 WIPs
    I am hoping to have this series completed before the end of 2022.

  2. Summary

    It's not just corn that's growing in Indiana. Or:

    An Icelander named Sören Sigurðsson and a Frenchwoman, Yeyette Arnaud, meet and become roommates and best friends attending med school at Harvard. Years later, Sören and his partners go to visit Yeyette and her partners, who are now living in Indiana for mysterious and complicated reasons. Things quickly get weird, and Sören and Yeyette discover they are Fëanor and his twin sister, Náriel (Iármírië) reborn, and there is unfinished business... namely that their ancient enemies are at large - Sauron is wreaking havoc with a meth lab and an unholy alliance with right-wing politicians. Can they stop him before it's too late?

    Think "Midwestern Gothic meets B-movie horror". Can be read fandom blind. This universe contains our most wholesome, fluffy feel-good fics as well as our darkest and most fucked-up "dead dove" content. Don't like don't read.

    Updated casually. May go months between updates - it's not abandoned, we just have other things to do.

    See series notes for more information.

  3. Summary

    A series of unrelated standalone multichapter fics [or fics that are part of their own universe but can be read as a standalone] that have a common theme of Maglor finding comfort, sexually or otherwise. Most are set post-canon, with Maglor continuing to wander the world in modern times. Some are set in canon era. All are AU.

    None of the works in this collection are set in the same universe/continuity, so chronological order doesn't matter.

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    Smutty one-shots set within the Flameborn multiverse. Here be kink, including/especially some things fetishier than my usual fare (fetishier is a word now ok); don't like, don't read.

    All characters involved are over the age of 18; all scenes are RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

    While the OCs involved are adjacent to Tolkien fandom, anything not involving Maglor will be marked as Original Work rather than given Tolkien fandom tags since it will read more like o-fic.

    No set number of fics planned, just writing as I have whims.
    Stories are not necessarily set within the same continuity/timeline.