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I'm Timeless A-Peel, and I write fiction based on The New Avengers, the seventies "sequel" to the cult sixties British series starring Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt, and Joanna Lumley. I've long been a fan of the adventures of Mike Gambit and Purdey, and bemoaned the lack of attention they've received in the fiction world. There are some lovely works out there for Steed, and Emma, Tara, and even Cathy, but very little for Purdey and Gambit. I write to try and fix that.

My stories fall into three categories:

I. The "arc": This is my main project, a series of stories meant to flesh out the timeline of the series. They take place before, during, and after the events of the show, and I try my best to adhere to the canon. I use the production order and dates of the episodes for my timeline/template. A list of the episodes in that order can be found at The Avengers Forever.

II. Shorts: Although some of these can end up quite long. Little extra ideas that don't merit a full story.

III. AU: Stuff that blatantly violates the canon. What if? scenarios that I want to try, but which won't fit into the arc.

A word of warning--my fics place a heavy emphasis on the Purdey/Gambit relationship, and that doesn't leave as much room for Steed.

I hope you'll enjoy what I post, and I'd love to receive comments!

Also, I'm rating everything "T" just to be safe, but for the most part there's not much that could be considered "shocking." Just a little innuendo, but this is The Avengers...

The link to the inspiring image for "I Hear That Good Girls Die" is here: http://dandyforsdyke.webs.com/purdeysanslogo.jpg