My pseuds:
Val Mora, valmora, 茗荷谷望裸
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I go by valmora on DW (inactive), val-mora on tumblr. Check DW for older fic and recs lists*.

Obsessive (not compulsive), slasher, fujoshi, Japanese-speaker, US-er. In no particular order.


*This used to be a link to LJ, but due to the LJ servers moving to Russia where free speech is NOT guaranteed, my account has been, for whatever negligible worth the act has, deleted.


Permissions Policy


If you feel inspired to do translations, podfic, fanart, vids, etc. of any fanfiction I have written, go for it. My only requests are:
a) link back to the original in your page
b) please send me a link to the product so I can link to it

If you feel inspired to write fanfiction explicitly based on my fanfiction, please contact me first. If I don't get back to you within a week, send a reminder message - sometimes emails get eaten by servers or spam filters.


Official Val Mora Drinking Game

There's an official Val Mora drinking game. Take a drink if:

- there is a Biblical reference (two if it's the Song of Songs or David and Jonathan; finish your drink if it's the title)
(- mythological references count too, but not as much)
- marriage is referred to as an economic arrangement
- the title has the word 'stars' in it
- science and magic are referred to as being related
- there's excessive detail about linguistics somewhere

(This list may change without warning.)


Pseudonym Disclaimer
As I am near the top of Google results for the name "Val Mora", along with a town in New Mexico, a mountain in Europe, and a musician in Texas: I have no connection to any of these entities and was unaware of the existence of any of them at the time I adopted it.