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You can also find me at In addition to fic, I also make vids and podfic and can often be found squeeing or grumbling about tv shows.

Note on transformative works: I am pro transformative works! Please feel free to make any remixes, meta, podfic, critiques, dvd commentaries, art, vids, or whatever else you like based on my stuff. No permission necessary. If you do make any of those cool things, I ask that you notify me and give me a link to the finished product - drop me a comment here on the AO3, at Dreamwidth, or via email (epistemophilia at gmail).

Oh, and if you post a podfic or art or sequel or whatever based on a story of mine and you want to do the link-between-related-works thing, please do! I always approve those links and I think they're great. But please don't JUST send me the related work notification, as sometimes the AO3 doesn't send me the notification email for that. Please also email/comment so that I can know about it.