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goldberry-in-the-rushes, thepottermalfoyproblem
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Behind a round wooden door, before a roaring fire, between the pages of a book dwelt a hobbit lass with Tookish dreams.


Informitive Non-Fiction

I love to write. Though I am working on my own original works I adore the freedom that fanfiction allows me.

Though I tend to write short works, I do have some longer works in the pipeline, stay tuned.

Kindly direct yourself to my tumblr for more accurate updates and rants about my favorite characters. Lots of fandom madness to be found.

If you wish to contact me about my works (about them in general, or if you want to make other fanworks based off of them) you can either send me a message at my aforementioned tumblr, or you can comment on the work itself. ^^

Concerning Podfic: You can record podfic of any of my works if you so desire. That said, please either post them here and utilize the "Related Works" feature OR let me know so I can link your lovely podfic in the end notes of the work. ^^

Happy reading!

Love to you all,