I'm also on Dreamwidth at tuesdayfic and everysecondtuesday, as well as on LJ at tuesdayfic and everysecondtues. I have a tumblr account, everysecondtuesday (previously tuesdaytumbles). I am terrible at actually being active on any of them, though.

Remixes/pod fic/other transformative works policy: If it's not already clear by my writing fic and hosting it on AO3, I am a major fan of transformative works. Whether you want to pod fic my stories, remix them, draw art based on them, or otherwise engage with them, you definitely have my permission to do so, no asking necessary! If you'd like to send me a link to your work, though, I would be delighted. This is blanket permission.

For a variety of reasons, I go through periods where I don't always respond to comments. I absolutely do read and appreciate every comment (and kudos!) I receive. Please don't ever take my silence as disinterest. On the other side of that, I don't expect you to reply back to me on anything, though I'm always happy when people do so. ♥