Moving Forward

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Hello, my friends! As you might already know, I’ve deleted my Tumblr blog and have plans to leave The Flash fandom altogether within the next few months.

My love for this show has resulted in hundreds of works and thousands of hours in writing time. It’s been a wonderful labor of love and I have enjoyed every step. Your encouragement and enthusiasm have had a profoundly positive impact on my writing. Every fic has its flaws, but I have loved sharing them with you, and I’m grateful that this platform has given me the opportunity to do so. I’ve written a lot of one-shots and a dozen or so WIPs, and I intend to tie up as many loose ends as I possibly can.

Even though my Tumblr blog is gone, I have no plans to abandon the Internet or social media altogether. I’m still in the rough draft phase of finding my next hub, but I hope to establish a permanent blog in the next six months. I'm going to move forward more deliberately. I’ve made a number of temporary aliases over the past decade, but the next base won’t be a solely fandom-based hub, destined to run its course in a few months. Rather, it will merge my blogging and storytelling more fully, allowing me to run it continuously, indefinitely.

Sending you all the best regards in the meantime,