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I was a mid-30s career minded workaholic who dabbled in music, art, theatre and writing.

Now? I'm a cancer patient and a first-time homeowner. I'm still a workaholic, but trying to channel some of that energy into things I was dabbling in before. Facing your own mortality does wonders for smacking you upside the head with your own misplaced priorities.

You might find me as uniquepov or lorcalon, depending on where you are. AO3 and LJ are my main archives - all my fiction is posted on these two sites. You can also follow me on Twitter - @uniquepovblog is me!

I give blanket permission for podfic, fanart, and other transformative works; however, I do ask that you let me know when/where you've posted (so that I know!) and please credit back to the original.